Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Public Hanging

Clarissa sat on the narrow bed of the concrete cell, considering her fate.

She was a petite blonde; young, pretty, and clothed in an orange prison jump suit. She had bare feet, a prison regulation for those on death row. Her wrists were cuffed to a waist chain, restricting arm movement, and her ankles were connected by a one foot long chain, making walking more of a slow shuffle.

Just the day before the judge had passed sentence. For the crime of speaking out against the state reproductive rights policies, she was to be executed. The execution was scheduled for that evening at 6pm. There were no appeals.

A cold fluorescent light provided the only illumination in the small 10 x 10 cell. It was barely large enough for the bed, a sink and a toilet. The only door to the cell was a solid metal. No bars provided a view to the hall beyond.

With a loud clank and bang, the metal door was unlocked and opened. The sergeant of the day watch guards entered and closed the door behind him. He stood looking at Clarissa, leaning against the wall.

"So, your life ends today sometime after 6. Have you thought any about my offer?"

The sergeant had offered Clarissa one last sexual encounter before her death. There was nothing to do, really, in the cell except stare at the walls and she had actually been considering it. Anything would be better than being alone in the square concrete cube for the next 8 hours.

"Maybe. Yes. If you can answer some questions for me, first."

The sergeant smiled. Clarissa was a beautiful woman, and it would be nice to get inside of her. "Sure. Anything I can answer."

"Tell me about the execution. What happens? How is it done? What does it feel like?"

The sergeant was momentarily taken aback but then nodded his understanding.

"You are scheduled to be hanged. I don't know the exact method. They've been changing things around recently, since the laws concerning public and immediate executions went into effect."

Clarissa grimaced. There was no easy way to die. "Is it quick?"

"No. I mean, hanging can be quick but the methods they use now are designed to prolong the agony. You are scheduled for public execution, which means there will be an audience, and it will be televised. They want to put on a good show."

"How long?"

"To die? Well, again, it depends, but with the short drop? It could take two, three minutes at least. Some I've seen recently took up to 20 minutes. You don't weigh much so your neck won't break, and if the rope is coarse it won't tighten completely. You will have trouble breathing and the blood flow to your brain will be reduced but it will continue to flow. Until you finally lose consciousness."

"What is the short drop?" Clarissa asked.

"Well, the long drop is four feet or more, depending on your weight. It's enough that your body weight yanks on the rope hard and breaks the neck. The shock causes unconsciousness so even if it takes a few minutes to die, it doesn't matter. With the short drop, you basically strangle. Slowly. I saw one prisoner, a girl like you actually, that was only dropped a half foot or so, and she kicked around for 10 minutes, and was twitching for 15."

Clarissa was imagining herself kicking and twitching at the end of the rope. She shuddered, tears slowly rolling down her cheeks.

"I suppose my hands are tied?"

"Yes, most certainly. Sometimes behind the back, sometimes they just leave on the shackles you are wearing now. In the old days they would tie your arms to your body, just above the elbows; this allows the condemned to put their hands together to pray, but not to reach the neck and the noose. But they always seem to leave the legs free to kick around. It's sort of interesting to watch." The sergeant was thinking about more recent hangings.

Clarissa noticed that a large bulge had formed in the guard's pants. It made her sick to the stomach to think people like this would be watching her dangle helplessly at the end of a rope. She sat on the edge of the bed, rocking slightly, feeling her lungs fill with air. She couldn't imagine what it would be like to have that cut off.

"You said there will be an audience. How many? Who?"

"Oh, well. In the auditorium we have here at the prison there are about 500 seats, but it is SRO so there will be a total of maybe 600 or so. Your family and friends will be there."

"What???" Clarissa looked up at the smiling face of the guard. "My family? Who?"

"Well, your mom and dad, for one. Your brother. And I heard the dug up an aunt and uncle and a cousin... some guy... Juan?"

That fucker. Her cousin Juan, who had raped her in high school and gotten away with it. Her mom and dad would be there, watching her slowly strangle and suffer as she died. And her brother!

"Yeah," the guard continued, "It's a new policy. They always make the families come and watch. Part of the intimidation factor. It makes it pretty difficult for the condemned, too. Especially when naked."

Clarissa stared at the guard in disbelief. "Naked?"

"Yes. Public executions are for two things. Punishment, of course, but that's the lesser reason. The big reason is to set an example. Public intimidation. Showing the condemned in pain, torture, humiliation. So yeah. You will be stripped naked before hand."

"How humiliating. I... I..."

"Oh that's just the beginning. When you strangle you tend to lose control of body functions. You will empty your bladder spontaneously, that's for certain. You may also soil yourself. All with your family and friends looking on." The sergeant was taking a little too much enjoyment telling Clarissa about this.

"The hanging puts tremendous strain on your neck, and some of the vertebrae may separate. Your neck elongates into a rather hideous parody of beauty. It's quite lovely some of the time."

"OK. I don't want to hear more. Let's just do it." Clarissa lay back on the bunk. The guard reached to his pants, unzipped and released a huge erection. He removed his pants, then went over to Clarissa and unzipped her orange jump suit. It took some effort to get it off while she was wearing the shackles, but he managed.

