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Sold Into Slavery: The Circle of Life

Stephanie continued to grow as a slave within the Jackson household.

Sometimes, she would remember her life in the other world, the outside world. To be free. To wear clothes whenever in public, and even at home. To choose who she associated with and what she did. To be admired, viewed as attractive, and be able to use the attractiveness to manipulate men.

It seemed very strange to her. Detached. She knew that when she was there, she had felt happy and comfortable. Now, she could really only imagine absolute obedience to males at all times, and to females that were the designated representatives of the males.

A couple of months after moving to the dorms she was given a new collar. This collar was the most wonderful of gifts to her. It had two small chains dangling down with nipple clamps. These were worn as decorations.

Yes, the clamps hurt, but that was the point. The collar was essentially an item of slave jewelry, designed to show off the slave's beauty. The pain of the clamps were just considered another form of beauty, a celebration of the slave's submission.

The collar and clamps were to be worn proudly as an indication Stephanie was a favored slave of the household.

She threw herself into her new life and role, her old self washed away. Because she was such an intelligent, educated woman she had certain skills and capabilities many other women did not. She could organize an event. She anticipated male needs better than most of the other women slaves, simply because she thought critically rather than simply waiting for orders. And she was remarkably good looking.

Yes, the life of a slave was not without discipline. Sometimes the discipline came simply because it pleased her male masters. Sometimes it was because of an imperfection or mistake. As a human she had a natural tendency to make mistakes, and as a slave she had limited control and was unable to influence events as she would prefer, thus increasing the likelihood of a failed outcome.

There was always something to punish.

Punishment happened a couple of times a week, on average. Certainly nothing too serious and it was simply an aspect of life Stephanie accepted.

In fact, she was obedient and accepting enough that she often would simply go to the punishment room and start her punishment by herself.

The most common form of punishment she received during this time was the wooden pony. When told she was to be punished, she would simply climb up on the inverted V shaped wooden structure and sit on the edge. She couldn't secure herself, a male had to do that, but the process was simple and quick.

She accepted the resulting cunt pain and endured it as a routine part of her life.

Her typical punishment length was an hour on the horse. Enough to make her sore and very uncomfortable, but not debilitating.

Since moving to the dorms, Stephanie had been able to keep herself cleaner and more presentable. As a result she was making a better impression on the guests and males in the household. She was attractive. Very attractive.

The result was that she was called upon to service males very frequently. It was not uncommon for Stephanie to be cleaning a table, moving some furniture or doing paperwork and suddenly be told to bend over the table or kneel in front of a male.

It didn't matter who the male was, she obeyed quickly. Spreading her ass cheeks she would take the male member into herself and allow herself to be fucked.

Some of the men were quite rough. Stephanie didn't like this because the damage and discomfort between her legs made it more difficult to do her jobs. It also made it more difficult to service the next male that wanted to mate with her.

Nevertheless, if there was a male that wanted to be inside of her, Stephanie would open her legs, mouth or ass cheeks as they desired. No matter what she was doing or when she was doing it.

Sometimes she would be called upon to service several males during the course of a single morning or afternoon. When this happened she would frequently discover she was walking around, organizing a party or reception with semen dribbling down her leg. She ended up riding the wooden pony more than once for this infraction.

Because of her standing in the household and her more aggressive stance in the dorms, Stephanie became the alpha female. Her old nemesis Farah did not take this well, and Farah's work performance had declined. She was sullen and unhappy and was frequently whipped, suspended from her wrists without food or water for days, or subjected to the water torture (something Stephanie had avoided so far). Farah's life was spiraling downward.

One day Farah was simply not in the dorms. No one knew where she was. The security guards came and asked, but she had simply disappeared.

Apparently they found Farah because two days later the entire female population was called to attend a special punishment.

The rumors whispered. "They caught her...", "She had tried to escape...", "She didn't get far...", The penalty is death..."

Stephanie remembered when she had tried to escape. It seemed like a lifetime before. She had been told the punishment for escaping was death; because she had not actually succeeded they were lenient. Her punishment, though, was several days of constant, horrible torture. It was this last torture than had finally broken her mind completely.

The women came out into the courtyard, and saw Farah standing next to a peculiar bench. It was a vertical post with a wooden beam that jutted horizontally out in front, about two feet above the ground. About four feet above the ground was a metal collar attached to the wooden upright. Behind that was a sort of handle, or crank.

Stephanie had no idea what it was, but the other women did. Some were stoic and silent, some cried.

Farah was grabbed and forced to sit on the wood beam that jutted out, as if it were some sort of uncomfortable seat. She struggled as she went, but it was to no avail. The other slaves stood silently and watched Farah's body struggle and kick as she was forced onto the makeshift seat.

When finally seated, the metal collar was wrapped around Farah's neck and attached to the wood upright. The men let go of Farah at this point. She could flail her arms and legs and move her body about, but her neck was permanently secured in one place by the metal collar.

Finally Farah stopped struggling and just sat there, waiting. One of the security males went around to the back of the device, behind Farah and began turning the crank.

