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The Inquisition - Pear of Agony (Vaginal Pear)

I take pride in my profession of inquisitor and examiner, and as such I am sometimes appalled at the useless energy, lack of style, and failure to produce results of many techniques used by so many. How many times have I seen a victim beaten or whipped? Yes, these may eventually produce the desired results, but with such effort, and with no class at all. So of ten much effort is expended on a victim, simply to produce a few minor welts, bruises and a weak confession.

Examination and punishment can be so much more effective, with the proper techniques and tools. I have illustrated in my writings how technique can be used when tools are not present. When the proper tools are present, they can be a delight to use, as was the case when we were in Bilbao.

The local magistrate informed us that there was a prisoner that had been convicted of sedition, and was to be punished with execution. However, the local governor had taken special interest in the case, and was desirous of a slow and painful death. We were requested to participated to help assure that this person took some time to die. The governor was likely to visit on occasion during the process, to observe the progress and suffering of the victim.

We had discovered several instruments of torture while examining some of the inmates in the dungeons of the government prison. One of these I had a particular desire to use, a most ingenious device. It was simple in concept, well made, and unique in its effects upon the victim.

The Pear of Agony (sometimes called the vaginal pear, anal pear or oral pear), is a simple device that inserted in to the victim through any orifice, and then through the turning of a central screw would open gradually wider. This spread and distended whatever orifice into which it was inserted well beyond its natural size, and in the process damaging the insides of the body. I enjoyed this concept especially - the elegance of inserting something inside the prisoner to damage their internals fascinated me, especially as the terror and mental agony was invoked.

We availed ourselves of a dungeon room in the depths of the prison, its lowest level, one that stunk worst than the rest. It was quiet here, as the few prisoners placed in various holes at this level were generally too weak to cry out. An occasional cry could be heard to echo down the passage, and perhaps a plaintive moaning from a wooden door in the ground which led to a simple dirt hole. Prisoners at this level didn’t leave, at least not alive.

It was from one such hole that our prisoner was extracted. An older woman, perhaps 35 or 40, thin and gaunt from several weeks of imprisonment. She had at one time been attractive, but the terrors of the dungeon showed their signs, with smears of blood, dirt, bruises and cuts, and a wild look in her eyes - the look of the condemned seeking any mercy, even that of death.

She was dragged to our chamber, and flung on a rack made of criss-crossed wooden beams, designed less for comfort that for the proper positioning and access to a victim. Her legs were spread wide and she was tied securely at her ankles and knees. Her wrists were tied tightly together, and then fastened above her head to the top of the rack. As I anticipated much struggling and jerking of her body, I also took a heavy leather strap and slid it through the bottom of the rack, up and over her waist, securing her hips in place to prevent too much motion. This would make the whole process easier for me, which was of course the main objective.

The woman’s clothes were in rags, hanging about her body. They were quickly torn to pieces and removed, revealing her once beautiful body. It was clear that she had proved the source of some amusement from guards who took advantage of her condemned status. I briefly considered enjoying her body myself, before it was mangled to the point where it would no longer be usable. I felt the stirrings of arousal, and realized I would be distracted if I did not relieve myself. For the sake of the ensuing session, I decided to use her now, rather than be frustrated later when she was writhing in agony and it was too late.

To make her more visually pleasing, I ordered several buckets of water thrown over her body, washing away the dried blood and dirt. Thus a very impressive woman, with fine breasts, firm hips and strong legs was revealed. In order to assure she did not faint or expire too quickly, I also made sure she was given water to drink. She gulped eagerly. It was clear she had not had water in some time.

When all preparation was complete, I exposed my member and mounted her. She had been loosened by the guards and I penetrated easily. She did not struggle, but as I thrust I felt the moistening of her insides. This woman was reacting to me, aroused by me. My eventual climax was most enjoyable, and when I withdrew I knew that I would be able to concentrate and enjoy the upcoming session with this remarkable woman.

As I prepared for the next phase of her torture, the door opened and the Governor entered the room. He seemed truly disgusted by his surroundings, but at the sight of the woman stretch out awaiting her doom, he smiled broadly. He apparently had significant animosity toward her. After speaking briefly with me, he indicated that I should continue with my work.

My tool was the Pear of Agony. The one I now produced was a long, thing device, made of a heavy metal. The end was bulbous but not overly so, tapering to a thin long neck. The end of each petal of the bulb protruded in to a sharp point, designed to tear and shred the internal tissues of the victim.

As I held the pear up to the torchlight, the woman saw the device and began crying, begging for mercy, pleading with me to kill her. In response, I stroked her straggling hair back from her pretty but sweaty face, and demonstrated its operation to her. By turning the key at the end of the device it slowly but surely spread out, wider and wider, until it was six inches or more in diameter. Her eyes were huge as she stared at the instrument, and I turned to close it back down in to its pear shape.

