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Suicide Club: Jolene (Part One)

Simone disappeared one weekend.

The thing was, she had said goodbye to a number of people before disappearing, including Jolene. Her disappearance was not entirely unexpected, and that is how Jolene learned of the Suicide Club. A club where distraught, depressed people who wanted to end their lives could do so in the presence of others that encouraged them, supported their decision and even provided the means to do so.

Jolene had no intention of killing herself. She sort of respected Simone's decision, but she didn't have suicide in mind at the moment.

But the stories... the rumors about the Suicide Club were salacious. It was more than a way of getting help to kill yourself. It was a sex club. The members celebrated each suicide by having a grand orgy afterward (some reports said the orgy began before the suicide was consummated).

Jolene searched for this club, curious. It was hard to find, but she finally found one of the members, a slack jawed, sickly young guy named Simon that seemed depressed and a likely candidate for suicide.

And that's how Jolene got a hold of the guillotine.

Simone had showed it to her. It was a piece of equipment the club had gotten as a potential self execution device but it had never been used. Why? Too obvious.

When police found Simone's body floating in the ocean it had been torn apart by fish, rotting for days, and it was presumed to be a suicide (which of course, it was). But if the police found a body with the neck cut clean through by a sharp blade, such an event would not be swept under the carpet as a plain suicide. There would be an investigation, the club might be discovered, and some members even prosecuted for having aided in the deaths of many of its members.

After all, part of the ritual of the Suicide Club was that there was no backing out. Once you joined and you were randomly chosen, the rest of the members made sure you died. If they had to tie you up and throw you overboard (as had been done with Simone), so be it.

Jolene didn't want to join the Suicide Club but she did take the guillotine. She had always been fascinated by various means of execution her whole life, and to find an actual, working guillotine... well, it made her heart beat with excitement just thinking about it. Plus, there weren't that many in the world and it had to be worth some money.

It sat in her basement for some time. She thought at some point she could sell it to a museum. Maybe auction it to a private collector. The thing had been used for real, there were dried brown blood stains on the wood frame where the neck would go. The blade was a old and rusted, nicked in a few places. She polished that and made it nice and sharp.

But she didn't sell it.

Instead of selling it she thought about it. In fact, she thought about the people that might have died on it, and imagined the heavy blade sliding down its track and hitting the bottom with a thunk.

She decided to try it out. A nice sized watermelon positioned just so. The blade cranked high. With an imaginary drum roll she pulled the release cord, the blade descended and *thunk* the melon was in two halves. One of the halves on the small body table, the other in the basket on the other side of the blade.

"Whoa..." she said out loud. Seeing the guillotine in action gave her a somewhat sick feeling but also excited her. Her heart had been pounding and she was panting just before she pulled the release, and afterward it felt as if she had experienced some sort of sexual release herself. In fact, after cutting the watermelon in half, she went upstairs, got completely naked, and masturbated.

She had no idea why but the operation of that guillotine had excited her. It gave her erotic thoughts. The thoughts were mixed up with thoughts of the poor victims that had been killed on that thing, tied and unable to resist, heads locked in place, and that huge blade descending for the final, most horrible violation of their bodies imaginable.

Jolene masturbated again that night, this time imagining a victim on the guillotine she had in her basement. Perhaps a peasant from the french revolution. Marie Antoinette. Someone, anyone. She fantasized about the jail, their sense of helplessness, their bondage just before, being laid on the table, slid in place, the neck bracket lowered and then... whump... their heads suddenly rolling...

Time passed and Jolene did nothing more with the guillotine except think about it.

Jolene was a good looking woman and had no problem finding sex partners. She never seemed to have a long term, romantic relationship, but there were plenty of men to share her bed. Some of them left because her kinkier side began to show, some left because she kicked them out.

Kink was something Jolene had always loved and was slowly getting into more and more. The guillotine had a subtle but profound impact on this side of her sexuality. Her fantasies had frequently involved rape and bondage and now they became more precise and specific. She wanted her men to fuck her while holding her down, choking her.

