Friday, December 24, 2010

A Rare Find

The girl was short, maybe about five feet tall, and thin. Her tights showed long muscular legs and the fur lined jacket fitted her upper body well, showing well proportioned breasts.

Her face was unique; cute, very cute. But there was something old, experienced about it. Smooth and pretty, with a slightly upturned nose and good, kissable lips, and just a few freckles to round out the look. Silky blond hair shown as it flowed over her shoulders. But her eyes looked at him with a cruelty and anger that made him shudder.

Dave was glad she was tied up, hanging by her wrists from a rope that run up to a hook in the ceiling and then over to a clamp that held her dangling about a foot above the ground. Given her short stature, that meant her deep green eyes were staring directly into his as he decided what to do. He needed information, and fast.

"You understand its 1opm, right? I don't have much time to get the information I need, so if you would tell me quickly, we can let you down without any further trouble. But if you won't talk... well, I will be forced to take extreme measures." Dave was being honest, he didn't really want to hurt her, he would much rather fuck her. But first things first.

The girl swung slowly, her stockinged feat pointed down to the ground a few inches below her. She simply stared at Dave.

Dave sighed, and turned to the table holding his instruments. He took scissors and snipped off the buttons holding the girls coat in place. It fell open and her breasts plopped out as they were released from their restraint. Dave could not resist reaching out and cupping one of them. They were the best formed, firmest and yet softest breasts he had ever touched. The nipples were small and hard, as if already erect, though he knew she could not be aroused. Far from it.

With some more snips and cuts, the young girl's strange red, white and green clothing had been cut off and she hung naked. Dave stepped back and sucked in a breath. Stretched before him was the most perfect body he had ever seen. Muscular, thin, flat stomach, slight undulations of flesh over ribs. Her pussy was unshaved but the bush was light, smooth and lay flat, almost like a feathering of fur. Her breasts stood at attention, pulled high from her arms being distended in the high position above her head as she hung suspended.

Dave selected a long, heavy skewer with a sharp point. He didn't want to damage this perfect body, but he needed the location as quickly as possible. Showing her the skewer, he saw the first glimmer of apprehension in her eyes.

The point of the skewer entered the side of her left breast, and the girl screamed as Dave shoved hard to get it through and out the other side. Pressing her right breast in, the skewer pressed on and into that breast, penetrating and then exiting. The girl was kicking and jerking on her ropes, trying to get away, moaning and crying.

A second heavy, long needle penetrated, cutting into the flesh and then emerging from the other side, tearing holes in the sensitive breast tissue. The girl was struggling, still trying to get away from Dave as the third heavy skewer as it pierced her skin.

"Tell me the location." Dave asked simply. The girl shook her head vigorously, tears streaming down her cheeks. Dave was wondering what to do next when he noticed her ears. There, pointing out from her silvery blond hair were pointed ears. Rather than repulsing him, the deformity aroused him. He felt his cock grow hard in his pants and he stepped back again to survey the youthful, healthy form suspended before him.

"Oh... I hadn't realized... I should have. But I didn't get it." It all made sense to him now. The nubile beauty before him. What a catch!

"You are an elf!" Dave was grinning, happy with this exotic captured creature before him.

"Of course I am an elf, you moron! What did you think I was???" She had quite a bit of spunk.

Dave could not let this unusual opportunity pass. He unzipped his pants. The elf's eyes grew big and she started to whimper and cry. As Dave produced his erect member, the elf girl's face was a mask of fear. Dave positioned himself before the helpless girl, grabbed her legs and raised them to either side of his hips. With one thrust he was inside of her, feeling the folds of her pussy resisting and then spreading to allow his cock entry. She was like velvet inside, and he withdrew from his first thrust and then pushed again.

Each thrust brought another sob from the elf, who had stopped struggling. Blood trickled from her skewered breasts but it was obvious that it was her rape that was causing the most agony. Dave was transported into heaven as he felt the hard, lean body of the young girl slapping against his own as his cock pushed inside of her, again and again.

