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CSJC: On Display

In time the Social Justice Movement came to mold and redefine the justice system. A new phenomena rose and was tried in some of the larger cities-- The Corporal Social Justice Center. In these centers the accused were tortured publicly, and in many cases the public was invited to participate in the punishment as part of the public shaming ritual of the social justice principles. As part of the Social Justice code, conviction of a crime was not required for punishment to be assigned; accusation was enough.

Melanie stared at the community college social justice tribunal in disbelief.

"I never called her a gorilla. I called her a guerrilla. As in the military insurgency soldier. It had nothing to do with her being black!" complained Melanie.

"I am not sure what you mean; a gorilla is a gorilla," said the tribunal prosecutor. There was no defense representative, of course. "Plus, you said this within her 25 foot safe speech zone."

"It was meant as a compliment, and had nothing to do with her being black, it was because she looked good in her camo pants and army green T A guerrilla!"

"What you actually said is of no importance. What is of importance is Miss Jackson's feelings, and she felt severely offended by your comment. Therefore you are guilty of offensive and insensitive communications within a protected person's safe speech zone."

The president of the tribunal stamped a piece of paper. "That's enough. Melanie Poulos, you are hereby accused and therefore convicted of offensive and aggressive behavior toward protected classes of individuals with negative comments and criticism; aggravated by safe space violation; aggravated by your white privilege. You are assigned to eight hours class three punishment at the CSJC, to be served..."

The 19 year old tribunal president consulted a schedule. "To be served next Wednesday at 8:00AM. Secretary, see to it that Melanie's punishment is publicized in the usual locations throughout campus."

"But... I didn't say anything wrong!" protested Melanie.

The tribunal president made a note. "Also aggravated by lack of contrition; special circumstances added to punishment bumped to class four punishment. May you find peace in your suffering."

And that was that.

Melanie had never been to the CSJC before. Many of her friends had gone, just to see the men and women who were being publicly tortured and humiliated. Some felt it was their civic duty; others simply went because it fed some sexual lust or kinky desire. So she had heard of some of the horrors, the humiliation and pain people were put through for breaking social decency standards in the modern word.

It was a large building just outside of campus. It stood three stories tall, and included inside and outside chambers, viewing areas, administration offices, research centers, and the like. Melanie went to the main entrance on Saturday, several days before her own scheduled punishment. She wanted to know what she was in for.

She signed in at the front desk and surveyed the schedule of punishments. There was even a public execution scheduled for 10:00 in the morning... she didn't want to see that. She examined the boards and determined which poor people were receiving a class four punishment, the same as she had been sentenced to.

Following the signs she passed by a cluster of giggling women in the hall. She overheard a bit of their conversation. "But he had an erection! I wouldn't think that was possible, with that thing rammed up his ass... " "Oh, but what about the redhead. She seemed like she was having a nervous breakdown and I can't believe those spikes hurt much at all. It had to just be the humiliating position she was in."

Melanie passed a girl that stood crying in the hall. "What's the matter?" She said comfortingly.

"My mom is in there..." she motioned to a closed door. "I... I... I came to support her but it is just too much..."

Melanie avoided a lone man walking down another hall with his zipper down and a stain on the front of his pants. She didn't want to know.

Finally arriving, she slowly opened a door and entered the viewing room she was looking for.

The room had three rows of seats elevated several feet high. At the front was a standing viewing area, for those that wanted to get close. There were about ten people in the room, all looking intently at what was happening in the punishment area, just beyond a railing.

And there it was. Three women, being punished.

They were naked. Not a stitch of clothing on them. All seemed relatively fit, though having their bodies stretched out probably made them look thinner than they actually were.

And stretched they were. All three hung by their wrists from the ceiling, secured by cuffs that were locked tightly. It was clear by their red and purple hands that the cuffs were quite tight and the women were in no danger of coming loose or wriggling free.

Their arms were stretched out at a 90 degree angle, in a wide V shape above their heads. The muscles and tendons in their arms stood out, partly as they strained to move, and partly because of the stretching force on their arms, pulling them down.