I positioned myself between her spread legs, and knelt to get a good position and view of her entry, which I had just moments before been thrusting. It was lubricated somewhat by my own body fluids, which would make insertion easier. As I examined the area, I could see it pulsing, protruding slightly as her stomach worked at screaming.

The pear was placed against her flesh, and pressed slightly. Her flesh gave way somewhat, but not enough to allow entry. I pushed harder as her screams turned to moans. Her flesh began to spread, but there was still significant resistance. Even closed as it was, the pear was too large for her.

I put more of my weight behind my effort, and the pear spread her flesh wide and slowly entered her. She cried out, feeling her flesh stretching, and a small tear appeared with a trickle of blood. Once firmly inside, the pear slid in well, the narrow neck accommodated well. I pushed until the sharp points at the end of the pear pierced the subjects internal organs, as indicated by her sudden scream. I took the opportunity to wiggle the device around inside her body, making sure it was in as far as reasonable, and described what was happening inside of the victim to the Governor, who looked on with a greedy fascination.

After letting the woman rest for a moment, I began the true torture by turning the screw on the instrument. I could feel the device slowly becoming less mobile and loose, as the petals spread wider and wider inside of her. The points were slowly dragging and tearing her inside tissues, and blood began to seep out, running down from her opening, over her anus, and on to the table.

The screams of the victim had changed, they were less fearful now and more urgent, reflecting the true agony that was slowly growing inside of her. Her eyes were wild, looking from side to side, and sometimes closing shut tightly. Her head cast back and forth, and her hips bucked as little as they could against the straps that held her. As the petals spread wider inside of her, and her movements became more frantic, I was glad I had secured her properly before we began. Her stomach heaved, and arms strained against her bonds.

With the joy of a small child with a new toy, the Governor came over to me, inspected her orifice, and asked if he could turn the pear further. I assured him it was simple, and showed him the operation of the device. He then began the turning, and the external evidence of the pear’s width began to show. The flesh of her orifice was stretching with the expanding neck of the pear, and I could see that her abdomen was distending slightly. At the same moment, the blood flow from inside increased as the spikes tore through the walls of her womb and began cutting through intestines.

Her pleas had died out, replaced by the animal cries that showed she had lost her senses, at least temporarily. The pear was completely expanded inside of her. I knew that while it was not actively tearing any new tissues, that the mere act of breathing created movement inside of her that was agony.

The Governor slid his hands over her body, feeling the hardness of the pear inside of her stomach, pushing the skin up to bumps which could be felt by his fingers.

We withdrew from the room to get some fresh air for a while, as the chamber had become hot, thick with smoke that made breathing difficult, and smelled with the stench of pain and blood. We obtained wine, and drank together for a while before returning for the next phase of the woman’s torture.

Upon our return, it was clear the woman had fainted. I instructed water to be brought, and dumped on her. She was given more water to drink.

She had been in the chamber a total of 6 hours so far.

I began turning the screw on the pear, slowly bringing it back to its closed position. This led to further lacerations inside, and pain due to the distended walls of her flesh collapsing back down. She resumed her cries, begging for death.

The pear was eventually removed. It slid out easily, as it was lubricated well with her blood and other internal juices.

Moving between her legs, but lower this time, I found the entrance to her bowels, her anus puckered and pulsing in and out as she struggled. The spikes at the end of the pear fit nicely in to the hole with no effort. A subsequent hard push spread her anus wide, causing a shocked scream, and the pear was deep inside her once again.

This time, turning the screw and widening the petals produced blood almost immediately. after about 20 minutes of slowly widening the device, wiggling and moving it to different positions to assure maximum pain, the petals seemed to run against something hard. At first I was uncertain what had happened, but then I realized. My solid knowledge of anatomy served me well.

One of the spikes of the pear had torn through her intestines and had lodged itself in her spine.

I could only imagine the pure agony she felt during this treatment. Her voice was hoarse from screaming, and she fainted frequently, causing halts in our treatment until she recovered. Whenever she was able, we continued, turning the screw and expanding the pear until it once again distended her insides in a hideous parody of pregnancy. Blood poured from her and she writhed in agony.

The process of torturing this victim had continued for the entire day, and the Governor had become tired and wanted to get out of the oppressive, vomitous environs of the dungeon. He left as I slowly cranked the screw, closing the pear back down to its smallest diameter. When complete, I removed the device from the woman. She had fainted once again, and I called for the guards to untie her and take her back to her cell, which was really just a hole dug in to the wall with a heavy door sealing it. When the door opened the stink of decay almost overwhelmed me. She was thrown in and left naked and bleeding in a heap as the door thudded shut.

