Monday, September 3, 2012

Love Of Brute: Human Balloon

The young girl slave lay naked on the box with arms and legs tied to the bottom slats, forcing her spread eagle in a most obscene manner.  Her arms were thrust back pushing her chest and breasts up, and legs were spread and tied back forcing her hips up and displaying her cunt rudely. Her head hung back over the box.

"Here, Kiko, let me show you something. I know you are learning, this will help some." Masa took the school girl to where the head of the slave hung back over the edge of the box. He took her mouth and skillfully forced it open.

"Doing this from both ends is a lot more exciting than from just one. You can't put as much in through the mouth but it will keep both ends busy and will be a lot more painful." As he spoke, the hulking bodyguard shoved a tube into the slave's mouth, forcing it in several inches. The slave shook and struggled as he performed this rather painful procedure. When the tube was secure, he took tape and made sure the tube could not be expelled.

The slave was beautiful, at least for the moment. Young and in good shape, she was perfect for the playful experiment Kiko had designed. Masa was proud of his ward, and would enjoy the humiliation and pain the slave would be going through because of Kiko's deviant imagination. Her moved back to the other end of the box where Kiko stood holding the hose.

"Can I shove it in now?" Kiko said in her eager, high pitched schoolgirl voice. She was impatient to start filling the slave.

"Yes, let's do it. Push it up a ways, to make sure you have a good seal and it won't come out right away." Masa watched as Kiko placed the hose against the anus of the slave and then pushed. It didn't go in and there was a hollow cry from the tube taped into the slave girl's mouth.

"Push harder, dear. Those muscles are designed to close tightly. Use both hands and push."

Kiko did as she was told, and the hose suddenly passed the slave's sphincter and ran into her rectum several inches. The slave screamed and Kiko giggled to see the rubber sink deep in. She continued to push and inch after inch disappeared into the soft flesh of the slave girl. The slave wriggled and made pain noises until Kiko stopped when about a foot of hose had slipped into the slave's intestine.

"Good! Now. Let's turn the water on. No! No! Not all the way, it will cause too much pressure and force the hose out! Just a little. That way the water has a chance to run up inside her, and slowly move it's way higher and higher through her digestive system."

This whole experiment had come from a recent lesson where Kiko had learned about the anatomy of the human digestive system, from the mouth to the throat, stomach, small and finally large intestines and out the rectum. Practical curiosity had overcome her and she had decided to prove to herself that there really was all this stuff inside of one of her slaves. She was intent to fill the slave with as much water as she possibly could.

The slave girl moaned and pulled against the ropes that held her. The water flowed up inside of her, not quickly but steadily. Kiko observed the slave girl writhe in pain as cramps set in.

"Turn on the hose to her mouth now, Kiko," Masa instructed. "Just a little. Slowly, you don't want her to choke to death. Just enough to keep her swallowing. That's right."

The slave had twisted her head around as the water flowed into her mouth, and tried not to swallow but found she had to if she wanted to breathe. She began swallowing the water steadily, taking breaths between each gulp. The naked woman looked so helpless and miserable, Kiko giggled a little.

"Time for dinner now. We can come back after you finish and see how she is doing." Masa guided the girl out of the storage room where the experiment was taking place. The slave lay on the crate, gulping, writhing, moaning and gurgling from the water that was slowly filling her from both ends.

Kiko and Masa returned in a couple of hours to find the slave girl laying mostly motionless, and very much changed. Her eyes were closed, face a mask of pain and misery. She no longer struggled and writhed, but the gulping and heaving breaths continued, showing she was still attempting to accept the water through her mouth.

But the most significant development was the slave's stomach. It was hugely bloated and expanded. She looked like she was in the ninth or even the tenth month of pregnancy. The flesh of her abdomen was stretched and reddish blue, and shiny. It was taught and rigidly expanded, bloated, and looked like it was ready to pop.

"I want to make her pop. Can I used your gun?" Kiko started at the miserable female slave.

Masa removed his gun from its shoulder holster and gave it to Kiko carefully. "All right, Kiko, aim it properly as we practiced. Flick the safety off."

Kiko put one finger in her ear. On the shooting range she always had ear plugs. She knew it would be loud. Scrunching up her eyes and holding the gun out straight toward the slave's huge stomach, she slowly squeezed the trigger.

Hiroaki Samura