Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sold Into Slavery: The Dorms

The night when Stephanie had assisted with the party was a turning point. The night had been hard work, from cleaning, to serving food, to serving men. But Stephanie had done everything with a skill and speed that brought her to the attention of the men as being more than just a good fuck. From then on, she had been granted more and more responsibility and with that responsibility she had some freedoms.

She no longer slept in a slave storage cupboard, but slept in a dormitory for slave girls that had some level of responsibility over other slaves. Stephanie had no direct slaves working for her, but she was being given responsibilities for planning and conducting various activities around the house. She was sort of a coordinator, organizing activities, everything from luncheons to small parties, to transporting of slaves from one facility to another.

While she and the others were kept naked all the time, this was not a hardship. Stephanie had come to accept this with ease and comfort long ago. During her initial training she had been tortured and kept confined, used, starved, and had so many demands on her that her nudity was the least of her concerns.

Now, with other women that were seldom clothed, Stephanie didn't even think about nudity.

The girls she lived with were given a bed of their own and a locker in which to keep any personal belongings. The idea of having a personal belonging was new to Stephanie; when you are naked all the time, and do nothing but work and service others, there are no personal belongings.

Some of the girls had some rudimentary makeup, a brush, and perhaps some of their own cleaning items or tools they used on their respective jobs. Stephanie acquired some writing instruments; paper, pen, a notebook. These actually helped her tremendously in her new role as a planner, organizer and executor of various events and projects around the household.

One of the most surprising elements of Stephanie's new status was how the women interacted and shared when put together in the dorms. There was a political structure, sort of a hierarchy that formed, depending on the strength of each woman, as well as her standing in the household. Some of the women were dominant over other women in the dorms, and Stephanie quickly learned her place as the new girl.

One of the other women, a girl younger than Stephanie named Farah, quickly exerted her authority over the newcomer.

"Give me your blanket," she told Stephanie as soon as she arrived (each girl was given one blanket).

"No, this one was given to me," explained Stephanie. She was used to being a slave, submissive to others, but it wasn't clear she had to obey this other woman.

The result was a fight. Farah quickly wrestled Stephanie to the ground, kneeing her in the stomach, and grabbing her hair to jerk her down.  The two naked women fought for about two minutes, rolling around, pulled each other's hair, trying to get the upper hand. The other girl finally subdued Stephanie.

Not only did Farah take possession of Stephanie's blanket, she demanded demeaning obeisance.

"On your stomach before me, bitch," Farah said. The other naked women looked on as Stephanie rolled over onto her stomach.

"Kiss my foot. Show who's bitch you are," Farah barked.

Stephanie crawled to where Fara was sitting and kissed her foot. In fact, she kissed, sucked, licked and generally cleaned both of Farah's feet with her tongue.

The pecking order was clearly defined and Stephanie was at the bottom.

In addition to domination and cliques that formed in the dorm, Stephanie was surprised to find alliances. These alliances were not only women joining together to exert control over other women, but some of them because romantic and sexual.

Farah, for example, shared her bed with two other women on occasion. One was Farah;s bitch, a girl like Stephanie that Farah had come and serve her sexually when they were both spending time in the dorm, not occupied with their duties. Farah would demand this girl (who was quite young) come and eat her cunt, stimulating her between her legs. Farah demanded an orgasm, and if she didn't get one quickly enough, she would abuse the poor young bitch.

Farah also had a lover; a girl that she had sex with but seemed to have a more personal, affectionate connection with. The two frequently slept together, not just engaging in mutual sexual activity but cuddling, sleeping, and showing emotional support.

Stephanie was shocked at this. Farah wasn't the only one in the room that had taken a lover, and the whole idea that any of the women could have formed an intimate or emotional relationship with each other was difficult to accept.

Stephanie had effectively had all civilization beaten out of her. The idea of any woman being any more than just chattel, serving the whims of a man, was strange to her. Yet here it was, in the dorms. Couples forming, romances appearing between the women.

Of course, there wasn't much time for these relationships, because the girls generally worked 16 hours a day. Perhaps this is why some of the women formed romantic relationships; the only time they could interact was when they were sleeping, exhausted, and thus they shared their bed with another woman.

Farah and Stephanie had an increasingly difficult relationship. It arose from the fact that Stephanie was succeeding at being a slave, and pleasing her masters, where as Farah was slowly losing ground. She had been publicly punished at least once.

One night one of Mr. Jackson's wives had come down and called for all the dorm girls to attend a punishment. "Come girls. Attention. There's a punishment tonight."

Punishments were common. Some were conducted in private, some were shown and observed by all the slaves in order to demonstrate the consequences for poor performance.

"It's Farah," whispered one of the girls.

The dorm girls, about ten in all, were taken down to the punishment room, a torture chamber where all sorts of dreaded punishments took place. Stephanie herself had spent a few days there, receiving painful shocks until her mind had essentially broken and she had become compliant, accepting and embracing her position.

Farah was there, strapped to the whipping cross. "At least it is only a whipping," Stephanie said to the girl next to her, who nodded. Much, much worse things could happen in the punishment room.

A single tail whip was used, a long one that wrapped around Farah's body. The slave master, a man who managed the women in the household, conducted the whipping. He showed no mercy. Farah screamed at every stroke, and the girls watched all cringed. Slowly, red welts showed on Farah's breasts and chest, then her hips and cunt.

The welts oozed blood after a few minutes of whipping, and when the whip struck Farah's flesh, blood went splattering over the watching slaves.

When it was over, Farah hung from her wrist restraints, all her strength gone. The girls filed back to their rooms, each feeling terrible for Farah, but also feeling good that it wasn't them. Stephanie especially did not mind seeing Farah writhing in pain. Stephanie had been tortured many times, and it felt good to see that the other women received the same treatment.

Two weeks later, Stephanie became the dominant woman in the dorms. It happened when Farah and Stephanie got into a fight over some trivial matter such as who was causing the smell from not washing properly. Stephanie knew it was Farah, but Farah tried to blame Stephanie. Stephanie did not take the insult this time, and fought back.

It didn't take long. After a couple of minutes of struggling, it was clear that Stephanie was going to win. "Eat me! Eat me, bitch!" Stephanie screamed at the woman beneath her.

This was a common form of exerting dominance in the dorm.  Forcing another girl to put her head between the dominant's legs and eat her cunt, bringing her to orgasm.

Farah did it. Stephanie sat with her legs spread, Farah between them licking and suckling her cunt.

For the first time since Stephanie had been sold as a slave in Malsi, she was in charge of something; she was on top of something else. She had some small, tiny bit of control over her world. It wasn't much, but it gave her an amazing, righteous orgasm that made her entire body shudder and her legs gripped Farah's head so hard she squealed and begged to be let go.

From then on, Farah became Stephanie's bitch. When working for men Stephanie was a good slave, subservient, obedient, obsequious. But in the dorm, she was in charge, and most night's Farah sank to her knees and serviced Stephanie in order to reaffirm Stephanie's dominance.