Friday, December 29, 2017

Human Cattle, Part Four

The pattern of being a breeding female at Soylent farms changed about five days later.

Each day Julie was herded into individual breeding pens in the morning, and again in the afternoon. It was on the 6th day that she was mated with the same man or a second time.

The male was a muscular (they were all muscular) male with sandy brown curly hair and a kind face. He had fucked Julie gently the first time, something that was a bit unusual. She was used to being taken roughly, pounded until the guy released his semen, then left.

This guy had taken her, it was clear he was driven to like all the rest of the males, but was kind and handled her gently. Afterward, he wrote something in the thin layer of dirt on the floor. His name. "Manny".  Julie wrote her own name next to it. "Julie". He nodded at her.  Then the male entrance door was opened and he left.

Both knew better than to speak, but that small effort to identify themselves as human, with their names, made a huge impact on Julie. Two days later, eight days into her residence as a human breeding cow, Julie was mated with Manny again. He entered the breeding pen, cock raging, and stopped abruptly when he saw Julie.

Julie lay back, spreading her legs and reaching her arms out to Manny, inviting him. For the first time in her life she accepted a male inside her instead of simply submitting to rape. The fucked, and Julie felt a hint of what sex with a male might have been had she not been sold as human meat.

They kissed afterward, then parted, Manny exiting through his door.

Instead of the female door opening, a Soylent Farms tender entered, lifted Julie up and roughly jabbed her arm, causing her to bleed. He had taken a small blood sample, after which the female door opened and Julie returned with others to the holding pen.

Upon returning Julie looked for her companion, the girl she slept with each night for warmth and a bit of human contact. The cute girl that had shared warmth with Julie for several nights and had experimented in the only pleasure available to the girls in this place wasn't there.

Julie waited, watching the girls as they returned from the breeding pens. Her companion never returned. She simply... was gone.

Late that night Julie cried alone, missing the girl that had provided the only comfort in this horrible cattle farm.

A set of two girls that had been cuddling off to the side of the pen motioned Julie to join them. She did, moving over and snuggling in. The three girls didn't have sex but did hold each other, sharing warmth.

The next day, after first breeding session, the pen doors opened and four new girls entered. Julie realized that her companion had not been the only girl to disappear, simply not returning from the breeding sessions. The new girls that were shoved into the pen were replacements.

They were dripping wet, having just gone through the power wash that Julie remembered. Three of them darted to the sides of the pen, afraid and cautious. One girl, a pretty dark blond that was rather skinny compared to the rest of the girls, shouted obscenities to the workers that had shoved her inside the pen, and then approached other girls.

Other cows shied away from this girl. She was acting too aggressively, and kept trying to talk. "How long have you been here?"... "What is going to happen to us?" ... "What's your name, mine is Simone..."

Girls tried to tell her, pointing to the painted concrete wall with the words "NO TALKING". Simone shrugged it off and rejected it. "Has anyone tried to escape? If we get together, we can take those guards!"

She was whispering, but the other women refused to respond, having some experience with what happened when you talked or didn't cooperate.

The next day the girls left for morning breeding. Julie was once again forced to give a blood sample after mating with a new male, then returned to the pens. Simone huddled in the corner, trying to wipe semen from her cunt, using bits of straw to clean herself out. She was muttering angrily, "I will never allow them to rape me again. Never. I am going to escape if these people help or not."

Simone spotted Julie and approached her. She whispered low but clearly, "why do you let them do this? Let's get several girls together, we can stop them. We can take a cattle prod from them. If we work together we can escape! Don't you want to?"

Julie pulled away and joined her group of two other women, huddling with them, frightened by this new girl that would cause them all to end up in the slaughterhouse.

Later that day the gate opened and a single new girl was pushed into the pens, dripping wet, pink skin from hot water and a terrified look on her face. She was tall with long dark hair, thin but with large breasts. Julie rose to comfort her silently, but Simone approached the tender and tried to grab the prod from him.

Julie ran away, not wanting to be close to Simone or the tender. She dragged the new girl with her.

Simone managed to get hold of the prod, which was attached to a belt around the tender's waist, and tried to turn it against the tender. She shoved it in, expecting the tender to jerk and fall to the ground.

Nothing happened. The tender simply looked at Simone, grabbed the cattle prod and turned it around. Pressed against Simone a powerful shock was released, causing the thin girl to convulse and drop to the ground. The tender continued to press the prod against her on the ground, and Simone continued to convulse, shaking and foaming at the mouth. There was the slight scent of burning flesh in the air before the guard released the poor girl and walked out, closing the gate behind him.

Simone lay on the ground, but none of the other girls would go near her. She moaned, drooled, and slowly came around, crawling to the side of the pen.

Julie spent the night with the new girl, cuddling her close, and even kissed her gently. The girl was surprised, but any human contact was welcome in this place, and she accepted the kiss.

The next day the gates opened for the morning mating. Julie obediently moved through the gates to the narrow channel that led to the mating pens, but Simone hung back, refusing to enter. Julie ignored her and went to a mating pen and lay on her back for the male who turned out to be a large black man with a monster cock that made Julie bleed.

He didn't ejaculate quickly, grabbed Julie's feet and shoved them all the way up so she was stretched open as far as she could go, and had to keep thrusting for nearly ten minutes before finally depositing a load of semen inside Julie. It was the most painful of the breeding sessions she had experienced so far.

After the ritual daily blood test, Julie waddled back to the holding pen, her cunt sore and even bleeding a bit from her morning mating session. As passed through the open gain into the rectangular pen she stopped and looked in shock.

Simone was there. Hanging above the pen, her feet about eight feet above the ground. Her wrists were tied together tightly and she was hanging from a pole that extended above the holding pen.

Except her arms didn't look right. She was leaning forward slightly, panting in short, quick breaths as if in pain. Her arms seemed to be behind her, and her shoulders looked twisted and out of place... and there was a large weight hanging from her feet.  Julie could just reach up and touch the bottom of the metal ball where it hung below Simone.

Simone's arms had been tied behind her back before the guards had lifted her up. She was hanging from her arms, her shoulders twisted and dislocated. She had been made an example of.

Julie had no doubt they had made an example of Simone. Normally they would simply have carried an uncooperative girl to the abattoir and convert her to meat. Instead, Simone had been hung up above the holding pens for all to see, to suffer.

Simone tried to speak but was obviously in incredible pain where she hung. The weight on her ankles had pulled her down in addition to the weight of her body, and her shoulders were twisted and disjointed and she could hardly breathe. She cried slightly, whimpering, but the low keening noise she made was all she could muster because she couldn't breathe in more than just a tiny bit.

Several girls in the pen moved away, huddling as far away from the suffering Simone as they could. A couple of girls seemed to shrug their shoulders and not care, as if to say, "she was stupid and deserved this".

Julie huddled with the new girl, and showed her how to fend for her food when the slop appeared in the trough.

Simone slowly dangled above them, swinging back and forth in the breeze, as Julie and the new girl knelt and fed at the slop, hungrily.

The learned it was dangerous to stay below the hanging girl, for she let loose with urine or feces at random times for the next day or so.

That night Julie showed the new girl how to lay together with arms and legs wrapped, and to insert one finger into each other and rub until they felt the pleasure of orgasm. It was the only real pleasure left to the human cows.

Julie's new friend was hesitant to engage in sexual pleasure at first. She had clearly never been with a woman, and had never thought of herself as lesbian. But now... in this place of horrors. It was literally the only good thing about the place. Male sexual encounters were rough, painful, frequent and unpleasant. At night most of the women held each other close for comfort and warmth, and it was natural that they also begin to engage in touching in other pleasurable ways.

So it was that by the second day Julie was having sex with her new companion. They both were filled with semen from the day's matings with males, which rendered their pussies rather wet.

Julie, who after only a week and a half was the expert at lesbian sex, introduced scissoring and grinding their pussies together. As they ground together, stimulating each other and slowly working their way to orgasm, the semen in both their pussies oozed out and lubed their flesh.

The new girl took to this easily, and some of the other women watched and later tried it.

All the girls had constantly wet pussies from the buckets of semen that were deposited daily. It seemed the just as they had drained the last bit they went into the breeding pens for another load of semen. It was virtually useless trying to keep their crotches and inner thighs clean. Most of the women didn't try.

Simone continued to dangle above the pen, her arms twisted out of shape, her breathing labored.

After the first day she no longer defecated or urinated.

On the second day she was breathing but no longer moved or made noise. Her body just swayed in the wind. It was clear she was alive and in pain, but she was growing weaker. Her arms, especially her shoulders, had taken on a purple-black hue, as if all blood had been cut off and they were dying or dead before the rest of her body.

The third day Simone was still. The breeze still moved her body back and forth, but there were no signs of life. She appeared to have died hanging above the pen, watching the activities of the other human breeding cattle below her.

