Saturday, April 18, 2009

Marie: Irons

It came without warning. Before I knew what was happening, four men had surrounded me and a hood had been thrown over my head.

I have been raped before, but never felt as helpless as I did with that cloth sack over my head, and arms gripped by strong men.

I panicked, of course. The bile rose in my throat like burning acid as I struggled against the strong arms. I was dragged a short way and then lifted on a cart, where I was thrown on my back. My arms and legs flailed wildly and I reached for the sack over my head to get it off. Before I could reach it strong male hands grabbed my wrists and forced my arms out in front of me, twisting them as I screamed out in frustration and fear.

My heart was pounding, I was breathing in gasps like there was no air at all in the darkness of that cloth sack. I strained uselessly against the force of the men. One of them sat on my stomach, almost cracking my ribs and knocking the air out of me with a giant gasping whoosh. Moments later my wrists were slapped in to some form of iron restraint, sticking out in front of me. Then a metal ring clamped in to place around my neck. Finally my ankles were forced apart and placed in a cruel bracket of some sort.

I recognized the shape of the iron restraint device. It was an inverted V, with my neck held in place at the point, my wrists clamped at the middle, and my ankles clamped at the far ends, holding my legs apart. I knew this device; I had seen it use before, and always on accused witches and heretics. A wave of cold, bitter fear spread over me at this, for I knew I was doomed.

With my neck locked in place, arms held slightly apart and locked to a metal bracket, and my legs held wider apart attached to the same bracket, I could hardly move.

My body shook uncontrollably as I fell backwards, arms and legs raised in the air, breathing as best I could through the heavy burlap of the sack. The cart began moving and I was hauled away.

I was not being robbed, or kidnapped. I had been arrested and was being taken to the city prison. There was only one reason someone such as I would be taken suddenly as I was - I was accused of some heresy such as witchcraft.

With a great cry of desperation I strained against the metal that cut into my wrists and ankles and struggled to move, all to no avail. I screamed for help, knowing that once inside the prison there was very little chance of my coming out alive. I cried out to anyone near me. "Please, I am not guilty! Please save me, I will do anything, say anything but do not take me to the prison!!"

No one paid attention.

When the cart stopped, I was grabbed and dragged out. Unable to move, strong hands grabbed my arms and legs and dragged my body over a dirty stone floor, over a threshold and down some sort of corridor. The smell penetrated even the heavy burlap which was suffocating me at that moment. The stench of shit, piss, sweat, dead flesh and fear filled the air. Moments later I heard a scream of agony echo down the stone hallway. Someone was being tortured, and not too far away.

I cried, still begging. "Don't leave me here! I can do things, I have friends. They will pay you, help you. I will let you do anything you want to me, all at once if you want it, just don't leave me here!"

There was a low grunt from one of the men and then a laugh. I was thrown on the stone floor and roughly rolled over. My dress was ripped, shredded about my body until my breasts were exposed, and then down until my womanhood lay bare. I had stopped pleading, and simply lay crying, knowing that I was lost. I prayed that my family knew where I was, but also suspected that it didn't matter.

With my dress torn and legs locked in a spread position, I knew my cunt was exposed to the world. It was little surprise when I heard someone kneel down and felt something hard probing my opening. I could not move to prevent it, and the force with which the guard shoved his member inside of me made me cry out. I was dry, but it didn't matter. He was hard as a rock, huge as a horse, and rammed in deeply until I thought he would impale my heart.

My gasping through the sack and cries for help continued as he thrust. It was painful, I was being bruised, lacerated, violated by an unknown monster. Just when I realized I was grateful that I was unable to see anything during the rape, one of his hands gripped the sack and yanked it off my head. He wanted to see my face. I was renowned throughout our village as being fair and pleasant of face, and he wanted to see who he was taking as his own.

I stared up at the rough, drooling face of a man with a scraggly beard and bulbous nose. His lips were moist with spittle, dripping slightly. His eyes were red and a little glazed over, as he was approaching the moment of his climax. Humiliation flooded over me as I realized this ugly man was taking me for his pleasure, and that down deep inside of me I felt just a little of the pleasure myself.

When his convulsions inside me began, he leaned down to kiss me roughly. My neck was secured and I was unable to turn away to avoid his advance. At any moment his fluid would rush and fill me and his violation would be complete, and there was nothing, absolutely nothing I could do to prevent it.

In my frustration, I bit his lip as it pressed against mine.

He screamed and jerked out of me, his seed spurting over my naked stomach and breasts. His left hand went to his bloody mouth as he finished his ejaculation with his other hand.

Breathing deeply, I could smell him, and the horrible smells of the prison all about me. Even so, it was welcome for I was able to breathe freely for the first time in some time. I lay on my back, panting, trying to calm myself. I hurt between my legs where his massive member had invaded me, and in my legs where his body had shoved my knees aside while my ankles were still pinioned in the restraints.

When he recovered the guard slapped me, hard. So hard, I thought he might break my jaw and I saw black spots before my eyes. Consciousness eluded me for a moment, though I came back to my senses when the cell door slammed shut and I was left alone in the dark, only a small bit of light shining through the slits between the door and wall and the smells almost overpowering me.

Before he left, he had inserted a cruel metal rod around my face. Heavy iron surrounded my head and invaded my mouth, holding it open with a horrible taste of metal and human soil. It twisted my cheeks, made me gag, and distorted my cries. Not designed to silence me, it was simply a cruel retribution for my resistance.

I heard screams penetrate the door over the ringing in my ears. Someone else was suffering their own misery in this place. I tried not to think that my own screams would soon be joining theirs.

My back and body was forced in to a hunched position by the irons. Cramps set in across my back as time passed. They started in my hips, at the lowest part of my back, but spread slowly up my back, down my thighs and legs. My neck hurt. I began to moan, and rock slightly.

The tatters of my clothes hung loosely about my body, providing some cover, but it was cold in the cell and I shivered. The entire front of my body, my breasts, stomach, privates, legs... were exposed. My stomach had dried sperm left from the rape.

The pain in my body forced me to wriggle, but doing so simply caused the irons to dig and cut my wrists, ankles and neck. I tried not to move, but the painful cramping demanded it. If I remained motionless the cramping muscles twisted tighter and the agony spread. Moving a few inches relieved a little pain, but cut and wore on my flesh.

I cried, sobbing in the darkness, leaned my body back against the wall, and thought to myself... I am dead. Let me die, I am already dead in this place...

It was not to be.