Sunday, November 13, 2011

Corporate Execution

The Accusation

"Come in, Marisa," Frank stood as the young brunette was ushered into the basement office of the corporate security head. Marisa was nervous, wondering why she had been called downstairs to Frank's office. She saw her boss, Alice, sitting to the side.

Marisa was a 23 year old tall brunette, with a cute round face freckled lightly and a perfect body that she liked to subtly use to get ahead at work. Just the right amount of cleavage and leg could take a girl far. Down here in the basement, it was warm and she took her tailored suit jacket off. The habit of emphasizing her breasts had developed whenever she was in a tight spot.

Marisa gulped. This was it, she thought. She was going to get fired. Or something. She didn't know what she had done but this wasn't good.  Ever since the federal government had been taken over by the corporations, laws had been passed giving the large companies more and more power to manage their own affairs. Each corporation was now run like its own small country, with laws and punishments that it dictated. Getting fired was like being deported, and finding another job was almost impossible.

Alice smiled and invited Marisa to take a seat. A heavy metal chair was positioned in the center of the room. A guard stood behind Marisa's chair, Alice sat to the right, and Frank in front of her.

"So, Marisa. Do you know why you are here?" Frank said pleasantly.

"No... I mean, uh... no."

Alice spoke. "My dear, I have always liked you. It was very disappointing for me to discover that you have been selling plans for the new flange to our competitors. You could have gone far here at Allied Syncromatics."

"What? No, that isn't true. I haven't been selling anything, I am not a spy! I am not a corporate spy! Please, what evidence, what am I accused of?" Marisa began babbling, now sweating and shaking in earnest. This seemed to please Frank who appreciated Marisa's discomfort.

"My dear, we have found the plans you passed along, with your fingerprints, in the hands of a known handler from BisouCorp. He is dead, by the way. As for you, well, I am afraid your time with the company is limited." Alice looked a little sad and shifted in her seat.

"Please don't fire me," begged Marisa, "I don't have enough experience. I won't be able to find a job with another Corp! I didn't do it, please give me a chance to defend myself! Demote me, use me some other way, let me prove myself. I am a good employee, you know this, Alice!"

Frank smiled and calmly rose and walked around his desk to face Marisa. "I am afraid you are misunderstanding the situation, my dear. Corporate espionage is considered treason here. The consequences of treason are death, I am afraid. Your execution is scheduled for midnight tonight."

Marisa's eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open, as she stared silently as Frank, and then Alice. It was quite for a moment before Alice spoke. "I am afraid so, Marisa. I will miss you. I liked you, I really did. But these are the corporate laws and we can't risk you taking any further information out of the building. You will be held here, prepared and executed at midnight."

"It is all very normal and regular," Frank chimed in. "You will have the next few hours in a cell to prepare yourself, and for us to prepare you for the procedure. It is all very hygienic and isn't painful at all. There will be witnesses, of course. The VP of B2B sales has expressed an interest, as has the president. You are quite attractive, Marisa, and I suspect there will be a variety of executives there to see you as you pass on. Alice, will you attend?"

"Oh, I wouldn't miss it!" Alice fairly chirped. "Marisa is one of my favorite girls, and the chance to see her swing, well... it may be a once in a lifetime chance. It certainly will be for Marisa!"

Frank and Alice broke out laughing at the crass joke as Marisa began to cry, tears flowing down her cheeks. The guard behind her reached out and took her arm, dragging her up and out of the seat. He then guided the shaking girl out of the room, down the hall and into a small cell with a heavy door. She was shoved inside the room and the door was closed. Marisa heard a clank as a simple bolt locked the door from outside.

Looking around, Marisa saw contained a toilet, sink, and a cot. It looked gross. The cot was stained, and the room had a sour smell. It was hot and humid, as the room had no ventilation. She sat on the edge of the cot and waited, unable to believe that she had been discovered and was about to pay the ultimate price for corporate espionage.

The Preparation

After perhaps an hour, the door unbolted and opened. A guard entered, followed by a female guard whose name tag said "Maria". Maria had several items in her hands, which she set down on the cot next to Marisa.

"Hi, Marisa, my name is Maria and I am here to help prepare you for the procedure later this evening. We like to keep things very clean, orderly and dignified for all our guests, so that the experience can be as smooth and comfortable as possible."

Marisa nodded slightly as if she understood, which she didn't. Maria picked up and item from the heap on the cot. It was an enema bag. Not just any enema bag, either, but a huge one. Maria continued talking as she went over to the sink and turned the water on, testing it for temperature.