The fourth day Simone's body was clearly dead. Her legs turned purplish blue, from the blood settling downward when the heart stopped beating. Her body remained as a reminder and lesson to the other cows, including new ones that were added daily to replace cows that were removed from the breeding stock.

Simone's body began to smell on the fifth day.

Thankfully, on the seventh day, the body of the dead cow was removed.

Julie had no sense of time any more. She had all but forgotten her life before coming to the farms. Her new life was being bred, surviving the pens, eating slop, and being a companion to her new girlfriend. They had sex at least twice a day now, more out of boredom than anything else. The girl's day consisted of sleeping, fighting for and eating the limited amount of slop that was provided, breeding, exercise time, the second breeding time, once again fighting for slop, and then sleep.

Sex with her companion was usually before the sleeping time, and in the morning after first breeding.

A number of days into her new life Julie encountered the large, rough black male again.

It was worse the second time with this male. He took her twice, in a very short period of time. The first time he shoved her down onto the ground and forced her legs apart, mounting her in the missionary position. He came slowly, and had to ram his huge member over and over again in order to get the semen to spurt out.

The male door didn't open immediately and the black male lay back against the wall of the mating pen, panting from exhaustion, stroking his cock.

Julie, grunting in pain from having her vagina stretched and torn from the violent rape, crawled to the corner and sat down, recovering.

After a few minutes the male got up and came over. Julie held up her hands in protest, trying to push him away. She was torn and bleeding, the blood mixing with a remarkably large amount of cum draining from her stretched cunt. The male ignored Julie's attempts to stop a second rape, and simply grabbed her, lifting her with both hands and rolling over so she sat on top of him. He settled her down on his cock again, and began pounding even harder than ever.

Julie cried out in pain from the violent thrusting of the huge cock.

The male just kept going, holding her hips in place, forcing himself deep inside.

The male door opened and a tender came in, but stood watching the violent fucking still going on in the breeding pen. He seemed amused by Julie's distress and admiring of the bull's cock size and violent style.

When the bull finally ejaculated into Julie a second time, he left his cock inside her as she collapsed on his sweaty body, coping with the pain that seemed to swath her entire lower body. She was crying quietly.

Finally the bull rolled her off of him, got up and left the pen. The tender took a blood sample from Julie where she lay on the floor. A few minutes later the female's door opened and Julie slowly crawled out, unable to walk.

Julie's companion was already in the holding pen and showed concern for the girl. Julie simply lay in the corner. Blood and semen smeared the inside of her thighs and legs. There was no sex that night or for two nights later.

It was perhaps three weeks later that Julie's new companion failed to return from a breeding session. She knew this was expected. Someday it would be her turn to not return from the breeding pens. No one knew what happened to girls that didn't return. It was bit like dying. Girls just weren't there one day. They had passed over.

Still Julie cried by herself when her companion didn't return. In fact, looking around the pen, almost all the girls that had been in the pen when Julie arrived were gone now. They were all new. Julie and one other girl were the most "senior" cows there. She knew it would be her time soon, very soon.

In the back of her mind she thought that on the other side was an afterlife and she might meet and be with some of the girls she had known and had sex with during her time in the pens. Or... it might be hell on the other side. Suffering and death.

Two days later, Julie traveled to a mating pen for the morning mating. She entered and waited on her back for the male breeder, legs spread.

When the male's door opened, it wasn't a male breeder. It was a Soylent Farms tender. The tender slipped a handling collar over Julie's neck and lifted her up.

Shocked at the change of routine, Julie resisted and was jabbed with the cattle prod. She jerked and screamed, fell to her knees but then rose to stagger after the tender as he dragged her from the breeding pen, out through the male door.

Julie was finding out what happened to the girls that never returned.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Human Cattle, Part Three

The sun reached its zenith, beating down on the naked women in the pen. Julie had wandered around a bit, but there was nothing to do in the pen and most of the women were afraid to talk. She found at least three women with missing tongues, and the message was clear. Talk, and have your tongue removed.

Julie had no illusions that if her tongue was removed, it would end up behind the glass of a deli case within a day or so, and be eaten by someone within the week.

But the urge to communicate in some way was overwhelming and she whispered to a few of the women that wandered naked with her in the pen.

"How long have you been here?"

"Five days."  "I don't know.. maybe.. two weeks?"  "Three days." "Not long. I've lost track."

It was apparent that no one had been in the pens for more than a few weeks. Julie wondered what happened to the girls that left.

Suddenly the large gate was opened to the side. The naked women shuffled over to it and entered, as before. Julie steeled herself for another rape. Her cunt was sore and she was not looking forward to it.

Instead, the girls were released into a field with high fences to prevent escape, but otherwise there was room to move. Wandering out into the field with wonder, Julie stared and walked. They were being given freedom.

Until the girls were herded into a group and the cattle prods forced them to move forward, faster and faster. One girl fell and was trampled by other girls trying to get away. Most of the girls simply ran, moving in a clockwise direction along the fenced perimeter of the field.

Julie joined them but eventually slowed. There were only so many cattle prods, and she didn't see the point of running aimlessly.

As she stood away from the fence observing other girls jogging by, two men came up to her and grabbed her. She fought, and was hit with an electric shock from a stun gun. Her body jerked and fell to the ground with a grunt, and while she was still recovering the two men put a harness around her chest and breasts.

Julie tried to get her legs under her and help while she was dragged to a small truck that was standing in the compound. Her chest harness was hooked to the back of the truck and it took off. Julie only just had time to get moving before she would have been jerked off her feet and dragged behind the truck.

The truck was moving faster than a jog, slower than a full run. Julie had to keep going. Falling would mean being dragged, and the ground beneath her bare feet was dirt and rocks. She would be flayed alive.

So she ran. After a few minutes she was panting, exhausted from keeping up with the truck. She was young, still a teenager and fit, but the truck was simply going too fast and never stopped. Julie's lungs began burning and her legs felt weak, the muscles burning as well. The exhaust from the truck didn't help either, making the air stink and removing precious oxygen that she needed to keep running.

The truck passed other women who were jogging more slowly, their naked bodies glistening with a light sweat, moving along the side fencing of the field. Julie was being forced to run much faster than the other women. She gasped out, calling and begging for mercy, forgetting the "No Talking" rule.

The truck speeded up slightly, and she got the message. She stopped begging and concentrated on breathing and keeping up behind the truck. The harness around her chest bit into her flesh and squeezed her breasts uncomfortably, but that was the least of her problems.

To the side the herd of twenty or so girls had stopped running and were doing some in place exercises. They bent, lifted legs, did push-ups and stood and strange positions that looked very fatiguing. Julie caught only a glimpse of them because she was pulled along behind the truck and it was everything she could do to keep up.

Julie tripped, almost fell. She managed to get her feet under her, though they were hurting badly, torn and bleeding from running just to keep up. Her left foot stepped on a large sharp rock that seemed to tear a hole in the sole of her foot and she began limping, though limping slowed her down and she forced herself to ignore the pain.

They passed another girl who was tied to the back of a small truck, heading the other way. Julie was not the only one. She watched as this girl tripped and fell and was dragged on the ground. Her bare flesh slid along the ground, over dirt and rocks as the girl screamed, trying to get back up but unable to. The truck did not stop.

The girl was dragged away and Julie redoubled her efforts to keep going behind her own truck. Her lungs felt like they were on fire and were going to explode, her legs felt like they had been doused in acid, and there was a pain in her side worse than any she had ever felt.

She suddenly ran into the back of the truck, Wham!  It had stopped and she hadn't realized. The impact knocked her back onto the ground, where she lay, panting and recovering.

Julie had learned a valuable lesson. This was the exercise yard, and she had to exercise there or face the consequences.

Her harness removed, Julie was dragged to the herd of girls. Men with whips and prods were forcing exercises on the girls. Naked bodies bent and strained in bizarre ways and the sound of grunting and panting filled the air.

Julie joined in, exhausted but still trying her best. Her legs shook with weakness and strain, barely able to hold her body up. She nearly fainted doing squats but kept going.

Finally a loud buzzer sounded and the cattle prods pushed the herd of breeder girls back toward the gate and the pens. Julie staggered back and when they got to the pen, she collapsed in the corner.

The girl she had cuddle with for warmth the night before came over and looked at her sympathetically, and lay down next to her. Julie felt a tiny bit of comfort from the girl's naked body pressing against hers.

A few hours later the buzzer sounded again, and the gate opened. The herd rose and headed down to the breeding pens. This time Julie knew what was going to happen and prepared herself mentally.

There was no escaping it, so when the male suddenly appeared at the other end of the breeding pen Julie lay down on her back, spread her legs and let the man mount her. She realized that to refuse or be uncooperative would result in her being executed for meat.

It was a different male, still a handsome and well muscled man, though shorter and a bit gentler than the first that had taken Julie in the morning. Like the man before, this one had a raging, rock hard erection as soon as he appeared, and ejaculated a large amount of semen into Julie's cunt.

