Monday, July 17, 2017

Sold Into Slavery: Maternity Fuck Meat

Stephanie lay in the crate, unable to move.

Her naked body was entirely encased in a spray foam that had hardened and made it impossible to move even a little. Only her face was exposed.

Breathing was an issue; she could not move her chest or stomach enough to get a good breath, so she took many quick, shallow breaths.

Her crate was rolled to the shipping dock, where it remained for an hour. Stephanie was covered with a lid, nailed down. Darkness descended. She could not hear, see, or feel. Panic set in, but it didn't matter... she couldn't move, run, struggle. It was in her mind, she moaned and cried, but she was locked inside a soundproofed crate. Her body sweated and shook, all that it could do in the complete mummification.

The crate was tilted on end... the wrong end. Stephanie found herself upside down, rolling into a truck. She could barely hear the sounds, but she could tell. The crate suddenly slammed down on its side. Bumps and crashes indicated other crates were added.

Stephanie tried to sleep. The crate rocked slightly as the truck moved, then stopped. Then it was lifted up and placed somewhere else. Then there were strange sensations... she was aboard an aircraft. The air was thin, she needed to breathe deeper but she couldn't. She was suffocating, slowly... so very slowly.... and unable to move.  Trapped.

It was probably about two hours later that the plane landed and Stephanie felt her crate being rolled out and stacked with other crates on a truck.  She had peed herself while in the aircraft, not even realizing it. But she could smell it now.

Movement stopped. There was no change. The crate remained still for... hours? Days? Stephanie was going to go crazy trapped in the crate. She tried to move and had succeeded in creating an extra few millimeters of space around her hands and arms by crushing the foam. She started seeing things; flashes of light. Her mother, long forgotten, came and asked what she was doing. Her old boss from the company walked by, stopped, and asked why she hadn't returned from Malsi and why she was naked. He then produced an extremely large cock and demanded she suck him off... she did.

And then she was moving again.

Twenty four hours after being packed in her crate the lid came off and someone started cutting into the foam with a knife, slicing away packing material and finally washing away the remnants until Stephanie was free to move and get up.

It was such a relief she cried, tears streaming quietly down her face as she was able to move her arms and legs and take a deep breath.

There were other crates surrounding her, all in various stages of being unpacked. Several other girls were standing to the side, waiting. Stephanie joined them.

They watched the unpacking process. One crate had been opened and the girl had been pulled out, her body unmoving and stiff. She was dead. The girl had died in transit. Stephanie watched in horror, realizing she too might have died, might have suffocated on board the airplane.

There were two lines of women. Stephanie was with a line of women who still in the early stages of pregnancy. They either did not show, or had only smaller bulges that weren't noticed.

Across the way was another group of girls. They were farther along, perhaps three months, maybe even four. They showed clearly, their stomachs bulging.

"Attention!" barked a tough looking man with short hair. The girls on both sides stood at attention, obediently waiting.

"Welcome to Maternity Center Number 28. I am the facility director."

The director walked down the line, touching and feeling the bodies of each woman, his hands probing their breasts, between their legs, between their ass cheeks, into their mouths. Stephanie felt the man's fingers inserted into mouth and got the light taste of feces from the previous girl's ass inspection.

"Be aware that your time here will last a minimum of nine months. At the end of your term some of you will be transferred to the post natal center to become cows. The rest will be returned to your household of origin, unless other arrangements have been made by your owners."

This was the first that Stephanie had heard that they might become "cows". She could only imagine what that meant, and felt a chill of fear. She had been doing well in the Jackson household, was becoming more trusted and now... the idea she would become a cow, just an animal of some sort made her shudder.

The man paced before the line of subservient women. "During your gestation period you will contribute. Do not think for a moment that you are here to experience ease and be pampered. You will work, you will be used, you will experience discipline just like any other place."

"Absolute, unquestioning, immediate obedience is required here at all times. The slightest infraction will result in discipline."

The man stopped before Stephanie and her heart leaped in fear. Too much attention was never a good thing. Instead he pointed to the cute, young brunette standing next to her. She had a young innocent look.