"Hit me," she often said to them once they were inside. Some would hit her, some were taken aback. Those that hit her were greeted with "Hit me harder! Choke me!"

When their hands slipped around her neck and squeezed and the blood flow slowed, she would shudder in an orgasm. She loved the feeling of her neck being immobilized, constricted, her head unable to move.

Her fascination with the guillotine in her basement led Jolene to learn all about the process of how it was used. She spent hours on the internet doing research.

There was remarkably little variation in the usage, as the basic automated execution design was efficient and effective. It's most efficient use was during the French revolution, when a single guillotine could chop the heads off dozens of victims in the course of one afternoon.

The victims would line up at the bottom of the execution platform awaiting their turn to be killed. The lead person was taken up the steps, usually willingly as their was no chance to escape, and the quick death of the execution device was preferred to the beating one received if one resisted. Might as well get it over with.

At the top of the steps, the victim would stand facing a board called the bascule that was roughly four to five feet high. The executioner would push the prisoner up against it, pressing the front of their bodies against its flat surface.

Two sets of ropes or straps would then be quickly buckled around the upper body and upper legs of the victim, holding them in place on the bascule. Once buckled, no last minute panic could interfere with the beheading. The victim could rant, rave, struggle all they liked; it wouldn't last long.

The board was then lowered onto the guillotine along with a victim, into the prone position, the victim facing down. Their head hung over the end of the board, of course. The bascule and the victim was slid into place, pushing forward until the victim's head was nicely positioned in the lunette, the brace that held the prisoner's neck and head in place for the beheading.

Once slid into position, the top half of the lunette was lowered to prevent any movement. The prisoner could scream, beg, drool, lose bladder control (many did), and it didn't change the solid bracing of their neck in exactly the right location for the blade.

The victim was normally placed facing down, partly for convenience and partly to spare them the view of the blade descending to kill them. This rather false comfort was balanced by the fact that most victims had their head conveniently placed looking over a pile of other, previously severed heads below them.

With simple pull of the d├ęclic, the handle that released the support that held the blade in place, the blade was released and would slide down, gathering momentum over the six feet or so before it struck the victim's neck.

The blade was made of a heavy metal and the bracket that held the blade was also quite heavy. The result was that even a dull blade would chop through the victim's spine and neck tissue and their head would drop into a basket below, joining others that had been previously severed.

At this point the body would be unstrapped and pushed to the side, dumped into a casket or larger communal box of bodies.

With skilled executioners this whole process could take place in less than 60 seconds, allowing for a steady stream of victims. Queue times waiting for death during the French Revolution were fairly short. The guillotine made executing people very efficient.

Jolene studied these details, searching and learning as much as she could about the horrible device. It held a morbid fascination for her, a very unhealthy obsession that became erotic as she thought about the details of bondage, submission, horror and death. She masturbated frequently when reading and studying about the guillotine's use.

Over time, the whole subject of the guillotine and its use became extremely sexually arousing to Jolene.

Unhealthy fascination, yes. But Jolene didn't recognize this. Her life was relatively narrow and unfulfilling. Men floated in and out of her life without leaving much behind except their semen. She fucked who she wanted but it gave her no real pleasure. Not like the instrument of death in her basement could give.

She took to masturbating on the device itself. The bascule, the flat table like board on which the condemned lay awaiting the blade's drop, was narrow and uncomfortable. This simply added to the excitement for Jolene. She would lay on top, spread her legs, and rub her clit with increasing agitation until her body shuddered with climax.

She began this practice facing up at the blade, watching it and pretending that she was to be a victim. Later, she began laying down on the bascule face down, like a victim would normally be placed.

Jolene played with a boy toy named Steve. He wasn't that much younger than she was, but at 19 he was her boy toy and tended to be grateful for all the sexual attention she bestowed on him. They had developed some kinky practices involving some mild bondage; he would cuff Jolene, or tie her, perhaps forcing her legs apart before fucking. He was adept at her favorite kink, being choked while being fucked hard.