When it was over, she curled up in a corner. The male went over to the other corner, idly standing and stroking his cock. He looked like he might come over and try to mount Julie again, but the mating session ended before he could. The male left through is door, Julie through her door and back down the narrow alleyway to her pen.

Slop and water had been added to the troughs and Julie immediately went to get her share. She didn't have to fight as hard this time, she apparently had gained some respect from earlier in the morning when she had fought her way to gain food. The other nude females parted and allowed her a small space to get in to the troughs.

The evening came soon after. Julie was exhausted from the day's events, her muscles hurting terribly.

The woman she had cuddled with for warmth the day before came to her and the two lay down together. She was a shorter girl, skinny but muscular, perhaps 20 years old with long dark hair. Her cute round face was in contrast to her skinny, hard muscled body.

Once the sun went down it got cold quickly, and the two girls shared their body heat. There were pairs and clusters of other women throughout the pen that did the same.

There was no talk, and nothing in the pen except hay, dirt and the women. As a result, when boredom set in the women played with each other. Apparently this came naturally given the circumstances and Julie watched as several pairs or groups of young girls touched each other, kissing, running fingers across bodies, and eventually finding intimate areas.

As Julie watched the other female cows as they lay in the hay, she felt the girl next to her reach her fingers out and slide them along Julie's stomach. Julie reacted suddenly, jerking away. She was inexperienced, had never had sex until that day, and had never, ever considered sexual contact with another woman.

Her partner edged away, looking sad and offended.

Julie felt terrible. This other girl was the closest thing to a friend she had, and she had just insulted her. Here in the Soylent Farms breeding pens, life was different. They were animals now, and behaving like animals might be the most adaptive way to survive.

Julie moved to her naked partner and reached out, taking the girl's hand and placing it on her stomach.

The girl smiled and moved the hand down between Julie's legs, her fingers massaging and spreading the flesh gently, searching and exploring the folds for the right spots. Julie let the stimulation take her, spread her legs slightly and closed her eyes. No one else had ever touched her down there, not even the men that had recently penetrated her, and once she accepted it, it felt good. She began to understand what sex was about, the pleasure it could bring.

It was a few minutes later that Julie's orgasmic moans joined those of other women in the pens.

Once Julie had finished and was laying contentedly in her partner's arms, the girl took Julie's hand and slid it onto her thigh. Julie did her best, never having touched a girl before, sliding her fingers down to the wet softness and rubbing the most sensitive spot. She felt a lot better when her partner moaned, arched her muscled back and clearly enjoyed.

They kissed when it was over, then settled down for the night in each other's arms.

The next day was a complete duplicate of the first. Slop feeding after dawn. A fight broke out between two other girls, and one of them was taken away. They were taken for a breeding session and Julie was fucked for the third time, by the third male. It seemed like it was to be a different male every time. She was slowly learning to take it without resisting.

There were exercises at noon, this time Julie didn't resist and simply ran and exercised with the others; it was exhausting and her muscles were aching from the ordeal the day before, but it was easier than risking being dragged behind the truck. When she returned to the holding pen she collapsed. It was strange... she was beginning to think of this pen as her home.

The afternoon breeding session was with yet another male (all the males seemed to be good looking and strong, with hard, permanent erections). Slop feeding happened when they got back.

Then there were evening cuddles, a bit of sex with her partner (this time the girl actually inserted fingers into Julie), followed by kisses, cuddles and sleep. The female sex part seemed very strange to Julie though she was accepting it. She had never even thought of having sex with a woman and yet here she was, actually engaging in it. It felt natural, perhaps because every vestige, every remnant of her life as a socialized human being had been stripped from her.

And the sex she had with her partner was in the open, in front of twenty other people, yet it didn't matter. They were all animals there, reduced to fulfilling their basic needs without social structure or embarrassment.

This was to be Julie's existence now.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sold Into Slavery: The Agony of Motherhood

Stephanie had never been so filled with semen in her life. She had no idea she was capable of allowing that many men penetrate her in so many ways. Anus, cunt, mouth, between her breasts, between her ass cheeks, under her chin, between her thighs. Some days she came back to the dorms so covered in semen her entire body was slippery with it, then later crusty.

The evening shower became critical.

Stephanie found herself vomiting constantly. Part of it was morning sickness, but part of it was the parade of truly disgusting males that she was subject to servicing.

Many of the men were fat, incredibly overweight beasts, hairy and smelly. She did her job as best she could, accepting them and making them think she was enjoying the sex. If nothing else, she stayed still and allowed them to do what they wished, and showed no disgust.

It was very difficult to show no emotion some of the time. Some of the males she serviced were hideously ugly or deformed. If she showed displeasure or any sign that she was not cooperating, she was punished, so she did her best. Even so, she was punished periodically.

Punishment could be any number of things at the Maternity Center.

In the early stages of pregnancy, almost any punishment was allowed. Stephanie saw a woman riding a wooden pony, rocking back and forth in agony. Stephanie had seen this punishment before, and shuddered. It was a prolonged punishment that would take hours at a minimum, and could last days. After two or three days of rocking back and forth on the thin wood plank of the pony, the cunt of the victim would be swollen, bruised, bleeding. There was no sleeping when riding the pony, so a woman punished in this manner would end up collapsing when finally returned to the dorms.

Stephanie avoided the pony and the other nastiest of punishments, crucifixion. She knew of the practice but was surprised when she saw women in the maternity center tied and strapped to the cross, hanging for days at a time. The agony of crucifixion at the maternity center was several fold.

First, the muscles of the arms and then shoulders would stretch and cramp. The cramping became worse over the hours hanging, until the woman was sobbing and the pain swathed her entire body down to her hips.

The frustration of being tied up on display and not being able to move was mind-numbing, as well. Flies would gather over the sweating flesh of the crucifixion victim, and there was no way to get rid of them. They would enter ears, nose, mouth and eyes, causing itching and irritation that had no resolution.

The worst punishment was a crucifixion Stephanie had not even imagined; the poor girl had been tied with her arms stretched out as usual, but her ankles had been pulled up to be tied to the crosspiece next to her wrists. The resulting tearing and stretching of the groin muscles caused the girl's screams to be heard throughout the building.

The stench of the punishment room was horrible, as well. Urine, feces and vomit fell to the floor from the slaves that were being disciplined. While these body fluids were washed away, the smell remained.

Stephanie had three visits to the punishment room due to failures in properly serving the stream of defective males that were the maternity ward's users. Often these failures were actually a male's inability to achieve an erection due to age or infirmity. However, in the maternity center, this was considered a failure on the girl's part. A failure to properly arouse and service a male.

The first time Stephanie was punished she was the victim of the needle torture. In this procedure, she was strapped to a chair and her fingers tied so they were splayed out and could not move.

Her nipples were then tied with thread and tied to the board in front of her. This process actually caused a lot of pain, her nipple reacting sensitively to the tight pinching of the thread. Tears came to Stephanie's eyes as she accepted the pain, waiting for the actual punishment to begin.

Once secured and with tears already trickling down her cheeks, an attendant (another pregnant woman in a privileged position) then inserted several needles under each of her fingernails. The pain was serious, and while she didn't scream at first Stephanie did cry out and was sobbing by the time the needles were removed and she was returned to the dorms.

The second time she received punishment for failure to satisfy a male, she had been stretched between two posts and whipped by one of the other women. It was considered especially humiliating to be punished by another one of the women; being selected to dole out punishment was considered a reward and sign of favor.

The single tail bullwhip had cut across her back cutting thin slices into her flesh like a knife. Her screams jerked from her lungs against her will as the searing pain cut across her back. She had screamed many times back at the Jackson compound, but it had been some time since she had been punished so severely. It came as a reminder of just how severely failures could be punished in Malsi.

The third punishment was another whipping. Stephanie was hung by her wrists and received a very typical whipping. It wasn't bad at all, and Stephanie was grateful for that punishment. There was a time when such a punishment would have been inconceivable for Stephanie; that kind of pain was simply not a part of her life. Since coming to Malsi punishments were so common and painful, a simple whipping was actually a relief.

There were other abuses that occurred in the maternity center, making sure the women were in line and knew their place. Stephanie was routinely instructed to pee in her own food bowl before the evening meal was served. She then had to eat her urine soaked meal from her dish.

Stephanie continued to grow in size, her stomach swelling with the bred offspring inside her. She could feel it moving, and it moved when she was being fucked.

Fucking when heavily pregnant became logistically harder. There were fewer positions, but she could still lay on her back with knees to the side, or stay on all fours when a male mounted her from behind. She wondered how long this would go on, if she would be fucked by defective men right up to the moment that she gave birth.

The answer came when she was about seven months along. Stephanie was rounded up with the other women at the same stage of pregancy and moved to a different area of the building.

Here, the women were lined up and lectured on their responsibilities.

"All of you are first time mothers. You should know your responsibilities, but we will instruct you on your current stage in the pregnancy process." The woman lecturing was an older matron, tough and strict. She had finished having babies years ago and was now running this wing of the maternity center.

