Thursday, January 5, 2017

The CSJC: A Shocking Conclusion

In time the Social Justice Movement came to mold and redefine the justice system. A new phenomena rose and was tried in some of the larger cities-- The Corporal Social Justice Center. In these centers the accused were tortured publicly, and in many cases the public was invited to participate in the punishment as part of the public shaming ritual of the social justice principles. As part of the Social Justice code, conviction of a crime was not required for punishment to be assigned; accusation was enough.

Marissa stood in front of the four person tribunal in the small room of the college student union. There were three students behind the table, and three accusers standing off to the right.

Marissa was a petite brunette, sexy in a rather girl next door way with long brown hair and a beautiful smile that had long since disappeared from her face.

A tall black guy spoke up. "She's racist, the worst kind."

Another of the accusers spoke up. "I heard from a friend that she was told that she had posted hate posts on facebook!"

The three judges, a freshman and two juniors, looked very troubled. The freshman judge became angry.

Marissa protested, "all I said was that I didn't want to go to the party with him! I don't like him that much, I wanted to go with James!"

"You see!?" shouted that black man. "James is white! Proof!"

The junior student judge behind the table began to pronounce a sentence. "For your egregious and overt racist attitude and actions, you are sentenced--"

"But all I did was say I didn't want to go to the party with him!!!" Marissa screamed.

The freshman responded. "By rejecting the company of a man of color, posting racist comments, and expressing a hatred of blacks--"

"I didn't post any comments, and I didn't say I hated blacks, I said I hated him!!!" Yelled Marissa.

"He is black, you hate him, therefore you hate blacks. Someone here said you posted racist comments, therefore you are subject to punishment. Four hours painful humiliation at the CSJC, to be performed this coming Monday morning. Punishment schedule to be posted on campus at the usual locations so anyone who wishes to can attend and join in the humiliation."

Her accuser smiled a satisfied smile.


Marissa showed up at the CSJC, just two blocks away from campus, at the designated time on Monday. She was outraged at how they had railroaded her, but she also knew there was no point in fighting it. She had to serve her time and get it over with. Move on with life, if they would let her.

She sat in a sterile white waiting room on a hard plastic chair. Six others were in the room with her, most from the college. A total of four women and three men were waiting. No one looked happy, and two of the women were sobbing quietly.

A brusque technician came into the room through a plain white door. "Very well, we are ready for you all. If you will follow me."

The victims rose and filed through the door, following the technician.

They entered another sterile room that looked rather like an operating theater, except there was no table. There were several hoists on the side wall, and poles with bags, what looked like IV drips, and other stainless steel equipment.

"Everyone, remove all clothing, fold and place in the containers on that table." The technician pointed to a table that had a number of clear plastic boxes, about twice the size of a shoebox.  "Shoes can be placed on the floor beneath."

Marissa looked around at the other victims. Her heart was beating hard. She had never been in the CSJC before and she was completely unprepared. She was already humiliated by being told to strip with these others, and the sterility of the room made her feel so exposed and helpless.

Slowly, she began removing clothes. First she pulled her top over her head. She saw two of the other girls doing the same, and one of the girls that was sobbing unbuttoning her top. The guys were also disrobing.

Next, Marissa removed her jeans. They were tight, so it took a little wriggling, but she soon had them off, her shapely naked legs exposed. Next... the bra. Marissa reached in front of her and unclasped. Her breasts fell down in front of her. Next to her, a blonde girl had removed her bra, exposing two huge, hanging breasts. The girl that had struggled with the buttons had her bra off, and her breasts were petite and firm.

Suddenly Marissa noticed the guy standing one over. He was a tall dude with sandy hair, skinny with a hard body. She wondered what he had done to be sent for punishment. But what she really noticed was his cock. He had just slipped off his underwear and stood completely naked, and his cock stood out hard and straight in front of him.

He looked afraid and embarrassed, the poor guy. And yet he had a raging erection. As Marissa removed her panties, exposing herself completely to the other victims and technician, she found herself staring at the hard cock. She was ever so slightly moist between her legs.

It wasn't long before all seven of them were standing naked. The girls were trying to cover themselves, a useless but automatic gesture. Two of the guys had erections, probably from their own and the women's nakedness.

The technician stood before them as they faced forward. "Very well then. All jewelry removed, glasses, everything? Good. Now, as you know, this punishment is to last four hours. For this reason we offer the option of an enema to any person who--"

"An enema?" gasped one of the guys.