Faster than he had thought possible, he felt the sperm gathering inside of him and his muscles contracting to push it out. With a hard thrust that brought a scream from the helpless elf, he began spurting his cum inside of her cunt. Again and again he thrust, his hands grasping her ass, slamming her into him as his orgasm flooded his body.

When it was over, he let her legs hang down. She no longer struggled. His sperm was slowly oozing out and trickling down the inside of one of her legs. She looked completely broken.

Dave zipped up, exhausted but happy. It had been an amazing fuck. There was something about the elvish that made fucking the best. He turned to the table, and returned with another skewer, ready to begin plunging the sharp point into her abdomen.

"Where is it?" he asked, not expecting an answer.

"All right..." she was sobbing quietly, obviously broken completely. "You don't need that. I couldn't go back there now anyway. I simply ask you one favor."

"And what might that be?" Dave was curious.

"Kill me. Don't let me go. After I tell you, just kill me. I have nothing left." The gorgeous girl looked at him with a quiet pleading.

"Where is it?"

"It's... at the North Pole."

Dave smiled. He turned to go.

"Wait..." The dangling form of the naked girl called to him. "Please... end it for me? End it now."

Dave turned to her. "No... I don't think so. Thank you for the location; but I think you have another purpose now. I think I will need another fuck like that one again... and maybe again, and again... You will be here a while."

As Dave left the room the nubile form of the young girl was racked with sobs, as she realized that she would never leave that place, but was destined to a life as an elfin sex slave.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Spy: Magda 2

Magda sat in the dark, tied to the hard metal chair, unable to move. She sat in the dried urine that had pooled on the chair and covered her legs, forced from her by the sadistic interrogator, Claire. She was naked, and the concrete cell was cold.

She had no idea how long she had been there. The chair was far from an ideal place to sleep, its hard flat surfaces preventing any sort of comfort. She had dozed from exhaustion for a short while, but had primarily simply shaken from exposure and cold and fear.

With a sudden noise that sounded incredibly loud compared to the silence in which she had sat for the last several hours, the heavy metal door to the cell opened. Someone entered behind Magda, and turned on the lights, blinding her. She squeezed her eyes shut, tears pushed out and trickling down her cheeks.

Hands reached around her and felt her naked breasts gently. Cupping each breast, the hands moved across her nipples, squeezing gently, and then roamed down Magda's flat stomach and eventually between her legs. Tied securely to the chair, Magda was unable to close her legs. She squinted open her eyes, trying to become accustomed to light.

In front of her stood Claire, wearing a different uniform than the last time Magda had seen her. This one was more casual, though it also seemed to con

vey more of Claire's inherent sensuality. Magda watched her as she explored between Magda's legs, spreading and massaging the soft folds of flesh between them.

"Please... ma'am. May I have some water?" Magda was seriously dehydrated.

Claire stood and stepped back. "Sargent? The prisoner wants some water."

The squat, short haired sargent moved into view, dragging a short hose behind her. Standing directly in front of Magda, she pressed a handle on a valve at the end of the hose, and a strong stream of water sprayed out and struck Magda in the face. The water hit her with such a force that it kicked her head back, and she felt like she had been punched.

The stream of water pounded her face and up her nose, making her choke and gasp for air. As she opened her mouth to gasp, water filled it and entered her lungs with a searing pain that surprised Magda. She struggled to get control, to stop and get her breath. Finally the high powered stream of water slid down to pummel her breasts, then her stomach, and finally between her legs. Her vagina was filled with the water, forcing its way obscenely up inside of her.

At least she had regained the ability to breathe. Magda shook the water from her nose and hair and convulsed out a series of coughs, clearing her lungs of the water. She was dripping wet, and no closer to getting the drink she needed so desparately. The guard removed the hose and Claire stood smirking and observing Magda's body recovering from the watery blast.

"You know what a naked, wet body reminds me of?" Claire's smirk got larger. "Good electrical conductivity. Electrical contacts. Sound shocking? It is."

