Monday, December 2, 2013

Sold Into Slavery: Sperm Repository

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The car bumped along in traffic for a good half hour before the road smoothed. Stephanie lay crunched in the trunk of the limo, wondering where she was being taken. Sounds outside slowly changed from the bustle of the city to quieter roads, as if they were going into the country. There were fewer stops, and the road curved back and forth.

Stephanie struggled against the handcuffs which held her arms behind her, but to no avail. There was no way she was getting out of them. She felt around behind her, but the trunk was clean. No chance of a tool or other device to help her. Her eyes adjusted to the light, but there was so little seeping in through cracks she could still make nothing out.

Turning so her feet faced the back of the car, she kicked the trunk lid several times. Her bare feet slammed into the metal braces of the lid and bruised her flesh. After the third kick she gave up; the metal wasn't budging and her feet were in pain from the sharp edges that she smashed into. Stephanie became painfully aware that she was completely naked, without even the benefit of basic shoes.

Laying quietly for a moment she assessed her situation. She was naked, not a single of item of clothing or jewelry on her, stuffed in a trunk of a car owned by a man she hardly knew. She had inadvertently allowed herself to be sold into slavery in a foreign land, and had no idea where she was being taken. Even if she could escape, where would she go? The Embassy? Where was that, and how could she get there? Her friend and business partner was the only person she knew in the city and he had betrayed her.

Suddenly, despair and fear overwhelmed her and she cried, sobbing in the dark.

The limo turned and drove over a gravel road. She sensed the journey was coming to an end and tried to think what she might do, how she might escape. Wait... wait and see where she was. There really was very little she could do at this point; the country of Malsi accepted women as slaves by virtue of their gender and she would just have to wait, observe, and find an opening.

The car was on concrete again and then glided to a stop. Sounds of doors slamming, people talking. Then quiet. She was left alone, naked and helpless in the back of the car! She screamed, kicked, and as if in response to her brief panic the trunk lid popped and light streamed in.

Stephanie blinked, letting her eyes adjust. While still dazed, strong hands reached in and lifted her out of the trunk, setting her on her feet. One man and one woman stood next to her, steadying her. The woman was clothed; Stephanie suddenly felt terribly alone and vulnerable, standing naked next to two clothed people. She lowered her head, tears trickling down her cheeks.

"Follow me, Stephanie. I will show you to your temporary situation. Please cooperate, it will go a lot easier if you do. I say this for your benefit, to help you." The woman sounded kind. Stephanie observed she was a pretty woman of about 30, dressed in jeans and a nice silk top. The only jewelry she wore was a very thin, shiny collar, similar to a choker but made of metal and decorated with a single sapphire pendant. The woman first removed Stephanie's gag and then took her firmly by the arm and guided her stumbling out of what appeared to be a rather large garage.

They went through a door and down a marble tiled hall that felt cold to her bare feet, which in turn reminded her of her nudity and vulnerability. Beautiful artwork decorated the walls, and lighting was subdued and elegant. It was obvious she was entering a beautiful and expensive home that was very large. They paused before a plain wooden door that was unlocked with a heavy key. The dimly lighted interior revealed the top of a flight of stairs descending deep under the house.

At the site of steps descending down, Stephanie panicked and attempted to run. The man that stood behind her simply tripped her and she sprawled on the marble floor, her naked flesh skidding painfully to a stop. She was lifted up by her handcuffed wrists and pushed hard toward the door, where she descended the stairs rapidly. At the bottom was a long corridor with a plain concrete floor, dim raw lighting from uncovered bare light bulbs, and doors spaced along each side. It was a decidedly unfriendly place, nothing like the opulence in the house above.

The first door was opened and a small room inside contained a variety of items, none of which Stephanie had a chance to view. The man kicked behind her knees, knocking her down immediately in front of a cage made for a large dog. She resisted feebly, but in moments Stephanie was locked inside the cage. The man turned and left, but the woman stayed for a moment.