The director barked out, "What is your name?"

"Zoe, sir."

"Zoe you will serve as an example."

"What? I... I have not done anything!" Protested the young woman.

"Backtalk, protesting an order." The director motioned and two men came over and dragged the poor protesting girl to the floor in front of the rest of the women. The pregnant women watched as Zoe was quickly chained to a huge block of wood that must have weighed 50 pounds. Her wrists, neck and even breasts were secured to the heavy log.

"You will wear this for the first week of your stay," said the director. "All others look on her and know that she is an example of what awaits you."

Zoe was crying quietly. Her breasts clearly hurt, and arms were secured spread wide out to the sides as if crucified. She stood in the center of the floor, obediently trying to carry the heavy beam but it was clearly very difficult to manage because of its size and weight.

The two men that had secured Zoe to the beam were holding it up as Zoe stood before the rest of the women, who looked on with fear.

Suddenly the men let go of the ends of the beam.

The weight of the beam was now carried entirely by Zoe and she collapsed instantly. The beam pushed her to the floor and she went down with a loud grunt and cry as the beam landed on her shoulders and back.

The beam was laying on top of her back and neck and Zoe was motionless, stunned on the floor where she lay. The weight of the beam had hit her head and nearly knocked her unconscious.

The two guards kicked the naked body of the pregnant slave. "Get up! Lazy! Get up! Stand!"

Slowly, Zoe struggled and managed to get the beam to the side and then lifted it up, her legs shaking visibly with the effort. Not only was it too heavy for her, it was fastened in a weird, unwieldy way that made it very difficult to lift.

"Up! Everyone, follow Zoe to your new home!"

The guards whipped Zoe's ass with short canes, forcing her to lead the way down a hall. She struggled, every step painful, keeping the heavy weight on her shoulders up. Each swat from a cane brought a small sob from the poor girl as she walked.

They reached a doorway. Zoe could not fit through, the beam was too wide. This brought a volley of cane strokes, turning her ass bright red in seconds.

Screaming and crying, Zoe turned and went through the door sideways, into the sparse dormitory in which the women would be sleeping. She tripped as she passed through the door, slamming the heavy beam into a bed before she fell to the floor again.

"It looks like Zoe will be needing some extra discipline today. Take her away!"

"No, no! Please, I didn't do anything, I was doing the best I could, please don't punish me.....!!!!" Zoe's cries for mercy could be heard fading as she was dragged down the hallway outside.

The remaining women were lined up, each in front of a bed. It was a better arrangement than Stephanie had first had at the Jackson compound, where she had slept in a bare wooden cupboard. But given she was pregnant and would soon be much heavier, the bare metal beds with one inch mattresses were going to be very uncomfortable.

The pregnant slaves were standing at relaxed attention as a house mother, an evil bitch old woman, walked through and told them the routine of the facility.

"You will be assigned sleeping hours. You will have eight hours to sleep. Ten minutes to bathe in the morning, ten to eat. Five minutes for toilet. That's a total of twenty five minutes, more than enough to prepare for work.  You will have fifteen minutes to eat and toilet in the evening before bed."

"No clothing allowed. If you were allowed clothing at your home compound, tough, you are at the Maternity Center now."

Stephanie couldn't help but wonder and was afraid but raised her hand. "Excuse me... what exactly is our work?"

"For you, my dear, it will be as a fuck toy. Misfit men not allowed to breed can come to the Maternity Center and fuck a girl at any time. We serve as the source of sexual satisfaction for the dregs of the male species, those too insane, too stupid, too filthy or deformed to be allowed to actually impregnate a woman."

Stephanie gasped and stared at the woman. She was to be a fuck slave for disgusting, diseased men? She thought she had already seen the lowest depths of Malsi culture, but she had been wrong.

"First weekly inspection at 12:00, in fifteen minutes. Cooperate and we can get through this fast and you can be on your way to work."

Several men came in and started strapping the women into place at their beds. Stephanie was familiar with the practice though had not been strapped in a long time.

Each woman was laid down on their bed, and their wrists cuffed to the upper bedposts.

