Sunday, November 13, 2011

Corporate Execution

The Accusation

"Come in, Marisa," Frank stood as the young brunette was ushered into the basement office of the corporate security head. Marisa was nervous, wondering why she had been called downstairs to Frank's office. She saw her boss, Alice, sitting to the side.

Marisa was a 23 year old tall brunette, with a cute round face freckled lightly and a perfect body that she liked to subtly use to get ahead at work. Just the right amount of cleavage and leg could take a girl far. Down here in the basement, it was warm and she took her tailored suit jacket off. The habit of emphasizing her breasts had developed whenever she was in a tight spot.

Marisa gulped. This was it, she thought. She was going to get fired. Or something. She didn't know what she had done but this wasn't good.  Ever since the federal government had been taken over by the corporations, laws had been passed giving the large companies more and more power to manage their own affairs. Each corporation was now run like its own small country, with laws and punishments that it dictated. Getting fired was like being deported, and finding another job was almost impossible.

Alice smiled and invited Marisa to take a seat. A heavy metal chair was positioned in the center of the room. A guard stood behind Marisa's chair, Alice sat to the right, and Frank in front of her.

"So, Marisa. Do you know why you are here?" Frank said pleasantly.

"No... I mean, uh... no."

Alice spoke. "My dear, I have always liked you. It was very disappointing for me to discover that you have been selling plans for the new flange to our competitors. You could have gone far here at Allied Syncromatics."

"What? No, that isn't true. I haven't been selling anything, I am not a spy! I am not a corporate spy! Please, what evidence, what am I accused of?" Marisa began babbling, now sweating and shaking in earnest. This seemed to please Frank who appreciated Marisa's discomfort.

"My dear, we have found the plans you passed along, with your fingerprints, in the hands of a known handler from BisouCorp. He is dead, by the way. As for you, well, I am afraid your time with the company is limited." Alice looked a little sad and shifted in her seat.

"Please don't fire me," begged Marisa, "I don't have enough experience. I won't be able to find a job with another Corp! I didn't do it, please give me a chance to defend myself! Demote me, use me some other way, let me prove myself. I am a good employee, you know this, Alice!"

Frank smiled and calmly rose and walked around his desk to face Marisa. "I am afraid you are misunderstanding the situation, my dear. Corporate espionage is considered treason here. The consequences of treason are death, I am afraid. Your execution is scheduled for midnight tonight."

Marisa's eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open, as she stared silently as Frank, and then Alice. It was quite for a moment before Alice spoke. "I am afraid so, Marisa. I will miss you. I liked you, I really did. But these are the corporate laws and we can't risk you taking any further information out of the building. You will be held here, prepared and executed at midnight."

"It is all very normal and regular," Frank chimed in. "You will have the next few hours in a cell to prepare yourself, and for us to prepare you for the procedure. It is all very hygienic and isn't painful at all. There will be witnesses, of course. The VP of B2B sales has expressed an interest, as has the president. You are quite attractive, Marisa, and I suspect there will be a variety of executives there to see you as you pass on. Alice, will you attend?"

"Oh, I wouldn't miss it!" Alice fairly chirped. "Marisa is one of my favorite girls, and the chance to see her swing, well... it may be a once in a lifetime chance. It certainly will be for Marisa!"

Frank and Alice broke out laughing at the crass joke as Marisa began to cry, tears flowing down her cheeks. The guard behind her reached out and took her arm, dragging her up and out of the seat. He then guided the shaking girl out of the room, down the hall and into a small cell with a heavy door. She was shoved inside the room and the door was closed. Marisa heard a clank as a simple bolt locked the door from outside.

Looking around, Marisa saw contained a toilet, sink, and a cot. It looked gross. The cot was stained, and the room had a sour smell. It was hot and humid, as the room had no ventilation. She sat on the edge of the cot and waited, unable to believe that she had been discovered and was about to pay the ultimate price for corporate espionage.

The Preparation

After perhaps an hour, the door unbolted and opened. A guard entered, followed by a female guard whose name tag said "Maria". Maria had several items in her hands, which she set down on the cot next to Marisa.

"Hi, Marisa, my name is Maria and I am here to help prepare you for the procedure later this evening. We like to keep things very clean, orderly and dignified for all our guests, so that the experience can be as smooth and comfortable as possible."

Marisa nodded slightly as if she understood, which she didn't. Maria picked up and item from the heap on the cot. It was an enema bag. Not just any enema bag, either, but a huge one. Maria continued talking as she went over to the sink and turned the water on, testing it for temperature.

"Now, please remove your clothes. You won't need them for the rest of the day. Don't worry, we will take care of them. The first thing we need to do is clear your bowels. The procedure tonight frequently results in a loss of bowel control, and I know you wouldn't want to evacuate your bowels uncontrollably in front of our executives, would you?" Maria began filling the enema bag with lukewarm water.

"You want me to strip?" Marisa stood in disbelief for a bit. The male guard stood in front of the door motionless.

"Yes, dear, unless you want George here to remove your clothes for you. Please, we really are trying to make this whole process as comfortable and smooth for you as we can."

Marisa looked at the large guard, noticing that he had a bulge in his pants that belied a rather large package and erection.  She slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. George watched carefully as Marisa removed her blouse, and then unhooked her bra. As it slipped forward and she felt her breasts sag and swing free, Marisa also saw George smile slightly and his bulge seemed to throb just a bit. She turned her naked back to the guard and observed Maria filling the enema bag until it bulged.

"That's good, Marisa. Now, your shoes, skirt and panties. We need you naked now."

Marisa unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She was wearing small but comfortable cotton panties. She removed her shoes and placed them under the cot. Standing there naked, with nothing but panties, she hesitated. She didn't want to remove this last article of clothing. It seemed like it was the last bit of her dignity that she had to hang on to. She stood silently, without moving, her back to George.

Maria finished filling the bag and turned the water off. She placed a small plug in the top of the bag to keep it from spilling, then turned to Marisa.

"Marisa, we need the panties off as well. We can't prep you while you have clothing on. Please remove them now." Maria's tone wasn't friendly any more. She was giving an instruction and expected to be obeyed. Marisa flushed deeply, hung her head, looking down at her naked breasts and stomach. Her nipples were slightly erect, which puzzled her slightly.

Without warning Marisa felt George's rough hands grabbing her panties and yanking them down. They slid easily and Marisa automatically stepped out of them when they reached her ankles- she didn't even think about what she was doing. In no time she was standing completely naked. George took hold of her upper arms and pushed her forward against the cot, and then bent her over. With a swift kick, he knocked Marisa's legs apart and then held her head down on the cot.

"Thank you George," Maria said. "Now, Marisa, we will all continue to do our jobs here, including you. You will take this enema and clear your bowels, as company procedures demand."

Marisa felt Maria's rubber gloved finger suddenly push into her anus. She contracted her sphincter automatically, but it was too late. The finger had pushed deep. It was covered with a lube that felt cool and slippery as Maria shoved her finger in and moved it around and then in and out a bit, spreading the lube around. Marisa gasped as Maria continued to finger fuck her ass for a bit before she was satisfied and withdrew.

Next, a hard object was placed against Marisa's anus. She squeezed and tried to prevent its entry, but she was lubed up so well it slid in easily and quickly, penetrating deep. It felt a little like when she had let that manager in QA ass fuck her, except harder, and longer.

Once the device was all the way in, Maria explained the next step. "This is a large enema, so this nozzle has a built in inflatable which will prevent you from accidentally expelling the water before we are done. You will feel it expand now."

Maria pumped a bulb, and Marisa gasped once again as she felt the device in her rectum growing larger, spreading and pushing against the walls of her large intestine. It got larger and larger, and Marisa began struggling a little. George held her in place, but Marisa also noticed that her nipples were now rock hard. She was becoming aroused by the procedure. The flush of humiliation was hidden from view by her long hair hanging on either side of her head, but she felt sure that the two guards could tell she was becoming sexually excited.

"OK, Marisa. Thanks for cooperating, this makes it a lot easier for everyone. Now we will being the enema."

