Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love of Brute: Fisting

"AggghhH!!! Please, please, take it out. This is too much... oh... my god..."

The petite brunette was struggling against the ropes which restrained her wrists and ankles on top of the table. Jack sighed and slowly begin sliding his fist out of the girl's vaginal opening, which was stretched wide. She was panting and looking wildly at the ceiling as he pulled out slowly. She cringed, tears running down the sides of her face. Jack enjoyed seeing her struggle, feeling her thin, strong thighs jerking on either side of his arm.

When his hand slid out completely, her pussy remained open, gaping slightly from having been distended. Jack wiped his hand with a towel and cleaned the lube and body fluids that the girl's body had left on it. He then slid the towel over her pussy, giving it a clean as well, and moved to untie her.

"I'm sorry, Jack. I normally don't mind fisting but your hand was just a little too big. It really began to hurt." the pretty brunette, Jack's girlfriend, was apologetic as the ropes came off and she sat up, keeping her legs spread and inspecting the minor damage which had been inflicted while indulging her boyfriend's fetish. She had worked for weeks, inserting bottles, dildos, plugs, and other increasingly large objects into her vagina, trying to prepare and accommodate Jack's fist more comfortably. She just wasn't there yet.

Jack sighed. He had really begun to feel excited this time. Fulfilled. Just when he was getting in farther than ever before, she had called a halt.

He made his decision that night, while laying in bed, and followed through the next day.  He arranged for the purchase of a slave, one of the girls that were raised and sold specifically for the fetish market. It cost a lot of money, but it was going to be worth it.

When she arrived, he looked her over. She was medium sized, which was good, and young, which was better. She stood with her head bowed, naked and shaking with her hands tied behind her back. He took her down to the basement and tied her to a post, leaving her there while he went upstairs to finish some work. He thought about the girl below him during the day, dreaming about fisting her and doing as he pleased because he owned her.

That evening after his girlfriend left he went downstairs and turned the light on. There was the girl, still attached to the post. She had short dark hair which complimented her light complexion nicely. Her young face was made more beautiful by the look of fear she exhibited at his presence. Her breasts were small, firm, and had naturally erect and hard nipples. Her legs were lean and strong.

Jack removed his clothes and then moved over to the new slave. He grabbed one ankle and lifted it up, tying it up and behind the girl so she stood on one leg. He then lifted and tied the other ankle in the same way. The girl hung from her bindings, legs held apart and behind her, exposing her quivering folds of pussy flesh. She was shaved smooth as he had instructed.

Kneeling in front of the slave, Jack smeared lube on his hand and then began massaging and spreading the girl's vaginal opening. She shuddered in a mixture of pleasure and fear as he stroked her clit and then pushed inside of her. Pushing, deep, deeper, slowly, ever so slowly, she moaned and groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain as her flesh spread wide apart in response to his relentless pressing. As her flesh relaxed and yielded, Jack's hand went deeper and deeper into the girl's pussy and down the vaginal canal.

Finally, Jack's hand was all the way in. His arm protruded from her tight pussy flesh. The girl seemed to be in pain but wasn't complaining nearly as much as his girlfriend had the day before. Daringly, Jack pushed further in, pressing and pushing the cervix up, feeling its resistance.  The flesh was malleable, and stretched as he pushed. The girl finally began sobbing and even gave a gasping scream as he pushed deeper.

Jack withdrew his hand slowly. He had never been that deep before. It was an amazing feeling, filling and stretching this woman, being so far inside of her that her insides began to rearrange themselves to accommodate him. He leaned down and began licking the loose flesh of her pussy for his own enjoyment and to also see her squirm with pleasure. And squirm she did, for Jack knew how to service a woman and in a few minutes a flush and squeal indicated the girl had climaxed.

Jack didn't stop. He reached both hands to press the girl's flesh wider, opening her vagina once again. He licked deeper and deeper, pulling her vagina was wide as he could to see inside. The girl screamed this time, and begged for mercy -- the first time she had spoken.