"Now, please remove your clothes. You won't need them for the rest of the day. Don't worry, we will take care of them. The first thing we need to do is clear your bowels. The procedure tonight frequently results in a loss of bowel control, and I know you wouldn't want to evacuate your bowels uncontrollably in front of our executives, would you?" Maria began filling the enema bag with lukewarm water.

"You want me to strip?" Marisa stood in disbelief for a bit. The male guard stood in front of the door motionless.

"Yes, dear, unless you want George here to remove your clothes for you. Please, we really are trying to make this whole process as comfortable and smooth for you as we can."

Marisa looked at the large guard, noticing that he had a bulge in his pants that belied a rather large package and erection.  She slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. George watched carefully as Marisa removed her blouse, and then unhooked her bra. As it slipped forward and she felt her breasts sag and swing free, Marisa also saw George smile slightly and his bulge seemed to throb just a bit. She turned her naked back to the guard and observed Maria filling the enema bag until it bulged.

"That's good, Marisa. Now, your shoes, skirt and panties. We need you naked now."

Marisa unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She was wearing small but comfortable cotton panties. She removed her shoes and placed them under the cot. Standing there naked, with nothing but panties, she hesitated. She didn't want to remove this last article of clothing. It seemed like it was the last bit of her dignity that she had to hang on to. She stood silently, without moving, her back to George.

Maria finished filling the bag and turned the water off. She placed a small plug in the top of the bag to keep it from spilling, then turned to Marisa.

"Marisa, we need the panties off as well. We can't prep you while you have clothing on. Please remove them now." Maria's tone wasn't friendly any more. She was giving an instruction and expected to be obeyed. Marisa flushed deeply, hung her head, looking down at her naked breasts and stomach. Her nipples were slightly erect, which puzzled her slightly.

Without warning Marisa felt George's rough hands grabbing her panties and yanking them down. They slid easily and Marisa automatically stepped out of them when they reached her ankles- she didn't even think about what she was doing. In no time she was standing completely naked. George took hold of her upper arms and pushed her forward against the cot, and then bent her over. With a swift kick, he knocked Marisa's legs apart and then held her head down on the cot.

"Thank you George," Maria said. "Now, Marisa, we will all continue to do our jobs here, including you. You will take this enema and clear your bowels, as company procedures demand."

Marisa felt Maria's rubber gloved finger suddenly push into her anus. She contracted her sphincter automatically, but it was too late. The finger had pushed deep. It was covered with a lube that felt cool and slippery as Maria shoved her finger in and moved it around and then in and out a bit, spreading the lube around. Marisa gasped as Maria continued to finger fuck her ass for a bit before she was satisfied and withdrew.

Next, a hard object was placed against Marisa's anus. She squeezed and tried to prevent its entry, but she was lubed up so well it slid in easily and quickly, penetrating deep. It felt a little like when she had let that manager in QA ass fuck her, except harder, and longer.

Once the device was all the way in, Maria explained the next step. "This is a large enema, so this nozzle has a built in inflatable which will prevent you from accidentally expelling the water before we are done. You will feel it expand now."

Maria pumped a bulb, and Marisa gasped once again as she felt the device in her rectum growing larger, spreading and pushing against the walls of her large intestine. It got larger and larger, and Marisa began struggling a little. George held her in place, but Marisa also noticed that her nipples were now rock hard. She was becoming aroused by the procedure. The flush of humiliation was hidden from view by her long hair hanging on either side of her head, but she felt sure that the two guards could tell she was becoming sexually excited.

"OK, Marisa. Thanks for cooperating, this makes it a lot easier for everyone. Now we will being the enema."

In spite of the water being lukewarm, it seemed cold as it suddenly rushed into her bowels. It flooded her abdomen, quickly filling her large intestine and then making its way further. The sensation of invasion and coolness spread throughout her lower body and she moaned slightly.

"Oh, Marisa, I did need to warn you," Maria said absent-mindedly. "Some subjects experience some arousal with this procedure. It shouldn't alarm you, in fact, it might help you if you simply give in to it and enjoy."

Marisa was, in fact, enjoying. Until, that is, the cramps began. They started in the lowest part of her bowels but quickly spread until her entire abdomen was hurting. She placed her hands on her stomach and felt how it had expanded and distended with the water that was still flowing into her. She grunted, and then cried a little, "Please... this hurts, I am cramping! God... it hurts... please stop it!"