When she was naked and laying on the bunk with her knees spread, the sergeant shook his head appreciatively. "You are the best looking, sweetest piece of ass we've had here in a long, long time."

With that, he rammed his cock home and fucked Clarissa like she had never been fucked before.

At 5 pm there was a loud clang and the metal door once again swung open. Outside stood a middle aged, kindly looking man with glasses, flanked by two guards. The sergeant had left an hour earlier, after having abused all of Clarissa's holes multiple times. She was sore, and still had dried body fluid crusting on her flesh in several places.

Clarissa was still naked.

"Good evening, Clarissa. My name is Bruce, and I am your executioner. I see you have been kind enough to strip for us tonight, saving us the trouble. Thank you."

The men entered and took Clarissa by her arms, lifting her out of the bunk and leading her from the cell. She shuffled along, but was unable to keep up and was dragged. They proceeded down a long corridor, up a short flight of steps, and then passed through a heavy oak door.

As they passed through the oak door, Clarissa saw that she was being taken to a large stage like platform in a huge room. The room was filled with people, and audience. Her audience. The people that had come to see her die.

Clarissa expected to see a scaffold, but instead saw nothing but a single large beam extending across the center of the stage, elevated from the floor by a couple of feet. It was puzzling to her. What was going to happen? Was she to stand on the beam and be pushed off?

The audience made a lot of noise when they saw the condemned woman brought before them. A mix of cheers, cat calls, boos, sobs, crying, shouting, all greeted the girl. Clarissa stared out at the crowd, unable to see much detail because of the bright stage lights. She felt incredibly embarrassed and exposed, appearing naked in front of the large audience.

The guards took her to the center of the stage. The executioner read her sentence. Death by public execution for questioning the People's values concerning birth control and contraceptives, and for offending the general public.

Tears streamed down Clarissa's face as the executioner uncuffed her wrists, removed her shackles, and then began to tie her arms behind her back. Her wrists were secured, and then her elbows, pulled together so that her shoulders cinched back. The rope was looped around her elbows several times and drawn tight, creating an incredibly tight cinch that strained her arms and shoulders.  It also had the effect of thrusting her breasts out before her, which made some of the crowd hoot.

There were cameras moving about, focusing on her body and what was happening to her. The live video feed. As her eyes got used to the lights she saw her parents in the front row. Her mother was looking on in shock. To the right was her cousin, who had a look of happiness, and had his hand inside his pants. Clarissa flushed in embarrassment and turned away.

Clarissa was placed facing the audience with her ass up against the wood beam. One of her legs was lifted up and quickly secured with rope against the beam. This spread her wide so the audience could see her cunt clearly, the small folds of her labia flesh protruding. A camera operator got down low and zoomed in. Clarissa cried at the indignity, tears flowing freely.

What were they doing? This wasn't a hanging! This was some sort of weird bondage ritual, exposing her naked to the country!

Her other leg was lifted. It took two guards to hold her up as the leg was spread out, forced in the opposite direction as the other leg in perfect splits.

Clarissa wasn't that flexible. As her legs were pulled apart in 180 degree splits, she screamed out in pain. Tendons pulled, muscles stretched and separated in ways they had not been designed to do. Her face contorted in agony, and a camera operator hovered over her, zooming in to catch it all. She continued screaming for several minutes until exhaustion set in.

Sobbing in misery and humiliation, Clarissa wondered what was going on. She had expected to mount a platform, have a noose placed around her neck and after a moment of terror feel the floor drop out from beneath her feet. Dangling at the end of the rope would have been quick and merciful, though she was terrified of dangling there for minutes while unable to breathe.

This was different. She didn't even have a noose around her neck yet.

An assistant to the executioner came up to her, holding a small strange device. What was it? She could not tell, until it started buzzing. It was a vibrator.

The vibrator was pushed up against her pussy, stimulating her clit. They were masturbating her against her will, in front of the audience. It wasn't pleasurable, just horrible and humiliating, being physically abused in this way. She endured the emotional pain, until she realized that the vibrations were stimulating her in spite of herself. Her pussy had become wet, and the moisture was now covering the end of the vibrator.

She sobbed in embarrassment at this abuse, but the sob quickly gave way to a moan of pleasure. It couldn't be helped. The vibrator was doing it's job. She was being sexually stimulated and her body was reacting.

The orgasm came almost without warning, a tell tale flush appearing across her chest and neck, the hardened nipples, the increased respiration rate. The audience in the hall cheered, except for Clarissa's direct family who hid their faces in shame.

A rope was slipped over her head. This is it, she thought. This is the beginning of the end. How she was going to be hung while tied with her legs spread out on a beam she couldn't imagine. But the noose was there, and the rope had tightened.

The executioner stood before her and announced the procedure to the crowd.

"This execution shall be via the slow weight method. The victim shall have a noose around her neck, and weight will be added to the noose, tightening it slowly, until finally all blood and air is cut off and she is dead. May the government forgive her for her sins."