"This is where you will live for a while, until Mr. Jackson decides how you should be assimilated into the household. There are dishes with food and water. Relieve yourself as necessary, the cage will be cleaned once a day." The woman turned to go.

"Wait! Please, listen to me! I am an outsider, this isn't my country and I am not a slave! You are a woman, can't you help me?" Stephanie curled fingers through the wires, pressing her face close, tears streaming down as she begged.

The woman looked at Stephanie with curiosity.

"I understand you are from outside. But you are a woman, and that means you are a slave, no matter where you were born and live. It is the natural order of things. I can't help it if you weren't trained properly where you are from; but you are in Malsi now and you will learn how to live  as women should. Accept what you are. You are a slave. I can not help you because I am a slave myself. Please try to adapt and learn. It will be easier for you."

The woman seemed truly kind and concerned, and reached through the cage wire, removing Stephanie's handcuffs. Other than this, she was completely unwilling or unable to help Stephanie. She turned and left, and Stephanie collapsed, sobbing, inside her cage.

The cage was too small to stand in, and too short to stretch out completely. She could move around in limited ways, but there was no truly comfortable position. She was hungry, and ate some of the mush from the bowl in the cage. Stephanie realized she was utterly alone in the world, and there was nothing she could do. She sipped water as well, and then collapsed and fell asleep.


Stephanie remained in the cage without knowing when it was day or night. Her muscles began cramping and she did exercises to relieve the pain as much as she could. Twice, the woman came in and changed the food and water dish.

With no other options, Stephanie relieved herself in one corner of the cage. It stank of urine and feces and she was grateful when the woman came and changed the paper under the cage, removing the results of Stephanie's bowel movements.

It was incredibly humiliating to be treated as a pet, an animal that had to relieve itself without a toilet and have its cage cleaned. Stephanie felt degraded, and begged for release whenever she could. For a while she tried to get out of the cage, pulling, tearing, even gnawing on the wire and lock, but it didn't help. She was trapped, and had nothing. She was completely at the mercy of her keepers.

Sometime after the second time her cage was cleaned, Mr. Jackson entered the room with another man, an older, balding gentleman with graying hair. Stephanie was silent at first, not knowing what to do or say, but then she began to cry and beg, clawing the cage and asking to be released.

"Please, Mr. Jackson, this is all a mistake. I didn't agree to being sold, it is all Kevin, and a mistake. Please release me and I won't tell anyone what happened. I will simply return home. Please let me go home. I have money, I can give you money when I get home...." She rambled on, saying anything she could.

Mr. Jackson and the other man ignored her as if she was hardly there.

"So, Pete, what do you think?" Jackson said.

"Well as I explained before, she is essentially feral. No training, and worse. Not only does she lack training, she has been trained by the infidels and believes she has rights and abilities we know she does not. So it won't be easy. On the other hand, the rewards of having such a woman in your stable..." The man looked at Stephanie in appreciation. Stephanie suddenly felt very exposed and embarrassed, aware of her nudity and how vulnerable she was. She shrank back in the cage, shivering in the corner like a frightened animal, trying to cover her naked breasts and genitals.

"So what shall we do?"

The man spoke decisively. "It is clear that she needs to be broken. Broken down, all remnants of the outside removed from her mind. Then we can bring her back up, rebuild her, reform and train her. It will take several weeks, I think. Do you wish to begin this process?"

Mr. Jackson sighed. "What choice do I have? She will be worth it, I am sure. I mean, just look at her. She would fit almost anywhere. The pleasure trade, breeding, business, household, even wife."

"Let's begin this morning then," the man said.

The two men left the room, leaving Stephanie with a horrified feeling something very bad was about to happen.


An hour later two women came into the room. One unlocked the cage, the other reached in and helped Stephanie out. She had been cramped inside the small area for so long she couldn't stand all the way and could hardly walk, but the women were kind and helped her. She had no idea where she was going or what would happen, but anything was better than being locked in the cage.  She followed willingly.