"We are almost done, Marisa," comforted Maria. "Just a few more pints. We are being thorough here, as much to provide you with some dignity during the execution procedure as for our own sensibilities."

Marisa remained bent over, taking the water, feeling her stomach distend further and crying as the cramps rolled through her. She was shaking when the water flow stopped, and couldn't tell at first until Maria told her. "I am going to remove the nozzle now. When I do, try to hold it for a moment or two until you can get to the toilet. It is right next to you. Ready?"

Marisa nodded, and then felt the nozzle suddenly deflate. The urge to release shit was intense, but she squeezed her sphincter closed tighter than she thought possible as the hard plastic nozzle was removed. She quickly moved to the toiled and then relaxed. With a huge splurting noise, she released the contents of her bowels. It was like the worst diarrhea she had ever experienced. She bent over, holding her stomach with her arms, pushing the stream of water and shit out and into the toilet.

As she expelled the enema, Maria and George leaned against the wall and watched her. It was humiliating; Marisa had never been watched while she went to the toilet before, but there really was no choice. The smell of human feces flooded the room. Maria and George commented on the agony and humiliation Marisa was experiencing, and laughed a little as they waited.

This went on for some time. The enema had reached high enough in Marisa's bowels that the water (and feces it collected along the way) came out in periodic spurts. Eventually, the time between evacuations lengthened, slowed, and finally stopped. The sense of relief was tremendous. The pain was gone, and Marisa actually felt better than she had in ages.  Wiping herself carefully, she cleaned her ass.

George guided Marisa to the cot, and lay her down. She had no idea what was next, but lay there patiently as Maria opened some sealed bags and produced more medical tubing.

"Very well dear, we are almost done with the prep. The next step is to evacuate your bladder. This is actually more important. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loses bladder control. So. Please raise your knees and spread them as wide as you can." Maria took a tube with a rounded end and approached the bottom of the cot. Marisa turned her head toward the wall in humiliation and spread her legs as instructed, exposing her pussy.

Maria rubbed Marisa's pussy liberally with lube, and Marisa felt immediate arousal as her clit was rubbed and massaged. She raised her hand to her face, covering it from embarrassing.

"It's quite all right dear. It's OK if it feels a little bit good, isn't it?" Maria sounded kind as she began pressing the end of the narrow rubber tube into Marisa's urethra.  She pushed gently, and the sensation of the tube slowly working its way to her bladder sent Marisa into a minor paroxysm of pleasure. Maria also seemed to be purposefully rubbing Marisa's clit as she performed this operation, and Marisa began to involuntarily move her hips in a slight thrusting motion.

Maria stopped, and Marisa felt the sudden flow of urine out of her bladder. Such a strange feeling, to be urinating, to feel ones bladder shrinking but not have any control of it. Marisa looked down and saw a plastic bag filling with yellow liquid. She instinctively reached one hand down to touch the catheter where it entered her, and as she did so she slid across her clit. It felt good. She rubbed a little, letting the experience arouse her until she caught sight of George, smiling and watching her hand. She immediately pulled back and away.

When the urine was gone from Marisa's bladder, Maria unclipped the bag and tube, removing it from the tube that extended from Marisa's urethra. She left a short mount of tubing in the urethra, and took a small clamp and placed it on the end, shutting it off.

"Well, my dear. That's the last time you will ever shit or pee. You are basically ready except for one thing. Do you want a stimulant to make you feel a little less tired, or help you through the procedure?"

"Maria, I don't understand. I just... this is all so sudden. Don't I get a hearing?"

Maria looked kindly as she answered, "You already had the hearing. Everything is decided. President Fleffel has signed the order. We are all ready to go at midnight, which is... let's see... an hour. Now, do you want the stimulant? It has a slight euphoric effect, and may even extend your life just a bit."

Marisa wasn't thinking straight, but nodded her head. Maria unzipped the last medical plastic bag and produced a syringe. She pushed it into Marisa's arm without first swabbing with alcohol, and injected the contents. "There isn't much point in disinfecting the injection, you know. Not enough time for an infection to form."

At this, George opened the door and the two guards left. The clack of the lock sliding back in placed echoed a bit.

The Execution

It seemed forever, as Marisa lay on the cot in the silent, bare concrete room. She was nervous, scared. She shook. As time went on she became more shaky and nervous, and felt more and more like she had to do something. She slowly realized that the stimulant Maria had given her was anything but pleasant; it was making her heart beat faster, breathing come more quickly, and she was actually feeling more fear. She also began to feel incredibly and inexplicably horny.