"Yes, an enema. Four hours on display with no ability to move, many people find the need to go. For the women, this means defecating on the floor below them, for everyone to see. For men, the spiked dildo is in the rectum, and thus defecation is mostly impossible. It can add to the discomfort. So, if you wish an enema to avoid this possibility, now is the time."

Marissa was sickened by the idea. But then, the concept of having to defecate while on display.... sickened her even more. She would die if a friend came to watch and saw her do that. And what if a family member... "I want an enema," Marissa said firmly.

"Anyone wishing an enema please go over to the tables just across the room. Lean over and spread your legs."

Marissa looked over. There was a series of metal tables that looked like exam or autopsy tables against the wall. She moved over and bent over. Her ass was sticking out now, and she knew all the others were looking at her. At least... at least she had a nice ass. She also knew her cunt was probably visible, peaking out between her legs.

Several others joined her at the tables, but not all. Two of the girls and two of the guys decided they would take their chances.

It was humiliating leaning over and spreading themselves for the entire group to watch, but then, that was part of the punishment. Being treated as things, as less than human, exposed and manipulated and embarrassed by having things done to their bodies.

The technician came by each of the tables and shoved a rubber tube with a nozzle into each person's ass. It wasn't gentle, the nozzle was rammed in without any lubrication. Marissa knew what was coming because each of the people before her had grunted and cried out when it was inserted. The technician spread her ass cheeks, shoved in the tube and suddenly she felt her bowels filling with cold water.

Marissa had never had an enema before and it was a strange, completely unexpected sensation. Her abdomen felt full, there was gurgling and then it began to feel distended. Then the peristalsis set in; cramping as her intestines started fighting the incoming rush of water, trying to expel it. But there was too much, coming too fast, and so she simply moaned on the table and waited for the flow to stop. The water was literally being pumped in.

She waited for about five minutes and finally the technician removed the tube, first warning, "squeeze your sphincter or it will leak out. Go immediately to the restroom and relieve yourself."

The tube was yanked and a tiny bit of water did spurt out, but she clamped and kept most of it in. Two other victims had used the restroom before her and it stank, but it was a tremendous relief when the huge, bloated feeling slowly dissipated as the water and feces were flushed out into the toilet.

"Oh, god... oh, god... oh god..." Marissa said over and over as she tried to get it all out. Toward the end the technician came by to watch her. She had never had someone watch her in the bathroom before, but ... again. She was naked and being humiliated, it was why she was here, so not unexpected. "Hurry," the technician said. "There are two others will full intestines waiting for you to be done. They hurt too."

Finally Marissa was emptied and she wiped thoroughly, going back to join the other victims in the prep room.

They waited as the others finished their enemas, and then the technician gave them a lecture about what would happen during their punishment.

"Your punishment is classified as mild humiliation and discomfort. This specific method of punishment is fulfilled by having each of you sit on an immobility spike. This is what you will be sitting on, or at least a version of this attached to the bench."

It was a conically shaped black thing, roughly the shape of a dildo but sloped from a point at the top to wider at the bottom. It appeared smooth. Marissa eyed it with distrust and discomfort. She was supposed to sit on that thing??? It was too wide, too long!

"These are attached to a bench. What you don't see very well is that each of these dildos has a sort of fur of metal hairs. There is a strong electromagnet inside holding these hairs down in tiny ridges so the external surface is quite smooth."

The technician allowed the example device to be passed around. Each victim handled it. The surface appeared smooth to the touch.

"When the electromagnet is turned off the metallic fur spikes flex outward. These spikes all point down, as if the spike were furry and the fur lay naturally. But as with fur, if you rub it the wrong way it sticks up."

To illustrate the technician turned off the electromagnet. The victims immediately saw hundreds of small hair-like metal wires sticking out of the dildo. The technician took a wooden board and rubbed it along the dildo.

"As you can see, moving down on the spike is easy. Moving up," the wood was pulled up and immediately stuck fast as the metal fibers impaled themselves into the board, "results in the metal spikes impaling themselves on anything touching the dildo. Which would be, in your case, the flesh of your vaginal walls or for the men, your rectal walls."

The entire group of victims cringed. Marissa felt a pang of terror. This device was a horror.

"Basically, you can sit down on these, but any attempt to rise will result in your insides being shredded. Trust me, you don't want to move once you have sat down on one of these."

Marissa felt a tear trickling down her cheek.

"Duration of the punishment for your social transgressions is four hours, which will begin once everyone is situated on their dildo device. Let's get started, shall we?"