They exited the holding room into the hall, and went through another door. Inside was a well lit room with various ropes, ties, and other equipment. Against one wall were two young teen girls, completely naked and tied up in a most humiliating and bizarre position, their legs spread and pulled back behind their heads. Stephanie gaped at them until she was forced down and then shoved onto her ass. The two women that were guiding her now began tying her up in the same position as the two girls that were tied to the wall.

First Stephanie's wrists were tied with rope and pulled up above and to each side of her head. This wasn't painful at all; but then her ankles were tied. The rope from each ankle was threaded through the same rings in the wall to which her wrists were tied. When the ropes were pulled, Stephanie's legs went first up into the air, then back. Further and further they went, spreading wider at the same time. Her hips shifted back and up, moving her pussy up, and then exposing her ass and anus.

Before long Stephanie was sitting on the back of her ass, almost her lower back, with arms and legs tied behind her. With her legs tied up and back, Stephanie's ass and genital area were clearly exposed and available. Struggling didn't help, she could only move a little and the strange position made it painful to even try.

The strain on her back and legs made her whimper. "What are you doing? Why am I here?"

The two women, after assuring that Stephanie was secured, left the room without answering.

Stephanie wriggled in the humiliating position that seemed designed to keep her genitals as exposed as much as possible. She could only move a little. The cramping in the back of her thighs continued, and she began to cry quietly.

The girl next to her turned and asked Stephanie her name.

"Stephanie... who are you?"

"I'm Amy, and this is Jolie. You seem a little old for a breeder. Are you here for punishment?" The girl spoke with curiosity, obviously puzzled by Stephanie.

"I don't know why I am here. I'm from the outside, it's a mistake I am here. What do you mean, breeder? Why are we tied up here?"

"Wow. You are from the outside? You truly know nothing? We are all breeders, at least designated as breeders right now. We are placed here to be available to the men of the household to deposit their seed until we become pregnant or our ovulation is past. When that happens, we are released, and we can rejoin the household until a baby comes." The girl was young, and spoke as if this was the simplest and most natural thing in the world, though it struck Stephanie with disgust and horror.

"You mean... they are going to rape me? Make me pregnant?"

The girl looked puzzled again... "Rape... I think I know what that means, but it doesn't really... well, the word isn't used here. Yes, it is our role to become pregnant. Perhaps later we can be used in another way, but for now, we are for this."

The door opened and a young man stepped into the room. He looked at the women and then at Stephanie before exclaiming, "Aha! I heard there was a new girl here. Well, let's see what we can do!"

Unzipping his pants and exposing a huge cock and distended ball sack, he approached Stephanie. Stephanie tried to struggle, crying and protesting, but to no avail. In her current position she was completely exposed and available for use. The man rubbed the tip of his cock on her pussy lips for a moment and then plunged deep inside her; it hurt because there was no lube but this didn't seem to matter. He thrust into her, over and over, filling her cunt with his thick shaft. Stephanie felt herself reacting, flushing with an undeniable pleasure at being taking in this way, forcefully, by the virile man.

Just as Stephanie felt the warmth of an unwanted orgasm spreading over her body, the man grunted, strained, and his cock pulsed as he spurt semen deep inside her body. He had rammed deep into her so that she felt he would penetrate her bowels. Crying out with the pleasure of orgasm, the man made sure all his seed had been deposited inside of Stephanie, then slid out. He wiped his still hard member with a moist towel placed nearby, then zipped up, smiled at Stephanie, then left.

Stephanie was humiliated at both the experience of being taken in such a helpless way, but more so with how she had felt pleasure from it. She could almost feel the sperm inside of her and struggled to try and tip her hips to push it out, but there was nothing she could do. She was stuck. Her ass was angled upward, which meant the maximum amount of sperm would be trickling deep into her, rather than being pushed out (which she normally did after unprotected sex).

The older balding man entered the room and came over to the helpless woman. "My name is Mr. Hauser, and I am going to be guiding you through your new training, Stephanie. It isn't going to be pleasant, but when you are reconditioned, you will find your life here so much easier and happier."

