Sunday, March 24, 2013


Nazur walked down the concrete corridor of the basement, past heavy metal doors spaced a few feet apart. There was little noise from this part of the prison except for muffled moans coming from behind one of the doors as he passed. Most of the screaming took place in the room at the end of the hall, the one where he was headed now.

Unlocking the massive, rusty door, he stepped into the largest room of the basement of the prison. Harsh light from bare light bulbs hanging from the ceiling lit the scene.

In the center of the room hung a naked woman, about 23 years old. She was upside down, legs bent and tied back on themselves across a strap running beneath her folded knees. Her arms were tied tightly behind her back, making her breasts protrude slightly. She was lean and muscular, in remarkable shape and none the worse for being arrested and thrown into prison the night before.

Nazur shut the door behind him and ignored the girl for a moment as he settle his things on a side table. He was leisurely, as if he had plenty of time. He selected a syringe from a cupboard and took a small bottle of liquid from a drawer, pulling the plunger back and filling it with a few cc's of clear liquid. Kicking a rolling stool over toward the prisoner, he sat and presented himself to the prisoner's inverted face.

"My name is Nazur. I am here to receive your confession and any information you have that you may wish to share, concerning your spy operations and other spies you work with. No, no... don't talk," Nazur placed a finger over the girl's lips when she began to speak. "It is too early. I know you have nothing to say now. But later, you will, and I will be here."

He showed the girl the syringe. "Do you know what this is?"

Her large eyes looked but she said nothing.

"It's OK. I will be explaining things to you as we go along. This is a special mix of drugs I concocted myself. Various stimulants, mostly. It keeps detainees awake, and makes the discomfort more... intrusive. Honestly, it speeds things along, so you should be grateful for it." He placed the thick needle against the stretched neck of the girl and shoved it into the muscle.

"Ahhh!GGHG!!" The girl let out a gurgling scream as the needle pushed into her neck and the liquid was injected.

"Yes... it hurts. I know. It takes effect almost immediately when injected. Let's begin."

Nazure put the empty syringe away and picked up some items from a side table. He approached the girl and gently explained as he worked. "These are nipple clamps. Nipples are so sensitive, don't you think? They hurt going on, and these are jagged, with stiff springs. The will dig deep into the sensitive flesh..."

The clamps squeezed and penetrated the flesh of the left nipple and the girl yelped. The center of the clamp had a sharp but sturdy point that penetrated all the way through as Nazure squeezed the clamp shut. The point exited the other side of the nipple and latched in place, holding the clamp securely.

"Yes, it hurts. I know. These clamps are just the beginning, you see. Later we will add other devices to your flesh, to cause pain. Yes..." The second clamp pierced and the right nipple and the girl winced, holding her cries inside. She merely grunted.

"Good girl. Save your cries for later, when it really begins to hurt." Nazure attached a chain to the two clamps, and then began hanging weights from the chain. As more weights were added, the girls breasts stretched down toward her face, farther and father. She scrunched her eyes shut as the pain increased, and tears trickled down her forehead.

Nazur stepped back and admired the young body stretched before him. She was a beautiful woman, placed in the government so that she could seduce selected government officials and extract information from them. She had been caught while trying to seduce the wrong person.

"Now, shall we start with your name. Not the name you are known by here, but your real name. What is your name?"

The girl was silent, swaying back and forth gently. Nazure placed two more weights on the chain, making the girls breasts stretch down in a most obscene manner. She moaned a little but said nothing.

Nazur ran his hands over the naked body. The prisoner was helpless, and feeling extremely vulnerable. He was enjoying her suffering, and his enjoyment would eventually make her talk, spilling all she knew. He hoped she wouldn't break too fast.

His rough hands found their way to her exposed genitals. Her legs were spread apart by the suspension strap. He felt the soft flesh and pushed one finger inside of her. She jerked when she felt him enter. He plunged another finger deep into her anus, and pressed them together, feeling them come close to touching, separated only by the thin walls of tissue.

"I hate to destroy the body of such a young woman. Can't you simply be polite and tell me your name?"

"E.... Eliza..." panted the woman.

"Ah. Eliza. Yes. Good girl. You see, I already knew that. Some of the questions I ask I will already know the answers too, so when you lie to me I will know. And I will hurt you. Answer me clearly and truthfully, and this will be over soon."

Nazur took a round metal ring and forced it into the girl's mouth. It lodged behind her perfect white teeth, holding her jaw open wide. He strapped it securely in place behind her head. After a moment the girl began to whimper-- her jaw was cramping. The drugs injected earlier had a tendency to encourage muscle cramps, and this was the first signs they were taking effect.

Eliza's tongue wagged in her wide open mouth and drool began to trickle over her face. She tried to talk, but couldn't. Nazur wasn't interested in talk at the moment, anyway. He unzipped his heavy camouflage pants and produced his hardened member. Standing in front of the girl, he rubbed the tip over her face, feeling the soft flesh of her lips, cheeks, the firmness of her nose, and wetness of her eyes.