A perverse idea came to Jack; as he thought about it he began to do it. He wondered, how far he could get inside? Women gave birth to babies, right? A fist was nothing. He should be able to get two fists in there. Or... more...

The girl struggled and writhed as he pushed and gripped, slipping on body fluids and blood as her vagina tore as if he was giving her an episiomoty. Two hands entered her as she struggled against the ropes from which she hung helpless. His face delved deep inside as he tasted the insides with his tongue.

He pushed, hard. His face, his head, pushing deeper. He thought he might be able to reach her cervix with his tongue... what a rush he had when he thought this and he pushed harder. The slave girl screamed non-stop now as he pushed and spread her wider than any human opening was designed to be spread. He reached with his tongue, moved for a different angle, pressed his face and head deeper, removed his hands to make room for his head and pushed harder.

With amazement he realized that he was making it inside. His head was actually going to get inside the girl. Reaching one hand down to stroke his cock as he pushed his head deeper, he inched closer to his goal. The girl's abdomen was distended grotesquely. She gritted her teeth as the man slowly but surely pressed his head inside her womb.

Suddenly, he was inside. Her pussy lips closed over his neck and his head was completely inside her body. She looked like she was pregnant with triplets long past her term, except for the man's body between her legs. The pressure from his head made it hard for her to breathe, the pain from her torn flesh was agonizing. She gasped as she could, screaming what little she could from the torture.

Inside, Jack realized that he was inside the girl, enveloped completely by the girl. At this moment he ejaculated, a huge stream of semen erupting and squirting out as he reached climax.

As his orgasm faded, Jack realized he had been holding his breath. There was no air inside the girl. He tried to ease out. The girl had stopped struggling, and he thought it would be easy.

It wasn't. The girl hung limply from the ropes, unconscious from pain and shock. Below her and inside her was Jack. While her flesh had stretched enough to allow him in, getting out was another matter. Jack flailed helplessly, trying to pull out and catch some air. He couldn't. The flesh had collapsed and tightened around his neck and the sharp ridge of his chin could not get past and out of the girl's pussy.

There was very little noise in the basement. The girl has stopped screaming and simply hung there, motionless. The sound of Jack's body flopping around continued for about a minute. There were no screams because Jack had no air with which to scream. Eventually, the body stopped flopping and simply twitched.

The next day, Jack's girlfriend came to pick Jack up for their dinner date. When she didn't find him she searched and eventually went down to the basement, in which she found the girl hanging from ropes, and dead Jack, his head still firmly stuck inside the poor dead girl's body.

Samura Hiroaki - Love of Brute

Monday, September 3, 2012

Love Of Brute: Human Balloon

The young girl slave lay naked on the box with arms and legs tied to the bottom slats, forcing her spread eagle in a most obscene manner.  Her arms were thrust back pushing her chest and breasts up, and legs were spread and tied back forcing her hips up and displaying her cunt rudely. Her head hung back over the box.

"Here, Kiko, let me show you something. I know you are learning, this will help some." Masa took the school girl to where the head of the slave hung back over the edge of the box. He took her mouth and skillfully forced it open.

"Doing this from both ends is a lot more exciting than from just one. You can't put as much in through the mouth but it will keep both ends busy and will be a lot more painful." As he spoke, the hulking bodyguard shoved a tube into the slave's mouth, forcing it in several inches. The slave shook and struggled as he performed this rather painful procedure. When the tube was secure, he took tape and made sure the tube could not be expelled.

The slave was beautiful, at least for the moment. Young and in good shape, she was perfect for the playful experiment Kiko had designed. Masa was proud of his ward, and would enjoy the humiliation and pain the slave would be going through because of Kiko's deviant imagination. Her moved back to the other end of the box where Kiko stood holding the hose.

"Can I shove it in now?" Kiko said in her eager, high pitched schoolgirl voice. She was impatient to start filling the slave.

"Yes, let's do it. Push it up a ways, to make sure you have a good seal and it won't come out right away." Masa watched as Kiko placed the hose against the anus of the slave and then pushed. It didn't go in and there was a hollow cry from the tube taped into the slave girl's mouth.