In spite of the water being lukewarm, it seemed cold as it suddenly rushed into her bowels. It flooded her abdomen, quickly filling her large intestine and then making its way further. The sensation of invasion and coolness spread throughout her lower body and she moaned slightly.

"Oh, Marisa, I did need to warn you," Maria said absent-mindedly. "Some subjects experience some arousal with this procedure. It shouldn't alarm you, in fact, it might help you if you simply give in to it and enjoy."

Marisa was, in fact, enjoying. Until, that is, the cramps began. They started in the lowest part of her bowels but quickly spread until her entire abdomen was hurting. She placed her hands on her stomach and felt how it had expanded and distended with the water that was still flowing into her. She grunted, and then cried a little, "Please... this hurts, I am cramping! God... it hurts... please stop it!"

"We are almost done, Marisa," comforted Maria. "Just a few more pints. We are being thorough here, as much to provide you with some dignity during the execution procedure as for our own sensibilities."

Marisa remained bent over, taking the water, feeling her stomach distend further and crying as the cramps rolled through her. She was shaking when the water flow stopped, and couldn't tell at first until Maria told her. "I am going to remove the nozzle now. When I do, try to hold it for a moment or two until you can get to the toilet. It is right next to you. Ready?"

Marisa nodded, and then felt the nozzle suddenly deflate. The urge to release shit was intense, but she squeezed her sphincter closed tighter than she thought possible as the hard plastic nozzle was removed. She quickly moved to the toiled and then relaxed. With a huge splurting noise, she released the contents of her bowels. It was like the worst diarrhea she had ever experienced. She bent over, holding her stomach with her arms, pushing the stream of water and shit out and into the toilet.

As she expelled the enema, Maria and George leaned against the wall and watched her. It was humiliating; Marisa had never been watched while she went to the toilet before, but there really was no choice. The smell of human feces flooded the room. Maria and George commented on the agony and humiliation Marisa was experiencing, and laughed a little as they waited.

This went on for some time. The enema had reached high enough in Marisa's bowels that the water (and feces it collected along the way) came out in periodic spurts. Eventually, the time between evacuations lengthened, slowed, and finally stopped. The sense of relief was tremendous. The pain was gone, and Marisa actually felt better than she had in ages.  Wiping herself carefully, she cleaned her ass.

George guided Marisa to the cot, and lay her down. She had no idea what was next, but lay there patiently as Maria opened some sealed bags and produced more medical tubing.

"Very well dear, we are almost done with the prep. The next step is to evacuate your bladder. This is actually more important. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loses bladder control. So. Please raise your knees and spread them as wide as you can." Maria took a tube with a rounded end and approached the bottom of the cot. Marisa turned her head toward the wall in humiliation and spread her legs as instructed, exposing her pussy.

Maria rubbed Marisa's pussy liberally with lube, and Marisa felt immediate arousal as her clit was rubbed and massaged. She raised her hand to her face, covering it from embarrassing.

"It's quite all right dear. It's OK if it feels a little bit good, isn't it?" Maria sounded kind as she began pressing the end of the narrow rubber tube into Marisa's urethra.  She pushed gently, and the sensation of the tube slowly working its way to her bladder sent Marisa into a minor paroxysm of pleasure. Maria also seemed to be purposefully rubbing Marisa's clit as she performed this operation, and Marisa began to involuntarily move her hips in a slight thrusting motion.

Maria stopped, and Marisa felt the sudden flow of urine out of her bladder. Such a strange feeling, to be urinating, to feel ones bladder shrinking but not have any control of it. Marisa looked down and saw a plastic bag filling with yellow liquid. She instinctively reached one hand down to touch the catheter where it entered her, and as she did so she slid across her clit. It felt good. She rubbed a little, letting the experience arouse her until she caught sight of George, smiling and watching her hand. She immediately pulled back and away.

When the urine was gone from Marisa's bladder, Maria unclipped the bag and tube, removing it from the tube that extended from Marisa's urethra. She left a short mount of tubing in the urethra, and took a small clamp and placed it on the end, shutting it off.

"Well, my dear. That's the last time you will ever shit or pee. You are basically ready except for one thing. Do you want a stimulant to make you feel a little less tired, or help you through the procedure?"

"Maria, I don't understand. I just... this is all so sudden. Don't I get a hearing?"

Maria looked kindly as she answered, "You already had the hearing. Everything is decided. President Fleffel has signed the order. We are all ready to go at midnight, which is... let's see... an hour. Now, do you want the stimulant? It has a slight euphoric effect, and may even extend your life just a bit."

Marisa wasn't thinking straight, but nodded her head. Maria unzipped the last medical plastic bag and produced a syringe. She pushed it into Marisa's arm without first swabbing with alcohol, and injected the contents. "There isn't much point in disinfecting the injection, you know. Not enough time for an infection to form."

At this, George opened the door and the two guards left. The clack of the lock sliding back in placed echoed a bit.

The Execution

It seemed forever, as Marisa lay on the cot in the silent, bare concrete room. She was nervous, scared. She shook. As time went on she became more shaky and nervous, and felt more and more like she had to do something. She slowly realized that the stimulant Maria had given her was anything but pleasant; it was making her heart beat faster, breathing come more quickly, and she was actually feeling more fear. She also began to feel incredibly and inexplicably horny.

After half an hour of laying on the bed, she found that she had to do something to relieve the tension. She noticed her nipples had become hard, and touched them. As her fingers touched the rough protrusions she gasped at the sudden and deep sensation that shot through her. She had never felt this aroused from her nipples before, but it was undeniable. She began to squeeze and pull them, feeling shocks of sensation penetrate her chest and down to her pussy and clit. Quickly, she reached one hand down, spread her pussy lips and felt her clit. The sensation was so intense that she yanked her hand away, and then after a moment more of rubbing her left nipple, her right hand returned and carefully slid across her pleasure center.

The catheter tube interfered at first, but as she rubbed the movement of the tube inside her seemed to enhance the experience. She licked her fingers to get more lubrication and began rubbing her clit hard. The sensations flooded through her and in less than a minute she was bucking her hips up spasmodically, unable to hold herself back as she orgasmed loudly, her cries echoing against the hard walls of the cell.

Afterward she lay quietly, wondering what time it was. It felt as if her life was already over, this room might be the last thing she would ever see. She wondered if she could get out of this predicament by offering to fuck the president. No, she realized... she had already fucked the president. That was how she got the job in the first place.

The stimulant made it impossible to relax, and she felt herself constantly needing to move. The stimulant was also making her nervous, afraid, and she began to pace in the room.

The lock on the door echoed with a loud clack and a pang of panic ran through her. It was time. The door opened and George, Frank, and Maria stood outside. Frank stepped in and smiled.

"It's time to go over to the execution location now. The execs have all arrived. We do have a treat for you though; your execution has been delayed slightly. We have another prisoner to execute and it has been decided that she will go first."

Marisa rose and Maria and George turned her around roughly. With a practiced motion, George yanked Marisa's wrists behind her, wrapping a zip tied around them, adding a second zip tie for good measure. The ties were tight, and hurt. She was then led out of the cell, and down a short corridor to stairs that descended to a subbasement. It had many metal pipes overhead and a grated floor. They walked along, the grates hurting Marisa's feet, until they reached a spot where about 5 men and a couple of women were waiting. One of the women was Alice, Marisa's boss.

"Hi, Marisa. Glad to see you," Alice smiled and greeted the condemned woman. Marisa became suddenly aware that she was the only naked person in the room, and felt a wave of vulnerability and humiliation come over her. She hung her head.

Behind her, Marisa heard others approaching on the grated metal flooring. She turned, and saw two more guards escorting a naked woman. With a sudden flood of recognition, Marisa realized that the woman was Nancy, a young accountant that seemed to always attract men by flirting and showing off a body that was nearly as perfect as Marisa's.

Nancy didn't look good. She had obviously been more combative than Marisa, and had some bruises on her face, arms and legs. Her arms were pinioned behind her at the wrists and elbows, making her bare breasts jut out in an obscene manner. Her blond hair had been cut short, and her face looked like she had been crying quite a bit. She was being dragged by the two male guards and when her legs kicked out, Marisa could see a catheter similar to the one she was wearing dangling down between Nancy's legs.