When he was ready, he shoved deep inside her mouth, his cock sliding easily over her tongue and back into her throat. She wasn't ready for the suddenness of his penetration and she gagged violently, her whole body jerking. He grabbed her head to keep her from swinging away, and held his cock deep inside her throat as she gagged and tried to breathe. Her convulsing abdomen was just below his eye level and he enjoyed watching her struggle, while her struggles massaged his cock.

Finally he released withdrew enough to let her breathe. She gasped, sucking in hair, but she also had vomit that was trying to come out her mouth. She aspirated some of the vomit and started a coughing fit. Nazur watched the girl's fine body shake and flex for a while until she get control, and then rammed his cock deep inside her throat again.

She was ready for him this time, and had gulped some air. He slid his member deep inside her throat, and then back out, repeatedly. She gasped for air when she could. Sometimes she coughed, and spit up some slime from her stomach. Nazur's controlled penetrations were not only to give him pleasure; they were also designed to cause as much discomfort to the girl through lack of air and vomiting as possible, without endangering her life.

When he felt himself ready, Nazur pulled out of her mouth and with a few quick strokes reached a shuddering orgasm. He ejaculated white, sticky, seminal fluid over her face. Some landed in her mouth but most trickled down into her inverted nostrils or slowly entered her eyes.

"Thank you, Eliza. That was good. But now you also realize that you are my property, to do with as I please. If I enter your mouth again today, it won't be as easy on you. It may even kill you. Is that the way you would like to die, Eliza? With some dirty cock rammed down your throat so you can't breathe?"

Nazur washed himself and then zipped his pants back up.

He went over to the wall and found his favorite flogger. It was a whip made of heavy leather, sturdy but flexible, and the tip spread out to a frayed set of three tongues that delivered a nasty cut to the flesh.

Eliza's arms had been tied into place behind her back. Releasing the rope that attached her wrists to her feet, Nazur pulled Eliza's arms down behind her and attached a weight to the rope to keep them down and away from her body. This stretched and pulled the muscles of the prisoner's shoulders and caused cramping in the back and chest, similar to an inverted strappado. He observed the woman's immediately labored breathing as she coped with the added stress to her body.

With her arms out of the way and her body completely exposed, Nazur stepped back from Eliza and tested the whip. It cracked in the air, making Eliza's body twitch when she heard the sudden sound. With a smooth, practiced stroke, Nazur swung the whip back and then around toward the helpless girl with all his force. The leather strand struck the bare flesh of her side, immediately wrapping around her stomach to her back and then around her body yet again. As the leather circled her body it picked up speed so that when the tip struck the flesh over her ribs it made a loud snapping noise, and cut a deep red swath.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEE!!!!" Eliza screamed in agony from the sudden pain, the sound echoing against the concrete walls. In distant cells, other prisoners heard her cry and shivered, wondering who was suffering and who might be next. Her body jerked. Nazur pulled the whip back, twisting the girl's torso around. When the whip released her, she swung back and forth wildly. He brought the whip around again, forcing another scream from the prisoner as the whip kissed the flesh of her breasts and shoulders.

Each strike of the whip hissed through the air and wrapped around Eliza's inverted and stretched body. Each strike made her lean flesh ripple with waves from the impact. Each strike made her cry out loud. She cried out for mercy as best she could, but the open gag in her mouth prevented anything but pitiable cries. Tears flowed freely from her eyes, and her body convulsed with pain at each strike, and with sobs between each strike.

The whipping continued for 24 lashes, each placed in a different area of the prisoner's body. With precise accuracy, Nazur made sure that the cuts from the whip covered her thighs, ass, back, shoulders, stomach, and breasts. When he was done Eliza was sobbing, trying to speak though her widely extended jaw prevented her from being understood.

The inverted position was causing the spy major stress. The blood pooled in her head and shoulders while her legs and body were suffering from poor circulation. Her head felt like it would explode, with a pounding like a hammer. Cramps had taken muscles everywhere from her legs to her back and shoulders. She couldn't move to relieve the cramps. Her nose was full of slowly drying semen, and her breasts were aching from the weights that were attached to them. Nausea waved over her, caused by the pain in her body as well as the drugs in her system that enhanced her agony.

Nazur wasn't ready for her to speak. He went over to her body and stilled its swaying, and then ran his hands down her strong inner thighs until his fingers once again found her pussy. He massaged it some, delving in and out as he pleased, feeling the inside and outside of her orifices. This humiliating invasion of her body caused Eliza to continue her sobs, tears of pain mixing with tears of humiliation.

"I think it is time for another part of your body to experience pain." Nazur spoke softly, as if caring for a wounded child. He took a device from the side table; it was a small box with lights and dials. Eliza could not see what he was doing, but feared what would come next.