The next day we returned, and the unfortunate woman was dragged out of her cell back to the dungeon chamber. She looked as if she might not survive much longer. She was shuddering and her skin had an unhealthy white pallor, with a red flush that came and went.

We made sure she was given water, and then tied to the table once more. She was too weak from loss of blood to struggle, but she was secured well. This time I strapped her head down to the table.

The a different pear was produced this time, one with only three petals instead of four. It was shorter and wider, and had no spikes on the end, though it opened in much the same way. This it was time inserted in to her mouth. She resisted at first, but I inserted a knife between her teeth, and pried her mouth open. The pear was quickly inserted.

The Governor was very pleased with the woman’s punishment the day before, and was there for the final phase of her agony. The screw was once again slowly twisted, opening the pear slowly inside the victim’s mouth slowly wider. At first, there was no effect, but as the pear widened her jaw open further and further, she began crying piteously.

In moments her jaw made a loud cracking noise, and blood flowed from it. The teeth and bone on the left side of her mouth had given way to pressure, and torn open.

We continued to open the device, stretching her mouth open in a hideous, unnatural way. She no longer looked completely human with her jaw opened, torn in to a permanent gape is it was.

She fainted once again. I removed the pear from her mouth. The water was splashed on her repeatedly. She finally awoke, but had difficulty breathing.

I informed the Governor that she would die soon. Sufficient damage had been done to her body that she would not survive more than a day or so, if that. He commanded that she be dragged above and hung in the town square as an example, and that her body be left there as an example to all.

The guards came, and dragged her above, and out in to the central square. There, they tied her hands above her, and threw the rope above to a large beam, lifting her there for all to see. Her jaw hung loose, blood continued to seep from her internal wounds between her legs. She was a fearsome sight to behold.

She died by that evening, and her body was left in the square for the birds to peck and eat for the next two weeks.


aniara said...

I was extremely excited by your section on the vaginal use. Always loved the Pear.
But in my fantasy is two differencies: I prefer a Pear with no pointed end (because I wont cause bleeding) and I go on with the torture by trying to remove the Pear in its opened condition. If it is serious, then drag and drag until the Pear comes out (still in its opened mode)

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Anonymous said...

totally just masturbated to this...

Reich said...

Anonymous, your SICK.
Fuck the Church!!!

Anonymous said...

Where can I get one I want one? With or without the spikes.

Anonymous said...

aniara... the pear should have a doubled thickness(one pear along the shaft seperate from the other)squared like a block ; as the further inserted one is slowly withdrawn during your agony,the squared one expands during the outward removal and allows the inner pear to slip through the extending squared-pear while the squared-pear remains motionless and expanded until its final withdrawal . - icaruspain.

aniara said...

Dear icaruspain
I dont really understand your modification and the idea behind.
Please try to explain further

Anonymous said...

I really liked the story. Could you tell me where the pictures came from?

Anonymous said...

If you publish a novel I will buy it.

Anonymous said...

Man, that was hot...

Anonymous said...

disgusting what is wrong with you

Anonymous said...


:( :<

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous sick shitbag who said he masturbated to this? id just like to say that i fantasized, too...about shoving the most vicious pear i can find in your ass, and spreading it until it breaks. youre a piece of shit, and i wish i could slit your throat.

to the author...except for a few grammatical errors, this was well written. absolutely horrible, and horrifying, and extremely evocative. im writing a book, and ill be using this as the framework for a terrible and tragic scene. thanks for writing it, regardless of why.

aniara said...

Lots of "anonymous" here!

To the last one: Fantasy doesnt make you a bad human, reality can!

Anonymous said...

I masturbated to this too,and I'm not ashamed. That was fucking hot.
I'd never even dream of hurting anybody/anything in real life. But fantasy doesn't hurt anybody.;

Alice said...

I have to admit that I masturbated to this, too :p

Anonymous said...

Masturbating...to THIS? What the hell is wrong with you people?
The fact that is "just fantasy" is not an excuse,you have problems.
It's disturbing...put yourself in that situation and not just "ooh...vagina".I seriously cringed while reading it but I was more disturbed by the comments :/

Anonymous said...

What in the name of fuck did I just read? I understand that they actually did this in the old times, but why anyone finds it attractive is beyond me. If it can kill, I don't want it, when it comes to sex toys. I would like to have one without spikes for my girlfriend when She has a loose enough hole to take it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing. My first exposure to anything sexually explicit was the Pear of Agony article on Wikipedia and I've been secretly fascinated with them ever since. Your story does justice to the historical truth and actual use of the tool.

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