Friday, October 14, 2016

The CSJC: Whipping Machine

In time the Social Justice Movement came to mold and redefine the justice system. A new phenomena rose and was tried in some of the larger cities-- The Corporal Social Justice Center. In these centers the accused were tortured publicly, and in many cases the public was invited to participate in the punishment as part of the public shaming ritual of the social justice principles. As part of the Social Justice code, conviction of a crime was not required for punishment to be assigned; accusation was enough.

There were 87 students in the senior class at Never Offensive High School. This year, the administration decided they should tour the CSJC (Corporal Social Justice Center), for as adults they would be subject to the punishments that offensive or intolerant behavior carried. These teens were to be exposed to the consequences of breaking the extremely strict, though vague and ever changing social justice rules.

The result of this new social justice system was that everyone, no exceptions, would eventually end up at the CSJC, being punished for some offensive or intolerant act.

The CSJC was a five story modern concrete and class building in downtown Denver. It had two entrances; the front was for those coming to observe the punished and participate in doling out the punishment to the offenders. The back entrance, larger and more formal, was for those who came to serve their sentence. Offenders arrived there, frequently stripped and subject to running a gauntlet of taunting observers, and entered the building to receive their justice.

The class of NOHS filed through the front doors and gathered in the lobby.

"We are separating into three groups!" Called out Miss Cray, "Don't worry, each tour will be the same, there is plenty to see here and none of you will miss out on anything! OK, people with tickets numbered 1 through 30 please follow me!"

Miss Cray went through one of the doors exiting the lobby, followed by slouching, snarky high school students.

Moments later they were all standing in a narrow darkened room with several levels of floor, each with a railing. It was designed for viewing through a window on one side of the room. All the students turned and looked through the one way glass.

The room they were looking into was white, austere, almost like a doctor's office. There was little equipment in it, except for a table, a chair, and a strange machine on the table. The machine was a black metal box with a round wheel on the top.

The students all leaned forward on the railings eagerly, waiting their first official viewing of a social justice traitor, as the condemned we called. About five minutes later the punishment victim entered.

She was a woman of about 30. A pretty blond, she was completely naked. Some of the guys snickered and made comments about her breasts, nice ones that bobbled just a bit as she walked.  She was followed by a bored office worker who took the woman's wrists and quickly shackled them high above her head.

With a quick yank the shackles raised and the young woman was stretched upward, her arms extended straight above her, the ribs of her chest easily seen, her stomach going concave as her body stretched.  A speaker above the audience caught the sound of the victim's grunt as she felt her body being pulled up.

"Class! Class! Pay attention, now!" Miss Cray was talking at the front. "This social justice traitor was accused of offending another woman by criticizing her breast size. Now, as we know from class just last week, commenting on any aspect of a woman's body is illegal, though commenting on men's bodies is considering humorous and not punishable. This offender has been condemned to take 15 minutes of an automatic whipping, one of the lesser punishments as it is her first offense."

They watched as the bored bureaucrat fitted a long flexible stiff leather arm to the circular top of the machine on the table. She then sat in a chair, announced, "Punishment will begin."

She flipped a switch on the black box and the long leather strap began to rotate slowly. When it reached about halfway around a circle, it suddenly snapped forward, so fast it was a blur. The strap struck the woman across her back, making a loud snapping noise, followed by a yelp from the woman as she jumped in pain.

The leather strap continued rotating on the wheel. It took about 30 seconds to slowly rotate back into position and then suddenly shoot forward. "ThwwaaackkK!!!" the woman hanging by her wrists jerked and screamed "AAAAAAAAA!!"

The rotating wheel continued. 30 second later, it shot forward and struck the poor woman again. "WWHHAAACK!"

Again, she screamed, "AAAHGGHGGgggg!" Her entire body jerked and tried to move to get away, but suspended as she was she couldn't. She simply wriggled in an extremely erotic way. Her hips thrust forward and then back, her waist twisted, her boobs bobbled.

The students watching this punishment were fascinated. Most had never seen corporal punishment before, as it was no longer practiced in the home, under any circumstances. Spanking a child was abuse and could lead to long and severe sentences in the CSJC. Seeing a living young woman stripped naked and whipped was an overwhelming experience for some. For others, it was a shock. For a few, it was a secret delight.

