Monday, August 4, 2014

Perfunctory Execution

Lara sat glumly on the edge of her fold up bed in the austere concrete cell. Being a prisoner at Richland was far worse than she had ever thought it could be. The prison farm was the Federal Detention Center of last resort for the worst offenders, the ones that society wanted to just disappear.

Lara didn't think she was that bad; she had cut the genitals off her boyfriend with a large kitchen knife, but he had deserved it. Totally. So what if she had cooked his balls in a stew and served it for dinner that night? At least it gave the whole incident some useful purpose. Lara was shocked she had been stuck in this place.

At least she hadn't been sent to the medical wing. That was the scariest thing of all. No one came back from the medical wing.

And what was this whole, co-ed prison thing? She shared her cell with a woman, but the cell block had both men and women in it, and it was easy to see things going on in other cells; there was no privacy at all. Her second day there she had been shoved into a corner by some big black dude when they were let out for lunch. He had turned her around against the wall, yanked her regulation jeans down around her ankles and shoved himself up her cunt and fucked her while several other inmates stood by and watched. She was still sore from that encounter.

Lara was cute, there was no getting around it, and that was not an advantage in this prison. She had long brown hair, a nice oval face with smooth skin and brown eyes, and a great body. Her tits were not huge, but pretty big, big enough that guys liked to tittie fuck her and come on her face and neck at times. Her waist was slim, her thighs strong. So far her looks had gotten her raped twice by guys and forced to give some girl oral until she grunted and screamed to an orgasm.

Thing was, the guards didn't care. As long as order was kept they didn't care what the prisoners did to each other. Times were going to be tough at Richland.

A loud buzzer sounded and Lara looked up and out of the bars that covered the front of her cell. Two guards were carrying a wooden chair into the central square of the prison block, a bare concrete square with rows of cells on all four sides that was called simply "the yard".  They dropped the chair in place in the center and then left. A murmur went up from all the cells, conversations, arguments, even a couple of women could be heard crying.

"What's this? What does that stupid chair mean?" asked Lara of her cell mate Kimi.

Kimi shuddered grimly and simply said, "lottery today."

"Lottery? Like... I didn't even buy a ticket. What's going on?"

Kimi sat on her bunk and looked up at Lara with a white face, drained of all color. "Richland has limited space, Lara. When it gets full, they have to make room. They can't release anyone, so how do you think they make more room?"

"Uh, I dunno. Build more cells? Make someone sleep on the floor?" Lara stared blankly at Kimi.

"No, you idiot. They execute someone. Body removed, probably to the medical wing, someone new comes along a day later."

Lara grunted. "Huh. That's... weird. Glad I'm not on death row. Not going to get me."

Kimi sighed, "Lara, you are dumber than you look. Everybody here is on death row. No one gets out of Richland. No one misses us when we disappear. They pick a convict number out of  a bowl, and that's it. They put you in the chair, and you don't ever get up again."

Lara's eyes got big and she looked at the sturdy wooden chair. This place was fucked. Her hands shook slightly as she reached up to hold the bars. How many were in the cell block, she quickly counted up. Two levels, 4 sides on each level. 5 cells per side, that was 40 cells total. Two prisoners per cell, that was 80 prisoners in the block. Her chances were one in 80.

She turned back to Kimi. "So... someone gets to die today, huh? Don't worry about it. Won't be me. Won't be you. Just a show to watch."

"Lara, how do you think your bunk was cleared? Huh? The girl before you... she won the lottery the day before you arrived. Her name was Cheyenne."

OK, well.. that brought it closer to home. Still. Odds were with them. No biggie. Lara shrugged.

Kimi looked at her hands, and then up at Lara. "Babe... I have never said this before. But you are... well, you are really special. Really pretty. I like you."

Lara groaned... so far she hadn't had any troubles with Kimi. Kimi was a short, cute girl with dark hair in a pixie cut, and skinny. Maybe 100 lbs, tops. Nice looking with big eyes. Eyes that were looking at her meaningfully.

"Look, Lara, one of us might go today. Let's make it a nice hour or so, something to remember. Just in case, huh? There ain't nothin' worth much here except you and me and what we might make of it."

Lara looked down at Kimi. She was pretty, she had to admit. Lara was bi, though she preferred guys, but she could see doing it with Kimi. It was just... in this prison, who you hooked up with was something you had to live with because you couldn't escape the entanglements and drama.

Ten minutes later Lara was laying on her bunk, naked with legs spread while Kimi gave her the best orgasm she had had since the night Lara sliced her boyfriend's nuts off. She was shuddering, grabbing the Kimi's hair and shoving her face hard against her cunt, lifting and thrusting her hips up, her boobs bouncing from the motion, head thrown back with her mouth open, gasping. There were a couple of hoots from other prisoners watching from across the cell block, but she was out of it, completely engrossed in Kimi's magic tongue.

When she had finished, Lara returned the favor, suckling Kimi's nipples, licking her naked body and finally, spreading her cunt lips and diving in. Kimi reacted like a sex machine, grinding, enjoying, crying out, squeezing Lara's head between her thighs. She tasted sweet, and Lara found herself enjoying the sex, the first thing she had actually enjoyed in weeks, since coming to Richland. She liked Kimi.