Claire left the room leaving Magda alone with the bulldyke. The hefty woman came over and leaned down next to Magda's face as they waited. She sniffed Magda's scent, moving around her neck and face. Unexpectedly, she produced a long tongue and licked Magda's face, with a slow, deliberate motion. The effect on Magda was profound; she began sobbing once again, and struggling in vain against the straps that held her to the chair.

"You need some distraction. Let's play!" Claire had reentered the room with a cart that held a box with dials and displays, as well as several curls of wires and other metal devices. The box was turned on, and dials were adjusted. A metal harness was attached to Magda's right ankle, and a cable ran from the harness to a clamp in the concrete floor to grou

nd the electrical current. Taking a long metal wand with a pointed tip, Claire bent over Magda's bound and struggling body.

"Now, tell me if this hurts, OK?" Claire moved the metal wand closer to Magda's breasts, and then slid the tip gently over the softness of her right breast. Magda let out a scream of agony. The electrical current surging through her body from the wand felt like a knife slicing into her flesh. Magda arched her back, muscles tensing involuntarily as she screamed. Her breasts pushed forward pertly, an unintended side effect of the strained posture brought on by the agony from the electrical current surging through her soft flesh.

"Hmmm. I think it does." Claire moved the wand to Magda's left breast and gently slid the wand across her breast, circling the sensitive nipple. Magda jerked and screamed once again, trying to struggle and get away from the cutting pain that sliced her breast and reverberated through her chest.

"AAaaaahahahaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" Magda's scream slowly cascaded down into a gurgle as she expelled all the air in her lungs. Claire moved the wand to Magda's flat stomach, which was pulsing in and out from painful gasps. The wand headed toward Magda's groin.

"No, no please, no NO NO!!! AAggghhhhh aaahhh aahhh aaahhhhhh!!!!!!" Magda's screams were becoming more urgent and her body tensed, back arched as the painful probe found more sensitive areas of her body. Slicing over her clit, the wand separated her pussy lips slightly and glided down her sweat soaked slit until it reached the chair.

Claire withdrew the wand, but while Magda's cries became quieter and less urgent, she continued to sob. Claire moved back to the cart and withdrew two heavy wires, one red and one black. They both had clamps on the end covered with bare copper wire, which Claire showed to Magda's fearful eyes.

Gently, almost kindly, Claire took hold of Magda's left nipple. With a slow but deliberate motion she pulled it out and then slid the bare-wired clamp in place. A few flicks of a screw and the clamp help the nipple tight. Magda looked down in fear at the new attachment.

The second clamp brought a terrible realization to Magda. One red, one black wire. Her nipples were being wired for electrocution. The pain from the clamps would be nothing compared to what was coming, and the clamps hurt, bad. She continued sobbing from pain and humiliation as Claire continued to tighten the clamps in place.

"Please, please. I will tell you anything you want to know. I am a spy. I admit it. I am willing to confess all. Please, just don't kill me with that thing!" Magda's beautiful face looked up at Claire as she wriggled and strained. Jerking back and forth did nothing to dislodge the clamps on her nipples.

"That is quite all right, my dear," Claire said quietly. "As I already explained, we know you are a spy. And we don't really care to hear your confession or any other information you might have. This isn't really an interrogation. Let's call it more of a reconning, shall we?"

With this, Claire wedged open Magda's mouth with a some tongs and grasped the tongue piercing inside. Pulling hard, she managed to get Magda's tongue to extend a good two inches out of her mouth. Moments later a large wired clamp had been placed on Magda's tongue, behind her tongue stud. Magda swore to herself, wondering why she had been so vain as to pierce herself there. She was going to pay for it now.

Claire moved over to the machine and took one more instrument which had a heavy wire running from it. The instrument was long and round, and as she approached the naked form of Magda it became clear that the instrument was a metal probe of some sort, rounded at the end. Claire knelt between Magda's spread legs, forcing them apart slightly more to expose soft folds of pussy. The instrument wriggled between the folds of flesh, and Magda whimpered as she felt the artificial phallus slowly spreading and pushing inside. It pushed deeper and deeper, until she thought it would penetrate into her womb and destroy her internal organs.