The women's legs were also tied apart, separated and spread at a 90 degree angle like their arms above them. It was a classic spread-eagle.

This position allowed the audience to clearly see the victim's inner thighs and sexual organs.

Melanie sat down in shock, the sight of seeing actual people before her, just a few feet away, pulled and stretched and hung like that... stark naked...

Melanie had never been naked in public before, and had never seen anyone else naked in public. She avoided the girl's showers, and while she allowed her boyfriend to see her naked, she usually tried to cover herself by sheets or blankets or a towel...

These poor women were being stretched wide in total nudity, just so everyone could see every aspect of their nakedness. A nakedness that also belied their suffering.

And these women were suffering. You could tell that just by listening. They were all panting to some degree, making quick gasps and breaths. Hanging like that must make it hard to breathe, Melanie thought.

The women were also moaning at times. On girl threw her head back so that she looked up at the ceiling from between her outstretched arms and let out a low, guttural moan that almost became a low scream.

Melanie stared in fascination at the women who were being punished. She tried to picture herself in their place, but couldn't. There was no way she could this.

Another woman was led in, apparently just to begin her own punishment. She shuffled in with little emotion, staring at the floor. The victim refused to look at the audience with Melanie sitting, watching.

Above each of the women on display was an LED sign with the name of the girl. It also displayed a countdown timer showing how long each girl had left on her sentence. The brunette that had her head thrust back had seven hours left... the blonde with her head sagging forward, drooling a little, had five.

The new victim was placed into position, and two ropes lowered. Her wrists were fastened in front of her, the bindings tightened, then tightened again. Melanie saw her wince as the wrist bindings were tightened so they had no possibility of coming loose.

The name of the new girl suddenly displayed on the LED screen. Sally. Her name was Sally. The man dressed in black that was preparing Sally kicked her legs apart, and then fastened a wide stick between them, a leg spreader that forced the ankles apart. Melanie watched and saw as Sally's legs were forced open, exposing her vaginal lips and labia.

Sally was crying silently, tears trickling down her cheeks, but people in the audience were excited by Sally's appearance. Melanie was simply dismayed.

With a sudden jerk Sally's wrists were hoisted above her head and spread out. The ropes continued to climb, higher and higher, slowly stretching Sally as her arms rose above her. Her body elongated and then her toes left the floor, her feet swinging free.

The bar holding the legs apart was connected to the ground with a chain, though, and that stopped Sally's upward ascent. Her legs suddenly became taught, her arms began to show signs of muscles and tendons stretching and her stomach became concave as her body stretched as well.

The hoist motor whined a bit with the effort of pulling Sally up against the chain that held her down, and Sally let out a moan and cry... and the hoist stopped going. Sally was hanging there, on display, her body pulled tight. She was unable to move anything but her head. She tried anyway, jerking and flexing her body as best she could, her head flopping back and forth. It was to no avail.

Sally was in place and would go nowhere. She would simply suffer.

The sign above her lighted up with the countdown timer. 8:00 hours.

Melanie could not watch any more. As she left the observation area she passed a young man with his hands in his pants. The bulge underneath was moving up and down quickly as he stared at the brunette shuddering in her suspension.

Melanie almost vomited out in the corridor. She understood now why the young girl had been so upset about her mother being in a place like this.

On her way out she passed a room that was marked as a Class 3 punishment viewing area. It couldn't be as bad as what she had seen... and she wondered if she could get her sentence reduced. What would happen in a class 3 punishment...

She opened the door and went in.

This room had no specific viewing area with seats. In the center of the room was a single naked woman, hanging by her arms. The cute brunette seemed very unhappy but not in as much pain as the girls in the class 4 punishment.

Several observers were standing about the room on all sides of the victim. Melanie stepped in and found herself moving between the observers until she came to a spot a little behind the prisoner.

She was hanging from her arms, but not in a spread eagle position, and it didn't seem quite as tight. Her toes touched the floor giving her some support.

But, there was a wooden bar behind her shoulders, forcing them forward. Or her wrists were tied behind the bar. It looked like the bar was there to create a more uncomfortable position.