Mr. Hauser looked at Stephanie's exposed pussy lips, wet and smeared with the remains of semen. "I see someone has already visited you. Well, we are going to add a little something to the experience. Let me begin."

Stephanie stared at him with fear as he took some equipment out of a small bag and hooked it up to her. First, he took a small clamp with screws on either side of small parallel bars. Placing Stephanie's left nipple between these two bars, he screwed first one side and then the other down, bringing the tiny bars closer together, squeezing the nipple painfully. Tears flowed down her cheeks from the aching pain as the horrible man tightened the clamp further, tapping it to make sure it was on tightly and would not come off. When done, Mr. Hauser took another clamp, pulled her right nipple into it and tightened it well. Both of Stephanie's nipples were aching from the extreme clamps and tears continued to wet her cheeks.

The small clamps had a copper coating with wires attached. Mr. Hauser attached the wires to a small black box, and then connected that box via some wires to jacks in the wall behind her. Satisfied with the setup he left Stephanie alone. All three girls waited together in the room.

An hour later, the door to the room opened and a tall skinny man entered. Next to Stephanie, Amy smiled, and said, "Hi, Hank."

Hank smiled and came over to the girl, whipping out his cock and greeting her affectionately. Stephanie watched as his long cock was rubbed against the folds of Amy's cunt, and saw glistening wetness. Amy was already self lubricating for him, and his cock was shiny from the most body fluid. Amy's pussy lips spread to surround Hank's cock as his head entered her slowly.

Amy moaned in delight as he slipped his cock into her pussy. Stephanie, however, began to whimper in pain. The wired nipple clamps had a hot painful feeling, and as Hank slid deep inside Amy, the pain increased, turning into shocking pain that made Stephanie cry out and sob. When Hank finally grunted to a climax and Amy cried out in orgasm, Stephanie screamed; the wired contacts on her nipples snapped out a high voltage shock that made her shake, muscles contracting and spasming from the agony. She strained and thrashed against the ropes that held her.

When Hank had finished ejaculating his semen and slipped out of Amy, the pain in Stephanie's nipple clamps went away. She sobbed a sigh of relief and relaxed, happy the torture was over.

Until 5 minutes later when the next man came in and decided to fuck Jolie's brains out. As soon as he inserted himself into her cunt Stephanie felt the burning shock rising in her nipple clamps. The harder they went at it, his balls slapping Jolie's naked ass, the more painful it became, making her squirm and beg anyone that would listen to her. Jolie was enthusiastic, begging the man to dump his load, crying out. The man just kept pumping and panting, and the shocks kept increasing in poor Stephanie's nipples and chest.  It was clear now what was happening. Whenever someone came to the room and fucked one of the other girls, Stephanie received electric shocks through her nipple clamps.

When the man was finished and left, Stephanie sighed in relief, wishing she could touch her sore and now painfully inflamed nipples. The three women rested, each filled with a man's sperm traveling deeper into their womb.

It must have been nearly six hours before another man came in. He was short and stocky, and older, perhaps 40 or 50.  Amy greeted him, "Hey there, John; Hank was here earlier, but I would love to have you inside me. Get me pregnant and get me out of here, what do you say?"

John looked at Amy, and then at Stephanie, who was shaking with fear, anticipating the painful shocks once again. Dropping his pants he took his huge cock and aimed it at Stephanie's pussy. She waited, closing her eyes, clenching her teeth. John's cock touched her pussy lips, she felt them spread slowly as he began pushing. He went deeper, and deeper. Stephanie was tensed, waiting for the shocks to rip though her sensitive nipples. John was all the way in, and still Stephanie waited.

John began thrusting, moaning and panting. Stephanie almost laughed with relief! There were no shocks! There was no pain! She felt the glow of orgasm flood her as John fucked her hard; and when she was done she felt John thrusting deep and then pushing out a load of cum inside of her. It was the most wonderful feeling! When the man left, she felt so relieved, almost happy.