Once it was secure inside, Magda was wired in four places on her body. Each nipple was squeezed with wired clamps. Her tongue protruded, clamped with wired rollers that were turning her tongue purple before the electrical torture even began. And of course, her pussy, with a rather large metal dildo shoved deep inside. Magda sobbed quietly, waiting for the machine to be turned on. She keened one word over and over, distorted by her tongue gagging her mouth, "please... please... please..." though if anyone had listened to her it would have sounded more like "theeth... theeth... theeth...".

"Let's turn it on." Claire smiled and looked at her helpless prisoner as she reached down and flipped a switch. Lights on the box came on. She pushed a button, and was greeted with an immediate scream from Magda, whose muscles clenched in an involuntary convulsion as a surge of pain ripped from her tongue, down her body to her pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhfhfhhhgggmmmmmmmpppppghhhhhhhh!!!!" The scream went on until there was no more air left in Magda's lungs. Claire let go of the button and Magda's muscles relaxed. She fell slack and panted, trying to get her breathing back under control.

Claire moved to Magda's agonized face and stroked her fingertips along her prisoner's cheek. "My dear... you are so beautiful in pain..."

Magda's scream sliced through the air and echoed off the concrete walls of the cell as another button was pushed. This one sliced pain from one nipple to the other, crossing her chest. She shook, her breasts wobbling, but she was unable to move far. After one scream was done and she was able to rest and recover a moment, another jolt would reach into her and extract a new scream of agony.

Her body was sweating profusely from the pain which racked her body. Magda was thinking of nothing but the pain, and when it would end or begin again. She was bleeding from the mouth and hands, where she had bitten her tongue and her fists had twisted and torn the flesh where the ropes held her wrists to the chair.

"Well then. I think we are doing quite well! I know this cell gets boring while we are gone, and this setup may provide you with some distraction until our next session! It will deliver random jolts of this rather painful current from time to time. Enjoy now!" Claire kissed Magda on the lips, softly and sensually, and then left the cell. The door clanging shut behind her seemed to seal her fate. The light turned off and she was in the dark, waiting for the next agonizing jolt.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spy: Magda 1

With a sudden shove from behind, Magda tripped and fell onto the concrete floor of her new cell. The cold floor was unyielding as she lay on it, arms behind her back and legs twisted in an awkward position from her fall. Footsteps sounded next to her and with a quick yank the hood was untied and removed from her head.

She raised her head slightly to look around at the first things she had been able to see in several hours,

since she had been arrested by the Pfizer Polizei. They had surprised her as she left the bank, throwing her against the wall, frisking her and then cuffing her. Her head had been hooded before she could get a good look at her captors, but it was clear she was under arrest and they knew she was a spy.

The door clanked shut behind her. She rolled over slowly, wrists still cuffed behind her. With some effort she sat up and pushed herself over to a wall where she leaned back and took a deep breath. Magda checked herself for blood (there was a little on the front of her blouse) and other damage (none, except that her skirt was torn slightly).

The dim light of the cell made it difficult to see anything. What little light there was came from cracks under the door, and around a small window opening in the center of the door that had a poorly fitting cover. The walls were a cold concrete as well as the floor, and the only variation to the flat empty expanse appeared to be some metal fixtures positioned in the wall at regular intervals. The ceiling was dark. There was no window.

Magda knew that she was in the bowels of some prison from which people seldom returned. She had been caught, how she didn't know but she knew she had little chance of escape unless someone came for her or arranged it. Fear was running through her body, and combined with the cold air, she was shaking like a leaf.

Without warning a light came on above her. A single light behind and iron grill illuminated the stark interior of the cell. Her eyes were unaccustomed to light and perceived it as a searing brightness. She squeezed them shut just as the bolt on the door slid heavily. When it opened, two female guards stepped into the room and shut the door behind them. They lifted Magda off the ground and stood her in the center of the empty room, directly under the light.

"Remove your clothing," the taller guard stated in a heavy accent. Magda stared at her in disbelief.

"Remove your clothing or we will do it for you," the guard repeated with a tired sound, as if she was hoping for simple cooperation and wished no trouble. She held a short club in her hands. Magda looked at it for a moment, and began unbuttoning her blouse.