Melanie was only a couple of feet away from the poor suffering woman. She could see the muscles twitch and strain, her weight shift on her toes. The victim tried to avoid eye contact with the observers but at times she did look at someone. She looked at Melanie and Melanie saw something... like recrimination. Blame. As if the girl was saying you did this to me... by coming and watching me you have made my misery possible.

A small sign said "Do Not Touch". Most of the observers respected the request, but one guy put his hand out and ran it down the smooth curve of the girl's breasts, and down the bumps of her rib cage. There was nothing she could do to stop it.

Melanie quickly left the CSJC and went home, climbing into bed with the covers over her head.

The time came. Melanie's alarm went off at 7:00 AM on Wednesday. She had been told to be there 15 minutes early for processing. She showered, dressed, had a light breakfast and then drove to the CSJC to serve her sentence.

The victim's entrance was in the back, and the parking lot was already full. There were a lot of people there today, being punished. The sky was cold and grey and Melanie trudged into the entrance. She got in line with about 20 people ahead of her.

When she reached the front she gave her name. The clerk looked her up and directed her to sign two forms and then go to a specific room.

The room was an austere locker room. Signs announced the process.

"Remove all clothing and place in locker of your choice. No jewelry, contact lenses, piercings. Remove everything. When naked report to technician."

Melanie was already crying in humiliation. Two other girls were with her, already mostly undressed. Melanie began to undo the buttons on her top.

As they stripped Melanie hid her face and tried to cover her private parts. The other two women didn't care and were simply getting naked but Melanie was humiliated by the fact she was having to undress.

She removed her rings, an ankle bracelet, and her earrings. When she was done she was as naked as the day she was born.

Terrified and shaking, Melanie walked to the end of the locker room, where a door labeled "Intake Processing" was located. She attempted to cover her breasts and genitals with her hands. It was cold and unfriendly and felt like she was being made into cattle, but she walked into the room with several others. A technician dressed in white lab coat was there, talking.

"After a brief medical exam you will be offered --- you, you are late," she said to Melanie. Melanie looked confused. She had arrived exactly at 7:45 as she had been told...

"As I said, you will be offered some options to your punishment. The first is the privacy option. If you wish to remain anonymous you can selection this option. It involves wearing this sack over your head the entire session." The technician held up a large burlap sack. Melanie had at first thought she would opt for privacy, but... eight hours in that thing, she thought she would suffocate.

"You have the option of experiencing enhanced discomfort for a reduced sentence. In this case, an additional 20 lbs of weight on your body will reduce your sentence by one hour."

Melanie thought of hanging with an extra 20 lbs of weight... for seven hours... she had no idea what that meant. She might try it. Anything to get out of there faster.

"Some of you have enhancements added anyway. For example, Melanie here has an enhancement for being late, as well as an enhancement for... let's see... ah yes. Lack of contrition. Common mistake. All right, line up for your medical exams."

"What..." Melanie said, dismayed. She already had enhancements?

The technician spoke a little more then had the girls line up. There were five in all.

The medical exam was conducted quickly. The tech listened to their heart, took blood pressure and pulse, checked their eyes for dilation, and took their temperature. The exam was not too bad until they had to get on their hands and knees and have the thermometer thrust up their anus. Melanie gasped at that.

The medical exam was over quickly and the girls had cuffs placed on their wrists and ankles. The cuffs were a wide leather but had a metal cable running inside the leather. This was tightened sufficiently that the cuff would not come off even with the weight of the victim placed fully on the cuff. The cuffs were made to be sturdy, not for comfort.

These cuffs were chained together and the girls were told to stand and wait. The girls did as they were told, standing and waiting. One girl was shaking uncontrollably. Melanie was feeling faint, wondering if she would make it. There was so much fear in the room you could smell it.

One of the girls had apparently been to the CSJC before. "The medical exam used to be more thorough. I guess they don't care that much any more. Well... this is it. Next stop... our punishment."

They were led away. Chains clinking softly, they walked in a line down a hallway.