On night Jolene was laying naked next to Steve and asked him if he could keep a secret, a kinky thing just between them.

"Of course," he said.

"You can't tell anyone. This is going to be between us, but I want to give it a try."

"I love trying things with you," he said, kissing her while his finger found her clit and slowly began making circles.

She suddenly got up and took Steve downstairs and showed him the guillotine.

"Wwwooooowwwww.... " he said. "This looks... real..."

"Oh, it is. But don't worry, it is completely safe. See here; these two pegs hold the blade up and it won't come down unless you pull them out."

Steve ran his hands up and down the execution machine and looked at Jolene's naked body sitting on the bascule.

"Fuck me..." she demanded in a husky voice. "Fuck me harder than you ever have. Take me right here. Now."

And he did. She lay down on the bascule, he lay on top of her, slid inside and fucked her. He rammed home as roughly as he could, choking her as she looked at the blade above, hanging there, waiting...

As Steve thrust into her cunt, each push nudged her head closer to the lunette until the top of her scalp was bumping against it. "Hard, fuck me!"

The lunette was in the way. She reached up, pushed up the top of the lunette, and demanded: "Fuck me, push me into place!"

Steve came, gobs of semen ejaculating into her cunt as Jolene's head rested in place. The top of the lunette had come down and held her from pushing any further, her shoulders now pushing against the lunette with each of Steve's thrusts.

That night she had three shuddering orgasms on the guillotine table, demanding that Steve fuck her and choke her to near unconsciousness. Her entire body, but more importantly her mind, were sent reeling to new heights of pleasure.

The second night that Jolene guided Steve downstairs to the basement and guillotine she lay on her stomach, slid forward until her neck was in the lunette, and then told him to lower it in place. He hesitated at first, but she threatened to never let his cock enter her again unless he did this.

And so he lowered the top half of the lunette into place, firmly grasping her neck to that she could hardly move her neck or head. Her body was free to react, arms and legs could move, but she was helpless to prevent Steve from taking her.

Once again Steve slipped his cock into Jolene, noting that her pussy was dripping wet, slipperier than it had ever been. He rammed home harder and fast than ever in order to get the right friction to get him off, and he left a huge load of cum to ooze out of her pussy as she lay in the lunette, trapped, demanding her fuck her again.

He teased her, playing with her body as she lay immobile. While she was on her stomach she could flail her arms but do little else. He had complete control, and used it to tease, deny, tease, deny... and then finally he slipped his hardened cock into her once again.

Jolene's body was shiny with sweat even though the basement was cool. Her body had experienced repeated sexual climaxes, prolonged by Steve's teasing, emphasized and made sharper by the confinement of the guillotine. Her hips jerked, her body writhed, but her head and neck stayed in place. The constriction, the placement of the neck brace was a bondage heaven to her.

She began to visit the guillotine at night when no one was with her. She masturbated there, laying on the bascule. When no partner was there to fuck her the guillotine was there to cradle her, excite her, bring her to a better orgasm than she had with just a man.

Steve eventually left her. He said she had become a little too weird, too obsessed and kinky. He advised Jolene to get help. She flipped him off as he left then went downstairs, slipped her head into the lunette and masturbated to an orgasm. Good riddance. She could have any man she wanted.

A few other men came and went; they all saw the most intimate details of Jolene's body, but none ever saw the guillotine. The guillotine was now hers alone, no longer to be shared.

Using the lunette was fine, except it wasn't true bondage. It slid up and down, and when she finished masturbating she just reached up to it and pushed, and it slid up. She was free. It wasn't the same as when Steve had cuffed or tied her; he was in control then. She could not get free, and she missed that feeling of being trapped, unable to get out.

The answer was to make some modifications to the machine.

Jolene added a latch for the top of the lunette that would hold the lunette upper half raised until a trip wire was pulled. Then it would slide down into place. This allowed someone to place their own head in the lunette, and then through the use of the wire, bring the top of the lunette down, thereby capturing their neck and the bracket.

