Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spy: Magda 3

The next day Claire returned to the cell which held Magda. She flipped up the heavy switch which turned on the interior light, inserted and turned the key in the heavy lock, and swung the metal door open with a creak.

The stench from inside would have made her turn and leave had she not been prepared. The cell smelled of urine, feces, sweat, and blood. Magda sat strapped to the straight metal chair, unmoving, though her skin had a sheen of sweat reflecting the single harsh light from above.
Her head was tilted back, long dark hair flowing behind her, face to the ceiling, eyes closed, mouth still forced open by her protruding tongue, held in place by the metal clamp.

Claire stood and watched Magda breathe heavily, her naked ribs expanding, stomach contracting and expanding, breasts rising and falling. The rasping sound of her breathing echoed slightly in the stark concrete chamber. As she watched, the lights on the box sitting on a cart next to the prisoner flashed on for a few seconds and Magda's entire body contracted, muscles taking shape as she strained against the straps that held her. She grunted rather than screaming at the shock which rippled through her nipples, breasts and chest. When the lights went off, Magda's body went limp once again.Magda had a beautiful body, one that Claire had been admiring through the torture session so far. She could feel herself become aroused watching Magda's pain. Playing with such a prisoner was a true delight.

Magda roused and opened her eyes as Claire reached to the electrical box and turned it off. As she unscrewed and removed the clamp on Magda's tongue, Claire observed the exhausted, tear streaked face looking at her with dull but beautiful eyes. Claire continued removing the electrical contacts from Magda's body. Removing the clamps from her nipples made Magda scream briefly as the blood flowed back in to the previously smashed flesh.

The chair seat was a mess, covered with urine and feces. Claire carefully removed the heavy metal probe which had served as an electrical ground from Magda's cunt, making sure not to get any of Magda's expelled body fluids on her fingers. Magda hardly moved at this invasion, she was so exhausted, though Claire took her time and observed the soft flesh that surrounded, stretched and appeared to cling to the metal as the probe slid out.

It was time to show some mercy to the prisoner. While it might be fun to further torture the girl, Claire knew that she might die if she didn't get some rest and water. Claire slowly undid the restraints which held Magda to the chair, and then tied her wrists together in front of her. Magda might have offered some resistance but her muscles were cramping and she was unable to move effectively.

Taking a long cable pulled through a pulley in the ceiling, Claire placed a hook through Magda's wrist restraints. Pulling the cable lifted Magda out of the chair and into a standing position, and eventually lifted her long, lean body off the floor. She swung slowly, feet about a foot away from the ground and pointing down, arms stretched above and pulling her breasts up into an incredibly perky and inviting position. Her head leaned forward, hair straggling over her straining shoulders.

Claire pulled out a bottle of water and held it up to Magda's mouth. At first Magda looked as if she didn't know what to do with it, but then suddenly opened her mouth and began sucking as hard as she could. When she had emptied the bottle, Claire fed her a nutrition bar, slowly allowing her to take bites. Magda cried slowly as Claire fed her and then gave her more water.

When she was done feeding and watering the prisoner, Claire hosed down the chair and the floor, washing away all the fluids and solids that had escaped Magda's body during the night. She also sprayed Magda down, making sure she was clean and her skin glistened from the water.

"Please..." Magda's raspy voice came as barely a whisper. "Please... I will tell you anything, do anything. Just don't hurt me any more."

"Very well," Claire looked at Magda. "Tell me something good. Something really good."

Magda looked at Claire and proceeded to babble all the secrets she knew. She named her boss, gave the names and locations of several other spies in the area. She revealed what codes were known and which were not. She described the current courier methods and message drops. She went on and on, continuing to talk as Claire lowered her onto the floor, and secured her ankles with ropes so they were spread wide. Her wrists were also secured above her head, so that she was unable to move.

When Magda ran out of secrets to spill, Claire leaned down and kissed Magda full on the lips. "That's good, my pet. I am glad you were able to share this with me. You and I should have no secrets, no barriers."

Claire proceeded to remove her uniform, slowly talking to Magda as she folded her clothes neatly on the side of the room. "You see, you are mine now. You told me these things because you know that I am your world now, all that exists for you. I can feed you, or I can gut you as I please. In fact, I need you to do something for me right now..."

With that, Claire straddled Magda's head and slowly lowered her pussy until it rested full on Magda's face. Pressing down, she covered the nose and mouth, and Magda began to struggle for breath. In the process of struggling, she moved back and forth, up and down as much as she could while being held tightly by Claire's strong thighs.

The movement, the struggles of her head, rubbed and stimulated Claire in just the way she wished. She in turn pressed down harder, moving her hips, riding up on Magda's face until her nose slid into Claire's pussy, and then up again, sliding the nose over her clit. Her moans mixed with Magda's grunts and muffled cries as she tried to breathe.

Harder and faster they went, Magda catching small bits of air at times, and Claire riding her face closer and closer to orgasm. When she came close to climax, Claire reached down and grabbed Magda's hair, pulling her head in, smashing her face into Claire's pussy as hard as she could.

With a loud cry, Claire climaxed. It was a long, deep orgasm, and only when she was done completely did she release Magda's hair and allow her unconscious head to fall to the floor. With gasps, Magda slowly came back to consciousness, hardly aware of what had happened. The taste in her mouth was familiar, the vision of naked beauty above her matched the taste. She realized what had happened and turned her head in shame.

"Magda, you have done well today. Because of this, I will allow you some time to rest. Perhaps you can even sleep. But I want you to have some amusement. I know you have not had enough water recently, so I am going to set you up with some water you can have any time. I want to help you, Magda, and the more you cooperate with me the more I can help."

Claire dressed herself, though she left her blouse unbuttoned at the top and didn't bother with her bra. When she was done she brought in a large bucket of water that she hung from the rope that had previously held Magda hanging from the ceiling. It hung directly above Magda's head and face. It was rusted, and there was a very slow leak from the bottom.

"There you go. The water from that will drip down every once in a while and keep you going nicely. I will be back and see how you are doing... maybe tomorrow. Smiles!" Claire cheerfully left the cell, closing the door, and leaving Magda in utter darkness once again.

Magda lay on the ground, and began to slip into sleep. She was exhausted from her recent ordeals, and sleep deprived. As she slipped away, a sudden drip of water hit her face, waking her. She jerked, and realize the bucket was dripping water on her face. Waiting for the next drip she opened her mouth wide, hoping to capture a bit of water. It took a while, and she had started to drift off again when...


The water splashed on her cheek, just missing her mouth. She tried once again to open her mouth wide, and repositioned. Nothing happened for a while...


It struck her forehead.

Trying again...


Into her mouth, but such a small bit of water it was just a tease. Still, it was the only water she would have for a day, at least...


It missed her mouth again, hitting her eye. It stung. The water tasted and smelled of rust.


It was driving her insane, this slow dripping. When she could get a little of the water, it wasn't enough, not nearly. Just enough to remind her of how thirsty she was and how good water would taste! Frustration overcame her for a moment and she struggled against her bonds, screaming...


Relentless, the water was teasing her. And she couldn't sleep with the slow but constant dripping, it made her stressed, nervous, anxious... trying to predict when it would drip, unable to see the water collecting on the bottom of the bucket above, but knowing it would come... somewhere...


She was losing her mind...