Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Organization (Modern Sex Slavery)

Luke rode in the back of the limo, eyes blindfolded. The ride was smooth, the car soundproofed so there was little he could hear. This was intentional; as a newcomer to the business, security precautions were in place.

He had been trying to find and gain access to this exclusive business ever since he heard rumors of its existence. It fascinated him, and when he finally met someone that had actually availed themselves of the organization's services, he became obsessed.

Luke wanted to buy his own female sex slave.

It was extremely difficult to find and gain access to the organization. They served mostly the very rich in the middle east, Asia and some portions of Africa. It was extremely rare for them to accept the business of an American. It was too risky in a number of different ways. Not only were they cautious of American authorities, but Americans were notoriously indiscreet. However, after two recommendations by rich oil magnates that he did business with, he was finally being taken to the headquarters where the slaves were taken, held, trained and finally sold to the highest bidder.

The limo came to a halt, and the door opened.

"Welcome, Mr. Litner. My name is Hans. Please take my hand. I will guide you inside, after which we will do away with this blindfold." The voice was rich and deep, and Luke took the hand that was offered, making his way up several steps and finally inside.

As the blindfold came off he could see his impression of being in a large room was correct. The echos of stone walls that rose to a very high ceiling were somewhat muffled by tapestries he now saw, and the rich rugs covering the floor. A grand staircase circled up to his right, and large doors stood open to several rooms lined with books and panels. A fireplace filled the central reception area before him, with gently crackling wood fire. He was in a castle of some sort, with modern conveniences mixed with ancient architecture and style.

"May I get you a drink, Mr. Litner?" Hans stood led Luke to a side room and approached a small bar.

"Yes, please, perhaps a scotch? Neat?"

The drink was poured, and Luke took a sip of the excellent liquor.

"Mr. Litner!" A younger man, tall and thin with a grey complexion and ugly, pointed face approached with a large smile and outstretched hand. "I am Sergei, and will be showing you around this afternoon. Are you ready?"

"Yes! I am rather eager to see it all. You have no idea how long I have looked forward to this!" Luke downed the remains of his drink quickly, and followed Sergei through the door, across the main entryway, and through another door toward the back. He unlocked this door using an electronic keycard.

On the other side of the door was a short corridor. At the end a set of old stone steps descended into what appeared to be a cellar corridor. The lighting wasn't quite as good here, and there were a number of odd smells. Cleaners, bleach, wet stone odors mixed with more organic smells of human waste, sweat, and perhaps... was he imagining it? Fear.

"I thought we would progress through our training and operations in stages, so you can see our product as they develop into final product for sale. This is the initial holding areas for new arrivals." Sergei went to a metal door and slid open a small metal window, revealing a barred cell with a single naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The cell was gray concrete, empty except for a bucket in the corner. A wave of stench came from the open partition.

Huddled in the corner of the cell was a chained woman partially clothed in pink cotton panties, though otherwise naked.

"This is our newest arrival. Actually, Julie here arrived last night and is still probably completely unaware of what has happened to her. She will be left here for a couple of days in isolation, with no food or water, to begin the process of breaking her spirit."

Luke stared at the half naked girl. She was beautiful, though dirty and ragged from whatever ordeal she had gone through when she was kidnapped and shipped to the organization's training center. Perhaps 20 years old, she had long muscular legs, smooth skin that curved in a lovely example of the perfect female form. She was thin in the ass and waist, and small but perky breasts were visible peaking out from behind an arms she used to try and cover herself. Long brown hair looked like it would be beautiful if it were washed and brushed.

"Julia will fit in well here," Sergei said as he shut the metal window cover with a clang. The muffled sound of Julia suddenly begging came from the other side of the door. "She is submissive, and it will not take long to break her. Some women come here and are violent, or obstinate out of some sense of pride or self-entitlement. Those women have a much tougher time."

"How long does the training usually last?" Luke asked as the walked down the basement corridor, passing other locked metal doors. He wondered how many actually contained girls at the moment. The basement was eerily quiet.

"The standard is two months. Julia... I would guess she will be ready for sale in as little as four weeks. If a girl takes much longer than two months, we begin to question whether she is suitable for sale. Here, this is Megan. She's been here several days already."

