Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Suicide Club: Elise

The Suicide Club had grown some in the last year. One suicide per month, but they had about 15 new members. That means it had actually grown by 3.

It wasn't easy getting into the club. In fact, it was virtually impossible. By invitation only, it was a very special group of people, despairing of life, wanting and seeking a way out, but unable to bring themselves to actually perform the act. Unable to go through with it.

Thus, the Suicide Club. Join the club, you commit yourself to die along with other members of the club. Each month the group gathered, a lottery was performed, and the person randomly selected would commit suicide. Technically, the group arranged their death; the selected person need do nothing but submit. Last month a young woman was hanged by the group.

The Suicide Club breathed new life into some members. The idea that really, their lives would be ending soon because it was just a matter of time before their number was up in the lottery, was a tremendous burden relieved. They actually lived better, more meaningful lives. Happier lives. All the way up until their number was selected, and they died.

Being a member of this select group, committing to the club, meant not backing out. Once you joined, you were dead. Eventually. Joining was a suicidal act.

And like fight club, there was one inviolate rule: don't talk about Suicide Club. Ever.

Elise had been a member of the club for three months. She was surprised at the atmosphere. The members were happy, positive people. For a bunch of suicidal depressives, they seemed to enjoy life and the proceedings quite a bit.

She was also surprised by the party-like, almost orgiastic nature of the gatherings. She had been told by one of the members that had been with the club for well over a year (and never had his number come up) that it hadn't always been that way. Slowly, with each group meeting, there had been increasing sexual activity, more pleasure seeking, more wanton debauchery.

At first it had been sort of a way of blowing off steam, of showing relief at not having been chosen that month, of sharing life. Not everyone had joined in, just a few who had felt the need to fuck after one of their members left this life for the next.

The last few months, the sexual aspect of the Suicide Club had become more and more salient. Sexual activity occurred before the lottery, and frequently went on during the execution itself.

Elise had hooked up with Omar, a tall, dark and handsome guy that had just been diagnosed with ALS that month, and was just showing creeping signs of muscular degeneration and difficulty coordinating movement. They had fucked on her first meeting, after the hanging of a young woman named Kristina, and it had helped her cope a bit. During the second execution, the drowning of a woman named Fay, she had been seated on Omar's lap, his cock embedded in her, riding him as the condemned Fay had been lowered struggling into the dark water.

The group's suicide method was usually either hanging or drowning. Elise had witnessed one woman hanged, one drowned, and a man hanged. Today's suicide was to be a drowning.

The large yacht easily accommodated the 23 members of the club. They were puttering out of the harbor slowly. There had been hoer's devours, Omar was there and looking handsome though his ALS was causing him some major problems. He was actually hoping to be selected that day, so rather than wait for The Ritual, Elise went below with Omar, stripped off their clothes, and he pushed her against the curved cabin wall as he pounded deep inside her.

When it was time for the ritual, Elise and Omar joined everyone on deck still naked. They weren't the only ones; several of the members were naked, having satisfied sexual lust in anticipation of their potential demise.

A random selection. First, cards were distributed to each person. Dice were then thrown to select which cards were to be selected for the first round. Out of 23 possibles, 10 were selected for the second round. Both Omar and Elise were selected.

It was a bit like Russian Roulette. Very exciting in a dangerous, deadly way.

Straws were then broken; four straws shorter than the others. Placed in a holder that presented an even chance, the remaining 10 selected a straw each. Four had short straws; Elise, Omar, a young woman named AnnaMarie, and an older guy named Henry that had only been in the club for one month.

At this point the ritual called for the binding. To prevent any potential issues with someone wanting to back out, or fight the inevitable process once they were chosen, they were secured during the last selection phase.

Elise was bound hand and foot and lay on the deck, unable to move. Omar, AnnaMarie and Henry were all tied securely and their bodies lay next to each other.

Elise's heart was pounding. Was it her turn? There was still only a 25% chance she would be selected. Fairly good odds, though she had never come this far in the lottery. Being tied, restrained, unable to move made the whole process very real. There was absolutely no backing out at this point.

The last selection was a giant wheel. The two men were considered odd, the two women considered evens. The wheel was spun and from the deck Elise watched it turn round and round.... slowing.. until it landed on the number 22. Even's had been selected.

The two men were released from their bondage. Elise and AnnaMarie were both laying on the deck, shaking. AnnaMarie was sobbing quietly. One of them would be executed. Odds had gone to 50%.

The wheel was spun.... Elise could not look. She had decided she didn't want to die this day. Her life was shit, but... the Suicide Club had actually made it bearable. She struggled, refused to look at the wheel as it clattered slower and slower and finally stopped.

A wave of noise went over the members of the club. "Ohhhh...."

AnnaMarie was suddenly hauled up from next to Elise. Elise was left laying on the deck.

She had been chosen.

Today was Elise's day to die.

She sobbed, crying, her face down against the fiberglass of the deck. They were out of the harbor now, but not in international waters as yet.

Several of the men grabbed Elise's body and strapped it up to a beam, so that she swung suspended half over the water. She screamed and begged for mercy, struggled against the ropes. She begged not to be killed. This was exactly why the Suicide Club was formed; members that wished to die, that had desperately wanted to end their life but could not bring themselves to go through with the final act. Here, the other members of the Suicide Club would enforce your own wishes, even if you chickened out at the end.

Elise was chickening out. She hung suspended out over the cold water, imagining being dumped in it, not being able to breathe, slowly descending into the cold water, leaving the warmth of comfort of the boat, of Omar, of life...

Finally, the ship slowed. It was time. Elise screamed and begged. Looking back on the boat, she saw Omar and a new girl named Ali. Ali was bent over at the railing, as naked as Omar. Omar was behind her, and she saw her breasts jiggle as he thrust into her. Both were looking at her hanging naked from the beam, about to be dropped.

A weight was added to her feet, tied securely.

She knew it was about to happen. She watched other members of the club engaged in various forms of sensual pleasure, watching her as she hung waiting for the final release that would plunge her---

And the rope was pulled; she felt herself suddenly drop the five feet or so to the surface and then the ice cold water splashed and covered her.

It was such a shock. The cold. She hadn't thought about just how cold the water would be. She tried to scream, but that simply brought water into her mouth and nose. Salt water. Another thing she hadn't realized; the thick, caustic saltiness of the sea seemed to actively eat at her sinuses and throat.

She lost control and breathed in. Instead of air, water flooded her lungs.

No one tells you how painful it is to drown. Not only does the body scream for air, absolute panic shooting through her entire naked body, but the water flooding her lungs felt like raw fire. She struggled against the rope to no avail.

The deeper she went, the darker it became. The light was leaving her, as her life escaped her body.

Slowly, slowly she sank down until the weights hit the sand at the bottom of the sea.

Elise continued to struggle for a little while, the pain and panic in her body putting her into convulsions. Soon though, her eyes rolled up into her head, and the lack of oxygen in her brain took consciousness from her. It was over for Elise.

Above, Omar had climax, spurting semen inside of Ali just at the moment they observed Elise splash into the cold ocean water. It had been timed perfectly. Some members rushed to the side of the boat to observe the last glimpses of Elise as she sank below the surface, slowly disappearing in the dense sea water.

Omar and Ali got up, cleaning themselves off.

"What's your name again? And your reason for suicide?" Ali asked.

"I'm Omar. I was just diagnosed with ALS a couple of weeks ago." He showed Ali his left hand, how it had a little trouble moving. The early signs.