Friday, November 18, 2016

A Successful Slave

One day a beautiful, elegant woman wearing a sensual black dress came to the kitchen and approached Stephanie. Because of her dress, Stephanie knew this woman must be one of the top women in the household. All women were slaves, but some were accorded status almost as high as men.

"Stephanie, I hear good things about you. My name is Bridget, and I am Mr. Jackson's third wife. We are having a party tomorrow, and I would like you to work preparing and serving in the guest area."

Stephanie's jaw dropped. This was an important opportunity for her. It was almost a promotion. To be allowed to serve the men, especially at an important party.

"Thank you, thank you Miss Bridget!" Stephanie exclaimed.

The third wife smiled, and touched Stephanie. "Just don't let me down. This is a big leap for you. If you do well, you will be promoted and have more responsibility in the household."

From talking with Elsa, Stephanie had learned that the highest ranking females in a large household were the 'wives'. While the highest ranking female slave was the 'first wife'. In a household as large as the Jackson's, the third wife was a very important person. She serviced the head male directly, both by managing slaves, the household, and and providing sexual service.

Stephanie was taken to the chief household slave, a woman named Magda that managed all important household duties.

"You will be assigned to prepare certain areas of the house for the party. We shall begin with cleaning the hallway and stairs."

Magda gave Stephanie a small brush and told her to clean the stair railing. Every nook and cranny of the stairs was to be cleaned.

Stephanie knelt and began scrubbing with the brush and small bowl of soapy cleaner she had been given. She was determined to do a good job. She was still wearing metal restrains marking her as a lower slave, and was, of course, naked. Only wives and women in business were allowed to wear clothes.

Stephanie kept working, hard, making sure the stairs shined as they never had before. When she was done, she took initiative (a dangerous thing for a woman in Malsi). She began cleaning the hardwood floors. She had nothing to clean then with, but she had the bowl of cleaner.

Licking up cleaner, she spit it onto the hardwood floor and began licking it up. Slowly, she made her way across the entry hall floor, making it shine as it never had before.

As she did this, Stephanie's naked body was crouched down on the floor, ass up in the air, head down. It was quite a provocative position, and when a male in the household saw her working, he stopped and admired her beauty.

"Where has Jackson been keeping you? You are certainly a cherry slave," the man said gruffly. Stephanie rose up to her submissive waiting position, but the man waved her on.

"Don't let me stop you from your duties. Continue."

Stephanie went back to washing the floor with her tongue, but the man took advantage of her position and unzipped. She could hear his pants and knew what was coming, and sure enough, moments later his cock was seeking her pussy.

Several months ago, Stephanie would have cried rape and fought back. Now, she simply spread her legs slightly wider, lowered her stomach a bit, all to provide a better angle of entry. She didn't stop cleaning. She kept licking as the stranger plunged into her cunt, fucked her, and came inside.

He pulled out, swatted her ass, zipped up, and left.

Stephanie never stopped working, and a little while later had finished with the floor.

Magda came to check on her and was impressed with the work she had done. "Good girl. Except... what is this?" She pointed to a glob of white goo on the floor.

Stephanie flushed with embarrassment. "I... Um... a male came by and took me while I was cleaning. I think some of his cum leaked out onto the floor... and, well, I missed it."

Magda was disappointed. "You know better than this. It is your responsibility to make sure all body fluids are cleaned after being used. Lick it up and go stand in the corner."

Stephanie was hugely relieved. Normally, an infraction such as this would result in a whipping or some other diabolic punishment, but Magda was apparently happy with the floor otherwise, so she simply licked up the cum and went and stood in the corner in a submissive storage posture until she was needed again.

She stayed there in corner storage for about an hour before Magda came back.

"You are to serve at the party. Go make sure your body is shaved and greased, and you are presentable and report to me in the kitchen in 20 minutes."

Stephanie leaped in excitement. She was to be allowed to serve at a major party! Only the best, youngest, most attractive, obedient slaves were chosen for this! She ran down to the slave dressing area, quickly refreshed her shaving of all private areas to make sure she was completely smooth. She then took slave oil (similar to baby oil) and applied it to her entire body. It gave her flesh a very subtle, sexy sheen.