"Each of you have become heavy with milk and large with child. Your size makes servicing males problematic, your milk is a valuable resource that will now be harvested."

The woman walked up and down the line of naked pregnant girls.

"For the next few months you will spend one hour a day, twice a day, in the dairy. Here you will be milked and your milk sent out to feed babies where ever they are."

Stephanie rose her hand to ask a question, a dangerous move in the Maternity Center. "Excuse me, miss? What happens to our babies? Won't we be allowed to feed them?"

The matron looked at Stephanie as if she had just put on clown face and sung the Malsi national anthem backward.

"Uh... oh, you are the outsider. You have not been properly educated I see. I will provide you with a book on the process, since you are one of the few women that can read. You will be tested on the process of childbirth and rearing tomorrow." The matron continued to pace.

"The short answer is that your child will be taken from you when it is born. If male, it will be returned to your household for raising by the wives, or placed in a suitable home for a male child. If female, it will be sent to a rearing center for females."

"Excuse me... matron... where will we be if the child is sent back to our households? Are we not... to return with them?"

Stephanie was trying to grasp the new concept that in Malsi mothers were not allowed to keep their children. She had a maternal instinct to the child she was carrying and didn't want to give it up.

The matron scowled. "Too many questions. I will answer you but you will also be punished for interrupting. No, most women do not return with their children. They remain here or at another dairy facility, delivering milk."

Stephanie was in tears. They were going to take her baby, and she would never see it again. The wife at the Jackson household had also promised she would return after she had the baby and now the matron was saying she would have to stay and be a... dairy cow???

"But, ma'am, can I not return--"

"Enough! I warned you! Ilsa! Take this one and crucify her!"

"Please! No! NO! Please, no, no, don't, it will hurt the baby!" Stephanie cried as she was dragged off to the punishment room.

"No, it won't. Hang on the cross for a while and contemplate what it means to be obedient!"

Stephanie was dragged from the room, screaming. The other girls looked away, unwilling to participate in what was happening. There was nothing they could do anyway.

Stephanie was taken to the fetid punishment room and her wrists secured above her. She continued to cry and beg, but it availed nothing. She was whipped, hard, with a single tail whip. This was strictly  in preparation of her punishment, though, it was not the punishment itself.

When she had received a dozen strokes and her back and breasts were burning, Stephanie was forced down onto a wooden cross that lay on the floor. Her body, bloated by pregnancy, lay there like a mountain of flesh.

Her wrists were rapidly tied in place with a secure tie she would never get out of  and her ankles were also tied with her knees bent at an angle.

The cross was then heaved up by two strong men, lifting Stephanie up. Her body slid down the cross as she went up into the upright position, and her entire weight suddenly yanked on her wrists and shoulders. Her arms stretched out and she slid forward, hanging out and away from the cross a bit, her arms behind her. She managed to pull her body back until it bumped on the cross behind her, and there she hung, her knees bent at an odd angle.

Stephanie sobbed on the cross. She understood Malsi well enough now that she knew there was nothing she could do but endure. She had endured before, and she could get through this.  She had no choice, after all.

Her baby moved inside her stomach as she hung there. Flies immediately covered her face. She urinated on the floor. Cramping set in across her shoulders and slowly crept wider and wider. Every once in a while a male would come buy and play with her exposed cunt. One man shoved his fist up inside of her, grinning at her screams and saying only, "My fist is smaller than the baby that will soon pop out. Get used to it, bitch."

Stephanie spent a day on the cross; not as long as it could have been. Some girls had spent three days on the cross. They were fed and watered, of course, but the strain on their bodies was horrible and they took time to recover afterward.

When Stephanie was finally cut down she collapsed on the ground. None of the muscles in her body would move. Her hands were in the shape of claws and wouldn't flex or move.

She didn't need to recover. For what came next, she didn't have to move.

Stephanie was dragged down the hall and into a room with about ten women in it. They were all affixed to metal racks that held them in place, and Stephanie was dragged to one of these racks. Straps were placed on her legs, ankles, wrists and neck as she was draped over the metal rack. Her breasts hung down before her. She didn't have milk yet, though she had shown preliminary signs of the milk coming in.

Two tubes were brought over to Stephanie, with elongated suction cups on each. They made a hissing noise of air being sucked in.

Her breasts were greased and the suction tubes placed on each breast over the nipple. The suction pulled the soft breast tissue and nipple into the tube. The tube stayed attached to the soft flesh.

Unable to move, Stephanie simply lay against the metal rack as the milking machine was attached to her. The whole process took only a minute to set up.

The attendant flipped a switch and the milking suction began to alternate between breasts. Hisss... suck... hisss... suck... hisss... suck... hisss... suck. Back and forth, each breast being sucked into the vacuum tube and then released.

Stephanie's milk had not come in yet. She lay there in the bracket, being milked even though she was dry. It hurt. The constant sucking, pulling of her nipples made them especially sensitive and irritated. The insides of her breasts ached at the demand for milk they were unable, as yet, to give.

The women were only milked during the day. When night came they were released and returned to a dorm, where Stephanie lay silently, unable to deal with the horrors of being milked when she had no milk, of having to give up her baby, and the memory of being crucified.

At night she remembered her life in the west, when she was a high powered marketing associate. She had wanted to get married back then, but had been postponing so her career could take off. Eventually she would have had children, and she knew she would have had a nursery with a white crib, a changing table, a nice mobile...

After three painful days on the milking machine Stephanie's breasts began giving milk. The constant sucking of the machine had brought the milk early and within a week she was giving more than a gallon a day.

Her routine-- wake in the morning, a quick shower and bathroom break. Eat slop for breakfast (hopefully not covered in urine). Line up and go to the milking room, climb onto the milking bracket and get strapped down. Milking machine placed on her breasts, then stay there for twelve hours, having every last drop of milk sucked from her breasts into a large container below her.

After two weeks on the machine a male had come through, stopped behind Stephanie and entered her. It had been a while since Stephanie had been fucked. In fact, the time on the milking machine was the longest she had gone without being raped while in Malsi. Fourteen days. A record.

He left and she felt the semen dribble down her leg as her milk was sucked relentlessly from her breasts. Nothing she could do about it. She was strapped down.

Then came the day when her stomach hurt. The pain came on quickly, a cramping feeling like diarrhea, but different. Diarrhea was common at the Maternity Center, because the food they were fed was cast off and sometimes rotten. But this pain was different.

"Please... please, someone. Ma'am. Matron? I... I think... owww...." the cramping became severe.

They wouldn't take her out of the milking machine though. A medic examined her, opening her cunt wide with a speculum right where she was bracketed. "She's dilating, but she has a few hours. I'd leave her here for now."

And so Stephanie remained on the milking machine as her contractions got stronger and stronger. She cried out and begged to be released, but she continued giving milk until the contractions were five minutes apart.

Finally, the medic came and examined her cunt (they had left the speculum inside her all this time).

"Yeah, she's ready. Let's get her to birthing."

And so she was removed from the milking rack and taken to a special room with white walls and medical equipment. She lay on her back, her legs up in the spreading stirrups. The pain had become terrible and she was thrashing around. "Can I have something for the pain? Please? A saddle block? An epidural?"

The medic laughed. "Why would we spend money on that? That's a western thing for coddled women in their decadent culture."

She was strapped down so she couldn't move and cause the medic problems.

When the baby came she had been screaming but stopped when she heard the cries of the little one. They faded quickly, and she lay alone on the table, never even having seen the child. She didn't even know if it was a boy or girl.

She was stitched up, given some antibiotics and then led back to a milking room. A different one. The women there were not pregnant, they had already had their babies.

Stephanie was hooked up to another milking machine and she sagged, exhausted on the frame. Her baby had come and gone and now all there was, was to give milk.

Hisss... suck. Hisss... suck. Hisss... suck.

Stephanie cried herself to sleep on the milking machine.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Human Cattle, Part Two

Julie slept in the arms of another naked woman that night.

Nightmares woke her several times, images of women being dragged along by metal cables toward precipices, dangling by their necks as they kicked and screamed, and then being torn apart by chain saws.

The sun rose and the women in the holding pen woke together. The place smelled because there was no place to urinate or defecate. Rather by silent agreement one corner of the pen had been reserved for human waste and the girls went to that area to relieve themselves.

There was straw scattered about, which was all they had to use to wipe themselves.

The women in the pen sat or cuddled or scratched themselves, all simply waiting. The sun shone down on a mass of female flesh, captured in the pen.

The sun was up in the sky when some Soylent Farms animal tenders came and filled troughs with water and some sort of sloppy food mush.

Julie realized she was faint from hunger and immediately ran to eat. She was viciously kicked and pushed aside by other girls who were acting like animals, fighting for space at the troughs. But Julie was so hungry she bit and clawed her way to the trough and managed to get some of the mush. It tasted terrible, like a mystery meat mixed with hops and grain, but she downed as much of it as she could, smearing her face with the slimy stuff.

