Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love of Brute: Fisting

"AggghhH!!! Please, please, take it out. This is too much... oh... my god..."

The petite brunette was struggling against the ropes which restrained her wrists and ankles on top of the table. Jack sighed and slowly begin sliding his fist out of the girl's vaginal opening, which was stretched wide. She was panting and looking wildly at the ceiling as he pulled out slowly. She cringed, tears running down the sides of her face. Jack enjoyed seeing her struggle, feeling her thin, strong thighs jerking on either side of his arm.

When his hand slid out completely, her pussy remained open, gaping slightly from having been distended. Jack wiped his hand with a towel and cleaned the lube and body fluids that the girl's body had left on it. He then slid the towel over her pussy, giving it a clean as well, and moved to untie her.

"I'm sorry, Jack. I normally don't mind fisting but your hand was just a little too big. It really began to hurt." the pretty brunette, Jack's girlfriend, was apologetic as the ropes came off and she sat up, keeping her legs spread and inspecting the minor damage which had been inflicted while indulging her boyfriend's fetish. She had worked for weeks, inserting bottles, dildos, plugs, and other increasingly large objects into her vagina, trying to prepare and accommodate Jack's fist more comfortably. She just wasn't there yet.

Jack sighed. He had really begun to feel excited this time. Fulfilled. Just when he was getting in farther than ever before, she had called a halt.

He made his decision that night, while laying in bed, and followed through the next day.  He arranged for the purchase of a slave, one of the girls that were raised and sold specifically for the fetish market. It cost a lot of money, but it was going to be worth it.

When she arrived, he looked her over. She was medium sized, which was good, and young, which was better. She stood with her head bowed, naked and shaking with her hands tied behind her back. He took her down to the basement and tied her to a post, leaving her there while he went upstairs to finish some work. He thought about the girl below him during the day, dreaming about fisting her and doing as he pleased because he owned her.

That evening after his girlfriend left he went downstairs and turned the light on. There was the girl, still attached to the post. She had short dark hair which complimented her light complexion nicely. Her young face was made more beautiful by the look of fear she exhibited at his presence. Her breasts were small, firm, and had naturally erect and hard nipples. Her legs were lean and strong.

Jack removed his clothes and then moved over to the new slave. He grabbed one ankle and lifted it up, tying it up and behind the girl so she stood on one leg. He then lifted and tied the other ankle in the same way. The girl hung from her bindings, legs held apart and behind her, exposing her quivering folds of pussy flesh. She was shaved smooth as he had instructed.

Kneeling in front of the slave, Jack smeared lube on his hand and then began massaging and spreading the girl's vaginal opening. She shuddered in a mixture of pleasure and fear as he stroked her clit and then pushed inside of her. Pushing, deep, deeper, slowly, ever so slowly, she moaned and groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain as her flesh spread wide apart in response to his relentless pressing. As her flesh relaxed and yielded, Jack's hand went deeper and deeper into the girl's pussy and down the vaginal canal.

Finally, Jack's hand was all the way in. His arm protruded from her tight pussy flesh. The girl seemed to be in pain but wasn't complaining nearly as much as his girlfriend had the day before. Daringly, Jack pushed further in, pressing and pushing the cervix up, feeling its resistance.  The flesh was malleable, and stretched as he pushed. The girl finally began sobbing and even gave a gasping scream as he pushed deeper.

Jack withdrew his hand slowly. He had never been that deep before. It was an amazing feeling, filling and stretching this woman, being so far inside of her that her insides began to rearrange themselves to accommodate him. He leaned down and began licking the loose flesh of her pussy for his own enjoyment and to also see her squirm with pleasure. And squirm she did, for Jack knew how to service a woman and in a few minutes a flush and squeal indicated the girl had climaxed.

Jack didn't stop. He reached both hands to press the girl's flesh wider, opening her vagina once again. He licked deeper and deeper, pulling her vagina was wide as he could to see inside. The girl screamed this time, and begged for mercy -- the first time she had spoken.

A perverse idea came to Jack; as he thought about it he began to do it. He wondered, how far he could get inside? Women gave birth to babies, right? A fist was nothing. He should be able to get two fists in there. Or... more...

The girl struggled and writhed as he pushed and gripped, slipping on body fluids and blood as her vagina tore as if he was giving her an episiomoty. Two hands entered her as she struggled against the ropes from which she hung helpless. His face delved deep inside as he tasted the insides with his tongue.

He pushed, hard. His face, his head, pushing deeper. He thought he might be able to reach her cervix with his tongue... what a rush he had when he thought this and he pushed harder. The slave girl screamed non-stop now as he pushed and spread her wider than any human opening was designed to be spread. He reached with his tongue, moved for a different angle, pressed his face and head deeper, removed his hands to make room for his head and pushed harder.

With amazement he realized that he was making it inside. His head was actually going to get inside the girl. Reaching one hand down to stroke his cock as he pushed his head deeper, he inched closer to his goal. The girl's abdomen was distended grotesquely. She gritted her teeth as the man slowly but surely pressed his head inside her womb.

Suddenly, he was inside. Her pussy lips closed over his neck and his head was completely inside her body. She looked like she was pregnant with triplets long past her term, except for the man's body between her legs. The pressure from his head made it hard for her to breathe, the pain from her torn flesh was agonizing. She gasped as she could, screaming what little she could from the torture.

Inside, Jack realized that he was inside the girl, enveloped completely by the girl. At this moment he ejaculated, a huge stream of semen erupting and squirting out as he reached climax.

As his orgasm faded, Jack realized he had been holding his breath. There was no air inside the girl. He tried to ease out. The girl had stopped struggling, and he thought it would be easy.

It wasn't. The girl hung limply from the ropes, unconscious from pain and shock. Below her and inside her was Jack. While her flesh had stretched enough to allow him in, getting out was another matter. Jack flailed helplessly, trying to pull out and catch some air. He couldn't. The flesh had collapsed and tightened around his neck and the sharp ridge of his chin could not get past and out of the girl's pussy.

There was very little noise in the basement. The girl has stopped screaming and simply hung there, motionless. The sound of Jack's body flopping around continued for about a minute. There were no screams because Jack had no air with which to scream. Eventually, the body stopped flopping and simply twitched.

The next day, Jack's girlfriend came to pick Jack up for their dinner date. When she didn't find him she searched and eventually went down to the basement, in which she found the girl hanging from ropes, and dead Jack, his head still firmly stuck inside the poor dead girl's body.

Samura Hiroaki - Love of Brute