As Nancy reached the group of executives and guards, Frank stepped forward and spoke to Nancy. "Nancy Detritus, you have been charged and convicted releasing trade secrets from Allied Syncromatics and are hereby condemned to be fired by the method of termination."

Nancy spit at Frank, missing him.

George produced a long rope with a noose on the end. Marisa felt her heart falter; the execution had just become very real. She was to be hung, and die.

George threw the rope up and over a heavy pipe that ran overhead and tied the other end to a pipe that ran along the nearby concrete wall.  The noose cast a shadow on Nancy in the harsh light of the subbasement. The two guards dragged Nancy to the noose. Frank slipped it over her head and cinched it slightly so that while it was not choking the condemned, it would not come off as she struggled.

"And who would like to do the honors?" Frank turned and looked at the group of executives. One tall dark man Marisa recognized as a VP named Hanster stepped forward with a smile and took hold of the rope.

"This is for dumping all that data out to that asshole mobster in Chicago," Hanster said quietly. "Not to mention the $500 dinner I spent on you only to be given an excuse when it was time to go up to my room."

Hanster pulled the rope slowly, and the noose tightened around Nancy's throat, producing a slight gurgle. As the rope continued to rise up so did Nancy, up to her tip toes, where she stayed momentarily. Hanster, keeping the rope taught and Nancy on the tips of her toes, moved closer to Nancy and then slowly licked the side of her face, from chin line, up her cheek, over her eye and then forehead. Then, with a final pull, Nancy's toes left the floor below and she began her final dance.

Marisa watched in horror as the girl struggled to breath. Her face began to turn red and her legs kicked and jerked below her. She was only two or three inches from the floor, her face just about even with Marisa's, but it was enough that her weight was tightening the noose around her neck. It dug deeply in just below her jaw, forcing her head to one side. Marisa observed with a sickening sensation as Nancy's eyes stared directly ahead and her tongue began to protrude from her mouth as her face turned purple.

The kicking became more violent and spasmodic. Another one of the executives came over to hold the rope and raised it slightly, to make sure that there was no support for the condemned girl as she kicked and wriggled. The plastic ties that held her wrists and elbows together behind her back dig deep into flesh, causing small trickles of blood as Nancy pulled and struggled to become free.

Drool trickled from the corner of her mouth. Her chest heaved and breasts bobbled as her body tried unsuccessfully to suck in some air. She swung back and forth, the jerking motion of her legs causing her body to pitch back and forth. It was clear that her struggles simply tightened the noose around her neck, forcing her head further to the side as she slowly strangled.

The noose dance went on for several minutes. Just when Marisa thought that Nancy was no longer convulsing, new paroxysms began. After almost five minutes, Nancy's body became quiet and she simply swung back and forth on the rope, her lovely naked body no longer moving.

Frank let Nancy's body swing slowly until it came to a stop. As Marisa observed the complete motionlessness of her lifeless body, along with the agonized look on her face, she had a sudden overwhelming nausea, bent over and vomited.

The president Flefel looked at the vomit in disgust and announced to Frank, "From now on, we also empty their stomachs before we bring them down here. That's disgusting."

"Yes, sir." Frank lowered Nancy's corpse to the floor, and removed the noose. Raising it back up, he motioned to Marisa.  "Your turn, Marisa."

Marisa almost fainted and found herself being dragged to where the noose now hung before her at the level of her head. Frank slipped it over her head and tightened the rope slightly. Marisa looked at the executives that gathered around to watch her executions, terror in her eyes.

Alice stepped forward and took the rope. Another executive Marisa didn't recognized helped her, as Alice wasn't strong enough to lift Marisa into the air and keep her there. The rope dug into her neck, and felt rough and prickly. Marisa was still able to get air but felt herself being lifted up, until her toes just barely touched the floor. The small bit of support her toes gave her was enough to continue getting rasping, struggling breaths.

Her body looked lovely stretched out like that; she remained in the position for several minutes as the witnesses gathered and observed the beauty of her suspension. Her head was pushed to the side, the rope forcing it over. She felt her heart pounding, pounding, and there were spots before her eyes. As she hung half suspended, she heard the president ask "Did she get the stimulant?"

"Yes," Maria said.

"Good, she will last a while then."

Marisa realized that the stimulant had never been designed to help her. It was designed to keep her alive long during the execution process so that others would enjoy the show. She swore to herself that she would not struggle, that she would die with dignity, to spite these hateful corporate executives.

Finally, the rope was pulled up. Marisa felt it tighten and then her toes left the floor. She could no longer breath. She tried, she felt her chest heaving, her stomach pumping, but nothing got through. Her legs were kicking, in spite of her decision to resist. The witnesses observed the beautiful girl writhe, wriggle, and twist. The stimulant gave her strength, staying power that was visible in the way every muscle in her body strained, how her arms strained to get free, forcing the plastic straps to cut deep into her flesh. Her face was deep purple now, turning black, and yet still she struggled in spasmodic, sudden jerks.

It went on for 10 minutes. Consciousness began to fade for Marisa, but the stimulant kept her aware of the pain in her chest, pain like fire as her lungs cried for air. She wanted to scream but could not. She could feel her bowels release, but there was simply a loud fart; she had been cleaned out too well.

Her entire body was on fire, cramping, and hurting from the lack of air. Her head felt like it would explode, in fact she perceived her head exploding, over and over again. She was aware of the people around her, looking at her last death throws with interest, and perhaps even some lust, or arousal.

Blackness finally overcame Marisa. The pain didn't go, she was simply no longer aware of it.

The executives watched Marisa's body continue twitching for some time. She was left hanging for a half hour, to make sure she was dead. Her body was then brought down and taken, along with Nancy, to the corporate morgue.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Soylent Farms

A story of human meat and cannibalism

Vicky trudged down the steps of the administration building of the University, where she had just come from a meeting with her advisor. The sight of the Soylent Farms van earlier in the day had shaken her up. Just a year earlier she had decided to sign a meat contract with Soylent Farms in exchange for a fully funded education. For her, it was the only option.

Yes, there was risk. 10% of those signing a meat contract would have their number pulled and be taken to the farms, slaughtered, and sold for meat on the gourmet market; the other 90% received a lot of financial compensation for their risk. But for many in Vicky's world, the risk was worth it. The chance to pull oneself out of the mass living tracts, the ghettos, or the fields and make a good life for yourself... well, there was frequently no other possibility. Vicky had weighed her options and decided that if she could get into Princeton, she would sign the contract and hope for the best. Her chances were good. 90%, to be exact.

She shook off the feeling of foreboding and started walking toward the Physical Sciences building, which was where her next class met. Vicky was a tall, slim girl of 19; the first thing most people noticed about her was the long dark hair which descended to the middle of her back. The second thing was her perfect body; perfect breasts jutted out above a flat stomach, thin waist and perfectly rounded, pert buttocks. Her legs were long and muscular. She worked hard on her body to stay attractive. She had to, it was the primary tool she used to get the grades she had.

Her latest conquest was Professor Giffin. Dr. Giffin was about 50 and had gained 100 pounds during the last 20 years. He taught chemistry and would be important to Vicki's advance through pre-med. She hadn't had to try very hard with him. Married with three kids and a huge libido, he had zoomed in on her smooth legs in the front seat of her first class and hadn't been able to take his eyes off them. Two days later he was on top of her, grunting and sweating away as she clutched his back and rocked her hips to his rhythm.

Dr. Giffin had given her the grade she needed, but was being problematic now. He complained that he wasn't going to be able to give her As unless she did more quality work. It was going to be difficult, and she needed an idea how to manipulate him, force him to do what she needed.

The idea came to her one afternoon when she was on her knees in front of him in an empty classroom. She was gagging as he shoved himself deep down her throat (he had a cock sized proportionately to the rest of his oversized body), when someone tried to enter the room. Luckily it was locked, but Dr. Giffin had panicked, ending their tryst quickly. The next day, while sitting on his lap in his office, Vicki subtly let Dr. Giffin know that if he didn't give her the grade she needed, his wife and the department chair would find out just who he had been fucking for the last few weeks.