A second latch automatically engaged when the top of the lunette slid down into place. This secured the lunette in place so it could no longer be raised. Once the lunette was released and dropped, whomever's neck was inside would be trapped there, unable to raise the lunette and get free.

In this way Jolene created a mechanism where she could lay down with her head in position, pull a wire, and have the guillotine neck bracket slide down and lock in place, thus trapping her and not allowing her to get loose. A guillotine based self bondage device.

Of course, this was not enough; Jolene wasn't looking to be permanently trapped in the guillotine. She just wanted to be trapped there for... say half an hour. Or an hour. Self bondage always needs some way to release the victim from the bondage. Eventually.

So the second latch, the one that held the lunette in place when it was down and trapped the victim's neck, was designed to have a release that was activated by a magnetic switch. This switch could be connected to a timer. The timer could be set to activate and open the latch after a predetermined time.

When this was all in place, Jolene decided to test the device, but as with all good self bondage, a backup emergency plan was put in place. Jolene invited her sometimes lover Kevin to come over at 6 PM that Friday for a bit of fun and games (meaning an evening in bed fucking). He was to enter the house and if she wasn't upstairs, he was to look for her down in the basement. If she got trapped, Kevin would discover her.

At 3 PM she descended the stairs and pulled the lunette up into place. It latched in the raised position nicely.

Jolene removed her clothes, folding them and placing them on the floor to the side of the machine.

She set the timer for one hour. She should be released by 4 PM, plenty of time to get dressed, go upstairs, and meet Kevin for their 6 PM orgy.

Laying down on her stomach on the bascule, she pushed forward until her neck was properly in place. She pulled her long hair through and brushed it to the side, so it would not be trapped when she released the lunette. She lay in position for a while, her entire body wired and feeling excited and alive.

With one hand on her clit, she took a deep breath and pulled the trip wire.

With a well oiled slight scraping of wood the top half of the lunette slid down and into place with a secure and solid *thunk*. Jolene actually jumped a bit, her heart pounding. It almost felt as if the guillotine had released the blade! She was acutely aware of the sharpened blade hanging six feet over her neck and it excited her. It was locked in place, but just having that instrument of death, sharpened and ready, hanging over her made her feel terrified and... aroused.

Carefully, she raised her neck, pushing against the lunette. It didn't budge. She struggled with it, ramming her neck against it, clawing with fingers and palms, trying to get it to move. It refused. Her locking latch had worked perfectly. She was destined to spend the next hour in place in the guillotine.

She had forgotten to set up a clock where she could see it. She stared at the floor beneath her, no idea how long it would be.

Oh well, nothing to do but... her hand slipped over her stomach, crawled down her abdomen until it found the soft flesh of her pussy. Her fingers pulled, separated, found her clit, and... oh... heaven... she began the slow rubbing motion accompanied by one finger sliding into her wet cunt that was her most common masturbation routine.

She came almost immediately. Being locked in the guillotine without the ability to get out excited her to no end. Her heart raced, every inch of her naked flesh felt alive and sensitive, and her clit was swollen, cunt dripping wet.

After the fifth orgasm she heard a loud *clack* and knew the timer had released the locking latch. This time when she pushed on the lunette it slid up easily. She held it up with her hands, slipped her head out and sighed with satisfaction.

When Kevin came over at 6 PM, Jolene was already naked and practically raped him, she was so horny. He never did figure out why.

From that point on an idea began to form in Jolene's mind. A sick idea, certainly. But it slowly spread through her thoughts, infecting and perverting her mind. She never experienced more excitement, greater heightened awareness, better orgasms than when she was locked in place with the giant blade hanging over her head.

What if she actually did it?

What if she actually let the blade drop. Slice her head off. Separate her head from her body. What if she joined many others that had preceded her in the Suicide Club, and made her death the most exciting, erotic, heart pounding ending to her life that was possible.

It beat dying of cancer in a hospice. It was better than growing old and slowly losing your mind from dementia. It would be leaving life on her own terms, at her own timing, in her own way. In a way that would make her as excited as she had ever been. Her death would because the last explosive orgasm, a climax in life like no other.