15 minutes of strokes; one stroke every 30 seconds, this made for 30 strokes.  When they were done the woman was sobbing, tears running down her cheeks. Her body was criss-crossed with red stripes.

Two guards came in and unhooked the crying woman, helping her to limp out of the room.

Miss Cray stood up in front of the group. "All right, listen up. This is one of the most minor forms of punishment here at the CSJC, reserved for first time offenders and minor complaints and accusations. It is most likely that all of you will at some point be subject to discipline within the CSJC. I myself have been here three times..."  At this there was a murmur of surprise from the students.

"So we are offering you a very special opportunity. If any of you wish to feel what it is like to receive strokes here, at the CSJC, from the whipping machine, you may do so now. With the class watching."

A number of the students laughed. Who would actually volunteer for something like this?

Then one girl named Christy raised her hand. "How many strokes?" she asked.

"Five minutes, 10 strokes," said Miss Cray.

Christy nodded. "I will give it a try. I am curious."

Christy was a badass. She was known as a bit of a slut (though no one would say anything about that for fear of breaking the social justice rules). She had piercings and it was known she took a variety of drugs. That said, she had a knockout body and was really cute.

"Very well, come with me." Miss Cray took Christy out a side door.  The students all milled about, wondering why Christy would volunteer for something like this. A couple of the guys said they had heard Christy was in some sort of bondage or slave relationship with an older guy, that she was kinky, but that was only rumor.

After a few minutes a door into the white punishment room opened and Christy entered with the punishment operator. She had been stripped down to her panties which caused the guys in the room to drool. A few whistled or made comments (all completely against the social justice rules).

Christy was hung up from the chains above, her fine body pulled and stretched out before the watching class. There were a number of tattoos visible that no one had seen before because of their location on her naked body. She looked calm.

The whipping machine was turned on. The whip whirred around and then suddenly lashed out, striking Christy hard in the back. The end of the whip wrapped around her side and to the front just a little. The end flicked hard against her breast.

Christy said nothing, made no noise, just grimaced from the pain, until the third stroke when she yelped. By the fifth stroke she was crying silently, making very small grunting noises with each painful lash of the whip.

The class of seniors watched with amazement as their female classmate was whipped mercilessly by this mindless whipping machine, red stripes and finally nasty welts appearing on her fine, young flesh. Some of the girls had seen Christy naked in the locker room before, but none of the guys had. Well, except for two or three that had been lucky enough to fuck her.

She took the whipping well. When the 5 minutes were up she was standing proudly, marked with ten red, painfully swollen welts. When she was unhooked from the ceiling, she thanked the punishment operator and left.

Christy later joined the group, all dressed. They asked to see the welts, and she obligingly pulled up her top to show the red stripes across her back.

Everyone asked what it felt like. "Like a white hot knife slicing through your skin," she answered. "It actually hurt really bad, but it faded quickly, too. I am just sore now. I bet these marks will be gone in a couple of days."

The class remained while the next victim was brought in for punishment. A businesswoman in her 40s, strong and lean and attractive, she was stripped naked and placed in front of the whipping machine.

Miss Cray explained the procedure. "This woman was accused of snubbing an African American at a party. For this offense she is to be given a caning. Canings are much more painful than whippings, and the welts last longer. Let's watch."

The class watched breathlessly as the machine was fitted with a thin wooden stick.

There was a small wooden stand placed in front of the woman's hips, in order to keep her from moving forward to avoid the painful impact of the cane.  The machine pulled back, then let loose with a sudden loud slapping noise, striking her ass dead center. The woman screamed, and then sobbed, her breasts bouncing up and down. She struggled, trying to get her wrists free from the restraints above her head. She couldn't get free, but as she struggled the cane struck her again.

The woman screamed again, suddenly dropping down and hanging from her bound wrists. This meant the next strike hit her lower back, which caused a sobbing cry, and the woman stood again to try and make sure the cane hit her ass, not her back.

The pain from the relentless, mindless, merciless caning was obvious. The woman cried, sobbed, begged for mercy. Her ass and lower back were a mass of welts and in spite of the air conditioned room she was sweating profusely.

When it was finally over, the group of students moved on, and finally returned to school. They were subdued by what they had seen.

The experience at the Corporal Social Justice Center had a strong impact on the graduating class. Most went out into the world more carefully, watching their words and attempting to offend no one, for any reason.

They failed, and all ended up being sent to the CSJC for varying levels of punishment after their graduation.