Her grade changed by the end of the term and a well deserved A awaited her, she was sure. She entered the building and headed down the hall to where the grades were posted. She saw Dr. Giffin standing in front of the board with a couple of students and two other men that wore a strange green and brown uniform. Dr. Giffin said something two the two men and then turned away, heading down the hall in the other direction. Vicki approached the posted grades but before she could get close enough to read them, one of the two uniformed men stood before her and spoke.

"Ms. Victoria Riley?" The man smiled as he spoke.

"Yes? What is it?" Vicki wanted to see her grade.

"We are collectors for the Soylent corporation. I am pleased to inform you that your meat contract has been selected and activated; you have been designated human meat with the resulting abdication of all rights as a sentient being. Welcome. Please place your hands behind your back."

A chill so deep and cold ran through her stomach that Vicki felt as if she would faint. The floor dropped out beneath her feet and the hall stretched and morphed in front of her eyes. She had never believed this would happen. It couldn't be happening. She turned as if to bolt, run down the hall and away from the men in uniform. Before she finished planting her first step an explosion of pain hit her neck and head, slicing across her shoulders and down her back. None of her muscles would work properly, and she fell to the floor like a sand bag. Shaking slightly, convulsing on the floor, she looked up and saw the high power taser which had knocked her flat. The pain was easing now but she couldn't move her arms or legs at all.

The men rolled her over and used a heavy plastic zip strap to secure her wrists behind her. Her ankles were secured as well. Vicki tried to scream, but all that came out was a sort of gurgle as she drooled on the floor. She was conscious, but unable to control her muscles at all.

A crowd of students had gathered to watch the show. Most stood quietly as Vicki was lifted by the two men and carried away. Many of them were on contracts as well, and were simply glad it was her and not them. As she was carried down the hall, she was able to see the crowd of students watching, and behind them, Dr. Giffin, smiling.

With a heavy thump, Vicki's body was dumped in the back of the Soylent van. There were already two other human cattle in the back, trussed in the same way. A short, cute redheaded girl was crumpled in the corner, breathing but unconscious. A rather large young man lay stretched on the floor of the van partially under Vicki. When she landed on him he grunted and rolled over. She was beginning to get back control over her body, and as the van doors closed and locked behind her she wriggled away from the guy.

"Fuck. Fuck, fuck. I can't believe this. I can not be made meat. I am too lean, don't they know that? I am a premed student, valuable to this society. There must be an exemption. There must be a way to get out of this. I need to get my lawyer. I need--"

"Shut. Up." The guy said. "We signed the contract. We knew what it meant. We took a gamble, and lost. We have no rights, you have no lawyer, no more than a cow can have a lawyer. Just shut up and try to make this as painless as possible."

The guy looked glumly at Vicki as the van bumped along. "Too bad. You are sexy. I could have done a thing or two with you. Oh well, no chance now."

Vicki was quietly sobbing, and looked at the guy. "My name's Vicki. What's yours?"

"Dinner, I suspect," the guy smiled wryly and and then became serious. "Don. Except it won't matter. We don't really have names any more. We are just meat."

The van stopped, parked, and all was quiet. Vicki tried screaming some, but it was apparent the van was soundproofed. That or no one cared; her cries were no more than the mooing of cows to those that passed by the parked van.

After about an hour, the van doors opened up and another body was tossed inside, landing with a thump on top of Vicki and Don. It was another girl, this one with a short blond pixie haircut and girl-next-door freckled face. The face looked bewildered. She was wearing nothing but panties.

The van started moving and the new girl struggled into a sitting position. "What the hell is going on here? Are we kidnapped? Who are these people?"

Don looked at her from where he lay and slowly explained. "We are in a Soylent van. You signed a meat contract which was activated. We are all now nothing more than cattle on our way to be slaughtered."

"What???" the girl slowly took in the reality of the situation. "That can't be. Daddy promised me he arranged it, that the contract was going to be contested by his lawyers and I wouldn't be held to it! There is some mistake! It can't be!"

Vicki was getting sick of hearing the complaints. She had her own worries, and unlike this new girl, she knew this was not a mistake and she would be killed very soon and her body sold in slices on the gourmet meat market.

"What's your name dear?" Vicki said kindly to the new girl, who had started to cry and was kicking the doors of the van with her bare feet.

"Janice! Damnit. Why don't they stop? Where is Daddy? Where are my lawyers?"

Vicki struggled to a position next to the girl. "Janice, dear. Let me explain something to you. You are nothing but meat right now. So am I. If I kill you, which I will do if you don't shut the hell up, nothing will happen to me that isn't going to happen anyway. You are going to die anyway. So don't tempt me to kill you early. OK?"

Janice looked at her for a moment with her pretty little mouth wide open and tears running down her cheeks, and then slumped back against the wall of the van. She continued sobbing quietly.

There was one more stop. When the doors opened and another young girl was thrust inside, struggling and kicking against the two men, Janice started wailing, yelling that her Daddy would be calling the lawyers and they had better watch out, that it was a mistake, that she wasn't meat... The doors clanged shut, cutting off Janice's pleas. The new girl, a brunette about as tall as Vicki and with a gorgeous, curvy body, lay on the floor breathing heavily.

The brunette struggled for a while, and finally sat down, biting her lip. "Fine. Meat. We all have to die sometime, I suppose now is the time. Have to play the odds."

The feeling had gone from Vicki's hands; the blood flow must have been severely restricted by the plastic ties around her wrists. As she wriggled then to try and get some blood flowing, the new tall brunette spoke to her. "My name's Heather. I suppose we are all on our way to the abattoir. Might as well be friends."

"I'm Vicki. That is Don, and Janice is crying in the back there." Vicki nodded her head to the crying, mostly naked girl.

"So Don. Taken advantage of the unconscious one yet?" Heather nodded toward the prone figure of the unconscious girl. "Might as well. Not as if she has any legal rights any more."

Don looked like he might actually consider it for a bit, but then shook his head. "No, I am a little sick to my stomach. Besides, I don't think I could undress her. How about you? A last fling?"

"HA! You get right too it, don't you? I like that in a man." Heather looked at him as the van bounced and jiggled her large breasts. "OK. If you can help me get these clothes off..."

With five bodies in the back, the van was over full. Any movement meant people crawling on top of each other, which Heather and Don proceeded to do, wriggling and struggling to get their pants down and tops up so they could start rubbing their bodies against one another. Vicki looked at them with disgust, unbelieving that these two were accepting their position as mindless animals so easily. She had to admit that Heather had a really good body, though... and Don's cock was huge... and the way it slid right into Heather's wet pussy right in front of her eyes...

Without realizing what she was doing, Vicki reached her face up and began to tongue Don's balls as they slapped too and fro in front of her face. It wasn't the first time she had had sex with a guy she didn't know, and this seemed as good a time as any. Heather had her knees spread wide as Don rammed into her, and Vickie spent time on as much of Don's cock as she could reach and found Heather's clit as well. The grunting and moaning filled the back of the van as the three bounced along, the motion of the van adding to the motion of their bodies.

Don switched his cock to Vicki's mouth for a bit, and she tasted Heather's cunt juices as he slid deep. Heather struggled around (kicking Janice in the face as she did) and found a way to get between Vicki's legs to plunge her tongue into Vicki's wet pussy. Vicki began to feel an orgasm coming on almost immediately, and  just as Don's pulsing convulsions began, the warmth of her own climax took her. She swallowed Don's cum as quickly as she could as her own hips thrust against Heather's face with a shuddering orgasm.

Given that all three of the prisoners were bound hand and foot, it was amazing how many positions and how many orgasms occurred as the van sped across the country side toward Soylent Farms and the slaughter house. Janice finally joined them, perhaps because she felt a little left out. And frankly, she had little choice as she was pressed against the writhing, naked bodies whether she joined in or not. Janice proved especially adept at tonguing pussy. Vicki figured that Janice was a lesbian, her skill was so incredible.