With that, Sergei stopped at another metal door, slide open the window partition revealing a similar cell. Inside was a completely naked petite blond, thin but with large breasts. She was cute in a very young way, and reminded Luke of a teenage daughter of a neighbor at one of his homes. She was on her hands and knees, eating from a bowl on the floor. Her breasts hung down enticingly, her ass sticking up into the air. When the viewing portal opened, she raised her head then stood and rushed to the door, speaking urgently.

"Please. Please let me go! I will do anything. I will cooperate; my father has money, a lot of money and can pay for me. Whatever you want. Just let me go; I have been good!"

Sergei closed the metal partition on Megan's pleas. "You see the first stage of training with Megan. Her spirit is beginning to break but she still hopes for release. She truly wants to cooperate, to 'be good', but for the wrong reasons. She has been fed, and recovered from her initial shock. She's begun to think of herself as a commodity that can be bought and paid for. But, she still needs her spirit completely broken and to accept that she is no longer what she was. This will come over time."

They once again continued down the corridor. Luke was breathing more quickly, aroused by the girls he had seen so far. He wanted ownership. He wanted control. He wanted one of these girls to do with as he pleased. Either Julie or Megan would do nicely.

"Would it be possible to purchase either of these girls?"

"Right now? No, no. We only sell properly trained girls, ones that will expose minimal risk to their owners and to the organization. Please, let me show you the next stage. This is the first order training room."  Sergei took out a set of special security keys and unlocked the door. It slid open revealing a small room bare, dark room. Sergei flipped on a light.

In the center of the room a naked girl hung upside down from the ceiling. A heavy rope was tied tightly around one ankle and ran up to a pulley attached to the ceiling above, then over to a clamp on the opposite wall. Luke observed quickly how a woman's body changed when suspended, especially inverted. She was stretched, elongated in various ways, her legs taught, ribs clearly visible, hips standing out clearly. Her ample breasts were each tied tightly, bulging out to a rope that descended to heavy rocks below. Her other leg was stretched back and to the side, the ankle secured tightly to her wrists behind her back. Labored breathing made her body move, gently swinging slightly back and forth.

"Shauna has been in this room for a couple of hours. She is learning how truly helpless she is."

Sergei reached out and slid his hand over the girl's thatch of pubic hair, gliding backward over the soft folds of flesh nearby. "Why don't you touch her, see how she feels?"

Luke reached out, excited by the feeling of touching a woman that had no choice but to let him examine her most intimate parts. Her helplessness turned him on and as his fingers explored her pussy lips he felt his erection growing against his pants.

Shauna made some small noises that Luke realized were quiet sobs. She was crying, tears trickling over her forehead instead of her cheeks. Luke continued to feel her crotch, sliding his hand back to spread her ass cheeks, looking at the pucker of her anus.

"Note how Shauna may feel violated and exposed while in extreme discomfort from being suspended upside down; and yet she does not protest or threaten when you touch her. This is a good sign, it means she is quickly accepting and understanding her state of helpless subjugation." Sergei observed.

Sergei turned and picked up some implements from a side table. "This room is essentially a torture chamber, one of several here in the basement. By causing various levels of pain and degradation, we strip the slave girls of their personal identities, self worth, even memories of their past. They become animals, simply concentrating on survival. We can then retrain them in obedience and subservience."

Luke considered the beautiful woman hanging upside down before him, and gave her genitalia one more probe before leaving the room. He felt a growing excitement over seeing the rest of the operations, and finally having the opportunity to purchase a finished slave product.

They walked down the hall and entered another room through a heavy metal door. Inside a were several heavy iron cages. Three of them had young girls inside. All the girls looked frightened, horrified, and one of them sobbed quietly. There was a strong stench of body excretions, urine, feces and sweat. None of the girls spoke to the men as they entered. Luke had the feeling that they would have cringed and scampered to the back of their cages had there been enough room. As it was, the cages were just barely large enough for the girls.

"Observe," Sergei said as he took a metal prod about two feet long down from a hook on the wall. All three women gasped and cried out. Sergei knelt before the first of the women, a petite brunette that looked beautiful though her cheeks were stained with tears.

"I have here some food," Sergei indicated a meal bar in his left hand. "And here, the punisher," he indicated his right hand. "Answer the following question, get it right and you will receive food. A wrong answer is punished."

The woman simply looked, and mouthed the word "please" without more than a whisper.

"What are you going here?" Sergei asked calmly.

The girl hesitated and then whispered, "learning obedience?"