She ran back up to the kitchen and reported with several other girls to Magda, who quickly began giving instructions. Guests were already arriving, and the priority was to serve drinks.

But, to provide some decor and flash to the rather elegant party, each of the serving slaves were fastened in some sort of bondage. One girl had her wrists shackled to a waist belt, preventing her from moving her hands either up or down her body.  Another cute girl with short blonde hair had her elbows strapped behind her back.

All the various forms of restraint made it harder for the girls to do their job, though it was still possible. They just had to struggle at it. The girl with elbows strapped behind her back was given a tray to carry, a cruel complication to her predicament.

Stephanie was restrained by an arm spreader. This was a device she had worn before while cleaning and serving in the house. A simple rod stretched about four feet apart, with a collar in the middle. The collar was secured around Stephanie's neck and locked in place.

Then, each of Stephanie's wrists were locked to the ends of the long bar, so they were stretched out as if she were suspended on a cross.

In this way, Stephanie could take two glasses and serve the guests. It was difficult not to spill, especially when handing off a drink. She had to kneel down to give it to the guest, or to put the glass on a table.

There were both men and women at this party. The women were slaves as well, of course, but they appeared to be very high class ones; favored and given privilege and position by their male owners. The more Stephanie saw these women the more she remembered that she had once been allowed to wear clothes. She had been able to come and go as she pleased.

Stephanie felt vulnerable and naked for the first time in a long time, because she served an entire room full of men and women who were all clothed.

Nevertheless she did her job.

During the cocktail hour, some of the girls were sidetracked from serving and used as amusement. Stephanie was lucky in that she was not, but she did watch as a girl named Sabrina was suddenly taken by two of the guests, a male and female, and made to bend over and expose her sex.

The male guest then watched as the female guest played with Sabrina, pushing objects into her cunt, making her grunt in pain, and then stimulating her clitoris, making her moan in pleasure. This went on for some time until Sabrina shuddered in an orgasm, and then screamed in pain when the vicious woman guest put out a cigarette on her labia.

She was then allowed to continue serving.

Stephanie also observed as another of the slaves was intercepted by a male guest who squeezed and pinched her nipples as hard as he could. The men around them laughed when the slave girl cried out and asked for mercy. In response, each male guest took turns squeezing and twisting the poor girl's nipples as hard as possible, during which she sobbed and moaned.

The male dominants seemed to think the slave girl looked better with tears streaking her cheeks.

These amusements continued during the early evening until all the slave servers were called back to the kitchen. It was going to be time for dinner soon.

For dinner, the slave girls were actually to put on some basic costumes. These were not clothing, but accessories designed to enhance the elegance of the venue.

Stephanie found it very strange to actually put on clothes, to wear any item of clothing at all, after being in Malsi and kept naked for so long. It had been months since she had been sold into slavery, and in that time she had been stripped and trained effectively. Clothes were alien to her.

Some of the girls were dressed only in stockings, held with garter belts.

Magda wore a traditional maid's outfit with an incredibly short skit.

Stephanie was given a corset to wear.

She had never worn a corset in her life, not in Malsi and not back at home. This one was put on her by Magda, who placed it around her body and pulled it tight, lacing the back slowly and carefully.

It felt strange at first, to be wearing something around her stomach. Then as Magda began to cinch the laces tighter and tighter, it began to hurt. It dug into her ribs, pressing flesh against bone and pressing the ribs inward.

The bottom edge pressed against her hips, though that didn't hurt as much as the pressure on her ribs.

Then Magda cinched the waist even tighter, pushing her foot against Stephanie's back, pulling with all her might to get Stephanie's waist compressed to the smallest it would go.

Stephanie would have gasped, but she couldn't. The corset was pressing so tightly she could hardly breath. Every breath was a struggle for her. She began to think of the corset as some sort of torture punishment, though she actually was honored to wear it while serving.