Cuffs were then secured to their ankles, and their ankles were lifted up and secured to the same bedposts as their wrists.

This bent the women back, exposing their lower regions quite effectively. Their asses and cunts were readily available for inspection and use.

Stephanie had spent one day in this position when she had first become a slave; random men had come in and deposited sperm into her cunt during this time. It was surprising she had not gotten pregnant then considering the amount of sperm that had been deposited inside her in a very short period.

The women all lay on their back in the exposed position, waiting. In a few minutes a doctor came in and efficiently ran down the row of tied and exposed women, checking vitals, examining their cunts and uterus, and in general doing a rather quick and inadequate pre-natal exam.

In the distance there came the sound of sobs, with an occasional scream. Zoe was being tortured in a room not too far away. Stephanie was used to women being tortured and didn't pay a lot of attention to it. She would probably end up screaming in the same room, not to long from now. It was impossible for a woman to escape punishments in Malsi.

Exam time was over, but the girls were not released. They simply lay on their backs, legs up, exposed and waiting. There was a little chatter between them, talking between the girls. Stephanie did not join in. She did not want to get into trouble her first day and end up screaming down the hall Zoe. She'd postpone that occurrence as long as she could.

Finally... after nearly an hour, Stephanie was released and taken to another room.

"Hands and knees. On the mat there," said the female house mother ordered. Obediently, Stephanie and several other girls went on hands and knees on the mat.

It wasn't long before several men came into the room. It was immediately clear that they were not the same as the men Stephanie had served at her home compound. These men were older, or younger, and smelled. One of them kept making strange noises with his mouth and throat, as if he had a nasal condition that required him to honk. Another was giggling, drool descending from the corner of his lips and a hand inside his pants, moving quickly.

These men were insane or retarded.

The men walked down the row of pregnant girls, snorting and making noises. One of the men leaned down and grabbed each girl's breasts, squeezing hard. The girls did their best to take the abuse silently, but one of them let out a squeal when the man grabbed and squeezed her breast.

One older and rather ugly man stopped behind Stephanie and grunted. He grabbed her hair and looked at her face. "You're pretty..." he slurred. "I like you..."

Stephanie knew she was pretty. She had been a beautiful woman before coming to Malsi, and that had not changed.

The man pulled down his trousers, exposing himself to Stephanie. Disgusted by an acrid odor, like something burned and dead at the same time, Stephanie looked away from the man's erect penis.

Next to her another man was stripping down and grabbing the ass of the girl in front of him.

The man that had chosen Stephanie grunted and Stephanie obediently spread her legs. The man's cock slipped in from behind and he let out a long moan.

To Stephanie, this was a disgusting, humiliating experience. She was not being fucked by the young, handsome men of the Jackson household, or their guests. She was being fucked by some random male that was probably a homeless bum. Back at her home, Stephanie would have not only accepted the cock, but reacted with pleasure, thrusting and moaning, and doing her best to participate in the experience.

Here, the girls simply took the men inside and let them relieve themselves using the girl's cunts

When one set of men was done, the girls were told to clean themselves by wiping between their legs thoroughly, and then another set of decrepit ugly old slimy men would be admitted to the room.

Man after man after man entered the room. Some of them fought over Stephanie, as she was the best looking of the bunch. Eventually they all got a chance to penetrate Stephanie and leave their juicy wad inside her cunt... or her ass as some men preferred. She dripped, white and clear fluid oozing out and gathering in a puddle below her, in spite of her attempts to clean up after each man.

Stephanie's cunt was becoming sore from the constant friction of men fucking her. The semen that gathered in her vagina helped some, but the constant rubbing was causing her to whimper in pain when the last man was trying to cum inside her. He was having some trouble, taking a lot longer than usual and just kept pumping... and pumping... grunting and sweating and pumping.

He finally gave up and slapped Stephanie, blaming her cunt for not getting him off. Stephanie simply apologized. "I am sorry if my pussy is not acceptable to you, sir."

After several hours Stephanie and the rest of the girls in her group were told get up and follow the house mother back to their dorm. It was time for food and sleep.