"Wrong answer," Sergei stuck the prod into the cage where it contacted the flesh of the girl's breast with a loud *snap* of electricity. The woman screamed and jerked in pain and began crying.

Sergei moved to the next cage. "What is your name?"

The young blonde woman inside looked almost relieved and said with timid confidence, "Emily, sir."

"Wrong answer," the probe slid through the cage bars and shocked the blonde's breast. She jerked, screamed, and let flow a stream of urine.

Sergei moved to the next cage. "What is the punishment for error?"

The girl curled into a fetal position inside the cage with no room to move said, "A... a shock... with the stick, sir."

"Wrong answer," and the girl screamed even before the shock sliced into her body. Sergei stood, returned the meal bar to his pocket and hung the probe back on the wall. The sobs of the girls behind them was pitiful, and gave Luke a solid erection. Outside the room with the door closed, he just had to ask a question.

"What were the right answers to those questions? Surely the girl must have known her own name?"

"Oh yes, she did. That is Emily. At this stage of the training there is no right answer. The girls are punished for literally everything they do or say until they are frantic with fear and despair. Look inside here," Sergei opened the sliding metal window in the door of another cell.

Inside a young woman of about 25 was sitting on a wooden saw horse, the kind carpenters use for propping up and cutting wood. Her arms were bound behind her and pulled up, forcing her forward somewhat so her breasts hung down before her. Her naked pussy was spread and crushed beneath her on the wooden beam of the saw horse, and Luke saw the beam had been sharpened to a point at the top. The slave's legs were tied apart.

The combined effect of her bondage was to force the girl to sit on the wood beam, leaning forward so her pubic bone crushed her clit on the pointed edge, unable to move forward or backward, right or left.  The girl, who appeared to be a teenager, sobbed and moaned in pain.

"Here is a girl being punished for eating the food she was given. She will remain here for another few hours, after which she will be given food again. The purpose is to break the mind, and once every action, every thought is called into question and results in punishment and pain, then we begin to introduce slow rewards for very specific behaviors. At that point the girl will seek and comply with such desperation they learn quickly."

Luke observed the agonized girl in awe, watching the suffering before him in a haze of sexual arousal.

"Come, let's head upstairs and observe some of the girls that have moved to another stage of training." Sergei led the way up another set of stairs and into the more pleasantly decorated, plush environment of the building's ground floor. They headed down a hall with rich wood paneling and beautiful artwork positioned periodically between the doors leading to various rooms.

Sergei stopped in front of a door at the end of the hall and opened it. Inside several women sat in a row in front of a stern man holding a cattle prod like the one Sergei used downstairs.

"Igor, glad to see you have a class in session. This is Luke, and I'd like to demonstrate some of our position training to him."

"Of course," Igor said with a thick accent. "27, step forward and worship!"

A woman at the end of the line, a gorgeous brunette, turned to the men and then assumed a position before them, on her knees with ass up in the air, legs slightly apart, forehead on the ground, arms in front of her and wrists crossed above her head.

"This is the standard worship position," Sergei explained. "It is one of the first positions the girls learn. Proper slave positions are an important fundamental to slave training, sort of like learning to march as a soldier."

"Class, present!" Igor barked. All the women in the class sat on their legs, knees spread wide apart, hands on the top of their thighs, open and facing palm up.

"31! Stand up!" Igor barked. A woman at the end of the row stood with a fearful expression, head down.

"27, assist in preparing 31!"

The brunette that had bowed before Luke earlier stood and went over to the young girl. She took a rope that hung from the ceiling with cuffs at the end and pulled it over to the frightened girl.

"At this stage of training, commands are expected to be obeyed immediately. The slowest girl is usually punished, regardless of her actual speed," explained Sergei.

Once the cuffs were attached, the girl known as 27 returned to join the other girls. 31 was standing alone, waiting. Igor pulled the other end of the rope, lifting the slave's arms into the air until she was stretched, toes barely touching the ground.

"Would you like to do the honors?" Sergei asked Luke.

"What? What would I do?"

"Simple. Whip her. 12 strokes, using this whip here." Sergei brought over a braided leather whip that must have been 12 feet long.

"Oh, my... I am not sure I could..." Luke hesitated.

"Well, if you are going to own a slave you will eventually need to discipline her. Think of this as training."

"Hmm... yes, I suppose you are right. OK, I will give it a try." Luke positioned himself near the girl, close enough he could see her frightened eyes and a tear trickle down her cheek.