After half an hour of laying on the bed, she found that she had to do something to relieve the tension. She noticed her nipples had become hard, and touched them. As her fingers touched the rough protrusions she gasped at the sudden and deep sensation that shot through her. She had never felt this aroused from her nipples before, but it was undeniable. She began to squeeze and pull them, feeling shocks of sensation penetrate her chest and down to her pussy and clit. Quickly, she reached one hand down, spread her pussy lips and felt her clit. The sensation was so intense that she yanked her hand away, and then after a moment more of rubbing her left nipple, her right hand returned and carefully slid across her pleasure center.

The catheter tube interfered at first, but as she rubbed the movement of the tube inside her seemed to enhance the experience. She licked her fingers to get more lubrication and began rubbing her clit hard. The sensations flooded through her and in less than a minute she was bucking her hips up spasmodically, unable to hold herself back as she orgasmed loudly, her cries echoing against the hard walls of the cell.

Afterward she lay quietly, wondering what time it was. It felt as if her life was already over, this room might be the last thing she would ever see. She wondered if she could get out of this predicament by offering to fuck the president. No, she realized... she had already fucked the president. That was how she got the job in the first place.

The stimulant made it impossible to relax, and she felt herself constantly needing to move. The stimulant was also making her nervous, afraid, and she began to pace in the room.

The lock on the door echoed with a loud clack and a pang of panic ran through her. It was time. The door opened and George, Frank, and Maria stood outside. Frank stepped in and smiled.

"It's time to go over to the execution location now. The execs have all arrived. We do have a treat for you though; your execution has been delayed slightly. We have another prisoner to execute and it has been decided that she will go first."

Marisa rose and Maria and George turned her around roughly. With a practiced motion, George yanked Marisa's wrists behind her, wrapping a zip tied around them, adding a second zip tie for good measure. The ties were tight, and hurt. She was then led out of the cell, and down a short corridor to stairs that descended to a subbasement. It had many metal pipes overhead and a grated floor. They walked along, the grates hurting Marisa's feet, until they reached a spot where about 5 men and a couple of women were waiting. One of the women was Alice, Marisa's boss.

"Hi, Marisa. Glad to see you," Alice smiled and greeted the condemned woman. Marisa became suddenly aware that she was the only naked person in the room, and felt a wave of vulnerability and humiliation come over her. She hung her head.

Behind her, Marisa heard others approaching on the grated metal flooring. She turned, and saw two more guards escorting a naked woman. With a sudden flood of recognition, Marisa realized that the woman was Nancy, a young accountant that seemed to always attract men by flirting and showing off a body that was nearly as perfect as Marisa's.

Nancy didn't look good. She had obviously been more combative than Marisa, and had some bruises on her face, arms and legs. Her arms were pinioned behind her at the wrists and elbows, making her bare breasts jut out in an obscene manner. Her blond hair had been cut short, and her face looked like she had been crying quite a bit. She was being dragged by the two male guards and when her legs kicked out, Marisa could see a catheter similar to the one she was wearing dangling down between Nancy's legs.

As Nancy reached the group of executives and guards, Frank stepped forward and spoke to Nancy. "Nancy Detritus, you have been charged and convicted releasing trade secrets from Allied Syncromatics and are hereby condemned to be fired by the method of termination."

Nancy spit at Frank, missing him.

George produced a long rope with a noose on the end. Marisa felt her heart falter; the execution had just become very real. She was to be hung, and die.

George threw the rope up and over a heavy pipe that ran overhead and tied the other end to a pipe that ran along the nearby concrete wall.  The noose cast a shadow on Nancy in the harsh light of the subbasement. The two guards dragged Nancy to the noose. Frank slipped it over her head and cinched it slightly so that while it was not choking the condemned, it would not come off as she struggled.

"And who would like to do the honors?" Frank turned and looked at the group of executives. One tall dark man Marisa recognized as a VP named Hanster stepped forward with a smile and took hold of the rope.

"This is for dumping all that data out to that asshole mobster in Chicago," Hanster said quietly. "Not to mention the $500 dinner I spent on you only to be given an excuse when it was time to go up to my room."

