Monday, August 1, 2011

Inquisition: Iron Maiden

In my travels I have been presented with a wide variety of implements designed to encourage reticent heretics to talk, and to repent. In the case where all these fail, the eventual need is to punish and execute the heretic. While not my primary purpose, I have also been called upon to assist in the punishment of those that had been accused of treachery and treason against the crown.

I had the opportunity to observe the punishment and execution of such a criminal in the city of Nuremburg. A woman who had been a favorite of the bishop there had been found to be practicing witchery in seducing the bishop and several other officials to gain favor and money. When it was found that she was using her witchery to seduce these men, she had been chained and consigned to suffer in the prison of the city center.

The conditions in this prison were worse than most I had seen; to be imprisoned there for more than a few days was a torture in itself. Confinement in the stone cells and holes meant death to many.

My observations of the suffering which the woman endured began when I accompanied two jailers to her cell. The small square had no windows or light, and smelled heavily of rot and human excrement. As the heavy door swung open I recoiled at the stench. The first jailer entered with the torch so we could see and after a moment we entered and observed three women chained to rings in the wall. None of the chains were long enough to allow the women to lay or even sit on the floor, and so they stood as best they could, leaning against the stone. The condemned woman had a heavy metal collar with her wrists secured to a metal arm in front of her. The jailer unlocked the chain that secured her to the wall and she was dragged to the corridor outside.

The woman's clothes were torn into rags, the top half of her shift completely removed. Her hair was ragged, and angry red welts stood out on her naked back where she had been whipped. She was filthy, covered with mud and dirt. In spite of all this, her witchery came through immediately; she was beautiful. A long slim body, large breasts than hung down in front of her and an even well tempered face with dark eyes and full lips spoke of her ability to seduce men. I felt the effects of her wiles in my own pants as I stared at the lovely creature on the ground before me.

The executioner of the prisoner had invited me to watch the proceedings and use of the unique device they had made for such executions in their dungeon. The woman was made to stand in the corridor  while the remains of her clothes were torn from her body. Once naked her body stood before me and called to me, her spells enticing me as few women had before. Her private sex area was exposed as she staggered and tried to stay standing as she was dragged along the hallway. Her muscular legs and curved hips aroused me as she walked before me. Her swinging breasts were slightly visible to me even though I walked behind her.

I wanted to take her, to use her body, more than any other woman I had ever seen. Her wild dark hair still held the shine of a courtesan, and her body called to me erotically. My member became erect as we entered the torture chamber of the prison. Her irons were removed and the executioner shoved her down and over a table, where she lay on her stomach.

At the executioner's urging, I yielded to my urges and mounted the witch from behind. My swollen member pushed hard between her legs, and she began to protest and struggle as I rammed in deep within her. Her flesh surrounded and stroked my prick as I moved in and out of her, holding her down on the table as I satisfied the urges her spells had cast on me. It was her own evil witchery that brought this upon her and her cries simply urged me on, as I pounded and eventually felt the climax and ejaculation into her womb.

The witch and former courtesan lay on the table, sobbing, her smooth flesh flexing. Her breasts pressed against the table top and bulged outward on the sides; the long dark hair stuck to her wet skin. The executioner slid his hands along the curves of her sensual body, her sides, thin waist spreading hips, and then narrowing thighs. He too took the witch, relieving himself of pent up sexual urges she unleashed with her charms. His thrusts pushed her body, bouncing it back and forth. Her cries were unintelligible, rising and falling with each thrust as the executioner lay on top of her back and pounded his hips into hers.

When he was done with the witch, the executioner rose and tied the rope for his pants; he then tied the witch's legs together at her knees. Grabbing her hair in his hand, he lifted her up off the table and dragged her to the corner where the iron coffin stood.

This coffin was the instrument I had been invited to see. While it was an instrument of torture, the torture was such that the victim would seldom if ever survive. Thus, it was a means of painful execution.  A hinged door in the front stood open, and I could observe heavy spikes on the inside of the door and the coffin itself. The coffin, while outwardly large, actually had very little space for the victim inside; what little space there was would accommodate only the spikes.

The executioner lifted the witch up by her hair, and with a swift motion pushed the naked woman into the iron coffin. The spikes in the back of the coffin pierced her flesh and she screamed. As she attempted to move forward, the door at the front of the device was closed, the spikes extending toward her raking her flesh, tearing it and forcing her back inside the iron coffin.

The door slammed shut on the victim's body. The spikes had penetrated her flesh, burying themselves into her thighs, stomach, breasts, shoulders, and arm. More spikes from the back had smashed into her buttocks and back, shoulder and arms.

The screaming continued, audible from inside the metal casing of the iron maiden. The woman begged, panting for breath, each expansion of her stomach for air causing a painful penetration of the spikes. The coffin shook slightly as the victim struggled, but there was really no purpose. Movement inside the hideous device would simply cause the spikes to dig deeper; tear more flesh, and cause more agony. The screams of the woman continued for a while but eventually quieted to sobbing.

A small amount of blood trickled out of the cracks at the bottom of the coffin doors.

I noted that the spikes were designed to penetrate the flesh, and deeper into the body in locations where there were no vital organs. The spikes were designed not to penetrate vital organs; thus the victim could remain impaled inside the metal coffin for some time, alive and suffering. We observed the coffin for a while; listening to the moans and cries rise and fall from inside the insidious device.

As the day drew to a close, I returned to my home and a night of rest. The next morning, I returned to ascertain the condition of the condemned woman. The executioner lead me to the chamber, which was quiet. At first I thought that the woman had died during the night but the executioner removed a small shield which covered the victims face. From there, we saw that the woman's eyes were big, terrified, and when they saw the light her screams were renewed. The woman begged to be killed, to be put out of her torment.

The executioner went to replace the face plate, but used a different one. This one had two spikes on the inside, positions just at the point of the victim's eyes. When the witch saw this approaching her cries became pathetic and showed terror; the executioner covered her face with the metal mask, pressing in to force the spikes into the witch's eyes. After a moment of intense screaming, the face plate was in place and the muffled screams began to subside once again.

The executioner assured me that the woman would probably survive another day of agony. And so, the next day I returned to observe the results of the execution. The chamber was quiet except for the echoing screams of another victim from a cell down the corridor. The seeping blood at the bottom of the metal coffin was dried. The executioner unbolted and swung open the door. We were greeted by a stench of human waste, sweat, and blood. The once beautiful body of the woman inside was pulled out by the spikes on which it had been impaled. With a slight pull, the body slid off the spikes and fell to the floor. The sightless sockets that once held the woman's eyes pointed to the ceiling, and her body showed the numerous punctures over its surface. There was surprisingly little blood, as the spikes had served to fill the wounds they caused, preventing too much loss of blood.

The body of the woman was removed, and thrown in the river for disposal.