"Step back a couple of feet. You are too close for a whip of that length," Igor grunted.

Luke stepped back, then swung the whip behind him and brought it around through the air. It whistled slightly as it traveled, and when it reached the girl the thin strap wrapped around her chest and ribs suddenly and with such force that it surprised Luke. The cracking slapping sound as it hit the girl's flesh was loud, but not as loud as the scream that came immediately after. The girl jerked her head back and sucked in air as she screamed from the pain.

Luke stood in awe, feeling an erection stirring in his pants. It was the first time he had used corporal punishment on a woman, and it felt good. He swung the whip back again and then forward, where it wrapped around the woman's stomach twice. She screamed once again, jerked on the rope that held her aloft. Her body rotated slightly as she struggled.

The whip felt good in his hands, and he was getting the hang of its weight and swing. His third strike was more accurate, and faster. He could see the girl's flesh ripple from the strike just before she screamed, a shorter scream that quickly sank into sobs.

He continued the whipping, each time feeling the resistance of the girl's body as the whip made contact, observing the red welts that each strike raised, listening to the screaming sobs. His erection was rock hard and the woman before him looked more beautiful as she sagged on the rope. He had lost count so it was lucky that Igor called out, "Last one."

After the whipping was over, the girl's cuffs were removed and she sank to the ground, crying.

"Present!" Igor yelped at her.

Struggling with all her might, the girl got off the floor and onto her knees, and managed to take the position, knees spread, hands on top of thighs.

"Back straight!" Igor barked and slapped a riding crop on the girl's breast. She straightened her back as best she could, given she was shaking uncontrollably from the whipping.

"You are a natural, very good. You will do well with a slave." Sergei said to Luke. Luke nodded. He was sweating with the exertion of the whipping. It had felt good. Very good.

"Come, let's have a drink and then we can see some of the more advanced training we do here." Sergei led Luke out of the room and into another room opulently decorated as a study with comfortable chairs. Sergei poured a brandy for the both of them and they sat sipping in facing wingback chairs.

"After being broken through constant sleep deprivation, hunger, the girls learn some basic slave behavior. The positions and attitudes you saw in the last room. However, mixed with this training is a very specific type of training I call Debasement. It is where a girl is forced to participate and accept the most disgusting, invasive actions, completely helpless. This reinforces what has been taught during their breaking, that they are no longer themselves. All body and mental functions belong to her masters. Nothing is to be withheld, nothing is beyond their limits."

Sergei sipped on his drink, savoring the fine scotch whiskey he had poured. Luke was feeling a warm glow from his own drink gin and tonic.

"What types of things happen during Debasement?"

Sergei nodded, and answered, "A variety of things, typically tailored to the girl. By that stage we have some idea as to what is most disgusting and fearful. It could be being locked in a very small cage with hungry rats. It might be constant gang rape, or forced consumption of human waste. It might be close confinement in the dark, or in a coffin. In some cases it is being put on public display for a number of days where her body and all her bodily functions can be observed by casual bystanders."

"It sounds fascinating, though... does it ever damage a girl beyond repair?"

"Damage beyond repair is something of what we are trying to achieve, rather like a lobotomy. To damage the mental structure, the willpower, if you will. To take away the sense of self and self worth. The trick is to do it in a surgical manner, destroying free will and self value, while allowing the mind as a whole to still function."

They finished their drinks and Sergei led Luke down a corridor to show an example of a woman experiencing Debasement.  They entered an exterior extension to the mansion, a sort of corrugated metal hut that had a number of small chambers. They entered one.

There was a young naked woman tied upside down. Her face was red from having hung in this position for some time and her breathing was labored. Her body was perfect, stretched out as it was. Luke was beginning to realized the female body became even more desirable and sexy to him when it was stretched by hanging.

Sergei picked up a plastic bag from a side table and the girl started whimpering, begging. "Please, please sir, please don't! Please, no... I will do anything. I am nothing, I know this, just don't do this!"

Sergei slipped the bag over the woman's head as she protested, her protests continuing as the thin clear bag fitted closely.

"Please, would you like to do the honors on this as well?" Sergei picked up a roll of duct tape and offered it to Luke.

"Of course, but what do I do?"

"Simply wrap the tape around her neck, securing the plastic tightly so no air can escape."