The technician led the group into a long empty room with a glass wall on one side and a long bench with a row of dildo spikes against the wall.

"All right. Go head and sit down on your spikes. Women, spread your pussy lips and ease down on it, tilting forward slightly. Men, spread ass cheeks and sit straight down. When everyone is down, the punishment will begin."

Marissa straddled her bench and used her fingers to spread her labia. She was crying while this went on. Lowering herself on the point of the device she felt it spreading her flesh wider. She pushed down slowly, and the point entered, and as it went deeper her pussy was spread further and further wide. It began to hurt, simply because she was being stretched so horribly.

"I can't do it!" she cried, suddenly rising up. The women were all in various stages of trying to sit down on the smooth dildo spikes. One girl had got hers all the way in and was sitting on the bench, naked and panting, not moving.

"Some girls need a little practice. Don't take long though, everyone is waiting for you."

The technician brought out a portable bench with several dildo sizes. "Start at the smallest, move up and down on it to get yourself relaxed, then move to the next size. When you get all the way, then you should be able to accommodate the punishment spike."

Marissa looked around at the other six victims. She then realized there were people on the other side of the glass, watching her. There were about five men there but the number was growing as several women entered. The group pointed and laughed at Marissa, seeing what she was doing.

"Yes, as part of Humiliation you will have an audience. Anyone is free to come to the CSJC and observe those being punished for social justice crimes."

Marissa was sobbing now, but spread her legs for the audience to see and sat down on the smallest dildo. It felt a lot like the size of her father's cock. How was she going to take anything larger?

She moved up and down on it. Her body sensed the penetration and began lubing her vagina. Realizing this embarrassed Marissa even more and she flushed. She was becoming sexually aroused.

She moved off the smallest dildo and onto the next largest one. She slid down, gasping as it pushed against her cervix. It stretched her tightly, her flesh clinging to the sides of the phallus.

Looking up at the glass wall, Marissa saw that most of the observers were clustered together watching her, closely observing her spread legs, penetration, and tears. They chatted excitedly.

Marissa lifted off the second dildo and positioned over the third. Taking a deep breath she sank down on it, feeling it spread and distend her pussy lips. She felt her tissues might tear at any moment, but she pressed down until it was all the way inside.  The observers looked closely and Marissa knew they were close enough to see the folds of her pussy flesh stretched around the practice dildo.

Last one. The last of the dildos, the largest. and Marissa moved to it. Pressing down, using her body weight to force something that felt like it was going to kill her. She cried out in pain. It felt like she was giving birth in reverse. One of the other victims, a girl, yelled, "hurry up. I am sitting here waiting for you. The timer doesn't begin until you are mounted on your device too!"

To make sure she was ready, Marissa moved up and down on the large practice dildo. Her cunt wrapped tightly, very tightly around the thing. The audience watched with delight as she fucked the plastic thing that threatened to tear her flesh.

"All right... I am ready..." she finally said and moved back to her bench.

She grabbed the sides of her pussy and sat. The massive punishment dildo sank deep inside her, and she screamed as it rammed home.

"Good!" said the technician. A switch was flipped, there was a quiet thunk, and the technician announced, "Four hours. The time has started. Enjoy your humiliation. Whatever you do, minimize any movement, and don't try to get up!"

When the time had started, Marissa had felt a gentle pressure, as if the massive spike inside her had gotten slightly larger.

One of the girls next to her suddenly cried out and then screamed. Marisssa wondered what was happening but then when she turned to look she moved, slightly shifting her position and a sudden painful stab happened deep inside her. She screamed as well, and even the scream caused a slight movement of her vaginal walls and she was impaled again by the small metal spikes that now pointed down, toward the opening of her cunt.

The men were sweating and panting, obviously in pain. The entire group had discovered that any movement at all would cause the tiny thin metal wires inside them to poke and pierce their flesh.

Marissa straightened herself, looking straight ahead, not moving. She stared right into the eyes of her English teacher.

Her English teacher had come to the CSJC to watch her sit naked, unable to move, legs spread, and in pain. Her English teacher had come to enjoy her pain and embarrassment.

Marissa sobbed. She was humiliated. She was angry. She was in pain. All this because she had chosen not to go out with a guy who happened to be black, and had been accused of being intolerant. She wasn't intolerant, she had many black friends-- she cut her thoughts short. That phrase had been adopted as proof that one was in fact a complete racist, whether it was true or not.

There was no choice. She had to sit there for four hours, facing the stream of observers.