"Push harder, dear. Those muscles are designed to close tightly. Use both hands and push."

Kiko did as she was told, and the hose suddenly passed the slave's sphincter and ran into her rectum several inches. The slave screamed and Kiko giggled to see the rubber sink deep in. She continued to push and inch after inch disappeared into the soft flesh of the slave girl. The slave wriggled and made pain noises until Kiko stopped when about a foot of hose had slipped into the slave's intestine.

"Good! Now. Let's turn the water on. No! No! Not all the way, it will cause too much pressure and force the hose out! Just a little. That way the water has a chance to run up inside her, and slowly move it's way higher and higher through her digestive system."

This whole experiment had come from a recent lesson where Kiko had learned about the anatomy of the human digestive system, from the mouth to the throat, stomach, small and finally large intestines and out the rectum. Practical curiosity had overcome her and she had decided to prove to herself that there really was all this stuff inside of one of her slaves. She was intent to fill the slave with as much water as she possibly could.

The slave girl moaned and pulled against the ropes that held her. The water flowed up inside of her, not quickly but steadily. Kiko observed the slave girl writhe in pain as cramps set in.

"Turn on the hose to her mouth now, Kiko," Masa instructed. "Just a little. Slowly, you don't want her to choke to death. Just enough to keep her swallowing. That's right."

The slave had twisted her head around as the water flowed into her mouth, and tried not to swallow but found she had to if she wanted to breathe. She began swallowing the water steadily, taking breaths between each gulp. The naked woman looked so helpless and miserable, Kiko giggled a little.

"Time for dinner now. We can come back after you finish and see how she is doing." Masa guided the girl out of the storage room where the experiment was taking place. The slave lay on the crate, gulping, writhing, moaning and gurgling from the water that was slowly filling her from both ends.

Kiko and Masa returned in a couple of hours to find the slave girl laying mostly motionless, and very much changed. Her eyes were closed, face a mask of pain and misery. She no longer struggled and writhed, but the gulping and heaving breaths continued, showing she was still attempting to accept the water through her mouth.

But the most significant development was the slave's stomach. It was hugely bloated and expanded. She looked like she was in the ninth or even the tenth month of pregnancy. The flesh of her abdomen was stretched and reddish blue, and shiny. It was taught and rigidly expanded, bloated, and looked like it was ready to pop.

"I want to make her pop. Can I used your gun?" Kiko started at the miserable female slave.

Masa removed his gun from its shoulder holster and gave it to Kiko carefully. "All right, Kiko, aim it properly as we practiced. Flick the safety off."

Kiko put one finger in her ear. On the shooting range she always had ear plugs. She knew it would be loud. Scrunching up her eyes and holding the gun out straight toward the slave's huge stomach, she slowly squeezed the trigger.

Hiroaki Samura

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Spy: Magda 4

The next day Claire unlocked the rusty bolt to the cell and entered. She flipped the switch and light flooded the cell from the single overhead bulb, revealing Magda's quivering, whimpering form where she lay underneath an empty bucket. Magda was crying, sobbing on and off, her face wet with tears.

The water had run out of the bucket during the night, but it had dripped on Magda's face long enough it had slowly etched a crack in her mind, prying her sanity apart even more than before. The tortures had broken Magda the previous day, and Claire knew that the water torture would go even further in crumbling what little resistance was left in her prisoner's will.

Looking at Magda's naked form stretched out and tied on the floor, Claire felt a surge of pity that quickly turned to lust. She desired Magda, she had desired her from the moment the spy had been given over to her custody. She had obtained most of the information she had been tasked to extract, and while some added information might be squeezed from the young girl's brain Claire's attentions were refocusing on breaking and then reforming Magda's will to her own corrupt and depraved purposes. It had been a long time since Claire had possessed such a fine female which could be bent and torn to her own purposes of debauchery.