The water trough was already filthy when she got to it, but it didn't slow her down. She drank deeply, and once finished she went back to the space she had occupied the night before and collapsed.

Her hip hurt where she had been branded, but not nearly as much as the day before. Julie observed that all the girls in the pen were branded with different numbers, just like her.

The girls were remarkably alike, in fact. All in their late teens or early 20s, and healthy. In fact, Julie noticed most were fairly good looking. Before she had time to consider what they all had in common, she was attacked.

Suddenly one of the women that Julie had fought for food came up to Julie and leaped on her. She grabbed Julie's hair and dragged her into the center of the pen, and began kicking her.

Julie curled up at first, trying to protect herself, but then suddenly lunged at the other woman, knocking her down.

The struggled in the center of the pen, arms and legs wrapping around each other, each trying to get better leverage to gain the upper hand. It was difficult for both the girls were sweaty and dirty, their naked flesh slippery.

The two struggled for a while, the other girls retreating to various corners of the pen, avoiding the fight. Julie found herself on the bottom of the other girl. One arm was pinned between the girl's leg and her hips, and the girl had a tight grip on Julie. Her hands found Julie's throat and began squeezing.

Julie beat and clawed with her free hand, actually reaching to gouge the eyes of her opponent. She was making slow headway, and it was going to be a race to see if she managed to weaken the other girl or Julie losing consciousness.

Instead Julie felt the girl on top of her suddenly jerk stiff and fall to the side, jerking and shuddering, unable to move. She was in some sort of convulsions and Julie took advantage of the woman's paroxysms to roll away and stand, panting, trying to get her breath.

A man with a cattle prod stood over the other girl, holding it against the girl's flesh, making her shudder and convulse from the continuous painful electric shock. She lay on the ground, unable to move, gurgling.

Julie dragged herself to the edge of the pen to get away from the prod.

After a half a minute the man removed the prod and stood over the poor girl that lay at his feet. The girl that attacked Julie finished her convulsions and lay quietly recovering for a moment.

Two other animal tenders came into the pen. The woman rolled over, recovering, onto her hands and knees.

The animal tender shocked the woman again, knocking her onto her stomach, twitching and gurgling.

Finally he stopped, and the two attendants reached down to the thoroughly drained and helpless girl, helping the first attendant lift the aggressive woman up.

She was unable to stand on her own, and they dragged her away toward the gate entering the pen.

As they reached the pen gate the girl suddenly jerked and screamed "NO!". She received another prod and was dragged off. That was the last time Julie saw that girl.

Julie huddled in the corner for a while. She had survived two nights in the Soylent Farms facility. What was to happen now?

She tried to talk to the girl she had huddled with during the night. The girl shook her head and pointed to some words painted on the concrete wall. "NO TALKING".

She pointed to the words, then opened her mouth and showed Julie. The girl's tongue was missing. The girl pointed at the sign, then her mouth. The message was clear. Talk, and they will cut out your tongue.

Julie remembered her mother especially enjoyed tongue, and while it was expensive she had one about twice a year. She shuddered and wondered if her mother had eaten this girl's tongue... It didn't matter. Julie was now meat and for all she knew, her own body parts might end up on her family's table for dinner some evening.

The sun was halfway up when something happened.

A loud buzzer sounded, and a wide gate on one end of the pen was opened automatically. The women stood up as the gate opened and then slowly moved through the gate into a narrowing channel of fences, until they were lined in single file.

Behind them several Soylent animal tenders were making sure all the women headed down the small fenced alleyway, using cattle prods when necessary. Julie complied easily at first, but when she realized she was in a single file line of women heading for an unknown destination, she remembered the execution abattoir and suddenly panicked. She tried to run back, but the line of women behind her pushed forward relentlessly.

Suddenly she was thrust into a small pen by herself. The line of women had been pushed forward to a line of doors that admitted one girl then closed. The next girl was pushed into the next door and that closed, and so on. When Julie was pushed through her door she found herself in a small pen with high wooden walls. There was a door she had entered, and a door on the other side that was closed.

Bewildered, Julie stood afraid and waited. Nothing happened for a while and she sat down on the dirt and straw floor for a bit. It was getting hotter as the day went on, and she no longer shivered with cold. In fact, she had begun to sweat just a bit.

With a sudden clang the door on the other side of the pen swung open, and something was shoved in. At first Julie thought it was another Soylent animal tender, but this person was naked. A naked male. A piece of male meat, just like her.

The man fell to the floor when pushed in but immediately got up, looked around and saw Julie. He snorted and walked over.

Julie noticed immediately that this male had a huge, engorged cock. It stuck straight out.

Julie was a virgin, but she had seen cocks a few times before, enough to know this one was large and very erect. She stood and walked backward, her hands up in protest.

"No... no... Please no..." she said.

The man just grunted. He wasn't bad looking, in fact he was tall, muscular, and rugged looking. He appeared to be around 25, seven years older than Julie. Still, Julie was afraid. Everything in this place made her frightened.

The man grabbed Julie and she tried to get away. She almost slipped away, helped by her sweaty flesh, but the male slammed her against the side wall of the small pen.

"Cooperate, bitch, if you want to live," the male grumbled under his breath. "Or don't and end up as meat."

Julie didn't understand and fought against the male, but he was much larger and stronger than she and he had her on the ground in less than a minute, legs spread with his hips between her knees.

Julie screamed and struggled, the male held her hands and lay the full weight of his body on top of hers.

She felt his hard member probing between her legs, searching for her opening. She tried to wriggle free, tried to move her hips to avoid being penetrated. None of it worked. The cock found it's target and shoved.

Julie yelped in pain as the cock went in a couple of inches. The male pulled out a bit then shoved again, harder. The cock seemed to be stretching her wide, wider than she believed possible and she let out a sob.

The cock slid out a bit again, and then shoved even deeper. This time Julie thought the cock would impale her, penetrating through her uterus and into her bowels. She had no idea sex with a man was like this. She literally felt like she was splitting open, being impaled on a thick spear.

The male on top of her began thrusting more regularly, pushing and pulling, harder and harder. It got easier the more he went on, she guessed somehow her body was lubricating. She moaned and lay there, accepting her fate.

Then the male yelled and groaned and yelled and grabbed Julie's neck and squeezed, then kissed her on the lips and thrust his maleness deep inside her and she felt him pulsing inside, filling her up with fluid.

When he was done, the male collapsed on top of Julie, releasing her throat and letting her breathe. She gasped in air, but it was hard because of his weight. She pushed and eventually he rolled off of her and sat next to her body, his back against the wall.

His cock was still standing up, hard as a rock, and a tiny bit of white stuff was dripping from the end.

Julie sat up and looked between her legs. She expected to see she was swollen and bruised, but her cunt looked pretty normal. Reddened, engorged, and there was white stuff seeping out of it onto the ground below her, but she was not bruised or bleeding.

She huddled away into a corner, away from the male.

The door on the male's side of the pen opened a few minutes later, and the male stood and left. Julie remained behind. A minute later her door opened and she rose and slowly walked back down the corridor toward the holding pen in which she had spent the previous night.

As she walked down the corridor another door opened and a girl about her age came out, walking slowly. She too appeared to be draining white fluid down her inner thigh. The two girls headed back to the pen and lay down together, recovering from the ordeal of their sudden rapes. Julie shuddered and realized she was no longer a virgin. Her boyfriend and the wonderful loving evening they had planned was long gone, and she had just been used by a strange male, who had fucked her and dumped a load of sperm inside her, then left.

So... the women in Julie's pen had all been sent to service, or be serviced by, some males. The one thing Julie had heard when she first arrived made sense now. She had been called a "breeder".

Julie was being bred. She was being given to males to impregnate.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Human Cattle, Part One


Tonight was the night she would spread her legs and let a man inside her for the first time.

Julie headed across the quad toward the student parking lot. She was excited. Her day at school was over at 2:00pm, and she was ready to go meet friends and paaarrrtttyyyy... it was her 18th birthday.

She had graduated high school one year early, so this was halfway through her freshman year at the state college. Grades were going really well, and this guy was showing a lot of interest with her. He was older, 21 in fact, and she had been swept off her feet. They had decided to wait to have sex because of the age difference. They didn't want any risk of him later getting accused of statutory rape or anything.

So.... tonight, after all the partying, was their night. She was going to lose her virginity to Jacob, and she couldn't wait. He had rented a room at the local Marriott, had champagne, and it was going to be the most romantic, wonderful thing in the world. She thought she could actually feel the wetness between her legs as she approached the street crossing to the parking lot.

She was about to step out into the crosswalk when a white van pulled up in front of her.

"Dammit, watch where you are going!" She screamed at the driver. The door of the van slid open and three men got out. Julie instinctively backed up a bit.

"What's going on?" she asked hesitantly, no longer screaming but a bit nervous.