Luke saw immediately what was to happen. He eagerly pried the end of the tape loose and began wrapping it around the young girl's delicate neck. He felt the vibration of her voice in her flesh as she sobbed and begged for mercy.

Three or four wraps around her neck and she was done. The bag was expanding like a balloon and then collapsing tight against the girl's face as she sucked air in and then exhaled. She had stopped begging, though she continued crying. Tears wet the inside of the plastic bag as it collapsed against her cheeks, and trickled down as it blew out on the girl's exhale.

"Now we watch," Sergei said.

The woman was breathing hard, almost panting from crying and the difficulty of breathing upside down for so long. It caused the plastic bag to expand and contract rapidly. At the same time the girl's stomach expanded and contracted, attempting to pull in air that was rapidly losing its oxygen content.

"The sensation of suffocation is an interesting one. She can breathe, of course, but the air is more and more useless to her body. Her limbs feel it first, a sort of aching or restlessness, as the need for oxygen grows in the cells. It rapidly moves to the head which becomes dizzy-- there, see how she shakes her head? That is caused by the brain reacting to the lack of oxygen. She is becoming light headed, dizzy."

Luke observed the woman's body and face closely, soaking in the reactions as she tried to cope with her body screaming out that shy was dying. She had stopped begging and was simply breathing hard now, panting.

"The sensation, while not exactly painful, is extremely uncomfortable. Her lungs are burning now and heart should be beating two or three times faster than normal, trying to get blood to the body. Of course, it doesn't help because the blood has no oxygen."

"How long before death?" Luke looked on in fascination.

"Well, she will lose consciousness in about a minute and a half, two at the most based on her breathing. After that death is a rather slow process as the body shuts down. Ah, there, see how her head is still and her breathing is not as panicked? She has lost consciousness."

Sergei went over and unwrapped the tape around the unconscious girl's neck. He slapped her a few times and she began to make noise and eyes fluttered.

"Brain damage occurs fairly quickly after loss of consciousness, so we wouldn't want to leave the bag on because we intend to sell her. The purpose of this exercise, along with others you might see, is to illustrate and teach the slave that she is no longer in control of any aspect of herself. Every function of her mind and body, even down to the ability to breathe, is at her owner's discretion."

The woman was conscious now, though still disoriented and recovering, breathing heavily to oxygenate herself. I tiny bit of urine had leaked and was trickling down her stomach on its way to her head and maybe even face.

"Number 15 here is still fighting the concept that she is no longer in control of anything. She will continue to undergo this type of treatment regularly until she completely accepts that her body is nothing more than a tool or plaything for her owner."

Sergei and Luke left the room. They entered another room where several women were standing in front of low, saddle-like devices. All were naked, collared and standing in an obedient posture. A male trainer had just finished inspecting each one and was barking orders.

"Now, when I say begin, you are to sit on the cock before you. Insert the phallus into your cunt. Ride on the cock, and allow it to pleasure you. You must achieve five orgasms before you are allowed to dismount. Ready? Begin."

The girls moved forward in unison and straddled the rubber dildos. They reached down, spread their cunt lips and settled down on the devices, letting the long artificial phallus impale them. One girl was slower than the rest, and the male trainer gave her a stroke with a whip. She yelped, and moved quickly, ramming the phallus inside her. She cried out in pain as she did so, but did not complain.

"All these girls have been catheterized, with a special catheter that is clamped shut. They have not been allowed to urinate for the last day and their bladders are quite full. I don't know if you have ever had a full bladder that you have held for an extended period of time, but it can become very painful. These girls are in agony."

Luke looked and noticed that the girls did look very unhappy, one or two held hands over their bellies and leaned forward. Several had tears on their faces.

The girls began riding their artificial cocks, their bodies wiggling and writhing on the saddles. Some moved up and down in small, quick motions.

"Once a girl achieves her required number of orgasms, she will be allowed to relieve herself, so they are highly motivated. This process trains them in accepting that their body functions are no longer under their control, as well as the skill of engaging in and enjoying sexual pleasure while in pain, and lastly, in accepting and moving toward a goal of pleasing their master with sexual or any other pleasure in order to relieve pain. This technique is called negative reinforcement, the removal of pain when a designated behavior is exhibited."

One of the girls had started frantically moving her hips against the dildo in her cunt, and was moaning loudly as she achieved her first orgasm. Others continued to ride their mounts, trying as best they could to follow suit.