"Well, my dear. How did you sleep last night? I see you finished the water. Are you hungry? I brought you some bread and fruit. A real treat, I might add, prisoners here don't usually see fresh fruit. It is a gift, from me to you." Claire produced the food and held it where the prisoner could see and smell it. Magda only gurgled slightly and looked at Claire with a wide-eyed, crazed look.

Claire undid Magda's restraints and pulled her up to a standing position. Magda's eyes were confused and she stood disoriented. The water torture had left her dazed and unable to think properly, unable to process her surroundings. She no longer understood that she was naked, and was losing much of her sense of self.

Claire took Magda over to a strange device that now stood to the side of the room. It was a metal frame made of heavy piping, and in the center was a box. Just a square wooden box. It opened with latches which Claire undid. She placed the plate of food. "Go ahead, and eat. This food is good for you. It will make you feel better."

Magda put her head into the box and began eating with her mouth. When she did so, Claire closed the box, trapping Magda's head inside. At first, Magda screamed and her bound body writhed, trying to get out of the box. The round opening in the box where her neck entered scraped the flesh of her neck and shoulders, and held her head fast inside. It was dark, and Magda was unable to move in the dark. Her head and shoulders were bent over, her naked breasts hanging down as she struggled.

Finally she stopped and rested. She would not get free of this new torture. Life was endurance. It was not even a choice to endure, for she could not kill herself. She simply was a plaything, being tortured by another, slowly losing her mind and sense of human dignity. Magda began eating the food that remained inside the box with her head, rooting around to find bits of it with her nose and lips. In the few days that she had been in the cell, she had been reduced to an almost animal state. She no longer cared that she was naked, or where she urinated or defecated. She ate her food as if someone might steal it at any moment. Her hair was ratty, her soft flesh covered with scrapes and bruises from her various ordeals.

Magda heard the door close with a heavy metal clang, and she knew she was locked there, standing bent over and trapped with her head in the box. How long, she didn't know. She drooled, and urine trickled down her leg without her awareness. The blackness and silence caused hallucinations and Magda began having a conversation with Claire, imagining the woman was standing before her, naked and gentle, caressing her hair and naked flesh.


When Claire finally returned, about four hours later, Magda was hanging from the box, no longer able to stand. Claire unclasped the box and removed Magda's head, slapping her to get her attention, forcing her to focus and think.

"Magda. Listen to me. You have been cooperative, but I need more information. About the network. I have been kind to you, and if you give me this little bit of information, I can get you out of this cell for a while. Can you hear me?" Claire grabbed Magda's huddled form and shook it, drawing the crazed woman's attention back to her.

"Yes. Yes... I know. The network. It's outside. It belongs to Sergei..." Magda began a rambling tale, speaking her thoughts and memories out loud. As she did, she rocked back and forth and her hand slipped between her legs. She began masturbating without realizing what she was doing. Claire observed this, and knew she was ready for the next step. The last torture had broken Magda's will, and it was now time to begin reforming her perceptions and personality into something new and debased.

Claire spoke to Magda kindly as she began strapping the girl's arms behind her back. "Because you have given us what is needed, and have been cooperative, I am going to help you. You see, Magda, I like you. You have potential, and as long as you help me, I will help you."

The straps pulled Magda's elbows together tightly, forcing her breasts out as if she were proud to display them. A heavy collar was added with a chain attached that could be used as a leash.

"I apologize for the uncomfortable restraints, but I do need to conform to the prison rules. All prisoners must be restrained when being moved through a public location. You do want to go outside, don't you? You would like that, wouldn't you Magda?" Claire stroked the spy's face with her palm for a moment, and observed Magda's confused look slowly clear to understanding and desire.

"Outside? Outside... this room?" Magda was remembering the world.

Tightening the straps to make sure they were both inescapable and uncomfortable, Claire took the leash, opened the door, and guided Magda out into the dimly lighted hall. Locked metal doors lined the walls of the hallway. As they passed one of them, Magda heard a low cry of a woman followed by a scream echo from behind one of the closed doors. She hung her head and shivered a moment, remembering some of her own trials just a few hours before.