One man stood in front of her. "Julie Prescott?"

"What? Yes, that's me? Who are you? What's--"

"Julie Prescott, as a duly sworn representative of Soylent Farms, it is my duty to inform you that your life contract, sold to Soylent Farms by your parents, is being activated. As of this moment you are classified as human meat. Please come with me."

Julie's eyes were big and she turned to run away as fast as she could, but instead ran smack into the other two men who had exited the van. She bounced off one of them and fell onto her ass on the sidewalk.

"What the hell?" she yelped. The man behind her had quickly slipped a nylon zip tie around her wrists, pulling them together tightly. Two men lifted her up as she struggled. "There has to be some mistake. You have the wrong person. I... I..."

As they zip tied her ankles together, Julie recalled having some human meat just the other day. It made no sense. Human meat was a delicacy, afforded by the rich, and provided by the poor. She was no supposed to be taken, she couldn't have been...

Julie's parents had sold her? That's what they guy said. It couldn't be right. Unless.. She was struggling, kicking and thrashing as hard as she could, but the men were expert at their jobs. They had her immobilized and into the van, using surprise and Julie's confusion to get the upper hand.

But regardless of whether they had it right or not, she had just been taken and was on her way to Soylent Farms, the infamous human meat products provider. Julie's life had just collapsed all around her. She was struggling and screaming as the three men picked her up, throwing her in the back of the white van. The door shut and off they went.

One of the men stayed in the back with Julie. She was screaming and kicking back there, in spite of being bound wrist and ankle. She begged, screamed, demanded, but the men were silent, ignoring her.

When her screams became annoying and she actually kicked the man in the back, he responded by slipping a small sack over her head. She could no longer see and her screams turned into sobs.

There was a sudden sharp pain in her arm and she yelped and jerked, though she could not move much with her wrists and ankles strapped. After a moment the man in the back called to the front. "DNA confirmed, Julie Prescott, contract 7738992 finalized one week ago."

Julie nearly fainted. Her parents had sold her one week ago. The DNA test had just confirmed it. Her head buzzed and she felt like she was floating in a sea of thick sludge, disoriented, unable to breathe in the head sack.

The van slowed and stopped, the men getting out. Julie tried to wriggle free or get out of the van, but it was hopeless. Outside she heard the men talking, followed by a scream and some thumps. A moment later something heavy slammed into Julie, as if a giant sack of potatoes had been pitched into the back of the van. The men had collected another Soylent Farms contracted cow. Another girl had been suddenly converted to meat and thrown into the back of the van.

The body of the other girl rested on top of Julie, weighing her down. It was limp and rocked with the motion of the van as they began driving again. Julie wriggled around, rolling her body, trying to get the other girl off of her. She finally managed. She heard the girl moan as if coming around from unconsciousness, and ask, "what... where... am I..."

Julie mumbled through the cloth of her hood. "You are in a Soylent Farms van. You had a contract on you, and you've been designated meat. Your life, and mine... is over."

"What? How... That was a thirty percent contract! My time is up next week, they can't do this! Not now!!!"

"Yeah. I don't think it matters any more. There is no way we can escape this. We are dead. Maybe... if we run as soon as they open the van door."

"I can't run," came the other girl's voice. "My wrists and ankles are zipped tied. Fuck, fuck, fuck, this can't be happening. My father is the vice manager of Stuart township, he has to be able to get me out of this. Fuck fuck fuck..."

Julie thought of her own parents, the ones that had actually sold her. They had had their problems and she knew her dad needed money... but this? They were the ones that had betrayed her. She wasn't going to be able to turn to them. She didn't think she was going to get a phone call, either.

They were heading for the abattoir, the human abattoir run by Soylent Farms. She had passed it a few times on her way to her grandfather's house. It didn't look like a slaughterhouse. It was simply a large complex of buildings that looked like warehouses and offices.

The two girls discussed their options as they rode along in the back of the van. The other girl was named Prita and had a sack over her head as well, and she began panting, complaining she couldn't breathe.

Julie's top had been pulled down when they threw her into the van, and she felt cold air on her breasts. They hung out without anyone caring. She already was beginning to feel like an animal with no rights.

"Prita, I don't think they will care. We are probably going to die by the end of today anyway," Julie admitted to herself as well as the other girl.  "Have you ever eaten human meat?"

"Well sure, everybody has. It's a delicacy, and my family has money so we've eaten it periodically. We had testicle hors d’oeuvres just the other day."

"Well, I think we are going to be the next course. For all you know, pieces of you might end up on your family's table."

Julie heard the other girl go silent, then the gagging sound of vomiting. The girl threw up inside her head sack, which made it even harder to breath. She choked, gagged, begged whomever might hear to let her go. There was no response until a few minutes later the van stopped, backed up, and the rear doors were opened.

"Here we go," she said. "I think... well, I am not going without a fight."

She realized she had no idea how girls were slaughtered at the human abattoir. Were they shot? Hung? Strangled? Heads chopped off? Stabbed?

The image of her boyfriend passed before her, and she regretted not having let him inside her before now. She was going to die a virgin. Her entire life, just, over.  So fast. No recourse. Just, bam. One minute you are on your way to a party, the next you are tied and hooded in the back of a van on the way to your place of execution.


Rough hands dragged her out of the van and she was plopped onto something that moved. She tried to struggle and fight back, but discovered how easily it was to completely disable someone with just a couple of zip ties. She kicked and wriggled but it had remarkably little effect.

Even so, she had her legs roughly pulled up behind her and a rope or strap was placed around her neck and secured to her leg tie. She was bent back into a hogtie, legs pulled in back of her and arching up toward her neck, completely disabled and helpless. In that stressful position she could barely move at all.

"Prita? Prita, fight them!" She called, but there was no answer. Apparently Prita had been moved somewhere else and was no longer close by. Julie discovered she was on a cart of some sort, being rolled along a concrete floor. The way things echoed she was in a long, large hallway.

Somewhere in the distance she heard a scream that was cut short. Julie started crying again.

They reached the end of the hall. A door was opened. Julie felt hands pushing her off the rolling cart, causing her body to flop onto a concrete floor. The bag was removed from her head and the strap holding her legs and head into a hog-tie arch was removed. Julie stretched her legs out, and looked around.

She was in a small concrete cell that was barren. Six flat concrete sides, with the only interruption being the door they had entered through, a small light bulb in the ceiling, and a drain in the center of the floor.

Three other women were in the cell, all naked. They were huddled into other areas of the cell, away from each other.

Two men were there, presumably the ones that had rolled her there. They cut the plastic straps on her wrists and ankles. Julie stood, rubbing her wrists. The straps had dug in, cutting bloody grooves into her flesh.

"Strip," one of the men said. At first Julie was inclined to refuse, but she saw she was in a guarded concrete room with halls leading to blocked steel doors. She realized refusing would probably be a bad idea. She stripped her clothes off in front of the men, feeling increasingly embarrassed as each article of clothing was removed. When she slipped her panties off last she attempted to cover herself with her hands and shivered slightly. The concrete room was chilly.

Rough hands pushed Julie down to the ground and a heavy iron collar and head bracket was placed on her neck and around her head. It felt cold and hard on her soft skin, and clicked into place with a locked finality that made her shiver with fear. The head cage was welded to a heavy chain that was in turn embedded in the concrete wall. The other women were secured in the same way; that was the reason they were separated and simply sat next to the wall, not moving around.

Julie was terrified. Being naked and exposed amplified her terror and sense of helplessness. The concrete was cold to her skin, and she shivered. For the first time she realized the place smelled terrible. It smelled like an outhouse, with a mix of ammonia, urine, feces, sweat, and other smells she couldn't identify.

She tried to talk to the other girls, who sat huddled and chained in the same way as herself.

"What happens next? Do you know? How long have you been here?" She said.  One of the girls turned away from her and started rocking. Another shook her head and said nothing. The third said quietly, "Don't talk. They don't like talking."

Julie sat quietly shaking for a few minutes, then whispered to the other girl, a petite blond in her mid-twenties, "are they going to kill us?"

The blond nodded, but then shrugged, but refused to say anything more.  The girl that was rocking back and forth suddenly let out a stream of urine that puddled beneath her and slowly trickled toward the drain in the center of the room. Julie realized the acrid outhouse smell was because each girl had urine and shit either under or near her naked body.

In fact, Julie realized she needed to evacuate her bladder, and even her bowels. She whispered again, "do we just... go here on the floor?"

The other girl nodded.

Julie turned away from the other girls and squatted. Her bladder didn't want to cooperate at first, but eventually she got a stream going, and then she shit in a small pile on the concrete. She then realized she had defecated in the spot closest to where the chain attached to the wall. It was only a couple of feet long and she had very little room to move to the side, out of the way of her own waste. She stepped in it and slid as far away as she could, but the chain on her collar kept her from moving far.