Taking some electrically conductive lube and smearing it on two metal plugs, Nazure moved over to the spy's dangling form and spread the lips of her pussy wide, exposing the inside of her vagina. With his other hand he slid one of the plugs deep inside her body. The plug wasn't wide enough to cause significant pain, but the violation caused Eliza to react, jerking and writhing as she dangled.

Eliza's ass cheeks were spread wide, and the other plug found its home as it forced into her anus. The sphincter spread for it and then closed around its narrow ending, holding it in place nicely. Red wires ran from the plug in her vagina, black ones from her anus.

Nazur positioned himself before the upside down face of the spy and observed the crusty mix of semen, saliva and vomit drying on the skin. The eyes that looked at him were wild with fear and pain, reddened with stress and lack of sleep. The girl was almost ready, he knew. But he wasn't.

"Now, Eliza, I am going to ask you some questions. I want you to either nod your head or shake it, with your answer of yes or no. Do you understand?"

Eliza nodded her head, closing her eyes and squeezing tears out. She really was beautiful, even now, Nazur thought. He might save her after he had squeezed everything he could from her.

"Eliza. Did you ever sleep with Minister Najjar?"

Eliza nodded her head.

"Good. Did Minister Najjar give you information about the placement of the Fayed nuclear plant?"

Eliza nodded her head.

"Good. Did you pass this information to your contact?"

Eliza shook her head. Nazure pressed a button on a small remote and an electrical surge coursed through Eliza's body. She jerked, her eyes opening wide, and she let out a scream. The shock surged into her vagina and out her anus, causing agonizing, burning pain throughout the entire region of her body. Her stomach muscles contracted, her legs tensed, her body shook. This went on for about 10 seconds, until Nazur released the button.

Eliza tried to babble something through her mouth.

"Don't bother. I can't understand you. For now, yes or no. Let's try this again. Did you pass the information to your contact?" Nazur asked calmly.

Eliza nodded.

Nazur reached over and removed the ring gag. Eliza shut her cramping jaw, licking her lips, trying to ease the pain that covered her face.

"What is the name of your contact?"

Eliza wasn't thinking well, her mind almost completely broken, but some shred of loyalty held her from answering. She was silent. When Nazur moved to reach to the table, she flinched, the muscles in her body tensing and she cried out, anticipating the agonizing shock. But Nazur simply picked up a new gag and moved over to the girl's head. The new gag was more like a horse's bit, made of leather. It was worn with many teeth marks from previous use. When in place, it forced Eliza's face into a rictus-like grin, her lips pulled back at the corners.

"This gag is not designed to keep you from talking. It really is just here to keep you from biting your tongue when the shock takes hold of your body. I want you to be able to talk to me now. If you talk, I will understand. When you lie, or withhold information, I will hurt you."

When the bit gag was in place, Nazur pressed the button again. Eliza once again jerked and writhed, this time biting down on the gag. She gurgled, her entire body shaking in convulsions from the electrical current. Every muscle tensed. She thought she might pass out from the pain but somehow she stayed awake and aware.

After 30 seconds, Nazur released the button and Eliza's body relaxed. Her sobs decreased as she was gasping for air.

"What is the name of your contact?"

"Michael. Michael Hughes." Eliza spat the words out over the bit gag.

Nazur reached out and gently caressed the woman's beautiful body. As his hand stroked her stretched and inverted breasts, he pressed the button again. Most of the electricity was traveling from the electrodes in the girl's vagina to the electrodes in her rectum, but he felt the tingle on his fingers when she tensed and jerked.

"AGggjhhhhhhhh   iiiiiggggg...." The tensed pathetic gurgle that came from her mouth along with saliva was accompanied by a release of urine from above. She had lost control of body functions. Still Nazur kept the current going for a full 60 seconds. When he released it, the girls eyes had rolled up inside her head. She had blacked out.

With the stimulants in her system, the unconsciousness was brief. She came too moments later and her eyes rolled around wildly.

"Michael Hughes is no longer in the country, Eliza. Who did you give the information to?"

Eliza cried. Nazur stroked her face gently. "I know, dear. There is nothing more you can do. Just let it out. Who is your contact?"

After a moment of silence, the whispered answer... "Saif Nahyan."

The interrogation went more smoothly after this. Eliza had broken. She gave Nazur what he wanted, prompting electrical torture only three more times during the course of her interrogation, which took three hours. During these hours she remained suspended upside down, disoriented and in pain.

When it was over, Nazur lowered Eliza to the floor and released all her bonds except for the wrist restraints. Removing the nipple clamps made her cry out once again, and blood trickled over her firm breasts from the puncture wounds in the nipples. Eliza lay on the floor, no longer sobbing. Her naked body was covered with stripes of blood from the whipping, but retained its beauty. Nazur gave her water, and then dragged her back to a cell. There he chained her neck to the wall with a heavy collar, to await his pleasure at a later time.

And he did intend to continue his pleasure with this beautiful woman.