They climbed concrete stairs, reached a lighted hall and turned to a door. A guard behind bullet proof glass checked Claire's paperwork and eyed the naked form of Magda shuddering behind her. It was clear he appreciated what he saw. He buzzed the door open and Claire pulled Magda's chain, leading her outside into bright sunlight that made her cry and squint her eyes shut.


The noise of the street outside was a shock to Magda. There were cars zooming by, people talking, the sound of a jackhammer and other construction close by. She had been locked deep inside the cells of the detention center and had begun to lose all her sense of reality; the dark quiet of her cell had isolated her. Shrinking back against the concrete wall of the building, she tugged at the collar, afraid to move any further.

Claire tugged at her chain. "Don't disappoint me, Magda. I am trying to give you something nice. Follow along."

Magda forced herself to step forward into the alien city, the blinding light, the noise and fear that existed outside the prison. She walked on the hot pavement, her bare feet burning. She barely felt her nakedness, though she became increasingly aware of how strangers stopped to stare at her in the street. Hanging her head, covering her face with her hair, she simply followed the pull of the leash.

"I need to get some cigarettes here. Please wait for me outside." Claire had stopped in front of a small store front. She circled the leash to a lamp post and fastened it with a small padlock. Magda shuddered with fear as Claire left her standing naked in public, tied to the post like a dog. She squatted as she waited. Several people gathered around her and watched her, speaking in a foreign language. Magda tried to cover her nakedness, but it was useless. She was debased, degraded, her will broken.

After a few minutes Claire returned. She took Magda's arm and raised her to a standing position. She spoke to the few people that had gathered to look in a friendly voice, and motioned toward the naked girl. One of the men stepped forward and reached out hesitantly to touch Magda's naked breast. She shrunk back, but he reached forward and took hold of her soft flesh, fondling it. Claire spoke more, urging him and others on.

Men gathered around and more began to touch Magda. Her arms were still bound tightly behind her and she was unable to cover herself. Exposed and vulnerable, men and even some women had come over and were touching her perfect naked body, playing with her nipples, breasts, stomach, thighs, and between her legs.

Claire turned to Magda and ordered, "Spread your legs. Let them touch you anywhere they like."

Magda did was she was ordered, tears forming and rolling down her cheeks. Rough hands reached between her spread legs and delved inside her slit, pushing deeper inside her exposed sex. Someone she couldn't see spread her buttocks and began to probe her anus.

"Lean over. Bend, and keep your legs spread!" Claire spoke sharply. Magda did as she was told. Her breasts hung down, pointing at the concrete walkway as did her hair. Her genitals and anus were exposed. Passers by began to stop, fondle and penetrate her and then move aside for others. Magda's body was violated over and over again. She felt more than fingers entering her. Hard cocks forced their way inside, and she was bounced and held and gripped as she was used by strangers in the street.

Finally, Claire leaned over to Magda and asked in a soft voice "Magda, dear. Would you like to come home with me, away from these crowds? Would you like to be safe in my house?"

Magda looked up to Claire and immediately nodded. She wanted to get out of the prying eyes and hands of the public, away from the humiliation she felt and the pain she had been experiencing.

"Are you sure? You can be returned to the prison, to your cell." Magda shook her head violently. She hardly remembered anything before her imprisonment, and wanted anything rather than going back. Falling down in front of Claire, she knelt and bowed her head, begging Claire to take her and be kind to her. She offered herself, willingly, to do anything Claire might wish.

Claire spoke sharply to the crowd. They immediately dispersed, and with a quick click, the leash was unlocked. Magda was led away, naked and exposed in public, but on her way to a new home to meet a fate that should could never have imagined just two weeks before. She was to be Claire's personal plaything. Somehow she accepted this as her new role, even embraced it. Nothing would make her happier than making Claire happy, pleasing her new mistress.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Girl in a Jar

It was worse than being buried alive, she thought.

Virtually every muscle in her body was cramping. Her lower back seized. Her legs and thighs were aching. Her arms were in only mild pain compared with her shoulders and neck. Even her ankles and feet were in agony.