Her legs were spread. In fact, they were forced apart so the audience could clearly see the source of her suffering-- her impaled cunt.

Next to her a woman screamed again. Marissa didn't move this time, fearful of causing the tiny metal hairs of her own impalement dildo to gouge her sensitive flesh. But she looked in the glass before her, and saw the reflection of the woman. She was leaning over, looking between her legs. A small pool of blood was forming there.

Marissa cried, her tears trickling down her cheeks as she sat as still as possible, legs spread and in pain for the amusement of the steady stream of observers.

After an hour her back was cramping. She dared not move, but she had to. Her back was in paroxysms of pain, and slowly she leaned to the side. She felt the metallic fur of the spike slowly digging into her vaginal walls, and she slowly countered the action with her hips. She managed to adjust her weight with minimal damage to her flesh.

She then tried moving to the other side, and was more skilled at this. Her vagina remained exactly in place, but she managed to lean sideways, then back and forth. She raised her arms and wiped tears away from her face.

The spiked dildo up her cunt was massive. Even if it had not been spiked with tiny hairs of metal, it would have torn her cunt flesh and been miserable.

A group of teens came into the observation room and clustered in front of her. She couldn't hear much of what they were saying, but they were pointing at her exposed cunt and laughing. She could hear them say something about "a good fuck" and "velvety smooth" and "my hard cock"... they boys were talking about what it would be like to fuck her.

Her entire body flushed red with embarrassment and anger. She moved slightly and screamed. Her body had risen but the metal fur on the dildo had grabbed her like some sort of nasty crazy glue and jerked her back down.

Marissa sobbed, each sob causing tiny movements in her cunt, each movement hurting even more.

The audience watching her was fascinated, reacting each time she moved and experienced pain.

People behind the glass were obscured because of reflection. She actually was more able to see herself, her wide open legs, the pool of blood between them, the tears that trickled down her face... but she was able to look past the reflection.

Her brother was there. Her little pissant brother stood out there, staring at her nakedness, her inability to cover herself. She had long suspected he masturbated while thinking about her, and even that he might have taken some surreptitious photos of her in the bathroom. His presence here... he was getting off on her suffering.

Marissa didn't know how long it had been when suddenly she heard a clunk beneath her and the feeling of a stabbing, rasping cheese grater rubbing inside her vagina suddenly disappeared. She sobbed in relieve, and suddenly shifted position. Gently, she began to stand, letting the huge phallus slide out.

The girl next to her looked and said, with teeth clenched in her own pain, "What's with you? You don't have to serve your full time? We've only been here two hours! Bitch!"

Marissa had no idea why she had been released. She was just glad for the relief. The watchers on the other side of the glass were pointing and jabbering among themselves.

The CSJC torture technician came into the punishment room and took Marissa by the arm. "A further declaration and clarification of your punishment has come in. In order to make an example, you have been shifted to a different punishment type. Please follow me."

Marissa felt her stomach sink. She was not released, simply being moved and probably to something more severe. She stumbled along to a room immediately next to the one where she had been suffering.

Inside this room were several chairs, mostly empty. Actually, they weren't really chairs; they were more like metal frames. They had no seat, just metal piping with straps hanging down.

A woman was strapped to one of the frames. She had on a heavy, thick, tall leather collar that kept her head up in a raised position. Her arms were bracketed behind her back, and her shoulders, thighs and ankles were also bracketed tightly with metal. She was obviously in pain and made small whimpering, suffering noises the entire time.

The woman's collar was too severe and stiff for her to turn her head and look; she simply stared at the observation glass with her mouth slightly open and whimpered in pain.

Marissa could see why. She had a long, heavy dildo inserted into her wide-spread legs, and it was churning in and out of her. Thrusting up suddenly and forcefully once about every second and then retracting quickly, ready to thrust again a second later, this dildo was fucking the poor woman hard and fast.

Her cunt lips were bruised, raw, bleeding. She was bracketed securely and unable to do anything but sit in place and take the hard fucking that had obviously been going on for some time.

Marissa stepped back in horror. "NO! NO! Please, not that!"

"Oh, don't worry. Your procedure isn't the same as Annette, here. Her time is up in about an hour. You have two hours to go. Let's get you started."

The soft hum of the fucking machine pounding into Annette continued, accompanied by the soft slurp of slapping cunt flesh as the technician guided Marissa to another metal frame. She lowered herself down into it and found her arms being bracketed in back of her in exactly the same way as Annette. Her breasts were forced out in front of her.