The four captives lay exhausted, and the fifth girl was just regaining consciousness as the van slowed and parked. They had arrived. The van engine turned off and the rear door opened, revealing three men in uniform carrying cattle prods and various restraints. The guards looked at the partially clothed bodies in the back with a certain surprise.

"Shit, John, looks like they are trying to help us with our job here, getting all undressed." The tallest guard laughed and grabbed Janice by the hair, dragging her out. Janice screamed from the pain for a moment, and then thumped to the ground. A black metal collar with a short leash was latched in place around her neck, and then the plastic ties around her ankles were cut. The tall guard yanked her neck leash and pulled her to her feet, tying off the leash to a post a few feet away from the van.

"What... what are you doing..." the formerly unconscious redhead said as she was dragged from the van and received the same treatment as Janice. Each of the others were dragged from the van, collared, had their ankle restraints cut off, and made to stand. When all five of them were tied to the post, huddled close to each other, the uniformed men produced small, hooked, vicious looking knives that looked like fish gutting blades. Janice and the redhead screamed, and tried to move away, though their leashes were only a couple of feet long. Don stood resolutely. Vicki figured they were going to start slaughtering them now, and closed her eyes, awaiting the sharp pain of blade penetrating flesh.

Instead, she heard tearing noises and felt the clothes being tugged and pulled. Her pants were around her ankles anyway, but her top was being methodically cut off of her. The same was happening with the other human cattle, the clothes were cut away and they were left huddled together, naked.

"Bob, I do believe these had some sort of mating session in the back of our van. Look at that." The shortest of the men was pointing between Heather's legs, where some semen was slowly oozing down her inner thigh.

"Well, well. Strong libido, eh? We might be able to use you in the breeding program," the tall one said to Don. Don was unhooked and led away from the women. The women looked after him in confusion.

Janice asked "breeding program? There is a breeding program? Are we going to be bred?"

"No, deary, you girls are going to be slaughtered and sold as meat. Especially you," the tall one leered at Heather, obviously enjoying the view of her large breasts, thin waist and wide hips.

"John? Babe?" Heather said in her most sultry voice. "How would you like to fuck me as hard as you want? If you let me go, we can have a lot of very good fun."

"Oh, my sweet piece of meat... I do appreciate the offer. But you gotta realize, babe, that I could fuck you and pretty much any girl here as much as I want anyway. You have nothing to bargain with, babe. In fact, we might just illustrate that very point!"

The uniformed man took the leash attached to Heather's collar and jerked her over to the entrance to the large warehouse building nearby. The other three women could see that Heather was forced first to her knees, and then to her hands and knees as several other men gathered around. Cocks were quickly produced, the fastest one finding her ass and shoving deep inside. Heather's cry as the huge member tore her buttocks open could be heard from where the other girls were tethered. The cry was choked off quickly when another huge cock was shoved into her mouth. Men on both sides of her began pounding, fucking her mouth and ass, making her dangling breasts jiggle back and forth.

Vicki turned her eyes away, though Janice and the red haired girl looked on, almost with eagerness. It was clear neither liked Heather and were happy to see her raped in this manner. For a while it looked like Heather might die right there from suffocation, but the man in front of her finally grunted, withdrew, and jerked a huge load of cum over the pretty girl's face, allowing her to breathe as the man's body fluids spewed onto her.

Janice, Vicki and the red haired girl were untethered and led into the door of the large building. Inside, their senses were assaulted by sounds, smells and sights that shook them. Heather, who had been laying on the floor recovering, was jerked to her feet and forced to follow the others into the darkness.

The air had a distinct smell of animal; a mixed smell of sweat, urine, feces, the copper tang of blood, and a tinge of fear. There were strange sounds all around, machines growling in the distance like band saws; the occasional sound of crying or sobbing echoing from the high ceiling, and walls and floors made of concrete and metal everywhere. The four girls were led down a wide hallway to the end, where they entered a large room.

Here the girls were split in two groups. Each group of two were taken to the end of a separate line of girls who were naked, sweaty, and standing with their leashed collars fastened to a metal pipe above, which forced them to stand and prevented them from moving any way but forward. Vicki looked across to where the red haired beauty and the slutty Heather were standing at the end of a line with about four women in front of them.

At the front of the line was a large, oddly shaped scaffolding which looked familiar but Vicki did not recognize at first.The front girl in the line next to this odd piece of equipment stood shaking nervously as two men quickly wrapped belts tightly around her upper arms, lower arms, and then finally at her knees and ankles. Thus secured the hapless, shaking girl was placed face down on a wooden litter which was a little short for her. Her head hung out over the edge.

The two men lifted the wooden litter and slid it into place so that the girl's head entered the contraption. It was at this point that Vicki realized what was happening.... the scaffold was a Guillotine; the girl's neck was positioned properly and a wooden bracket slid down to assure she did not move her head. Her naked body was convulsing uncontrollably, legs kicking, arms wriggling against the belts that held them in place. The male worked pulled her long hair out of the hole so that only the bare flesh of her neck remained below the slot where the blade would descend. The girl took a deep breath and screamed, the sound echoing in the large concrete room. Just as her scream subsided into a gurgle, the large, heavy blade that rested ten feet above her neck suddenly descended.

The condemned woman's gurgling scream silenced immediately and the blade which had sliced through the neck hit the bottom of its slot and bounced slightly. The woman's body shook for a moment and then was still. Vicki strained to see where the poor girl's head had gone and saw it in a basket on the other side of the wooden scaffold. The girl's face appeared beautiful and peaceful as it stared up into the sky. Her headless body was lifted upside down, blood streaming from the gaping neck, and hung from a hook that slipped through her ankle bindings. One of the men gave a shove and the hook slid along a track, joining several other naked bodies hanging to the side.

Vicki turned to her own predicament and examined her own collar and leash where it was fastened above her to a ring around a pipe that ran forward. Small spring loaded latches assured that once one moved forward, the ratcheting action would prevent any backward movement. The women in the line with her struggled and bumped back and forth, but failed to do anything but rub their naked, sweaty bodies against each other.

Screaming from the other side of the room drew Vicki's attention. The red haired girl from her van was being strapped up for her beheading. Vicki watch in sullen horror as the leather straps were wrapped tightly around the girl's body and fastened in place. The girl struggled vigorously, but the men strapping her were experts and had her completely immobile in a manner of moments. She was shoved down onto the litter, which was quickly shoved in place; the girl's beautiful red hair was brushed away from the pale skin of her neck as the bracket to hold the neck in place was slid down into position. Crying, the girl wiggled and thrust as much as she could, but there was nothing she could do. The blade was released, slid down the scaffolding...

And stuck, about a foot above the girl's neck.

"Damn... we gotta get Bob to fix this thing. I am so tired of it getting jammed like this," grunted one of the workers as he climbed a small step ladder to work on the scaffold. The poor red haired girl below was in hysterics, crying and jerking around as the worker checked the rails of the guillotine, and then manually lifted the blade back into its place. Vicki noticed the girl was peeing herself as she waited for the blade to slice her head off.

Once the blade was high enough, it suddenly dropped and this time the hysterical sobbing was cut off along with the red haired head. Her body, still releasing urine as it was pulled from the litter, was hung by the ankles, shoved along the rail and joined the other bodies waiting for carving.

Vicki saw her own line was moving forward. At first she thought that another guillotine awaited her at the front of her line. The tight length of rope which leashed her neck to the rail above didn't allow much movement, but as the line was forced inevitably forward, she was able to see what fate lay in store.

Two girls in front of her a single Soylent worker was placing a strip of rope with a simple slipknot around a girl's neck. The girl was thin, with short blond hair in a pixie cut that probably cost a bundle when she got it. The muscles in her body were flexing with anxiety and attempts to get free of the restraints that held her wrists together behind her back. The rope tightened against her neck, sliding into place just below the jaw line, pressing the flesh in slightly. She stood there for a few moments, struggling half heartedly when the Soylent worker gave her naked ass a kick and she lost her balance, fell forward and out over a dip in the narrow walkway on which the line of girls stood.