Breathing was a serious problem. Yes, there were several cracks and holes in the glass jar but not enough to get good fresh air, just the minimum oxygen. The problem wasn't just the lack of air, it was her own body. The smell of her own sweat and urine filled her lungs and suppressed her breathing like a wet blanket. The humidity inside the jar was making her sweat profusely.

It was impossible to move anything.

Tears trickled down her cheeks. She was trying not to cry because she knew her body was dehydrating and she needed to retain as much water as she could. Still, it hurt. Her life was pain, and there was very little else except a panic that welled inside her.

A man approached. Her new owner. Desperation and hope suddenly swelled and came out as a sob mixed with a single word. "Please."

The man knelt next to her and looked at her carefully, as if examining purchased goods. Which she was, after all. She knew that after this experience she would do anything for him, take any abuse, undergo any humiliation and degradation. She just wanted out. She simply wanted to be able to move again.

It came out again, clearer this time. "Please. I will do anything."

The man rose and turned away. Despair overwhelmed the hope and she screamed, the sound echoing and deafening her inside the tiny glass bubble in which she was encased.

Her owner returned moments later. In his hand, he had a hammer. He raised it above him and she closed her eyes as it descended, striking and shattering the glass.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Suicide Club

It had been a year since Lisa had joined the Suicide Club, and in that time she had seen two of their membership die.  It was enough for her to know that death was never easy, never clean. Her original mixed emotions of despair, a desire for some meaning or at least excitement, and a fear of taking her own life tugged at desires to end the sporadic misery that had marked her existence.  The Suicide Club seemed like the perfect answer. Live or die, it would be an adventure.

The group of 15 or so men and women stood in the clearing with trees all around, obscured by fog. Lisa rolled her dice at the same time as the others. Several of the members stepped back leaving Lisa and nine others to switch pairs of dice among each other and roll again. A stab of fear, anticipation and adrenalin hit her as she quickly surveyed the results.  Three of their group stepped away, and the remaining 7, including Lisa, exchanged dice.

Lisa stood and stretched, more out of nervous energy than anything else. This part of the ritual had always appealed to her, the rush of excitement was better than any drug she had ever taken.  Lisa was a tall, slim girl, with brunette hair cropped into a pixie cut that framed her cute face perfectly. She could have any of the guys in the club, and had in fact slept with a few, including Polly. Polly was not lesbian or bi, but when Lisa had seduced her she had put up no protest. It had been a good pairing. The club was an odd paring of sexual passion, angst, fear, depression and a careless attitude toward life.

 Polly now stood across from her, nervously manipulating the dice in her fingers.

They rolled again. Polly and three others stepped back. Polly looked relieved to the point of tears; Lisa felt a pang of strong fear and felt her hands shake. She had not come this close as yet. She swore to herself that when this was over she was going to seduce Sean, the tall sandy haired guy that stood to the back of the observing set of members that had been eliminated from the lottery. The tense adrenalin gave her a sexual rush that made her flush, mixed with the first real fear of the day. She felt herself getting wet, a strange reaction. Staring at Sean for a moment, Lisa imagined him between her legs, pushing and writhing as she gripped him with her thighs. He was staring at her, too, with a sort of weird look of desire.

The dice were cast once more, and Lisa swore. "Fuck!"

All but Lisa and Phillip stepped away. Lisa stood for a moment, once again savoring the massive adrenalin rush that was making her horny and terrified beyond all reason. She now had a 50/50 chance of dying that day. It didn't seem real.

As per club rules, Sean and one other guy in the club stepped forward to tie the last two member's hands behind their backs. This was a precaution to prevent any last minute regrets; once beginning the lottery, the process would continue until one of them was dead. No backing out. Sean took the opportunity to feel Lisa's ass through her loose skirt. She could feel that his cock was hard, and while she wanted him desperately at that moment, there was little she could do about it until the ceremony was complete.

A petite blond stepped forward. At 27, Ellen was the oldest of the group. She stood between Phillip and Lisa, letting the entire group savor the tension and energy that brought them back every few months. Lisa felt suddenly cold, the light top she was wearing would be OK later in the day when she was seducing Sean, but not in this fog...