Marissa's brother stood with about 20 people in the observation area, watching as Marissa was slowly strapped into place on the metal frame. While she was in a seated position, the only support to her body was a thin metal pipe that ran beneath each thigh. This became uncomfortable and even painful almost immediately.

Marissa's neck was strapped into place against the back of the frame. The technician gently but forcefully spread her legs wide, very wide, and then strapped them in place.

There was laughter and conversation from the audience on the other side of the glass. Marissa was already suffering, simply being strapped and bracketed in this exposed position.

But then the true horror of what was happening set in. The technician inserted another dildo into Marissa's cunt. It was large, and made of copper. It slid in deeply after which screws tightened it in place. It was rammed inside Marissa's vagina deep, about 9 inches, and there was no escaping it.

A heavy electric cable was attached to it.

As Marissa began to cry in the horror of anticipation, the realization that she was about to be electrocuted, the technician wrapped a heavy copper cable around each of Marissa's large, heavy breasts. This made them stand out sharply, a position that the observers seemed to enjoy.

A heavy electrical clamp was attached to the copper breast restraints.

"See you in two hours. Enjoy." The technician said with a smirk and then left.

Marissa sat tensely, waiting for the first jolt of electricity. Everything was quiet except for the whir of the fucking machine next to her, and the slapping of flesh from Annette's ongoing torment.

Suddenly a bucket of water was released on Marissa, splashing all over the place. It was such a surprise and shock that she screamed just a little.

Then she screamed for real. A long, loud, agonizing scream. The electricity had begun. She couldn't tell whether it originated from her breasts or from her vagina, and it didn't matter. Both burned as if she had been lit on fire and her whole body jerked, tensed, and strained against her straps.

The audience watching her let out a uniform "ooooooooo" as they observed Marissa's tormented body go into contortions, straining against the metal that held her limbs immobile.

As the continuous shock continued, Marissa's eyes rolled up into her head, her screams turned into a gurgle and her arms and legs strained stiff against the frame that held her so strongly that blood began to seep out.

The shock lasted about 30 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity to Marissa. When it stopped her breasts and genitals remained on fire, but her muscles were able to relax and she broke into gasping sobs.

The observers clumped closer to the glass to try and get a look at as much detail of Marissa's suffering as possible. Her brother was there, and to anyone who looked it was obvious he had an erection under his pants and he was slowly rubbing it against the glass.

After a couple of minutes of recovery time, the shock hit Marissa again.  Once again, her entire body convulsed, muscles tensing and straining, a scream making its way out of her clenched teeth. When all the air had been expelled from her lungs, she simply gurgled. She was unable to draw a breath until, 30 seconds later, the shock ceased. She gasped a sobbing breath and screamed again, the scream slowly descending into sobs.

Marissa was being tortured far beyond the original sentence. Her mind was not clear about this, she had little of her rational though left. All she knew at that moment was the environment around her. The dark torture chamber, the secure, hard metal that held her in place, the tight metal shoved inside and wrapped around her body that delivered the agonizing punishment to her.

The technician entered the chamber again. Marissa looked at him with pitiful eyes and begged. "Please.. please... I am not supposed to be subjected--"

The technician took advantage of Marissa's pleas to slip a bit gag into her mouth and between her teeth.

"This won't stop you screaming, but it will keep you from biting your tongue off."

The technician stroked Marissa's breasts tenderly and left the room.

Almost immediately Marissa convulsed in agony again.

Two hours later a gurney was rolled into the chamber. Annette was long gone, her automated fucking punishment fulfilled. Marissa was unstrapped from the metal frame and her limp body was lifted to the gurney where she was given oxygen and started on an IV of saline.

The audience outside the chamber began to move on, seeking another view of a different chamber and some other victim at the CSJC. One particular spot on the glass, right where Marissa's brother had been standing, had some sort of gooey substance smeared over it at about waist height.


Several days later Marissa had returned to campus, mostly recovered from her ordeal at the CSJC. She ran across the tall black man that had been her primary accuser.

"So, would you like to go out this Saturday night?" The man said.

"Sure," said Marissa. "I would love to."

A week later, Marissa was standing before the social justice student tribunal, pointing at the black man. "He raped me!" she screamed.

"I did not! I didn't even get close to her, it was a date, and I took her home!" The man protested.

"He forced himself on me, twice, in the back seat of his car!"

The tribunal looked at the man angrily. There could be no tolerance where rape was concerned...