Magda removed her blouse first, and then slipped out of her skirt. She had lost her shoes in a brief struggle early in the day, and had no coat. She stood in her panties and bra, feeling exposed and vulnerable before the two guards.

"Remove. Your. Clothes." The female guard raised her club slightly as she spoke with a no-nonsense sneer. It was clear that Magda was to be completely naked. She removed her bra, and her large breasts slid free and bounced slightly before becoming still. The cold made her nipples hard and Magda blushed.

Hooking her fingers under the

edge of her panties, she pulled down and stepped out of them. She added them to the pile of other clothes that rested on the floor next to her, and stood naked before the two guards, trying to act defiant in spite of her nudity. She became extremely aware of her hard nipples and the bush between her legs, which was normally shaved but now had a weeks growth of dark hair coloring her groin. One hand instinctively went to cover herself.

The other guard picked up the clothes and then reached for Magda's watch. She removed it from her wrist, and then took the two diamond stud earrings from Magda's ears. After removing the thin gold chain with pendant that hung around Magda's neck, both guards turned and exited the cell. Magda was left alone, naked and shivering in the cold under the single bright light above her. She stood for a while, and eventually went to the back of the cell and sat on the floor, once again leaning on the concrete wall. The floor and wall were freezing cold against her bare skin.

She had to pee. There were no facilities in this cell; it obviously was designed as a temporary holding or interrogation cell. She had needed to

pee for a couple of hours, and her distended bladder was getting painful. She sat and contemplated her fate, what little of it she knew.

She had just decided to go ahead and let her urine loose on the floor of the cell, and was contemplating which corner was the best location when the door opened once again and two different women entered. After they closed the door behind them, the rasping sound of the bolt sliding back into place informed her she was locked in with the two newcomers.

The first woman that had entered was a tall, slim, austere civilian of about 35. Her brown hair was tied back in a short pony tail, and she wore black slacks, running shoes, a sharply pressed blue shirt, and a leather jacket to keep her warm. She was a statuesque woman, standing over six feet.

The second woman that entered was a short, squat, muscular bulldyke wearing a guards uniform, though it had some additional decorations which implied she had some sort of status or rank. She stood dispassionately behind the civilian woman.

When they entered, they had brought one chair with them. It was a heavy metal chair and was placed just in front of the door. The civilian woman sat down in it. Magda could not help but think how tall she looked even sitting in the chair, and how beautiful she was. Magda herself was a shapely, young and athletic girl. But this civilian had an air of power and command that radiated from her looks, stride, actions, and aura.

"Magda. Come, stand before me so we can talk. No need to cower in the corner like this." The civilian woman spoke in a pleasant, though commanding voice. Magda rose and walked to stand in front of the woman, agonizingly aware of her nudity and trying the very best she could not to show her humiliation. Nevertheless she was shaking with cold and fear as she stood under the light.

"My name is Colonel Mazy, but you may call me Claire. And you are... Magda... Belsen, I believe. Is that right Magda?" Claire took out a cigarette and lit it as she spoke. She took a long drag from it and let out a stream of smoke in Magda's direction.

"My name is Magda, yes. I don't understand, please. Where am I, what is going on? What have I done? Can I contact my embassy? Do I get a phone call? May I... go to the restroom? I really need to pee." The spy was trying to pull off the innocent tourist cover as best she could. She wondered how long she could keep it up. The pain in her bladder was becoming insistent and severe.

"Magda, I had hoped we could have a productive and cooperative business relationship, two professionals together. I know who you are, and you at least know what I am, if not who I am. As for the need to pee... please do. If you will not cooperate with me, I don't know why I should let you leave this room." The woman gestured to the floor, indicating that Magda was free to squat and relieve herself in front of the two officials.

Magda was horrified at the idea. It was bad enough being forced to stand naked in front of these two women; she would not demean herself by squatting and urinating on a floor in front of them. She simply stood and stared at them, and then lowered her eyes, observing her own nakedness, nipples hard, large breasts wobbling slightly as she shivered, one hand in front of her pussy, trying to cover herself and keep a shred of dignity.