There was only about a six inch drop. The rope tightened quickly, sliding up and digging hard into the flesh just under her jaw. No way was it enough to break the girl's neck, and so she began the slow process of strangling. Feet pointed straight down toward the floor, straining to reach support which was mere inches below her, the strong, smooth naked legs of the girl began to flail about desperately. With the initial kicks and struggles, the rope continued to tighten and cut off both blood flow and air. It dug in deeper and deeper and looked as if it might begin to sever the neck it was so tight, but was too thick. The rope squeezed and shut off her throat completely and yet her diaphragm continued to jerk and flex in an attempt to draw in air. Breasts jiggled slightly as her body jerked violently. She rotated away from view, showing her back for a moment and then rotated back to face the line of girls looking on in horror. The girl's head angled slightly to the right and didn't move, except for her eyes which bulged out and moved around as if looking for something that might save her.

Vicki watched in horror as the poor girl's convulsions slowed. Her face was turning red, and then purple; her mouth didn't appear to open willingly but the tongue slowly forced the teeth apart and protruded out. Urine suddenly streamed out and down the girl's strong legs as they jerked convulsively. Eventually the convulsions subsided to mere twitches, and then nothing except a slow gentle swinging motion as the once beautiful girl hung by her neck, eyes staring sightlessly into space.

The whole process took nearly 5 minutes. The girl in front of Vicki vomited, spewing the contents of her stomach over her chest, bare breasts and stomach. Vicki herself felt sick as she watched the hanging girl slowly descend to a rag-like heap, where a sharp hook was embedded into her chin, and she was dragged around a corner out of sight.

Vicki new she had about 10 minutes to live, because there were two girls in front of her and the hanging process took about 5 minutes. It didn't really matter though. She suddenly, mindlessly began to struggle. She had to get away from this foul smelling place. Back to her life, back to her professors and boyfriend and nice apartment and brand new little scooter.... with a slight gurgling noise the girl in the front of the line before her started the noose dance. This girl was heavier, with more meat and fat. Her struggle over empty space was shorter as the rope dug deep within her neck and heavy breasts and buttocks bounced violently, then slightly, and then there was nothing but the slow swinging motion.

The noise in the human abattoir was terrible. Screams, sobs, wails, grunts, moans, the sound of pleading meat begging not to be slaughtered... the smell was terrible as well. The girl in front of Vicki wasn't the first to have vomited in line, and the concrete below their bare feet was layered with slime. The smell of urine and feces and blood and sweat mixed to create a uniquely biological smell that was almost suffocating.

Vicki looked across the large concrete room  and saw Heather being placed in the guillotine; she didn't cry or wail, just lowered her head so her face could not be seen behind her hair. Seconds later the blade fell with a slight whoosh and thunk and Heather's head joined the pile of sightless eyes below.

Vicki reached the front of the line. She looked down at the slight depression in the floor before her over which her bare feet would soon be kicking. It had been the same with every girl, the jerk, the body attempting to gasp for air but not getting any, the involuntary, convulsive kicking followed by twitching and then final stillness. She knew what would happen. The rope was put around her neck; she felt the boot at her ass and she took a deep breath...

"Hey, Ron! I need a roaster. Got one?" The rough voice cut through the air just behind her.

"Sure. Take this one." The worker next to her grunted. The rope was removed from her neck and Vicki stared wildly around. Her leash was detached and given to a large, older Soylent worker in a somewhat cleaner uniform than the one that had been about to hang her.

"Uh. Yeah... that's a good one. I like her."

Ron laughed, "Damn, Roy, you sure like to fuck the meat. Have fun with her. I pity the folks that have to eat her cunt later and get some of your jizz!"

Crying hysterically, Vicki was led around the corner past a row of bodies hanging from hooks. Far down the long room, she thought she saw some some of the bodies split open, rib cages exposed and organs removed. Before she could look too carefully, she was taken into a side room that was significantly warmer that the cold warehouse atmosphere where the slaughtering had been taking place.

The ugly, tall, obese worker named Roy dragged Vicki to him and lifted her by her collar, almost strangling her as he did. Her bulging eyes stayed open and observed Roy's face up close as he kissed her sloppily. As soon as the man's bulging tongue entered her mouth, Vicki bit down and Roy yelped, pulling back suddenly.

"Bitch. Don't think you won't pay for that." Roy dragged Vicki by her collar and leash over to an oddly shaped device and heaved her naked body up onto a narrow metal platform. Her breasts hung over the sides, dangling on either side of the narrow elongated pedestal that ran from her chin to her breast bone. Here there was a gap underneath her stomach; her hips were supported by another narrow platform further down. Her legs dangled on either side.

Roy quickly strapped Vicki's body to the device at her hips and neck, preventing her from rolling or struggling off. Her back bowed down and stomach sagged where there was no support in the middle, which was a very uncomfortable position. She grunted and struggled, lifting up and down, and looked at the sweaty worker pleadingly.

"Please. Roy. I am not meat, I am just a girl, a student. I can pay you; I have money. I will be getting my degree soon and be a doctor and will pay you. For the rest of your life, if you want. Let me go." Vicki was trying to stay calm and convince the man that she was capable of making him a sizable profit.

"Roy! Here you are!" A familiar voice came from the doorway, and Dr. Giffin walked in. Vicki stared in amazement as he came in and shook hands with the Soylent Farms worker and then came over to Vicki where she lay on the platform.

"Babe... Vicki... I am so glad I could make it. I thought I was too late!"

Confused, Vicki grasped at a hope, "Carl. Are you going to get me out of here? If you do, I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before. I will do anything. I will swallow your cum, do anal, anything you want. Remember that threesome you wanted? I have someone in mind, I can arrange it. Just get me out of here!"

Dr. Giffin slowly raised one hand and gently cupped Vicki's ample left breast where it hung down before him. He felt its softness, gently squeezed the nipple and stroked the naked flesh of his lover as she lay helpless before him. "Dearest Vicki... you don't realize what is happening, do you? I chose you dear, because you are a meat girl. Simple as that. The last one lasted only a couple of months before I had to arrange to have her meat contract activated. You though... you lasted a while. But like all of the rest, you get too demanding, too troublesome."

"Bastard!!!!!!!!!" Vicki screamed at him as he laughed quietly. He stood, unzipped his pants and took out his member, which was hard and stood out.

"You said you would give me a special treat today, Roy. Let's do it." Dr. Giffin stepped back, stroking his cock as he watched the slaughterhouse worker pick up a large, wickedly curved knife.

Reaching underneath Vicki's body, Roy quickly took the knife and sliced her stomach from the tip of her sternum to below her waist. Vicki gasped in surprise and pain, and sagged down, unable to keep herself up now that her stomach muscles had been sliced open. As her stomach sagged, the ragged incision spread open and Vicki's intestines began to bulge out. Roy reached gloved hands down and spread the two sides of the cut open wide, encouraging the slippery, bloody mess of Vicki's insides as they fell out and hung down below her. Breathing shallow and rapidly, Vicki was able to see some of her insides as they fell to the tiled floor below.

Roy pulled intestines, slowly but surely emptying the poor girl's abdomen of their contents. Kidneys dropped out, and then bladder. A mess of organs were hanging below the girl's body as another knife began quickly trimming and cutting the organs away from her stomach cavity which was almost completely empty. Vicki tried to scream in shock and pain, but was only able to make a low squeaking, whimpering noise. She saw Dr. Giffin slowly stroking his hard cock as she was gutted.

Roy spoke as he worked. "See, these human meat types, people don't realize how long they can actually live as long as you don't mess with the vital organs, see? She don't need her guts. I mean, the heart, and lungs, sure. But this crap ain't worth shit," here he laughed for a moment. "So we can stuff her up real nice and start the roasting while she is still breathing and conscious and everythin."

A bag of spiced breading was produced as Roy started shoving it up inside the now empty cavity of Vicki's abdomen. Laying helplessly, watching Dr. Giffin stroking himself at her pain, feeling her insides being stuffed in preparation for roasting, the girl wondered how she could stay alive and conscious while this was happening.

Roy picked up a huge curved needle that trailed a heavy twine and began to sew up the gaping wound in Vicki's stomach. "So yeah... we just sew her back up here, she has lost some blood but not too much and if you do all this quick enough, which I do because I am good, see... " as Roy spoke the needle was forced through stomach flesh and slowly tightened the sides of the giant gash back together.