The CSJC had a pleasant, modern decor for the observers and guests. Behind it all was a warren of concrete passages and rooms where the workers and condemned were processed and transported. Melanie found herself following the girls down the grey hallway, turning right and then entering a metal doorway into a tiny grey room. They were told to sit and wait their turn.

The room was tiny, cramped. Clearly it was just a temporary holding area while the main punishment area was beyond the door on the other side of the room.

One by one they were taken. The chains were released and a girl would be taken through the door. A few minutes later the technician would return, unlock the next girl and take her through the door.

It was finally Melanie's turn. The technician came in, unlocked the chains that fastened her wrists and ankles to the girl next to her and told her to get up. Melanie rose, but fell again. She was faint, weak with fear. The technician prodded her, no sympathy given, simply demanding.

Melanie rose and followed.

Three girls were already in their punishment positions, already stretched out. The audience area could be seen clearly, though there were stage lights shining on the floor were Melanie stood.

The shock was seeing the three girls. They weren't just hanging spread-eagle... they were hanging upside-down!

Melanie gasped and jerked back-- only to be stopped by the tight grip of the technician.

"Don't be givin' me any problems now," she growled.

Melanie knew that those who resisted social justice were simply put to even worse tests and had their punishments extended. It was better to cooperate and get it over with... but... upside down???

"Lay down on your back, here." The technician pointed. Melanie did. Working quickly, the tech attached ropes to her ankle cuffs, and then other ropes to her wrists.

Melanie was sobbing softly as this was done. It was like waiting to be executed while the hangman put the noose around your neck and tightened it. Any second now....

With a whir, the hoist began pulling the rope up. It was the rope attached to Melanie's ankles, and she felt her legs slowly being lifted into the air.

Higher... higher her legs were pulled until her ass also left the ground. She felt the beginning tug of the ropes, separating her legs. High and higher, the ropes pulling further and further apart as they lifted her. "Oh... my god..." she said as her back left the ground her only her shoulders and head touched the concrete.

Her head dragged on the concrete as her shoulders left the ground and then suddenly, she was fully suspended. She swung back and forth the whole world upside-down. It made her nauseous.

But the hoist kept going. Her legs had been spread wide apart by now, and her entire weight was on them. But the hoist pulled her up and her arms stretched out wide as she lifted further off the ground.

Suddenly, the hoist reached the limit-- her arms were tightly pulled out now, the ropes tight. But the hoist kept pulling, groaning. Melanie cried out, "It's not working, I'm all the way up... it should turn off!"

The hoist was designed to place a very specific amount of tension on the victim's body. A certain number of pounds of pressure, and it pulled Melanie up until her arms felt like they would separate, her shoulders coming out of their socket. She screamed out just as the hoist stopped, having reached the proper tension.

Melanie was in agony. Her punishment had just begun... and she wished to die.

Her head pounded as the blood flowed the wrong way. Her feet and hands were numb from the tight pressure of the cuffs. Her elbow, shoulder, hip and knee joints all felt the pressure, all felt as if they might give way at any moment.

Melanie was so glad she had not opted for the additional weight to shorten her sentence... it would have been unbearable.

Melanie's screams had excited the audience. Some laughed, some were cringing, some were... masturbating... as Melanie hung before them.

She had no idea there would be immediate pain. She thought that the suspension would be all right for a while, that over time the muscles would tire and it would get more uncomfortable. But this... it was like being stretched on a rack! Her joints ached, her back was cramping, and her head was going to explode.

Nakedness was now a small part of Melanie's problems.

The last girl was brought in and strung up next to Melanie. She too sobbed when the hoist pulled her, creating increasing tension in her body.  The audience applauded when she screamed, and there was excited chatter as all the girls simply hung, unable to do anything but cry.

Tears came from Melanie's eyes, and trickled down her forehead, finally becoming lost in her hair, which hung toward the floor.

She wished she could see the countdown timer. She knew there was one, above her feet along with her name. But she couldn't see it.

As she suffered, hanging upside down, the audience shifted and changed. People came and went. Time went on, but it seemed like an eternity. She couldn't move. Any attempt at struggling just caused more strain on her joints, and when she cried out in pain it seemed to excite the audience.