It was difficult to lay down. The chain was just long enough to allow her head to reach the floor, and when she did this it was a few inches from where she had defecated. Julie slept that night smelling her own shit, shaking naked on the floor of a concrete cell with three other naked women, wondering whether she would live another 24 hours. She dreamed of laying in bed with her boyfriend on top of her, entering her, but the dream ended with him dying, losing control of his bowels and shitting all over her.

She had no idea what time it was when they were awakened by the loud, clanging sound of the steel door being opened. A man entered with a hose which he turned on to a high pressure stream of ice cold water. He washed the walls and floors down, rinsing away the girl's body waste, and giving the girls a good dousing as well.

When he was done he stepped out and three men entered. They wore rough overalls with the Soylent Farms logo, but were filthy. Unlocking all four of the girl's chains, the men roughly grabbed them and made them stand, herding them out of the cell.

As soon as they were out of the cell Julie ran.

She made it about two feet before she was hit by a strong electric shock, a stunning pain that hit her side and knocked her silly. Her body lost motor control for a moment and she wobbled to the ground, curling protectively into a fetal position. She had been hit with a cattle prod.

Rough hands grabbed her and forced her to her feet quickly, and she staggered along behind the other three girls down a short concrete hall and into a larger room. There all four women had their hands quickly tied together and the ropes were thrown over a beam above them. Yanking then tying off the ropes caused the women's arms to be raised high above their heads until they were almost hanging by them.

"Please, what is to happen to us," begged one of the other girls as she dangled at the end of her rope. The guard's response to the question was to take a whip and lash it across the girl's ass, back and breasts a few times, causing a series of screams to echo in the barren chamber.

Julie got the idea that the blond had explained the night before. They didn't like talking here.

Six men entered the room. Three of them wore clean, well groomed Soylent Farms uniforms, the other three were dirty, obviously workers that handled the human cattle. The well groomed clean men were probably executives or managers. Julie watched in fear and hatred as they moved up and down the line, examining each of the women.

When it was her turn, the three men prodded her, opening her mouth and examining her teeth, touching her breasts, pinching the flesh on the sides of her body, sticking their fingers between her legs and up inside her cunt. She squealed at this, trying to turn her body away, but the men ignored this and expertly examined her body in the most intrusive way possible.

"I like the redhead and this brunette," said one of the three.

"The brunette yeah, but the blonde is better. She is younger and has no mouth defects." said another.

Julie wondered what is was they liked about her body. Why were they were examining her and the others if they were all just going to be slaughtered for meat?

The third manager pointed at Julie and the redhead. "Those two. The blond has already had one child and it was delivered C-section. Not a good choice at all. She also has a good meat yield, the red head is still thin."

"Oh, I... didn't catch that," said the one that had wanted the blond. He was clearly embarrassed at having made a mistake.

"Take these two," the man pointed at Julie and the redheaded girl, "and send the others to processing."

"Show breeders the processing action?" asked one of the dirty handlers.

"As usual, yes. It does have a pacifying effect," said the manager. The three executives left.

None of the girls was entirely clear what had happened but there was the distinct feeling that the two rejects were not long for this world and they began sobbing, struggling with their ropes.

All four of the women were led down the hallway. As they stumbled along, their bare feet feeling cold hard concrete below them, they shivered and cried, terrified. The lead girl fell and was jerked up roughly. As they passed a steel doorway they heard multiple sounds of distress; screams, moans, yelps.

The human abattoir was hell.


At the end of the hall was a door with a simple stencil painted label above: "Female Processing".

Upon entering the girls saw a large room that was a jumble and maze of equipment, furniture, railings, pipes and other unidentifiable things. The Julie and the redhead were herded to the right, to a raised platform that overlooked the floor of the large slaughterhouse.

A series of metal collars dangled by chains from a heavy pipe stationed above the raised platform. Julie and the redhead had their necks clamped into two of the collars and were left on the platform. The chains were loose enough that the girls were not choking, but high enough they couldn't move more than a couple of feet in any direction.

The girls on the platform watched in horror and disbelief at the operations of the abattoir below them.

The other two girls, a blond and brunette, had been herded down onto the floor of the large room. They were each placed between a different rail system leading to different areas of the room. The rails defined paths, not unlike the rails and an amusement park leading to a ride entrance.

The blonde had entered a line of women guided by rails moving forward. There were perhaps twenty human cattle in the line ahead of the blonde when she was shoved to the back of this line. It was clear the abattoir was not running at full capacity.

Two men grabbed the blond and held her steady as a third pulled a metal cable down from the ceiling. The cable ended in a loop which was placed around the blonde's head and around her neck.

Each human cow ahead of her had a similar noose around their neck.

Each metal cable was attached to a small conveyor above. It moved slowly, perhaps at the rate of a a foot per second. It was a slow but relentless movement forward. The line of girls walked slowly, very slowly but steadily forward, pulled by the noose around each of their necks.

All the human cattle in the lines were naked. They were all female. Apparently this room was designation for processing of female cattle only. The line of nude girls slowly moved across the room. The variety of bodies in the line was significant, some heavier, some average, some with big breasts, some small. One thing was true, though-- all the girls were healthy, strong, and none were skinny. Soylent Farms wanted girls with some meat on their bones.

The room was filled with noise, much of it human. There were screams, cries, shouting. The mass of cattle, the humanity on the floor below was slowly moving across from the left side to the right side of the floor where death awaited all. Midway through the hall was a wall made of thin plywood with a series of open doorways through which the lines of human cattle were slowly guided. The doors were covered by strips of semi-opaque plastic.

The thin wall and doors with plastic strips hanging down were designed to prevent the cattle at the back of each line from seeing what was at the front of each line. Once they passed through the plastic strips, they would see their final destination.

The floor below the lines of cattle was slick from a sheen of all sorts of body fluids. Blood, feces, urine, saliva, sweat... The room stank horribly.

Julie observed the line that the blond had entered. Following the line through the plastic strip door to its end, she saw what was happening. The girl at the end of the line was a young brunette with short hair. She was screaming and thrashing around, trying to avoid the inevitable, legs splayed open, feet before her trying to resist.

Before the naked girl the concrete floor of the abattoir simply dropped straight down into a trough.

The ever moving conveyor pulled the noose that held her neck forward, slowly approaching the end of the concrete floor. She pulled back, trying to resist the forward movement toward the precipice and drop, but the conveyor and noose simply pulled her along. The more she pulled back, the tighter the noose went around her neck, pulling tightly. Screaming in a hoarse, rasping voice, half choked, she cried for mercy. The abattoir staff ignored her and simply watched as she was slowly pulled to the edge of the floor ahead.

At the edge the concrete floor simply dropped down about three feet into the trough. The young girl was trying her best to not step over the edge, but eventually the pull of the noose pulled her close enough her feet slipped on the slick surface of the concrete and she fell.

The fall was short, because the neck cable yanked her to a stop. It slid tight around her neck, causing folds and wrinkles around a sharp deep indentation of her flesh. The metal cable was greased and the loop slid quickly and hard around the girl's neck, squeezing tight, cutting off air and blood.

Julie watched as the girl kicked, her legs now two feet above the floor below. No more screams came from her, in fact she was unable to make any noise at all as the metal cable clamped tight around her neck, forcing her head sharply to the side. She was struggling valiantly, legs splayed wide, kicking, her inner thighs and pussy easily seen. The cabled noose continued to move forward at the same rate, an assembly line.

Julie was unaware she had just soiled herself from the shock and horror of what she was seeing. She stared at the girl as she kicked and clawed, her neck and face turning red, then a dark purple. Her eyes bulged, her tongue protruded. Her head was pushed slightly to the side and Julie could actually see that the girl's neck had stretched, getting unnaturally long from her body's weight pulling down on the metal noose.

The struggles lasted about a minute, grew weak and then died away as the girl lost consciousness. There was a sudden rush of brown from her ass as she lost bowel control. The feces dropped into the trough below her, mixing with the body fluids of previous victims, to be washed away later.

The executed girl's eyes remained open, but her arms fell to her sides and she was still except for a few small twitches that went away.

The metal noose cable slid along on the conveyor rail above, the dying body of the human cattle pushed along to the next phase of processing. The girl wasn't dead yet, it would take a few minutes for life to leave her body completely. But she was unconscious, her brain losing its function, her heart well into failure.

The body of the dead cow girl disappeared around a corner.

The hanging was just the first stage of the assembly line. The human cattle were attached to the assembly line using the noose, which guided them to where they would hang until dead, always moving forward. The forward movement continued around the corner and into the meat processing area where expert butchers would take the (hopefully) freshly dead body and start the butchering process by flaying the body of its flesh..

About the time the girl's still twitching body was carried around the corner the next girl had been forced off the edge and was strangling slowly before Julie's eyes.

Julie turned her head away. At the slow but steady rate of movement it appeared that one female cow was killed every three minutes or so. She couldn't watch any more. She smelled her own shit covering her ass and legs and vomited onto the floor.