"And there you go, proffesser. She is all ready for roasting, almost. You wanna take her now, now is the time."

Dr. Giffin walked to the rear of Vicki, where her ass was sticking out, legs dangling and spread slightly. As he pushed his cock into her gaping cunt, he spoke to her. "Well, my dear, this is a special treat. Fucking you one last time, when your insides are full of spices and stuffing, just like the piece of meat you are and always have been."

He shoved deep inside her, pushing and straining. Vicki felt him deep inside her, but it no longer had meaning. She had been eviscerated, her body was now truly nothing but meat. She floated in kind of a horrible, tortured dream state as her lover said goodbye with a final fuck, and when he burst inside her she hardly knew it.

She lay with no strength to move  when Roy brought over a long metal tube with a sharp end. She screamed as best she could when he shoved it up her cunt, working it through the now lubricated folds of flesh and then pushed it through her cervix, sliced through the uterus, and into the stomach cavity. With a slow, practiced wiggling motion, Roy forced the rod through her diaphragm, between her lungs and to the side of her heart and finally out through her neck at her shoulder. Expertly, the roasting spit impaled her without killing her immediately.

Her ankles were tied to the rod, and the two men lifted her up and carried her across the room and into the roasting room. There, two other girls were slowly turning on spits above radiant heat fires, cooking slowly. Vicki was placed above a fire pit, and the fire was turned on. The heat rapidly began cooking her flesh and the spit began turning her body so that she would cook slowly and evenly.

Vicki was aware of every step, and even attempted to make some cries. The heat of the fire became unbearable, burning and searing her flesh. Her hair sizzled, crinkled and burned away. She was aware when her eyes could no longer see, for the heat had boiled the internal viscous fluid opaque. Initially, she sweat so badly the water poured off her flesh and sizzled in the fire below, but she rapidly lost the ability to sweat as her flesh cooked.

As consciousness faded for the last time, Vicki's last sensation was of butter and sauce being poured over her body and Dr. Giffin saying something like... "The wife will enjoy having a nice roast tonight..."

Monday, August 1, 2011

Inquisition: Iron Maiden

In my travels I have been presented with a wide variety of implements designed to encourage reticent heretics to talk, and to repent. In the case where all these fail, the eventual need is to punish and execute the heretic. While not my primary purpose, I have also been called upon to assist in the punishment of those that had been accused of treachery and treason against the crown.

I had the opportunity to observe the punishment and execution of such a criminal in the city of Nuremburg. A woman who had been a favorite of the bishop there had been found to be practicing witchery in seducing the bishop and several other officials to gain favor and money. When it was found that she was using her witchery to seduce these men, she had been chained and consigned to suffer in the prison of the city center.

The conditions in this prison were worse than most I had seen; to be imprisoned there for more than a few days was a torture in itself. Confinement in the stone cells and holes meant death to many.

My observations of the suffering which the woman endured began when I accompanied two jailers to her cell. The small square had no windows or light, and smelled heavily of rot and human excrement. As the heavy door swung open I recoiled at the stench. The first jailer entered with the torch so we could see and after a moment we entered and observed three women chained to rings in the wall. None of the chains were long enough to allow the women to lay or even sit on the floor, and so they stood as best they could, leaning against the stone. The condemned woman had a heavy metal collar with her wrists secured to a metal arm in front of her. The jailer unlocked the chain that secured her to the wall and she was dragged to the corridor outside.

The woman's clothes were torn into rags, the top half of her shift completely removed. Her hair was ragged, and angry red welts stood out on her naked back where she had been whipped. She was filthy, covered with mud and dirt. In spite of all this, her witchery came through immediately; she was beautiful. A long slim body, large breasts than hung down in front of her and an even well tempered face with dark eyes and full lips spoke of her ability to seduce men. I felt the effects of her wiles in my own pants as I stared at the lovely creature on the ground before me.

The executioner of the prisoner had invited me to watch the proceedings and use of the unique device they had made for such executions in their dungeon. The woman was made to stand in the corridor  while the remains of her clothes were torn from her body. Once naked her body stood before me and called to me, her spells enticing me as few women had before. Her private sex area was exposed as she staggered and tried to stay standing as she was dragged along the hallway. Her muscular legs and curved hips aroused me as she walked before me. Her swinging breasts were slightly visible to me even though I walked behind her.

I wanted to take her, to use her body, more than any other woman I had ever seen. Her wild dark hair still held the shine of a courtesan, and her body called to me erotically. My member became erect as we entered the torture chamber of the prison. Her irons were removed and the executioner shoved her down and over a table, where she lay on her stomach.

At the executioner's urging, I yielded to my urges and mounted the witch from behind. My swollen member pushed hard between her legs, and she began to protest and struggle as I rammed in deep within her. Her flesh surrounded and stroked my prick as I moved in and out of her, holding her down on the table as I satisfied the urges her spells had cast on me. It was her own evil witchery that brought this upon her and her cries simply urged me on, as I pounded and eventually felt the climax and ejaculation into her womb.

The witch and former courtesan lay on the table, sobbing, her smooth flesh flexing. Her breasts pressed against the table top and bulged outward on the sides; the long dark hair stuck to her wet skin. The executioner slid his hands along the curves of her sensual body, her sides, thin waist spreading hips, and then narrowing thighs. He too took the witch, relieving himself of pent up sexual urges she unleashed with her charms. His thrusts pushed her body, bouncing it back and forth. Her cries were unintelligible, rising and falling with each thrust as the executioner lay on top of her back and pounded his hips into hers.

When he was done with the witch, the executioner rose and tied the rope for his pants; he then tied the witch's legs together at her knees. Grabbing her hair in his hand, he lifted her up off the table and dragged her to the corner where the iron coffin stood.

This coffin was the instrument I had been invited to see. While it was an instrument of torture, the torture was such that the victim would seldom if ever survive. Thus, it was a means of painful execution.  A hinged door in the front stood open, and I could observe heavy spikes on the inside of the door and the coffin itself. The coffin, while outwardly large, actually had very little space for the victim inside; what little space there was would accommodate only the spikes.

The executioner lifted the witch up by her hair, and with a swift motion pushed the naked woman into the iron coffin. The spikes in the back of the coffin pierced her flesh and she screamed. As she attempted to move forward, the door at the front of the device was closed, the spikes extending toward her raking her flesh, tearing it and forcing her back inside the iron coffin.

The door slammed shut on the victim's body. The spikes had penetrated her flesh, burying themselves into her thighs, stomach, breasts, shoulders, and arm. More spikes from the back had smashed into her buttocks and back, shoulder and arms.

The screaming continued, audible from inside the metal casing of the iron maiden. The woman begged, panting for breath, each expansion of her stomach for air causing a painful penetration of the spikes. The coffin shook slightly as the victim struggled, but there was really no purpose. Movement inside the hideous device would simply cause the spikes to dig deeper; tear more flesh, and cause more agony. The screams of the woman continued for a while but eventually quieted to sobbing.

A small amount of blood trickled out of the cracks at the bottom of the coffin doors.

I noted that the spikes were designed to penetrate the flesh, and deeper into the body in locations where there were no vital organs. The spikes were designed not to penetrate vital organs; thus the victim could remain impaled inside the metal coffin for some time, alive and suffering. We observed the coffin for a while; listening to the moans and cries rise and fall from inside the insidious device.

As the day drew to a close, I returned to my home and a night of rest. The next morning, I returned to ascertain the condition of the condemned woman. The executioner lead me to the chamber, which was quiet. At first I thought that the woman had died during the night but the executioner removed a small shield which covered the victims face. From there, we saw that the woman's eyes were big, terrified, and when they saw the light her screams were renewed. The woman begged to be killed, to be put out of her torment.

The executioner went to replace the face plate, but used a different one. This one had two spikes on the inside, positions just at the point of the victim's eyes. When the witch saw this approaching her cries became pathetic and showed terror; the executioner covered her face with the metal mask, pressing in to force the spikes into the witch's eyes. After a moment of intense screaming, the face plate was in place and the muffled screams began to subside once again.