It went especially slowly, but Farah's head and neck eased forward, the metal collar becoming tighter and tighter on the girl's neck.

Panic came into Farah's eyes as her neck was pressed hard against the metal collar and the flesh began to bulge out.

Suddenly Stephanie understood what was happening. The crank was slowly screwing a piece into the back of Farah's neck. The piece was pointed, she saw that before Farah was forced into the collar. As the male cranked the device, the pointed piece shoved further and further into Farah's neck.

Farah made choking noises as the pressure became so great that her air was cut off. Her tongue protruded from her lips, the force of the collar pressing on her neck pressing the tongue up and out of the mouth.

Along with the slow, torturous strangulation, the sharp point was driving deep into Farah's neck.

The man behind her continued to slowly crank the device, which inched slowly deeper and deeper into Farah's neck. Her entire body was shaking now, convulsing. Stephanie couldn't tell whether it was a need for air, or because the device was cracking apart the vertebrae in Farah's neck.

Farah continued to convulse, her chest heaving, trying to draw air into her lungs as the male guard continued to crank the device tighter and tighter.

After a couple of minutes of this Farah suddenly let loose a stream of urine. The other slaves all gasped at this sudden loss of body control.

Farah's eyes were open but here eyeballs suddenly rolled up inside her head. Her tongue protruded purple, and her entire head had taken on a reddish purple hue.

She was now limp, no longer moving.

A few more cranks of the garrote just to make sure, and Farah was dead.

The women all turned away and were told to return to their locations of service.

There had been no trial. Slaves were not entitled to due process. Mr. Jackson had decided Farah was an escapee, and she was immediately strangled to death in front of all the other slaves. That was that.

There had been no love lost between Stephanie and Farah, but it was still a shock to see the other woman suddenly executed like that. Stephanie wondered how close she had come to being executed during her first days as a slave in Malsi, and shuddered.

The execution had a temporary effect on the girls of the household, but it was short lived. Within a couple of days everyone had forgotten Farah. She was just another slave and she was gone.

There was only one lingering image that haunted Stephanie for some weeks later. She had been returning from the banquet room along a hallway that opened onto a courtyard. It was dark and she couldn't see well, but she stopped for just a moment. What she saw, in spite of the dark, was unmistakable.

Farah's body, browned and turning on a spit over a roasting fire outside.

Stephanie almost vomited and ran back to the dorms, and tried to forget Farah.

Men continued to take Stephanie at a remarkable rate, which annoyed her because it slowed her work down. She knew that she would be a far superior worker, accomplishing so much, if she wasn't constantly stopping to let one of the household males or male visitors slide his hardened cock up her ass, or sinking it into her mouth, or both.

It all came to an end rather unexpectedly, about two weeks after Farah's execution and roasting. Stephanie had not been feeling well. Hesitant to ask for assistance, she had kept it to herself. A sick slave could be given medical care... or might simply be gotten rid of. It was best to try and deal with it herself.

After throwing up several times in the mornings and feeling strange in other ways, Stephanie finally decided to pursue it.

She approached one of Mr. Jackson's wives.

"Ma'am, I am sorry to bother you. May I speak?"

"Yes, Stephanie. What is it," said the wife. She had always been kind to Stephanie.

"Um... ma'am, I think... I think I am pregnant."

"Oh, my dear! What wonderful news! Is it your first?"

"Yes... ma'am. I've never been before. I, um... I don't know who the father is." She could have been impregnated by any one of 20 men that had taken her in the last few weeks.

After submitting to a brief examination my Mrs. Jackson, Stephanie was reassured about the baby's father.

"It's not important who the father is. What's important is that you were impregnated and have fulfilled your role as a complete breeding woman in Malsi."

It was true, Stephanie had learned that one of a woman's main purposes in Malsi was to give birth. To make babies. It was considered fulfillment of a higher calling. It made Stephanie happy to know that she was fulfilling her role in Malsi.

"Well, my dear, we must get you out of the dorms and over to the maternity center."

"What? Am I to leave...?" Stephanie suddenly panicked. "I have work here, what... what is the maternity center?"

"The maternity centers are located all around and are where all pregnant Malsi women go to have their babies. They are cared for and contribute in many ways until their child is ready for integration."

"But... but..." Stephanie was suddenly pierced with fear. Whenever she moved from one place to another in Malsi, the experience was always traumatizing.

"Don't worry, Stephanie. The discipline in the maternity center is not much more strict than here. You will do fine."

What??? Had Stephanie heard right? The discipline in the maternity center was more strict than at Mr. Jackson's? Where a girl had just been executed, and Stephanie herself had spent hours suffering a variety of tortures?

And so it was that Stephanie was packed for shipping.

Because pregnant women were more delicate, her packing was more elaborate. She was placed in a coffin and completely encased in a stiff foam. Only her face was exposed. It would take one day, 24 hours, to be shipped to the maternity center.

As the foam hardened around Stephanie's body, trapping her immobile, she cried quietly. She was terrified of the maternity center, but... there was nothing she could do about it.

She was on her way to have a baby.


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