At one point she heard a guy say, "That girl. the one called Melanie, yeah. Fantastic body. Look at her cunt. Damn, I hope she fucks up again and gets sent to the rape rooms. I'd pay a lot to get a piece of that."

A technician appeared, a different one. "Melanie. Time for your lack of contrition enhancement."

A rope was encircled around Melanie's neck. She cried out, "What are you doing? Are you killing me? Am I going to die?"

The technician laughed. "Not likely dear, though you might wish to before the day is out."

The ropes themselves didn't bring any extra discomfort to Melanie... until the iron ball was added as weight.

Melanie choked, gasping for air as the ropes tightened around her neck. "Oh god... oh godohgodohgod..."

The weight was not enough to strangle her, just enough to make it harder to breathe. And upside down, it was hard to breathe anyway.

The weight also added a bit of stress to her back and leg joints.

The technician was right, Melanie wanted to die. She actually found it impossible to talk any more, but if she had been able to she would have asked for more weight so she would just strangle... and die.

But Melanie hung, unmoving. Her body was completely still except for her labored breathing.

The whirring click of a camera would sometimes fill the observation area. Someone took photos of the punished girls, hanging upside-down.

Just when she thought she was going to lose consciousness the original technician came in and stood in front of Melanie's agonized body.

"You don't think I forgot you, did you? Here's your enhancement for being late today."

Nipple clamps. Tight ones. First the right nipple; Melanie sobbed and cried out when it went on. Then the left nipple; Melanie once again cried out...

A few minutes later she forgot she even had the clamps on. Her nipples were numb and other areas of her body hurt a lot worse.

The girl on her left had opted for the privacy option. Her sobs had initially been muffled by the sack which enveloped her head and upper body.

After a while, it appeared that the girl was no longer making any noise. Melanie wondered if she had, in fact, suffocated in the sack. She didn't think so, but in her agony Melanie believed anything was possible.

She might be hanging next to a corpse.

There came a point where Melanie realized she needed to pee. She held it briefly but finally realized that just added to her agony. She released it. A stream of urine shot out from between her legs and arched in front of her, splattering on the floor in front of her face.

This brought cheers from some in the audience. Clearly, Melanie had exchanged the pain of holding her urine, for the humiliation of peeing on herself in front of an audience who enjoyed the show very much.

As the stream of urine subsided, it fell on her stomach and trickled down to her breasts, and finally covered her face. Some got in her eyes, and Melanie cried out again from the stinging.

Event such as these were actually welcomed as they broke the tedium of constant pain hanging upside down... hour after hour.

The punishment of one of the other girls had included extra humiliation.

This turned out to be forced orgasms. A vibrator was suspended from her rigging and pressed against her exposed pussy. It was turned on every hour or so for about 15 minutes.

The girl tried to resist. She was in pain, after all, from being suspended and stretched upside down. But eventually the vibration directly on her clit got to her and she shuddered and moaned with pleasure, instead of pain.

Time was a blur marked only by slight changes in her agony. She lost consciousness at one point but was brought around by a splash of water and some smelling salts.

The audience changed, though who they were was not important. They were simply people come to watch her pain. At one point she recognized a guy she had dated some, and even slept with a couple of times. He was watching her with intense concentration. Probably reliving the time he came inside of her, she thought.

The black girl she had referred to as a guerrilla came by to gloat. She made a few comments and laughed as Melanie suffered.

Melanie actually managed to find words in her state and called the girl a corrupted bitch. "Wait until you are here, and I will come see you," said Melanie.

She then passed out again from the pain.

When she was finally released, Melanie was unable to walk for a day. It took her two days to recuperate before getting back to classes. Once she did, everything seemed perfectly normal.

In her Social Justice 101 class they learned about the very first social justice corporal and humiliation punishment, some 20 years before. It was a girl named Fiona and she had been strung up naked in the arboretum of a major university for a few hours while passers by taunted her. Her crime had been to complain that men were using the women's bathroom, pretending to be transgender.

Melanie laughed at the photo in their textbook. That girl had it easy.

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