All thoughts of her past life were gone. It was less than 12 hours since she had been taken off the street and already her mind was sinking deep into despair and becoming like an animal.

Why were they being shown this? Why weren't Julie and the auburn haired girl down there on the abattoir floor, being drawn to their own deaths? Julie didn't understand. She was shaking, felt dizzy and collapsed. Her body didn't make it far, the metal collar around her neck stopped her from falling and she simply dangled by her neck for a moment before reviving herself and getting her feet underneath her again.

There could only be one reason to show some of the cattle the slaughtering process. To show them what awaited them, and frighten them into cooperation.

It worked. Julie would do anything to avoid the horrors on the floor below her.


Julie and the red haired girl were left on the platform observing the slaughtering process for about a half hour. There were other methods of slaughter being employed on the floor, but Julie refused to look. She caught a glimpse of what looked like a guillotine and quickly turned to look anywhere but there.

Turning to the auburn haired girl on the platform, she asked "Why are we here? Why aren't we being slaughtered and cut up for meat?"

The auburn haired girl answered in a low voice, afraid of being heard. "They selected us for something. Separated us. Whatever it is, it can't be good. I... did you hear that one guy? He said something about us being 'breeders'".

Just then a two men approached them. Each carried cattle prods. Julie shrank back with fear, remembering the massive, painful shock she had received before.

The girl's collars were removed and they were led out of the abattoir. Julie was incredibly grateful for being removed from the killing floor, but was terrified of what would happen next.

The men didn't talk to the girls, but moved the cattle prods to tap their bare asses. Both girls ran away from the prods, even though they were not receiving shocks. Just the fear of getting a shock was enough to prod them along in the appropriate direction.

The exit from the platform led to a narrow hall that ran about a hundred feet. Steel doors appeared on either side about every ten feet or so. The sound of crying and a muffled begging was heard from behind one of the doors, followed by a piercing scream then silence.

A door at the end of the hall was open, and the men herded the two girls into this room.

Several women, all naked and standing shaking in fear and desperation, we standing around in the room. Julie joined them, simply standing and waiting. She wondered if the group could stage a coup, maybe overcome the next guard through the door and make their way to freedom.

The incredible fear in the eyes of every girl in the room made her question that plan. These women just wanted to die as quickly and painlessly as possible. They had no fight in them.

Julie was in the room only for a moment when several people came in, all Soylent employees. Two women and a man, carrying cattle prods. As soon as the girl's saw the prods they made bleating noises and moved away from the pain sticks.

Julie gaped at the women. Soylent Farms had women working for them! She shouldn't have been surprised... but she was. One of the women grabbed a cow and shoved her over to a bench of sorts. Only then did Julie realize there was a fire in the corner of the room and several metal bars were resting in the fire. The room was hot from the fire, and all the girls were sweating.

The selected cow was forced to bend over the bench, head secured, held in place to prevent movement or escape. As a result the girl's ass was up in the air, exposed.

The other girl went to the fire and pulled out several metal rods, which ended in glowing tips. She snapped several together.

It was a brand. Numbers were at the end of the bars, and by clipping different bars together, a serial number could be burned into the flesh of each female human cow.

The selected girl, an average looking woman with larger breasts, had been thrust over the wooden bench and had no idea what was coming. She lay there, stomach on the wooden platform, as her waist was strapped into place to prevent movement.

The the brand was brought over. It happened really fast. As soon as the girl was strapped in place, the brand was in position and then plunged home.

There was a slight sizzling noise that was immediately covered by the scream of the girl laying over the branding platform. The smell of burning flesh filled the room.

The brand was held in place, pushed hard against the flesh, for only a couple of seconds. When it was removed, there was a clear, distinct series of numbers in brownish burn marks. The flesh curled up at the edges of the marks and wisps of smoke still rose from the cow's ass as she thrashed and grunted in pain.

She was unstrapped and hauled away, pushed out of the room, still whimpering.

Julie watched in horror as another girl was taken, forced to lay down on the wooden platform, strapped down, and almost immediately a number burned into the smooth skin of her ass. This girl shook and her ass reared and strained against the straps as the red hot metal burned into her flesh. A tiny trickle of urine ran down her inner thigh before they unstrapped her and led her away.

Then Julie was selected. The fear and pain that she had observed from those women who had gone before her made her react. She pulled away, tried to run. She got as far as the door, which was closed and locked of course. The next moment a violent shock hit her side and she dropped to the floor, curled in pain from the cattle prod.

Two Soylent employees took her arms and dragged her to the branding block, rammed her head down and strapped waist. Before she could prepare her mind she felt the searing pain of red hot metal sizzling on her smooth white ass flesh and she jerked and screamed.

The pain continued, the fire on her ass kept burning, kept searing into her skin and nerves. The waist strap was removed and she stood, and her ass still screamed in agony. The pain continued as if she was still being burned, even after she was being dragged from the room.

It had happened so fast, she hardly had time to think. One moment she was in a room with other women, watching someone being branded, the next moment she was being dragged away, having received the permanent burn in her own flesh.


Sobbing tears, Julie hardly knew where she was taken next, until she felt some tight metal going around her wrists. Cuffs of some type were being secured to her wrists, and then ankles. The cuffs were lifted up onto a heavy steel block-- a blacksmith's anvil. There a bolt was pounded into place, permanently closing the metal rings around her wrists and ankles.

The branding was the first permanent modification to her body she had experienced, and let her know just how thoroughly she was owned and at the mercy of her captors.  The permanent metal cuffs added to this feeling.

Julie was going numb, sinking into despair. She had given up the idea of surviving earlier, when she had been taken to the slaughtering room and seen a line of girls being hung on a conveyor line. Now she wished it could be over with quickly.

Once the shackles were on her wrists and ankles, Julie was led down a short hall to another bare concrete room.

It seemed almost all rooms in the Soylent Farms facility were plain, square, bare concrete rooms with floors that sloped to a drain in the middle. Each room had slightly different accessories or furniture. This one had a couple of bars on one side, and chains hanging from above. A man with a hose stood on one side, waiting.

Two women were attached to the bars, forced to squat in place with their legs slightly spread. Julie had her arms raised above her and her newly attached wrist shackles were attached to a chain. She hung there, her toes trying to reach the floor, wondering what would happen.

The man with the hose turned it on and a high powered spray suddenly struck one of the two women fastened to the bars. The stream of water was very high pressure, enough to deform and depress the flesh of the woman where ever it hit.

The washing attendant walked around the women, spraying them off. He spent a little extra time shooting the water between their legs, which caused the girls to scream and try to wriggle away. He also spent extra time on their faces, which choked them and kept them from breathing. The water was forced up their noses, filled their sinuses and when the girl's tried to breathe they simply drew in water.

Finally the washing attendant turned away, letting the girls gasped and cough and slowly recover from the painful power wash. The attendant turned the spray on Julie, who was hanging from the ceiling by her wrists.

The water pressure was so hard it knocked Julie off her toes and set her swinging back and forth. It felt like someone had hit her side with a baseball bat, and kept hitting her over and over again where ever the powerful stream hit her flesh.

The stream moved across her back to her stomach, and then between her legs. The powerful flow of water shot up inside her pussy, up into her vagina, filling her. It was like having a baseball bat shoved up her cunt, and Julie screamed even louder as she kicked her legs wide and to the side, trying to escape.

From behind, the water rammed into her anus, forcing its way into her rectum in spite of the fact she was squeezing shut as hard as she could. The water simply pushed and forced its way in.

When the heavy water pressure moved on to other areas of her body, Julie felt the power enema suddenly expelled from her lower bowls.

The ordeal lasted about five minutes, after which the hose was turned off and Julie just dangled by her chain, trying to breathe.

With a sudden click Julie's wrists were released and she fell to the floor. The cattle prod got her up quickly, and she joined the other naked, wet women being herded out the door and down a short hallway.

The hallway led to a small doorway at the end, which was opened and Julie was prodded outside.

Out of the building. Into the open air. She immediately sensed the freshness of the air, the lack of oppressive stench (she had been getting used to it), and the temperature change (it was colder).

Once outside, she looked around. She had been herded into a pen, a square, fenced area with open sky above and chain link on three sides. The concrete building was behind her and the metal door slammed shut.

She stood in the pen, naked and shivering in the cold and looked around.

There were about fifty naked girls in the pen, huddled together for warmth. They were all pretty, young and lean, just like Julie.

With an exhausted groan Julie picked a spot next to a group of five girls that were huddled together, put her back to the wall and slid down into a sitting position. Another girl, one that had just been washed with Julie, sat down next to her and huddled close. The body close to Julie's felt good, and she snuggled up.

It was quiet out in the pen.

Julie wondered what they were there for. What would happen to her now? Clearly, they weren't going to slaughter her for meat. They wouldn't have washed her, branded her, shown her the abattoir, and then slaughter her. She was being prepared for something.

But what?