The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to do it.

Of course, the process should be prolonged. The original victims of the guillotine were slapped on a board, had their head removed and body disposed of in seconds. No fun there. What was fun was the anticipation. The waiting. The slowly increasing fear that escalated to terror, that was accompanied by an orgasm.

When she actually did it, she would need to be locked in place, no chance of escape, and the blade would have to be released at an unpredictable time. There had to be enough time to feel the horror and use it to heighten her last orgasm. But beyond that... she couldn't know when the blade would drop.

The answer was to replicate the mechanism she had created for releasing the lunette based on a timer. For that, the lunette was released after a predetermined time, allowing her to end her self bondage. Apply the same retractable latch to the blade... and it would release the blade at a time determined by the timer.

As Jolene considered the plans for this adjustment her breathing was fast, heart beating. Even planning the mechanics of her death gave her a heightened sense of being. Every sensation was greater, especially the sexual ones. Her nipples were hard. She salivated. Her cunt was wet. She kept shifting her position, spreading her legs and touching herself as she worked on the new latch.

It went into place, attached to the top of the guillotine's track where the blade was locked up. It replaced the normal locking mechanism. The blade would be locked in place unless an electrical current was turned on to an electromagnet. If the current was turned on, the magnet would pull the latch and the blade would descend.

And her head would roll.

She had an orgasm right then, sitting on the guillotine, just thinking about it.

She did several run throughs and watched the guillotine in operation. Placing a watermelon in the lunette she set both timers. The lunette release and the blade release. She then sat back and watched. She sat in a chair in the basement, playing with herself, legs spread wide, watching the motionless guillotine as the timers counted down.  The timers had random modes so she was never sure which timer would activate first. The lunette release... or the blade release...

Sometimes the lunette latch clunked open before the blade dropped. Had she been trapped in the lunette she would have gotten out without losing her life. Sometimes the blade dropped first. In those cases, her head would have been severed and she would be dead.

The concept of the blade descending while she masturbated, not knowing when it would happen or even if she would be released first... made her cum. More than once.

After a couple of weeks of testing she was getting close to wanting to actually set the timers and put her head in the lunette.

But then she thought... what if the blade isn't heavy enough, or sharp enough? The worst case scenario, it would not severe her head, just leave her bleeding and damaged, in terrible, agonizing pain. For how long? Until someone found her? Could she become a quadriplegic? This was a scary thought. The guillotine absolutely had to work. She had sliced melons all day long, but were these in any way representative of a human neck?

Friday evening grocery shopping. She poked around for something that would do, settling on a large beef roast. It was thinner than her neck, but seemed rather hefty and solid. It might be a good test.

She brought it home.

It was a ritual now that she would remove her clothes before entering the basement each time. She was always nude in the presence of the guillotine.

Hefting the roast in her hand she examined it and imagined that it was the raw meat of her own neck. That gory thought got her heart beating again and she became aroused. She wanted, needed, to place her neck under the blade and transform herself into meat, no better than this thing she held in her hands.

Jolene stuck the roast into place and lowered and latched the lunette. There was some extra space in the opening between the meat and the wooden bracket. She didn't bother to set the timers, she just sat back, idly played with her clit for a while, and then pushed a button.

With a sliding, hissing noise the blade descended in a split second, reached the roast with a *thump* and bouncing a few times.

The roast on the body side of the blade flew off and landed to the side of the bascule. Upon examination it appeared that the blade had in fact cut through the meat nicely, but there were ragged tears and some uneven cutting. It wasn't clean.

The other half of the roast that ended up in the basket for the victim's head was in worse shape. Smashed, a little mangled. The blade had certainly cut the roast in half, but it hadn't been a clean cut like Jolene had anticipated. In fact, a ragged piece of it remained in the guillotine under the blade.

The test was... unclear. The guillotine would probably work. She had to be 100% sure.

There needed to be a human trial run.


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