The executioner assured me that the woman would probably survive another day of agony. And so, the next day I returned to observe the results of the execution. The chamber was quiet except for the echoing screams of another victim from a cell down the corridor. The seeping blood at the bottom of the metal coffin was dried. The executioner unbolted and swung open the door. We were greeted by a stench of human waste, sweat, and blood. The once beautiful body of the woman inside was pulled out by the spikes on which it had been impaled. With a slight pull, the body slid off the spikes and fell to the floor. The sightless sockets that once held the woman's eyes pointed to the ceiling, and her body showed the numerous punctures over its surface. There was surprisingly little blood, as the spikes had served to fill the wounds they caused, preventing too much loss of blood.

The body of the woman was removed, and thrown in the river for disposal.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spy: Magda 3

The next day Claire returned to the cell which held Magda. She flipped up the heavy switch which turned on the interior light, inserted and turned the key in the heavy lock, and swung the metal door open with a creak.

The stench from inside would have made her turn and leave had she not been prepared. The cell smelled of urine, feces, sweat, and blood. Magda sat strapped to the straight metal chair, unmoving, though her skin had a sheen of sweat reflecting the single harsh light from above.
Her head was tilted back, long dark hair flowing behind her, face to the ceiling, eyes closed, mouth still forced open by her protruding tongue, held in place by the metal clamp.

Claire stood and watched Magda breathe heavily, her naked ribs expanding, stomach contracting and expanding, breasts rising and falling. The rasping sound of her breathing echoed slightly in the stark concrete chamber. As she watched, the lights on the box sitting on a cart next to the prisoner flashed on for a few seconds and Magda's entire body contracted, muscles taking shape as she strained against the straps that held her. She grunted rather than screaming at the shock which rippled through her nipples, breasts and chest. When the lights went off, Magda's body went limp once again.Magda had a beautiful body, one that Claire had been admiring through the torture session so far. She could feel herself become aroused watching Magda's pain. Playing with such a prisoner was a true delight.

Magda roused and opened her eyes as Claire reached to the electrical box and turned it off. As she unscrewed and removed the clamp on Magda's tongue, Claire observed the exhausted, tear streaked face looking at her with dull but beautiful eyes. Claire continued removing the electrical contacts from Magda's body. Removing the clamps from her nipples made Magda scream briefly as the blood flowed back in to the previously smashed flesh.

The chair seat was a mess, covered with urine and feces. Claire carefully removed the heavy metal probe which had served as an electrical ground from Magda's cunt, making sure not to get any of Magda's expelled body fluids on her fingers. Magda hardly moved at this invasion, she was so exhausted, though Claire took her time and observed the soft flesh that surrounded, stretched and appeared to cling to the metal as the probe slid out.

It was time to show some mercy to the prisoner. While it might be fun to further torture the girl, Claire knew that she might die if she didn't get some rest and water. Claire slowly undid the restraints which held Magda to the chair, and then tied her wrists together in front of her. Magda might have offered some resistance but her muscles were cramping and she was unable to move effectively.

Taking a long cable pulled through a pulley in the ceiling, Claire placed a hook through Magda's wrist restraints. Pulling the cable lifted Magda out of the chair and into a standing position, and eventually lifted her long, lean body off the floor. She swung slowly, feet about a foot away from the ground and pointing down, arms stretched above and pulling her breasts up into an incredibly perky and inviting position. Her head leaned forward, hair straggling over her straining shoulders.

Claire pulled out a bottle of water and held it up to Magda's mouth. At first Magda looked as if she didn't know what to do with it, but then suddenly opened her mouth and began sucking as hard as she could. When she had emptied the bottle, Claire fed her a nutrition bar, slowly allowing her to take bites. Magda cried slowly as Claire fed her and then gave her more water.

When she was done feeding and watering the prisoner, Claire hosed down the chair and the floor, washing away all the fluids and solids that had escaped Magda's body during the night. She also sprayed Magda down, making sure she was clean and her skin glistened from the water.

"Please..." Magda's raspy voice came as barely a whisper. "Please... I will tell you anything, do anything. Just don't hurt me any more."

"Very well," Claire looked at Magda. "Tell me something good. Something really good."

Magda looked at Claire and proceeded to babble all the secrets she knew. She named her boss, gave the names and locations of several other spies in the area. She revealed what codes were known and which were not. She described the current courier methods and message drops. She went on and on, continuing to talk as Claire lowered her onto the floor, and secured her ankles with ropes so they were spread wide. Her wrists were also secured above her head, so that she was unable to move.

When Magda ran out of secrets to spill, Claire leaned down and kissed Magda full on the lips. "That's good, my pet. I am glad you were able to share this with me. You and I should have no secrets, no barriers."

Claire proceeded to remove her uniform, slowly talking to Magda as she folded her clothes neatly on the side of the room. "You see, you are mine now. You told me these things because you know that I am your world now, all that exists for you. I can feed you, or I can gut you as I please. In fact, I need you to do something for me right now..."

With that, Claire straddled Magda's head and slowly lowered her pussy until it rested full on Magda's face. Pressing down, she covered the nose and mouth, and Magda began to struggle for breath. In the process of struggling, she moved back and forth, up and down as much as she could while being held tightly by Claire's strong thighs.

The movement, the struggles of her head, rubbed and stimulated Claire in just the way she wished. She in turn pressed down harder, moving her hips, riding up on Magda's face until her nose slid into Claire's pussy, and then up again, sliding the nose over her clit. Her moans mixed with Magda's grunts and muffled cries as she tried to breathe.

Harder and faster they went, Magda catching small bits of air at times, and Claire riding her face closer and closer to orgasm. When she came close to climax, Claire reached down and grabbed Magda's hair, pulling her head in, smashing her face into Claire's pussy as hard as she could.

With a loud cry, Claire climaxed. It was a long, deep orgasm, and only when she was done completely did she release Magda's hair and allow her unconscious head to fall to the floor. With gasps, Magda slowly came back to consciousness, hardly aware of what had happened. The taste in her mouth was familiar, the vision of naked beauty above her matched the taste. She realized what had happened and turned her head in shame.

"Magda, you have done well today. Because of this, I will allow you some time to rest. Perhaps you can even sleep. But I want you to have some amusement. I know you have not had enough water recently, so I am going to set you up with some water you can have any time. I want to help you, Magda, and the more you cooperate with me the more I can help."

Claire dressed herself, though she left her blouse unbuttoned at the top and didn't bother with her bra. When she was done she brought in a large bucket of water that she hung from the rope that had previously held Magda hanging from the ceiling. It hung directly above Magda's head and face. It was rusted, and there was a very slow leak from the bottom.

"There you go. The water from that will drip down every once in a while and keep you going nicely. I will be back and see how you are doing... maybe tomorrow. Smiles!" Claire cheerfully left the cell, closing the door, and leaving Magda in utter darkness once again.

Magda lay on the ground, and began to slip into sleep. She was exhausted from her recent ordeals, and sleep deprived. As she slipped away, a sudden drip of water hit her face, waking her. She jerked, and realize the bucket was dripping water on her face. Waiting for the next drip she opened her mouth wide, hoping to capture a bit of water. It took a while, and she had started to drift off again when...


The water splashed on her cheek, just missing her mouth. She tried once again to open her mouth wide, and repositioned. Nothing happened for a while...


It struck her forehead.

Trying again...


Into her mouth, but such a small bit of water it was just a tease. Still, it was the only water she would have for a day, at least...


It missed her mouth again, hitting her eye. It stung. The water tasted and smelled of rust.


It was driving her insane, this slow dripping. When she could get a little of the water, it wasn't enough, not nearly. Just enough to remind her of how thirsty she was and how good water would taste! Frustration overcame her for a moment and she struggled against her bonds, screaming...


Relentless, the water was teasing her. And she couldn't sleep with the slow but constant dripping, it made her stressed, nervous, anxious... trying to predict when it would drip, unable to see the water collecting on the bottom of the bucket above, but knowing it would come... somewhere...


She was losing her mind...