When it was over, Lara and Kimi lay together on Kimi's bunk, legs and arms intertwined with Lara slightly on top (the bunk was quite narrow). As they lay there they heard a commotion from outside. Five guards, one of them the shift supervisor, entered the yard. Lara and Kimi, still naked, rose and went to the bars to see.

"Well, then, my lucky inmates of Richland block C, we need a bunk and it is time for the lottery!" shouted the shift supervisor, raising the bowl above him. Inside were a bunch of small slips of paper. "Shall we see who the lucky winner is today?"

Hoots, howls, cries, and shouts went up across the cell block. Kimi and Lara watched quietly. Lara found herself actually becoming nervous, her stomach churning in spite of her confidence in the odds.

"All right then ladies and gentlemen, the winning number is....." here the guard reached into the bowl, swished around, then pulled out a slip of paper. "Number.....   27785!!!! Kimi Sanchez!"

Lara took a deep breath, relief flooding over her. She had known it wasn't going to be her.

Then she felt the stiff body of her cell mate next to her. Kimi stood motionless, hands grasping the bars so tight her knuckles were white. A tear trickled down one cheek.

"Oh.... Kimi... no....oh.... I am so..." Lara didn't know what to say. She didn't need to say much because suddenly Kimi screamed and ran to the corner of the cell, cowering beneath the bunk.

Three guards had come over to the cell door and unlocked it, slid it open and entered. They brushed Lara's naked body aside, and moved to where Kimi cried and cowered, grabbing her by the arms. They lifted her small, light body up and pulled her out of the corner and dragged her from the cell as she sobbed and begged. "Please, please, don't.... please..."

The cell door clanged shut on Lara as she watched her new lover dragged to the chair. There she was quickly strapped into place with simple but effective belts. Kimi continued to struggle, her beautiful naked body exposed for all to see. The straps on her legs held them apart, so her still wet cunt was easily seen glistening between her struggling thighs. Her small but soft breasts bounced around as she struggled, her stomach tightening and rippling. Kimi's head thrashed from side to side in a panic.

With absolutely no ceremony or delay, the supervising guard stepped behind Kimi and slid a clear plastic bag over her head. Kimi's face took on a look of horror as she realized what was happening and she shook her head harder, trying to dislodge the bag. It didn't help at all.

The guard slipped a belt over Kimi's thrashing head and around her neck, tightening it. The belt was tightened enough to seal the bag, though it did not cut off the blood flow in the neck. As a result, Kimi continued to breathe the limited air sealed within the bag. The clear plastic inflated like a bubble as she breathed out, and then collapsed when she sucked in the air. The plastic would collapse until it hugged Kimi's face tightly, her lungs creating a vacuum.

The condemned girl screamed and begged, talking, babbling, asking for mercy. She was still breathing, air was flowing in and out of her lungs, but the oxygen was quickly being depleted. After about a minute of this obscene thrashing about the air inside the bag was almost completely devoid of oxygen and was taking its toll on the young girl's body. Her struggles took on a different, even more panicked style. Her head thrust back as she tried to breathe in, then she blew out as hard as she could, making the bag balloon and stretch out. She shook her head back and forth, not with an effort to dislodge the bag but with a natural frustration from the lack of real air.

Kimi looked at Lara with pleading eyes. Their naked bodies still smeared with drying body fluids, the two had established an odd connection just a few minutes before. Lara simply looked at the dying Kimi, tears in her eyes. There was nothing she could do but watch.

Other prisoners in the cell block reacted in different ways. Some of the women shuddered and looked away, hiding their eyes, covering their ears. Some laughed and jeered, relieved it was not them that was suffering in the execution chair. Some of the men had their cocks out, and were masturbating at the sight of a beautiful, naked woman strapped down and gasping for air.

Kimi's face was turning red, and then slightly purple. Her chest heaved, but then stopped momentarily, and then heaved again. Her breathing was erratic. She thrust her head back and looked at the skylights above her, sucking in useless, empty air. Her eyes lost the ability to see. Her limbs stopped their violent thrashing about, though her body continued to convulse in an attempt to receive oxygen.

A pool of liquid formed between the condemned girl's legs and began dripping onto the floor. Lara watched in horror and fascination as Kimi's body continued to try to live, though her head sagged to the side and then down. She obviously had lost consciousness.  Her body made three, four more attempt to breathe and then stopped. The plastic bag about her head remained still, no longer expanding or contracting.

Sitting limply in the chair, Kimi's naked body twitched once and then stopped moving. The guards did nothing but watch for another minute or two. Then with a nonchalant sort of uncaring demeanor, the entire group walked out of the yard, leaving Kimi's body strapped to the chair.

Silence reigned in the cell block. Lara observed the large black dude that had raped her the first week finishing off his masturbation by spewing semen out of the bars of his cell in the direction of Kimi's lifeless body.

Lara shuddered.

An hour later, a set of guards from the medical wing came and unstrapped Kimi's body, laying it on a stretcher. Other guards washed down the concrete floor of the yard, and all traces of Kimi's existence were removed.

The next day, a new prisoner arrived. A woman named Eva, convicted of murdering a gas station attendant after a spree of robberies with her boyfriend, took Kimi's bunk.