It was fascinating seeing the line of girls writhing in place, each moving in their own way to achieve a sexual climax as quickly as possible. Knowing they were each also in pain made the process even more exciting for Luke.

"Would you stay to dinner this evening?"

Luke was distracted from the line of writhing bodies and moans in front of him.

"What? Oh, yes, it would be delightful."

"Yes, it would. In this way you can see some of our finished product, girls that are trained in service and slavery, and ready for sale. Let's go ahead and move toward the dining room now."

Luke followed Sergei out of the room just as one of the girls let out a cry of pleasure, achieving her second orgasm.

The dining room turned out to be on the second floor on a separate wing. It was lushly and luxuriously decorated, with fine china, silver and crystal prepared for dinner. There were only a few men there, and surprisingly, two or three women were joining them for dinner.

Sergei nodded toward the women, and spoke in a low tone to Luke.

"I see you are curious about the women. One of these women is a former slave and now works with us in training. She is still a slave but holds special status. The other two women are guests and buyers. You didn't think that only men are interested in slaves, did you?"

Sergei smiled and guided Luke over to the table where they sat. Several women came out to serve the initial course of the meal. Luke was taken aback at how precise the women were in their service, and how gorgeous they all appeared. She was especially drawn to one girl that had the most perfect skin like alabaster.

"All these women will be for sale during the coming auction, tomorrow. You may wish to observe them closely and determine if any might meet your needs."

Luke did observe all the women as the evening progressed. They served flawlessly, presenting the food courses quickly, quietly and efficiently. About halfway through the meal one of the girls spilled some water on the table cloth. A rough man who seemed to be in charge immediately whispered quietly to one of the other girls, who took the girl who had spilled water by the arm and left the room.

Luke leaned over and asked Sergei about the exchange.

"Oh, yes. Well, the mistake of spilling water isn't a serious failure, but every failure is punished. Igor gave instructions for her to be disciplined outside."

"I see. But the instructions were given to one of the other slave women. How can this be?"

"Certainly. Slaves are trained in all tasks, including the punishment of other slaves. It is considered a duty and important role of a slave to discipline other slaves appropriately. Would you like to see?"

"Yes! That would be fascinating!"

Sergei rose from the table, offered their apologies to the other diners, and the two of them left the room. Down the hall they passed the kitchen where several naked women were working, cleaning the remains of the meal and preparing the final desert course. The passed through the door at the end of the hall, and there were the two women.

One had been tied securely to a table, stretched out and gagged. The other woman stood at a side table with a cane, ready to administer the punishment. When she saw Sergei and Luke she stopped and waited for instructions.

"Please, continue!" Sergei told the dominant slave.

The dominant walked over to the tied slave who lay on her stomach, still and quiet, waiting for the punishment. The dominant slave raised the cane and brought it down swiftly onto the prone slave's ass. She gave a slight grunt and twitched, but otherwise showed no signs of pain.

The cane swished through the air again, and made a sharp slapping noise as it hit the prone girl's ass. She grunted again, and lowered her head.

The third stroke brought out a more obvious reaction; the prone slave jerked and moaned slightly. Her ass was showing red stripes appearing where the cane had struck. The forth stroke brought out a whimper and the slaved pulled against the bondage that held her in place, but settled down quickly.

The fifth and final stroke was rewarded by a low sob from the girl, and Luke could see a tear running down her face. The dominant slave put the cane away, oiling it and wiping it off briefly, and then released the ropes that held the punished slave on the table.

The punishment was brief and painful, but seemed to Luke as if it was appropriate for a minor transgression such as an inadvertent spill. The two women left the room without a word, returning to their duties in the kitchen.

"I'm convinced, Sergei," Luke said excitedly. "I want one of these women. When is the auction?"

"Tomorrow morning, at 10:00. There is a viewing of the merchandise at 9:00, during which you can examine the girls for sale in detail and decide which suit you. Let me show you to your room for the night, and someone will wake you at 7:30 so you have plenty of time to prepare for the auction."

The two men traversed the lush wood paneled halls and climbed stairs to the second floor, where Sergei showed Luke his room for the evening, a beautiful room with a four poster bed, paintings of discrete nudes in bondage on the walls, and subdued lighting. It had a private bath.

Luke went to bed that night but had a hard time sleeping, he was so excited to see what the auction the next day held in store.