"Very well, to show you that I am not completely without mercy, let me help you." Claire turned to the guard and spoke rapidly in a foreign language. The bulldyke smiled slightly and then knocked on the door to be let out. Moments later she returned, and had a number of items with her.

Claire rose, and took hold of Magda's upper arm. Her hand was smooth but gripped her tightly. She guided Magda to the chair and pushed her down. The metal chair was cold and made Magda shiver a little. The very straight back and seat were uncomfortable. She crossed her legs, partly for modesty's sake, to hide her exposed female genitalia, and partly to help keep her urine inside.

Rope slipped over and tightened just under her breasts, lifting them slightly, as the bulldyke guard began tieing Magda to the heavy chair. Several loops secured her to the straight back, and the rope also looped around her wrists to secure her arms to the back, pointing straight down at her sides. A separate bit of rope was used to tie Magda's ankles to the chair legs. The dyke checked all the ropes to make sure that Magda was secure, and then stepped back.

"So, Magda. I understand you need to urinate, and you shall." Claire was standing behind Magda, leaning over so that her hair slid over Magda's bare shoulder. "Please try to cooperate at least in this small thing. Urinate my dear... here, now. Pee on your legs, sit in a puddle of your own urine, do it now. The pain will only become greater, you know."

Magda was shaking, her naked body freezing cold and exposed. The metal chair held her in position, seated with her legs slightly spread. Her full bladder was hurting sharply, but she now realized she couldn't let herself go even had she wanted to; her ingrained social training prohibited her from exposing her body functions in front of others. She shook and began to cry softly, as the pain in her bladder stabbed from within.

"My dear," Claire's voice was soft, almost sensual. "I feel your discomfort and wish to help you. Honestly, I am on your side. Let me help you."

Claire's long arms reached around Magda's naked form from the back, and her hands touched her breasts. Her fingers stretched wide, feeling Magda's soft flesh, and then her hands traveled slowly down from the breasts to the stomach, feeling the movement of Magda's sobs before descending to her lower abdomen, over the bladder.

There, Claire's hands stopped for a moment, fingers spread, feeling the taught hardness of the over-full bladder beneath the flesh. Then, gently and firmly, Claire began to press in on Magda's bladder. "Ohhh OOOHhhhhhhhh please, please.. no... owwwwww...." Magda started to cry and beg as Claire's fingers pressed and moved about, pushing and compressing the painful bladder.

All at once, a stream of urine shot from between Magda's legs, covering her inner thighs and splattering onto the floor in front of her. Magda twisted her head sideways suddenly, closing her eyes as if to pretend that this horrible humiliation was not happening. The stream continued, but slowed, increasing the spread and splatter of urine over Magda's legs, and then finally creating a huge puddle of noxious liquid on the seat of the chair. Magda could feel the wetness slowly expanding and covering her ass.

As the stream of hot liquid slowed and stopped, Claire removed her hands from Magda's abdomen. She moved to Magda's side and placed her hand under the spy's chin to lift her face to her own. Magda looked into the soft, concerned eyes of Claire, still crying with humiliation though the bladder pain was now gone.

"You see, Magda? Things are different in this room. This is your world now, the concrete walls, the light, the door, and sometimes even the chair. You need me to help you adapt. Perhaps you are thinking that I want some sort of information from you? Oh, no, my dearest Magda... nothing could be further from the truth. I really don't care about your information."

Claire stepped away for a moment, and surveyed the scene. Magda sat in the metal chair, arms tied to the sides, legs spread and tied to the legs. Her body shook as she sobbed, and breathed in short gasps. Urine was splattered everywhere in front of her, including her ass and legs. She looked pitiful, vulnerable, open...

But not yet. Claire was not done with Magda yet. Oh no... there was much to come. With a sharp word, the bulldyke and Claire left the room, leaving Magda tied to the chair. The light was turned off, plunging the room into darkness and leaving only the stench of urine mixed with the smell of sweat and fear as Magda sobbed, wondering what was to come.