Hanster pulled the rope slowly, and the noose tightened around Nancy's throat, producing a slight gurgle. As the rope continued to rise up so did Nancy, up to her tip toes, where she stayed momentarily. Hanster, keeping the rope taught and Nancy on the tips of her toes, moved closer to Nancy and then slowly licked the side of her face, from chin line, up her cheek, over her eye and then forehead. Then, with a final pull, Nancy's toes left the floor below and she began her final dance.

Marisa watched in horror as the girl struggled to breath. Her face began to turn red and her legs kicked and jerked below her. She was only two or three inches from the floor, her face just about even with Marisa's, but it was enough that her weight was tightening the noose around her neck. It dug deeply in just below her jaw, forcing her head to one side. Marisa observed with a sickening sensation as Nancy's eyes stared directly ahead and her tongue began to protrude from her mouth as her face turned purple.

The kicking became more violent and spasmodic. Another one of the executives came over to hold the rope and raised it slightly, to make sure that there was no support for the condemned girl as she kicked and wriggled. The plastic ties that held her wrists and elbows together behind her back dig deep into flesh, causing small trickles of blood as Nancy pulled and struggled to become free.

Drool trickled from the corner of her mouth. Her chest heaved and breasts bobbled as her body tried unsuccessfully to suck in some air. She swung back and forth, the jerking motion of her legs causing her body to pitch back and forth. It was clear that her struggles simply tightened the noose around her neck, forcing her head further to the side as she slowly strangled.

The noose dance went on for several minutes. Just when Marisa thought that Nancy was no longer convulsing, new paroxysms began. After almost five minutes, Nancy's body became quiet and she simply swung back and forth on the rope, her lovely naked body no longer moving.

Frank let Nancy's body swing slowly until it came to a stop. As Marisa observed the complete motionlessness of her lifeless body, along with the agonized look on her face, she had a sudden overwhelming nausea, bent over and vomited.

The president Flefel looked at the vomit in disgust and announced to Frank, "From now on, we also empty their stomachs before we bring them down here. That's disgusting."

"Yes, sir." Frank lowered Nancy's corpse to the floor, and removed the noose. Raising it back up, he motioned to Marisa.  "Your turn, Marisa."

Marisa almost fainted and found herself being dragged to where the noose now hung before her at the level of her head. Frank slipped it over her head and tightened the rope slightly. Marisa looked at the executives that gathered around to watch her executions, terror in her eyes.

Alice stepped forward and took the rope. Another executive Marisa didn't recognized helped her, as Alice wasn't strong enough to lift Marisa into the air and keep her there. The rope dug into her neck, and felt rough and prickly. Marisa was still able to get air but felt herself being lifted up, until her toes just barely touched the floor. The small bit of support her toes gave her was enough to continue getting rasping, struggling breaths.

Her body looked lovely stretched out like that; she remained in the position for several minutes as the witnesses gathered and observed the beauty of her suspension. Her head was pushed to the side, the rope forcing it over. She felt her heart pounding, pounding, and there were spots before her eyes. As she hung half suspended, she heard the president ask "Did she get the stimulant?"

"Yes," Maria said.

"Good, she will last a while then."

Marisa realized that the stimulant had never been designed to help her. It was designed to keep her alive long during the execution process so that others would enjoy the show. She swore to herself that she would not struggle, that she would die with dignity, to spite these hateful corporate executives.

Finally, the rope was pulled up. Marisa felt it tighten and then her toes left the floor. She could no longer breath. She tried, she felt her chest heaving, her stomach pumping, but nothing got through. Her legs were kicking, in spite of her decision to resist. The witnesses observed the beautiful girl writhe, wriggle, and twist. The stimulant gave her strength, staying power that was visible in the way every muscle in her body strained, how her arms strained to get free, forcing the plastic straps to cut deep into her flesh. Her face was deep purple now, turning black, and yet still she struggled in spasmodic, sudden jerks.

It went on for 10 minutes. Consciousness began to fade for Marisa, but the stimulant kept her aware of the pain in her chest, pain like fire as her lungs cried for air. She wanted to scream but could not. She could feel her bowels release, but there was simply a loud fart; she had been cleaned out too well.

Her entire body was on fire, cramping, and hurting from the lack of air. Her head felt like it would explode, in fact she perceived her head exploding, over and over again. She was aware of the people around her, looking at her last death throws with interest, and perhaps even some lust, or arousal.

Blackness finally overcame Marisa. The pain didn't go, she was simply no longer aware of it.

The executives watched Marisa's body continue twitching for some time. She was left hanging for a half hour, to make sure she was dead. Her body was then brought down and taken, along with Nancy, to the corporate morgue.