Ellen rolled the dice for the last time.

Phillip fell to the ground and sat numbly. Lisa looked at the dice with disbelief. The tension reached a peak and held there, the terror which penetrated her body an unbelievable electric charge. She had wanted to die a year ago, but the very thing that was condemning her to die now had given her a new purpose in life. She didn't want to die, she wanted to continue to watch others die, she wanted to risk dying, but she didn't want to die herself...

A rope had been thrown over a tree limb high above them. Lisa stood shaking beneath it, looking at Sean, wanting him, wanting to fuck him one last time, pleading with her eyes for him to take her right then... but he simply took the noose and slipped it over her neck.

The rope felt rough. Odd how it felt so different than her soft clothing. It was out of place around her neck, the scratching an unpleasant feeling. She thought about her body, how she had worked to attain the perfect weight and look; muscular, find breasts, strong legs, and how this body would struggle and finally decay. What a waste, she though.

The rope pulled tight around her neck. Panic set in, and she tried to run. It was no use, the rope was already urging her body higher, lifting her up by that thin, soft flesh that curved up from her shoulders. As the rope bore more and more of her weight, the hangman's knot slipped down and pressed against the back of her neck, pressing tighter, pulling the noose smaller, pressure building. She was on her toes now, and her air was cut off. She could no longer breath except in very short, strained raspy wheezes.

Even that left luxury left seconds later. The rope pulled her neck and head up, twisting it slightly, and the weight of her body (only 120 lbs, not bad for someone 5'9"), pressed her windpipe closed and air no longer passed. This caused a slight gurgle to come from her mouth as the pressure pushed her throat and tongue forward. The group saw her tongue protrude and drool form as she slowly left the earth, the entire weight of her body now pulling down on the rope around her neck.

Lisa struggled. It wasn't a matter of choice, as if she thought somehow she could escape. In the pounding purple haze that covered her vision she was aware she struggled and that it was of no use. The others watched her legs kick, her bare stomach heave in an attempt to draw air through the close passage. As her writhing body slowly rose higher into the air, they observed her feet appear, kicking, under her long skirt.

About 10 feet above the ground, Lisa stopped ascending and simply hung for all to observe. Her kicking was slowing, and the silence of the foggy forest was broken only by the slight creak of the rope as she swung back and forth. A small stream of liquid ran down one leg, now exposed to those beneath, as Lisa lost control of body functions.

Finally, Lisa was still. Her glassy eyes stared forward. Her pink tongue could be seen protruding slightly from between her full lips. Her flat stomach was apparent between her top and skirt, unmoving. The group stood back to observe for a while, for in death Lisa was more lovely than ever. Hanging there in the forest, she was a delicate, beautiful flower on display. Her arms were lovely, relaxed and tied behind her back; her legs were perfect as they peeked out from under her skirt. Her body shape could be observed perfectly, every curve and beautiful but still inch of her form.

The group left, one by one, and Sean walked with is arm around Polly.

"I fucked her, you know," Polly said quietly.

"Did you?" Sean asked.

"Yes. It was good. I had never slept with a girl before."

Sean's hand crept from around Polly's waist to touch the bottom curve of her breast. "Sleep with me now. Fuck me. Let's go back to the clearing and fuck underneath her body. This whole thing has made me so horny, I can't believe it..."

Polly turned to face Sean as his hand slipped under her blouse and found her right nipple. "Yes... god yes... I want that... now..."

Polly and Sean kissed deeply as the others left the clearing. When they were alone, they eagerly removed clothing, kissing and groping each other. Polly found Sean's member and gripped its hardness, moist from a bit of precum, and pulled it out of his pants. In moments they were on the ground, Polly on her back with Sean between her legs, pushing deep withing her, writhing as she gripped him tightly between her thighs.

As they fucked, she looked up at the sight of Lisa's hanging body, still in the fog above them. Polly moaned and shuddered as the first of several orgasms rolled over her body.