When the corset was finally on, Her hair was arranged and done, face cleaned and scrubbed to make her look pink and fresh, and finally was given a posture collar to wear. This high leather collar kept her neck elongated and her chin up. A small metal spike extended up from the front of the collar to dig into her chin, reminding her to always keep her face up, high and visible to the guests.

Stephanie went out into the party where the guests were sitting around an opulent table and began serving dinner.

For the first time since coming to Malsi, Stephanie actually felt sexy. Her entire experience until now had been as an object. Learning to obey without question, learning her needs were nothing, learning how to work and serve as a tool of the male. She was simply flesh to be used.

As she walked around the table and quietly served soup, sherbet to clear the palate, pheasant as the main course, and other exotic dishes, she realized she was the object of attention of many of the men.

Even some of the women took notice of her. She was gorgeous, and with her breasts protruding from the top of the corset, her thin waist and exposed pussy between her thin thighs... she was sexy.

Some of the men felt her pussy as she served. She made sure to spread her legs slightly to make it easy for them. The attention was delightful, and she reveled in it.

Stephanie even felt her posture collar, even though it dug painfully into her chin, helped make her more attractive and enjoyed wearing it.

Stephanie was incredibly happy for the first time since becoming a slave. She had made it. She was serving dinner wearing sexy clothing, attracting the best men, feeling them finger her cunt, at the best most elegant party of the year.

Her cunt grew wet as the men touched her, and one man, after pressing two fingers deep into her when she removed his soup bowl, raised his fingers to his nose and sniffed. He sighed, and Stephanie felt so proud.

The woman with this man looked unhappy and gave Stephanie a nasty look. Stephanie didn't care. She had finally truly achieved something and was successful as a slave in Malsi. If this pride made her wet and the man liked her smell, all the better.

At last the evening was over. Stephanie was released from her incredibly tight corset (she had been seeing spots before her eyes for lack of oxygen), and had the collar removed. She was about to return happily to her cupboard when a woman came into the kitchen.

"Mr. Franco wishes to have this one tonight," she said, pointing to Stephanie.

Stephanie didn't understand at first. When Magda pushed her and said, "Well, go then. Enjoy yourself, but return as soon as he is done with you," she suddenly realized. The man had requested her to service him in bed.

Stephanie walked naked through the corridors of the mansion that evening, later after all the guests had retired for the night. Walking around on her own, unfettered by ropes or chains, was an amazing, liberating feeling. She was on her way to service a man-- not tied and spread by force, but in his bed, to be taken and made love to.

When she arrived in the man's room, she knocked and upon hearing the word, "Enter", she went in. The man was there, in his bed. He lifted the sheets and said, "Stephanie. They tell me your name is Stephanie. I couldn't take my eyes off you this evening. Come..." He invited her under the covers.

What an honor! Stephanie had never been taken to bed by a man in Malsi before. Certainly, she had been fucked by countless men. All had taken her when she was bound and could not resist, or as a passing dalliance while she was working.

This man was making love to her.

Stephanie gave it her all. She remembered just how good it felt to engage with a man, to make him feel good, and to find pleasure in sharing bodies. Her own pleasure was secondary, but the fact this man was pleased with her was enough to bring Stephanie to orgasm after orgasm.

She even rode him. Never before had she been on top of a man in Malsi, she had always been below. Always in the submissive position. This time, she sat on his cock, felt it sink deep, then rose and felt it slip out. Up and down she went, riding him, feeling him plunge inside her body until finally she felt the cock pulse and contract in spasms and the warm semen spew into her once again.

She slept in the bed with this man that evening. She had not slept in a bed since she had been sold and it was the most decadent, luxurious thing she could think of, to lay in these sheets and feel the strong arms of the man around her.

She never asked his name. He never gave it. The next morning she returned to the kitchen and resumed her duties.

But at that point, Stephanie knew she was succeeding. She was a good slave. She was going to be a better slave, and reap the rewards of obedience and providing pleasure and service to her male masters. Life was getting better.