As they walked back to the dorms they passed a small room. Moans and soft cries were coming from it, and Stephanie paused for a brief moment to see what was inside.

Two girls were inside. One of them showed quite clearly, was probably seven months pregnant. The other was Zoe, not visibly showing.

Both were hanging from crosses, arms outstretched, ankles tied up under them, knees bent. They were writhing, their bodies trying to find a comfortable position that wasn't going to be found.

Zoe was sobbing, crying as she hung from the cross.

Stephanie shuddered. Discipline here at the Maternity Center was as bad or worse than at the Jackson compound. Zoe had done nothing, but was simply being made an example of. How long would she be left up there, hanging from the cross? Was she being given food and water?

At the dorm room, the women were given food, which they ate eagerly as they had not eaten since the morning. It was typical Malsi slave food, a mush made from the leftovers and cast-offs of the male dinners elsewhere.

At least it wasn't moldy or rotten.

Ten minutes to eat, then five minutes for toilet privileges. Stephanie was bursting and almost exploded when she finally managed to get onto the toilet.

Then came sleep time. Each of the pregnant women went to a metal bed, lay down and began to sleep. They were all exhausted from fucking constantly for the entire day.

Stephanie fell asleep and dreamed of her apartment in the west. She had all but forgotten her old life, but it did return in dreams at times. It was bittersweet to remember her old life. Better to simply accept and live in the new environment as a slave.

The next day Stephanie woke to the sound of the woman next to her vomiting. Morning sickness. All the girls here were pregnant and had varying degrees of nausea, especially in the morning. Stephanie was nauseous at times and had thought it was the disgusting men she had been taking inside her, but now realized she was also sick because of the pregnancy.

She managed to make it to the toilet during her toilet time before throwing up herself. When she finished eating, throwing up, and urinating, she joined the group of women who were taken to a different room where they were prepared for the day's sex work in a different manner.

Each girl was forced to lay down on a small wooden table, barely wide enough to support their hips. Their wrists were tied below them, keeping their arms out of the way.

Legs were then lifted up, and extended over the shoulder and fastened to brackets and chains over their heads. With legs spread wide this positioned allowed complete, unfettered access for anyone to reach the girl's cunts and asshole.

It turned out this position was necessary for the most defective of men-- the ones that had limited control over their bodies. They needed complete, easy entry.

The first man to do Stephanie that day was severely mentally defective. He stumbled along, unable to talk or make words. A minder assisted him by locating a girl and helping him remove his pants.

Upon seeing Stephanie laying before him, legs up and spread, cunt exposed, his eyes got wide and he grinned a child-like grin. Stephanie shuddered just looking at him, but there was nothing she could do. She was tied in place and this barely functional male was going to fuck her.

He did too. Once he was placed in front of Stephanie he had no trouble knowing what to do. He dropped his pants and produced a huge cock that stood straight out. It plunged into Stephanie and rammed home so hard it hurt. Stephanie cried, feeling the pain of soreness from the day before, but also feeling stretched and impaled by this mental retardate.

When he came, the man made a grunting, gasping noise and drool poured from his nose and mouth, spraying over Stephanie's stomach. He pulled out of her and tried to stick himself back in, but couldn't because he was getting soft. He howled in dismay and tried again, Stephanie unable to do anything to help or distract him. She was simply a piece of meat, positioned and ready should he be able to find his way.

A minder came and guided the man away.

And so it went for days on end. Each day Stephanie and the other girls in her dormitory were taken to be fuck-meat for the dregs of male Malsi society, and each night they were returned to eat and sleep before doing it again.

Some days the girls were free to fuck the men who came in any position; other days they were tied into a position to assist access for the severely disabled.

Once a week, at the end of her fuck shift, Stephanie received a pussy whipping. Apparently, it was thought that the girls needed it to remind them of their place, and that much, much worse waited them if they misbehaved in any way. It was a common practice and Stephanie accepted it as normal. Punishment for no discernible reason was routine and she had endured it many times.

It was only the slow growth of the baby inside Stephanie's stomach that reminded her that this was temporary. That she would, eventually, give birth. She would have a child, and then this would all be over.


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