Stephanie realized she was only being tortured when one of the other women was fucked. As long as she was the one any man selected, there would be no pain. If the man selected one of the other women.... she would receive the agonizing shocks in her nipples and breasts.

The lights went off, indicating night time. The other girls obviously went to sleep, but Stephanie was a problem. Finally, she loudly whispered to Amy, and when Amy finally awoke, she asked, "Amy, I have to pee. What do I do? I can't move."

Amy snorted in disgust. "There is a bucket underneath you. Just pee, for god's sake. Let me sleep."

Stephanie was miserable in the bent, exposed position, but her bladder was about to burst and made it 10 times more painful. Finally she let it go, and the stream shot out and rang against the large metal bucket beneath her. This was even more humiliating than when she had relieved herself in the cage, but the relief of being able to empty her bladder felt so amazingly good. She was able to sleep soon after.

The lights went on automatically, and Stephanie assumed a new day had arrived. An hour or so later, the door opened and an older gentleman entered. Stephanie tensed, and then began to beg.

"Please. Take me, fuck me, not them."

"I am not here to fuck anyone. Jolie, your test came back positive. You are pregnant. Time to head upstairs." The man unstrapped Jolie from her open fucking position.

"Thank god. I've been down here nearly three weeks. About time!" Jolie could hardly walk after being released, but managed to make it out of the room. Stephanie noticed as she left just how thin and young she was. Breeders were obviously started young.

As Jolie left, a dirty man about 45 years old dressed in work clothes entered, and looked at the two women presenting themselves. He seemed to be surveying and deciding. Once again, Stephanie found herself begging.

"Please, sir.... please fuck me. My cunt is tight and sweet. You won't regret it!" Stephanie was trying to make herself sound as sexy as possible, thought it was hard when tied with your legs back above your head.

The worker unzipped, pulled out a huge cock and stepped over to Amy, who smirked at Stephanie with satisfaction. As the man began thrusting and grunting, the shocks surged through Stephanie's nipples, hurting worse than the day before. Her body jerked, muscles tensing involuntarily to the pulsing pain that rippled across her chest as Amy and the work went at it, both moaning and thrusting. Stephanie cried, tears running down the sides of her face, the pain unbearable, and yet... it had to be taken. There was no other way.

And so it went for the next day, as four more men came in. Amy had bigger breasts than Stephanie, but Stephanie was leaner and prettier. Two of the men chose Amy and Stephanie writhed in pain as the fucking went on next to her. Two of the men chose Stephanie, and the relief and pleasure from the fucking, in addition to the absence of pain, brought her to multiple orgasms. She begged each man that entered the room, using everything she could think of to convince them she was the better girl to fuck.  It never once crossed her mind how degraded she had become; she was in survival mode.

At the end of the day Stephanie found her vagina was full to overflowing with white, sticky semen. She looked across and saw how Amy was squeezing her muscles, pushing and slowly getting some of the white fluid out. It dribbled out her slit and across her puckered anus. She tried the same thing, and had some success, though not as much as Amy.

"You need to practice your Kegels," Amy commented, watching as Stephanie slowly pushed tiny bits of creampie out of her snatch.

Three days later, Amy had a pregnancy test that came back positive. Stephanie was on the verge of a nervous breakdown from never knowing when the torture and pain would be inflicted on her again. She desperately wanted out. Her breasts hurt all the time and her nipples were so numb they no longer felt the pain. Her constant begging of the men that entered had gotten on Amy's nerves, and when she left the room, she swore at Stephanie.

Not too long after, Mr. Hauser came in and released Stephanie. She sobbed in gratitude, hanging on to Mr. Hauser for support, as her muscles had cramped and didn't work well after being released. An antiseptic cream was placed on her sore, smashed nipples, and as she stood, old semen from the last several days oozed out and trickled down her inner thighs. She no longer thought about her nakedness or humiliation, just about what might come next and how to cope.

When they were ready to leave for the next phase of her training, Mr. Hauser placed a leather hood over Stephanie's head and guided her away.