The first weight was applied. Clarissa had expected a sudden and powerful jerk on her neck, but instead it was a gentle pull. It was 10 kilos, not enough to do anything but provide some minor discomfort. Clarissa wiggled around what little she could. It was uncomfortable, but not seriously so. She breathed in, taking deep breaths and enjoying every one as it might be her last.

A while later another weight was added. Another 10 kilos. The noose was barely causing any discomfort and breathing was no problem at all. Clarissa looked down into the audience and observed each face. Her father, an unmoving face showing no emotion. Her mother, in complete shock, turning away as she could though guards forced her back to watch. Her brother, bewildered, crying, puzzled, not understanding that the body before him on the stage was actually his sister.  Her cousin, who had a look of intense enjoyment.

Others looked on in shocked interest, as they might view a traffic accident as they passed by on the road. Fascinated. Fascinated by the horror that was Clarissa's naked body slowly being put to death.

Another 10 kilos. They seemed to be coming about every five minutes. It was about 15 minutes in and she had 30 kilos pulling on the noose, which began to tighten uncomfortably. It began to hurt, to gouge into the flesh of her neck, and she felt the pulse pounding in her head.

40 kilos. The noose had suddenly cinched tighter with the most recent weights and was truly threatening to cut off the circulation to her brain. Her head was forced to the side at an odd angle and she couldn't move it any more. The rope pulled it up and she felt her neck elongating.

She heard it before she felt it. The vibrator. Once again, they were applying the hideous thing to her pussy. Surely it would have no effect this time!

But it did. Regardless of her slow strangulation, the vibrator, directly pressing on her clit, caused arousal. She could do nothing, could not move, while it pressed against her and brought her slowly, slowly, but surely, to another orgasm. Just before she reached the orgasm another 10 kilos was added. She shuddered and her tongue protruded as an orgasm coursed through her body and the 50 kilos pulled mercilessly on her throat, closing off her windpipe.

It was getting really difficult to breathe. Her head pounded, her eyes saw red, and a massive headache exploded inside her. Something had popped. She felt pain from her eyes to the back of her head throbbing and pulsing. She gurgled a little, but her breathing was a rasping, labored gasp. Drool was forced from her mouth and over her chin. It dripped onto her chest and she felt it trickle down onto her breasts. They became shiny from the wetness.

Another 10 kilos. 60 total. Not enough to kill her, though. She felt her neck stretching, the rope pulling her head away from her body. The vertebrae in her neck were hurting, badly, threatening to break apart and the pain was agonizing.

70 kilos. More agony, each bit of added weight contributing just a little more pain.

80 kilos, it had been 40 minutes since her strangulation had begun and she felt as if she would lose consciousness. Spots danced before her eyes. Her body was convulsing, legs jerking against the ropes in a futile attempt to kick and get free. Her chest heaved, stomach expanded and contracted, bouncing her breasts in a desperate attempt to draw air in through her constricted airway.

Clarissa lost bladder control at 100 kilos. She was conscious, aware of everything around her, and felt the incredible strain of trying to get air into her lungs. Each breath was an agonizing effort. Her heart was pounding in her chest as if it was going to burst, trying to get more blood to her brain. Even so, she felt profound humiliation as she sprayed urine in front of her family, friends, and the world.

The rope pulled even harder, stretching her neck, twisting her head to the side with incredible force. She could see a little bit of the audience and the flash of a camera zooming in to her face, but much of her sight was fading into waves of blackness interrupted by flashing sparks of light.

120 kilos and Clarissa stopped breathing for almost a minute, but then with a mighty effort her chest (and naked breasts) heaved out and she drew in air with a loud rattling noise. She was aware of nothing now except the fire in her entire body as it starved for oxygen and her head about to explode from pressure. Her eyes felt like they would literally pop from their sockets. Her tongue protruded from her mouth, forced by the pressure of the noose on her throat.

140 kilos. A doctor confirmed she was still alive but barely. It had been one hour.

150 kilos. A vertebrae in Clarissa's neck snapped loose, separating from another vertebrae. The difference was visible as her neck elongated hideously. With a wet splatter, the Clarissa released the contents of her bowels onto the stage.

160 kilos. The doctor confirmed she was still alive, but would not survive much longer. She was probably unconscious, and her breathing was down to nothing. Her brain had gotten almost no blood in several minutes and was in the process of shutting down.

170 kilos.  The doctor pronounced death.

Clarissa's body remained on stage. She had not moved except for very small chest motions as she attempted to draw her last breaths for at least 20 minutes. Now she remained stretched out, head pulled away and twisted at an odd angle, breasts poking out from her arms tied behind her back, and legs stretched wide. The rope continued to strain and pull on her dead neck, the ropes held her lifeless legs spread wide apart.

The audience watched the body for a few minutes longer. Finally, Clarissa's family was allowed to leave, though her cousin remained for some time, observing every nuance and detail of her body.

As a final indignity, the executioner came out on stage, pulled out his cock, and stuffed it into Clarissa's dead cunt. He fucked her until he deposited a load of semen inside. Thus it was that as Clarissa's body was open to the general public to come view for the next several hours, she had white, slimy cum dripping from her labia lips to join the puddle of other body fluids on the floor beneath her.